Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 41 - The Connection

Author's Note: Instead of saying that someone signed something in ASL, I will be using italics to indicate that the words were being signed, If there is a letter or note that should appear, then it will be so indicated.

This is Mark.

When I got to the bedroom where David had slept and was being examined, I walked in and David was lying there naked, except for his briefs. This was the first time that I realized how bad the scars on his back were and then when I looked carefully at his face, I also saw the remnants of scars. I felt like I wanted to throw up.

Tip looked at me, "Mark, ask David who hurt him like this?"

"David, Tip wants to know who caused the scars on your body."

David looked at me with a questioning look but answered so everyone could understand, "My father beat me after I had pleasured his body and then he started to berate me. He kept yelling at me telling me that I was evil."

David was frantically signing, "I was only doing what he had told me to do. He told me to do the same thing to his friend, and he went ballistic and started to hit me. His friend tried to stop him but my Father was out of control. He had always told me that I had to obey him."

Tip was very calm, and started to rub his hand over David's back, "David, I can assure you that no one, and I mean no one will, ever force you to do anything that you don't want to do while you are here. Now I have one last question for you, has anyone ever penetrated from behind?"

I was signing so David could understand what Tip had been asking. David stood up and was almost crying. "My Dad's friend threatened to one time but he was so big that I started to scream. My Father came in and yanked his friend away. That was the last time I saw that friend. It was right after that my Father started really beating me and calling me all sorts of names."

"It was shortly after that incident that he was angry at me that he really started to beat me. He picked up a baseball bat I don't really remember much after that. When I finally regained consciousness, I was in some hospital in California. My father had hit my head so hard with the baseball bat that I was in a coma for nearly a month."

David stopped his story and asked, "May I have a drink of water, please."

I went to get him some water and after he drank it, he continued, "There was a long court case and my Father was convicted and sent to prison for sexual abuse and child abuse, and my Mother was found guilty of child abuse and aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of my body. I was removed from their custody placed in the home that I ran away from."

Tip, Andre and I were all looking a little worse for the wear from hearing David's story Tip remained very professional, "Mark, ask David to pull down his shorts so I can check the rest of him."

I looked at David, "Tip needs you to take off your shorts so he can check the rest of your body."

David complied but he squeezed my hand after he took off his shorts. When Tip checked his penis and testicles, I thought David was going to come off the bed. When Tip did the hernia check and asked David to cough, David finally relaxed but he was definitely aroused. Tip looked at me, "Tell David to lean over the bed on his elbows and put his buttocks in the air and relax."

I relayed Tip's instructions but David looked at me with questions in his eyes. He was squeezing my arm so tight that I thought he was going to cut of the circulation. When Tip inserted his finger to check the prostrate, David flinched but his penis rose to at attention position.

After Tip was finished, he told David he could stand. David did so reluctantly because his penis was still standing at full mast. I think David was surprised that no one made a comment about it.

I signed as Tip spoke, "David, Andre is going to take several blood samples now, and then I want you to provide a urine specimen for us. Andre will give you the container. You seem to be in excellent health, even though you appear to be a little undernourished, but I am sure that Mark can take care of that in no time. I am going to go to my bathroom and freshen up while Andre does the last tests so we can go eat before we dash back to the clinic."

I stayed with David as Andre drew the blood samples and gave David the container to catch a urine sample. David took his briefs into the bathroom with him. When he closed the door, Andre turned to me, "I think I am going to be ill. I am so glad that we don't have patients like David."

David returned and handed the urine sample to Andre who sealed the container and put the blood samples and urine sample in the doctor`s bag. I signed to David, "After you are dressed, there is someone downstairs who wants to meet you. I am going to go finish fixing lunch."

This is Tip.

When I got to our bedroom, I immediately went into the bathroom and threw up. It had been all I could do to not do that in front of David. Why hadn't Mark or Zack warned me how badly scared David was. I am going to need to visit with some associates. I think that if David is going to be around for any time, he may need to visit with a psychologist or a counselor of some sort.

I hope that Ty remembers to call the appropriate agencies to report David's whereabouts.

I guess I had better go see how Andre is doing. He is probably going to make me pay big time for getting him involved in this mess.

This is David.

What just happened? I sprung a woody and no one even commented about it. What in the world did Doctor Washington hit inside me that caused me to get so hard? I guess I had better finish getting dressed and go see who is waiting downstairs to meet me.

