Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 38 - The Adam Craig Story

This is Ty.

I didn't realize that Judge Jenkins was going to be joining us for the meeting with Tim and Tom, but I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. When he and Philip and Pam Burns arrived, we were sitting in the living room. We being Neil Trout and Randy Smithers, Tom Lansing and Jake Richards and Tip and me. The teenagers were all downstairs.

Philip started the meeting, I think it might be a good idea for Tim and Tom to be here so they can add to or refute what one of our operatives found last night about Adam Craig."

Tip spoke up, "I'll go get Tim and Tom. I won't be returning, since I have nothing to do with the case."

Tim and Tom entered the room; we had them sit down and Philip started,

"One of my associates, who is gay, by the way, was going to tail Mr. Craig last night and see what he could find out about Mr. Craig. It was shortly after 9:00 o'clock when Mr. Craig came out of the house dressed in a silk shirt and matching silk slacks. My associate, who we will refer to as Mr. X for now, followed him to a gay nightclub."

"Mr. X entered the club and was looking for Mr. Craig but was unable to locate him. He sat down at a table in a corner where he could see the entire patronage of the club as well as the employees. Some gentlemen and ladies approached him and tried to put the make on him, but Mr. X. was on a mission so he politely turned them away."

"X was about to leave, thinking that he had missed Mr. Craig somewhere, when the band played a fanfare and an emcee came out and announced, `Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand is Cinderfella. Let him/her entertain you.'"

"Mr. Craig came out dressed in his silk outfit with makeup smeared all over his face to make it extremely difficult to tell if he was a he or she. He was wearing a long blond wig. The band started to play The Stripper as Mr. Craig gyrated his body and started to pull off his clothes until he was down to a miniscule outfit that looked like a fluorescent bikini."

"Mr. X was appalled at the way the money started to appear and Mr. Craig stuffed it into the little piece of material that was covering his pelvic area. It sure didn't leave much to be imagined. To make a long story short, after Mr. Craig's performance, he reappeared in his silk outfit and approached the table where Mr. X was sitting, `Hon, would you buy me a drink. You look very lonely sitting here by yourself.'"

"Mr. Craig didn't wait to be invited. He sat down and moved his hand to Mr. X's crotch and sighed, `It feels like a ten to me. After we have one drink, why don't you follow me home. I am only doing one show tonight. I need to get home and see if my stepsons are back. They disappeared the other night while I was sleeping. That was the same night the van was stolen.'"

Philip continued, "I had briefed Sc..., I mean Mr. X, on what Tim and Tom had told us, so he figured this would be a good way to get into the house to collect evidence without having to break in or be devious. When they got to house, Mr. Craig practically drug Mr. X to his bedroom, and he started to undress Mr. X. When Mr. X was naked, Mr. Craig announced, `I'll be right back hon. Let me get comfortable; there's some good pot there in the drawer and why don`t you fix us a stiff drink? Make mine scotch and water.'"

"Mr. X made the scotch and water and put a sleeping potion in so he would not have to have any sex with Mr. Craig. Mr. X was repulsed by the Mr. Craig even though he is gay."

"When Mr. Craig returned, he was dressed in a very flimsy lady's negligee that left nothing to the imagination. Mr. X handed Mr. Craig his drink and handed him a joint. Mr. Craig lit it and puffed away, `Here hon, take a puff; this will make what we are going to do in bed that much better. Now let me get that piece of yours ready for the ultimate act.'"

"Mr. X was trying to delay what he didn't want to happen, so he pulled Mr. Craig close and started to play with his body. `Darling, what if your two stepsons came home and found us like this?'"

"Mr. Craig looked up and kissed Mr. X on the lips and Mr. X wanted to throw up, but kept his cool. Mr. Craig sneered, `They never come in here. I miss them because they have provided me with some good jack off material since I have been here. I have a hole behind that painting there where I can watch them parading around in their bedroom in all of their glory. Their father must have been quite a man.'"

Tim and Tom were sitting there blushing but said nothing.

"Mr. Craig had shed the negligee and was working trying to get Mr. X aroused. Mr. X was playing along and asked, `So this is your house then and the two boys are living with you.'"

"Mr. Craig sat up and sputtered, `Hell no, their stupid mother wouldn't change her will to give me possession of the property or the power of attorney over the two brats. That's why I hope they never show up again. If they do, someone may get wise and kick me out. I have been living here for nothing, and it is a perfect setup for bringing men home and having them use my body. Now let's get with it, but first I need another stiff drink to be able to accommodate that piece that you are displaying.'"