This is Mark.

When I got to the kitchen, Grandma Quinn was sitting with Barbie helping her color a page in her coloring book. I noticed that she was helping her with colored pencils and Barbie seemed to be doing a very credible job, So much for the theory that young children had limited dexterity.

I pulled out the sandwiches I had made earlier and set everything on the table. Andre was the first to arrive and I showed him where the restroom was and he made a visit. Tip came in and David was not far behind him. David's eyes lit up when he saw what was on the table. I introduced him to Grandma Quinn.

"David, this is Grandma Quinn. She owned this house until this morning when she sold it Tip and Ty."

David was very proper; he went and shook Mrs. Quinn's hand, "It is nice to meet you Ma'am. I don't know if Mark has told you, but I am deaf, so I cannot hear what you say but I can read lips. If you have any questions, I will answer them with Mark's help."

Both Mrs. Quinn and Andre were impressed that David was so straight forward.

I spoke as I signed, "If everyone would be seated, we should probably start eating since I know that Tip and Andre need to get back to the clinic. This tray has chicken salad sandwiches and the ones on this tray are ham salad. There are plenty, so help yourselves and there is more melon if we need it. Now what can I get everyone to drink?"

I served everyone what they wanted to drink and Andre asked, "Mrs. Quinn, why did you decide to sell this house? It is beautiful and everything looks so neat inside and outside."

"Andre, I'm by myself and there was no way that I needed this much room for just me, and besides, I am getting too old to have to worry about taking care of it. I am living right next door with my son and his family, and besides, I had a visitation rights clause written into the sales contract that we signed this morning. I have the right to enter the premises anytime I want to make sure there is no hanky panky going on. Besides Ty's children need a grandmother to keep them on the straight and narrow."

I had been signing for David as Mrs. Quinn was speaking and he started to laugh, "Gee, I guess I am going to need to lock my bed room doors, or are you going to be able to walk through them."

Mrs. Quinn was good at dishing back. "That's okay young Mr. David; I installed surveillance cameras before I moved out. I had a double set installed in the bedrooms and bathroom in the apartment over the garage."

David watched as I signed what Mrs. Quinn had said and didn't waste anytime, "I'll have Mark take me to buy a tent and put it in my room and then you won't be able to check on me."

Mrs. Quinn wasn't about to be bested, "That's okay, the system that is in the floor will still catch you doing whatever it is you young men do."

Tip stood, "On that note, Andre and I need to leave. See you all tonight."

Mrs. Quinn also rose, "Mark, I'm sorry to eat and run, but I'm scheduled to play bridge with some of my friends this afternoon. Young Mr. tent boy, I'll check on you later. It was a pleasure meeting you." David had stood and Mrs. Quinn caught him by surprise. She reached up and kissed on the cheek, "You be good, you hear."

After everyone had departed, I turned to David, "David, would you please clear the table and put things away while I take Barbie to get her settled for her rest period and then we can work outside for a while since it is a nice day."

David smiled, "You got it, Boss."

This is Ty.

When I got back to the office after the closing on the house, it was like a tornado had struck.

Both Pam and Judge Jenkins were there. They were both busy with clients and when they finished I had Clarisse direct them to my office. When they were comfortably seated, I started, "I need your help big time. We have three sets of young people that we need to help. Let's start with David, who you met last night. Who do I call to tell that he is currently residing at our house? I wish I knew more of his story but I am baffled by what I do know. Philip suggested that we get the state agencies involved, but I personally don't feel very comfortable with that. I am sure that these agencies are more worried about regulations than they are about the individuals they are to be servicing."

Judge Jenkins spoke up, "Ty, I agree with your assessment, let me make some calls and get back to you. I agree with Philip's assumption that it will take some time for the two states involved to cause anything to happen. But I also agree that it is best to be proactive rather than reactive which could cause the agencies that will be involved a lot of stress and grief."

I was getting ready to bring up the next subject when Clarisse came to the door, "Ty, Mr. Burns is here and he says it is urgent that he sees you now."

"Clarisse, show Mr. Burns in. What he has to say may have a bearing on the next couple of things that we are going to be talking about."

Philip came in his operative uniform but he took off the baseball hat immediately. "Here is the latest that we have on all the young people that you are involved with. First, concerning David Wright, he has indeed been reported as missing from the home on Hogan Drive in Tulsa where he was placed after his father almost killed him. There is more, but the Okalahoma authorities aren't too concerned since he will be 18 in less than three months."