"Mr. X fixed another very strong drink and slipped some more sleeping potion into it. Mr. Craig had hardly taken the first sip before he passed out. Mr. X quickly dressed, searched the house and found that indeed there was no legal proof that Mr. Craig had ever been married to Mrs. Young. This should be an open an shut case for you lawyers."

I looked at Philip, "Philip, your Mr. X certainly was busy. I do have a question for you, How was he dressed?"

Since he was on an assignment, he was dressed as I was the first day I went to the office."

Pam giggled, "Scott is a bigger slob than Phil is. Because of his size, he attracts both men and women. He is an impressive looking man even in his slob outfit. The funny part is that he is really a gentle giant. He and Jason, his partner, make a strange looking pair. Scott is 6 foot 2 inches and weighs about 210 pounds but is well sculpted."

Philip took over, "When Scott is dressed in his tight jeans with holes everywhere that he wears for his slob outfit, there is no question in anyone's mind that he is well endowed. Jason, on the other hand, is about 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 135 pounds max. He looks like a wimp. But guess which of the two is emotionally the strongest Yep, Jason controls everything and when he speaks, Scott jumps."

Everyone was laughing and Tim and Tom were almost doubled over from laughing so hard.

I decided that there wasn't anymore we could do today on this matter, "Tim and Tom and Neil and Randy, why don't you let me get together with Mrs. Burns and Judge Jenkins and we will discuss this matter and see how best to proceed."

Judge Jenkins interrupted, "Guys, under no circumstances should you be seen anywhere near your home until we get this settled. It is only a matter of time before Mr. Craig is backed into and corner and who knows what he might do."

Philip wasn't done, "Tim and Tom, would you please go get Lance and Lane and ask them to join us? Then why don't you two guys see if you can help Mark and Zack with the children?"

Tom looked at Philip, "Thanks everyone for caring enough about us to keep us safe. We'll do as you ask."

While we were waiting for Lance and Lane, Philip added, "Oh, just so everyone knows, Mr. Lassiter was a big fraud. He doesn't even have a current realtors license. His license was revoked by the state for malpractice and misrepresentation. We reported this most recent incident and it appears that he has disappeared. The fancy apartment he was living in is devoid of any furnishings."

Lance and Lane entered and Philip invited them to sit down, "Lance and Lane, if things go like I think they will, you may be staying with your father and Mr. Richards until you reach the age of 100. I guess I had better rephrase that sentence after watching you two young men these last two days. How about until you find some young lady who can provide for you properly."

"I apologize for the levity, but your mother and her new husband, who is a real shyster lawyer, are going to make an end play where they will demand that your father pay them $200,000.00 for the grief that he has caused her and you. This is just my opinion, but the two of you should probably plan to come and testify at the trial; but, that is what your dads are paying these three high priced lawyers to determine. Now if everyone will excuse us, Pam and I need to go. I have some things I need to take care of, like billing Mr. Jefferson quadruple overtime for the work me and my associates have been doing this weekend."

The Burnses and Judge Jenkins left and Lane looked at the clock, "Dads, we need to go to get our things so we can go to the airport." Both guys hugged me and went to find Mark and Zack and they received the same treatment as did the four children who were having a snack with Tim and Tom.

Neil came in and looked at Tim and Tom, "Come, you two house owners, let's go so if we can get Lance and Lane out of our hair."

This is Tip.

Ty had shown everyone out after they said their goodbyes to us and Mark suggested, "Let's go to the lake and feed the ducks and fish before dinner."

Zack looked confused as did Ty and I, "What lake?"

Barbie surprised everyone, "Come on, I'll show you." She pulled her Daddy's hand and we each had one of the children with us after Mark grabbed a loaf of bread.

We only had to walk about a block and there was a small lake with a running path around and a small playground area. The children had fun feeding the ducks and fish, but they finally lost interest and ran to the playground area to be with the other children who were there.

We followed them and were sitting at a picnic table when we were approached by an elderly gentleman, "Pardon me gentlemen, but this park and lake are part of the development and it is designed to be used only by the residents of this small development."

Mark stood, "Sir, my name is Mark Leavitt. I believe we have every right to be here, since we are living at the residence of Mrs. Anne Quinn. After tomorrow, it will belong to Mr. Tyler Jefferson and his brother Doctor Tipton Washington."

We both stood as we were introduced. The gentleman was flustered, "I apologize. I didn't know that Anne had sold her house."