"The second thing I have to report is that Mr. Adam Craig apparently committed suicide this morning. It seems that he tried to pay an undercover policeman to have sex with him. He was arrested for soliciting and prostitution. He was found dead in his cell at the city jail. I have already alerted Randy and Neil. We need to make sure that Tim and Tom get what is rightfully theirs."

"Lastly, the former Mrs. Lansing and her new husband have filed a suit requesting custody of Lane and Lance, based on Tom's infidelity. I think it would be prudent on your part to file a counter suit immediately since we have obtained evidence that shows she was unfaithful even while she and Tom were married. Now I need to go. I have some other things that I need to take care of. I suggest that we all meet at Ty's house at 7:30 tonight and I'll share anything else that we can gather between now and then."

Philip stood and left and the three of us were just looking at each other.

Finally Judge Jenkins regained his train of thought, "Okay, now that the whirlwind has left, why don't I call someone I know at the State Department of Human Services. I worked with him before. He is a stick in the mud, but his main goal has always been protecting children. He lives here in Kansas City. He might be able to help with David's case. Let me see if I can arrange for him to attend the meeting at Ty's house."

He turned to Pam, "Why don't you see if we can arrange for Neil and Randy to be there with Tim and Tom? Ty, you start working on a counter suit to offset the former Mrs. Lansing's charges. You might also notify that young reporter that you are working on three big cases and that he might like some background information. You are a hot news item right now."

Boy do I have a lot to learn. I called the reporter that had written the stories about me and informed him that some of our clients were perhaps involved in a suicide and that some more were involved in swindle case and a third one that centered around child and sexual abuse. If you could be at our house this evening at seven thirty, you would be able to obtain some good background information for when the cases go to court.

The young man on the other end of the line practically came through the receiver, "Just tell me where you live and I will only write what you approve. This could be my big break."

At five o'clock, I went into the office and announced, "I don't know how many more days like this I can take. I am going to be old before my time."

This is Mark again.

Barbie was still asleep when I went to pick up the children so I asked David to stay with her. Becky came bounding to the van with Sandy Robinson. The two boys were strolling, talking to their friends. They were in no hurry to get home. Billy looked at me, "Nano, if Becky can have a friend over, we should be allowed to ask some of our friends over too."

After everyone was seated and buckled in, I started to pull away from the school. "Billy and Bobby, all you need to do is ask and if we can get the parents' permission, I think it would be great if you had friends over to the house."

That was not the answer the boys were expecting to hear, but it seemed to appease them. When we got to the house, the four children bounded into the kitchen and sat down waiting for their snack. They were joined by Barbie and David. David started serving everyone cookies and milk and pointed my attention toward the phone which was blinking.

I picked up the receiver and the there were three messages. The first was from Ty. "Mark, we will be having a bunch of people there tonight, starting at seven thirty. Make sure you and David are available."

The second message started, "Nano Mark, this is Stan Robinson from across the street. My other three grandchildren are almost having kittens because Sandy got to come to your house and they didn't. Could I bring them over and they could play or perhaps we could go to the park for a while? Please call me. Here is my number." I called Mr. Robinson and invited him over. I explained that I needed to fix dinner so it would be best if the children played at the house today.

The third message started, "Hey Jumping Jiminy, it's us, Lance and Lane here in Colorado, would someone call our Dad and calm him down. He is almost hysterical. He just received a copy of the suit that the broad and her shyster husband filed. Talk to you later."

I had just hung up and the doorbell rang, "Good grief, we'll never eat tonight."

I answered the door and two boys and a little girl about Barbie's age came in. Mr. Robinson was behind them. I sent the children to the kitchen and figured that David could take care of them for a couple of minutes while I visited with Mr. Robinson.

Mr. Robinson looked at me, "Nano Mark, I am getting too old to be watching after my grandchildren. I don't have the energy I once had. Now that Ruth is gone it is so lonely, that I welcome their company, but they tire me out."

I smiled, "Yeh, four young ones can be a handful. Let's go check on them. I am sure that David is taking care of them."

We walked into the kitchen and the four Robinson children practically yelled at their Grandpa, "Mr. David can't hear us so you are going to need to talk with your hands."

To say that, that caught Mr. Robinson's attention would be an understatement. Mr. Robinson started to sign and David responded.

How strange is this?

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Editor's notes:

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