Before the gentleman could say anything else, Kevin, who must have been running on the path, stopped, "Hi Mr. Robinson, I see you have met your new neighbors from across the street. Hi guys, thanks for a great weekend. We'll have to see if we can't get Ryan to come to stay at your house again."

Kevin took off and waved, "I'll see you all later when I come to get my things."

The gentleman stood, "Again, I apologize. We have been gone for two weeks and just got back today. I am the President of the neighborhood association. I'm Stan Robinson. If you ever have a problem, I literally live across the street from where you will be living. I guess I had better collect my grandchildren and get them home for dinner."

We were interrupted when Becky came up, "Nano Mark, can Sandy come to the house and play after school tomorrow. You promised I could invite someone."

"Becky, I'll need to check Sandy's parents to see if that would be okay with them." Mark reminded her.

Sandy took matters into her own hands, "Granddad, please may I go to Becky's house tomorrow afternoon?"

Mr. Robinson winked, "I suppose I can find the time to walk you across the street, but you have to be home when Dad and Mother come for you."

"Granddad, I can walk across the street by myself." Sandy scolded.

"Be careful, Sandra or I may change my mind. Now go get your brothers and sister." Mr. Robinson looked at Mark, "Mark, I am almost afraid to ask why the young lady called you Nano Mark."

Mark started to laugh, "Mr. Robinson, I'm the children's nanny or live in babysitter whichever you prefer."

Mr. Robinson looked very confused but he couldn't ask anymore questions because Sandy came back with two boys and a girl and our four young people. As Mr. Robinson was leaving, he turned to us, "Mark, I want to hear the rest of the story."

The Robinson's left and Mark stood, "Okay, let's get back to the house and see what we can find for dinner."

I decided to take things into my own hands, "Mark, Ty and I will fix dinner while you and Zack spend a few minutes alone. You sure haven't had any down time this weekend since Zack got home. I'm sure that Zack must have some work he needs to do for school. We'll call you for dinner when it is ready. Don't expect anything fancy."

This is Zack.

I practically tugged Mark into our apartment. I pushed him down onto the bed, crawled on top of him and started to nibble on his ears.

Mark squeaked, "Help, I'm being raped. Please don't stop. Quick, make it fast so I can get even."

I got up and locked the door to our bedroom and by the time I had turned around, Mark was laying there in his natural state. He looked at me and whimpered, "Dinner's ready Daddy. Come and get it."

I growled, "How many times have I told you that we can't eat until everyone is properly dressed?" I quickly shed my clothes as I was walking toward the bed. Have you ever tried to take off your pants while you are walking? I found out that it is almost impossible to do those two things at the same time.

Mark caught me as I was starting to fall. "Here Daddy, let me help you." He pushed me onto the bed and pulled my slacks off and then moved to take my briefs off. He started to massage my penis through the briefs. "Gotta make sure this big thing is ready to play too, Daddy."

He finally took my briefs off of me and we started to manhandle each other's merchandise. Suddenly Mark sat up, "Zack, can we just cuddle for now? We can really make love later, after we get the children to bed tonight without fear of being interrupted." He kissed me and I responded in kind then snuggled close and Mark pulled me into his arms.

I was looking at Mark and realized I wanted to say something. I leaned up so I could look into his eyes, "Mark, we haven't actually said this to each other before, but Mark, I love you."

Mark had tears in his eyes, "Zack, thank you for finally saying that. Zack, I love you also. Now we have a real good reason to really celebrate tonight. Why don't we get dressed and you can study while I go do some laundry so you have some clean clothes to take back to school tomorrow."

I watched as Mark left with basket of laundry. I thought to myself, `I am so glad that Mark is my Nano.'

I was sitting at the small table going through the things for school when there a knock on the door I called out, "Come in."

Kevin entered, "Hi Zack, I just came to pick up my things. Mark said to tell you that dinner would be ready in five minutes."

Kevin went into the room where he and Ryan had slept and returned with a small suitcase. He came to me and hugged me, "Zack, you and Mark are the greatest. Thanks for being a friend,"

I was to find out later that Kevin did the same thing to Mark. After that and the anticipation of what might happen after we go to bed tonight, I just couldn't keep my mind on my school work. I hope nothing happens between now and when it is time for us to go to bed that will sidetrack our plans.

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Editor's notes: Really? I can't imagine anything unusual happening that might have the effect of spoiling any carefully laid plans, can you? I mean I have never come across a story that had something like that happen before.

The only thing we can do, I guess, is wait and see what happened when we read the next chapter.

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