Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 43 - It's About Time

This is Mark.

Zack and I finally figured out how we could IM each other. When I got to Zack's and my room, David was in the shower, so I decided to see if Zack was available to chat.

I sent a message on the Google mail system and Zack responded immediately, "It's about time, you turkey. I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me. I was just about ready to crawl in my car and come check to see what you were doing. You know what I want to do don't you."

I thought to myself, `Two can play this game.' "My dearest Mr. Jackson, are you threatening me with bodily harm? I do believe that I shall have to report you to my employers and they will probably cut off your allowance."

I could almost hear Zack laughing as he typed, "I regret to inform you my dearest Nano Mark that I have already informed my brothers that I am going to throw you on the ground and rape and pillage until you surrender completely to me. Now enough silliness. Why were you so late coming at me tonight?"

I explained everything that had happened during the day and told Zack about the meeting with Mr. Hobart and what was going to happen tomorrow

Zack's message appeared, "Mark, this is moving faster than the sound of speed. I hope you are keeping good notes. We can write a great soap opera. How about we call it, The Trials and Tribulations of a Nano? Mark, I need to go. I have an early class in the morning and tomorrow is my busiest day. I love you, Zack"

I signed off, "Good night my Zackie. I love you too."

I shut down my computer and realized that the bathroom must be empty so I went to take my shower and get ready for bed. The door to David's bedroom was open. I realized that he couldn't hear what I was doing but he could see the light. I had no idea what to expect so I left the door open. When I went to Zack's and my bedroom, I thought perhaps I should leave my door to the bathroom open as well in case David started to have nightmares again.

I must have fallen asleep almost immediately because the next thing I remember was someone calling, "Nano Mark."

I sat up and turned the lamp on the night stand on and David was standing there shaking. David was signing, "Nano Mark, may I please sleep with you tonight? I am having horrible nightmares. I promise I won't do anything. I need you to hold me and make me feel safe."

We both were dressed in briefs, so I lifted the sheet for David and he crawled into bed and snuggled as close to me as he could get. It wasn't long before he was lightly snoring, but I was having a difficult time getting to sleep again. I kept having awful thoughts about what must have happened to David to make him this insecure.

Sleep must have come because the next thing I remember was this hard item rubbing against me. I turned on the light and David's penis was trying to burst through his briefs. There was no doubt that he needed relief. I lightly touched his shoulder and he sat up and I pointed to the protrusion on his middle body and pointed to the bathroom.

David left and when he returned his hands were going a mile a minute, "Mark, please forgive me. I'm always like that in the morning. Please don't tell anyone. I promise I wasn't trying to do anything to you."

I looked at David and he had tears in his eyes, "David, remember I was once a teenager too. I know that sometimes your penis has a mind of its own. I don't think any less of you. It is already six thirty, so why don't you go get dressed and we'll go for a short run."

When David and I got to the kitchen, Ty was already there. He started, "I thought I might have to come get you. Tip is going to stay with the children this morning. Let's hit the trail guys."

As we went out the door, Kevin was coming out of his house. Ty started running with me and Kevin was running with David. As we were running Ty started speaking to me quietly. "Mark, would you see what more you can get David to tell you between the time that we get back to the house and when Mr. Robinson picks him up to bring him to the office."

I started to whisper and then realized that David couldn't hear what I was saying but Kevin could, "Ty, whatever happened to David has upset him emotionally. The last two nights he has been having nightmares. I honestly don't think that he has ever had someone who cared about him. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a world without sound."

We got back to the house and Kevin disappeared. When we entered the house, Tip was cooking, "Go get the children up, and then get your smelly bodies cleaned up."

I announced, "I'll get the children up while Ty and David get their showers. I can take a shower after I deliver the children to school."

We were seated around the table eating our bacon and eggs and muffins. Billy looked at David, "David, you promised to come to school with Mark today so you could be my show and tell."

I looked at David and signed what Billy had said.

David was getting tears again, "Billy, that was before I found out last night that Mr. Robinson is going to be taking me to see Mr. Hobart at 10:00. May I please be your show and tell next week instead?"

I decided that I should step into the middle of what was happening. "David needs to go with Grandpa Stan to see Mr. Hobart. They are going to decide where David should live."

Bobby looked at me like I was crazy, "I thought he was going to live here. Why can't he stay here?"

Ty looked at the children, "We would be glad to have David stay here but there are some legal reasons that he probably can't. We don't know for sure what is going to happen. He may be going to live with Mr. Robinson, so he wouldn't be very far away. We'll know more after our meeting this morning."

I had just sent the children to brush their teeth when the doorbell rang. I answered and Dr. Robinson was standing there, "Mark, could you watch Sarah while I take David to Mr. Hobart's office this morning."

"Come in sir. I am scheduled to help in Billy's class this morning. Let me make a phone call." I picked up the phone after checking to list of phone numbers. "Hi Mrs. Denver, this is Nano Mark. Would you have a problem if Barbie brought along a friend today? Sarah's Grandpa takes care of her, but he has a legal problem that he needs to take care of this morning. ... Great, see you in a little while."

I turned to Dr. Robinson, "Bring Sarah over when you pick up David. She can go to Barbie's play group with her."

This is Ty.

As I was leaving, I looked Mark, "If you find out any additional information that you think would be helpful call me at the office. Come on children, I'll drop you off this morning."

Billy turned as we were leaving, "See you later, Nano."

This is Mark.

Everyone had left and I turned to David, "David, I'm going to take a shower. Would you please watch Barbie for me?"

David laughed, "You sure you don't need me to clean your tubing for you. Don't forget to make sure the shower is clean when you get out."

I was smiling as I was going up the stairs thinking, `Sometimes signing is a good thing.'

There really was not much time for me to talk to David after my shower because Dr. Robinson and Sarah arrived. I looked at Dr. Robinson, "Sir, please tell Ty that I didn't really learn anything new."

David left with Dr. Robinson and I got the two young ladies situated in the van and dropped them off at the Denver's house.

I had signed into the visitor log and put on my name tag that they had there for me and went to Billy's room. Billy's teacher, Mrs. Clark, handed me a note, "Nano Mark, please take these children Angela, Derek, Tina and Scotty and work with them. They are having a difficult time writing their ABC's. I feel like I have hit a brick wall with them.'

I looked around, "I see some chalk boards. Might I use them? I also see the big book of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Might I borrow that too?"

I collected the materials I needed and the four children and went to find a quiet space to work. I worked with the children and we read the big book and talked about what each of the letters looked like. We started to practice writing the letters. I modeled and they copied what I did stroke for stroke. We had finally gotten through the alphabet when Billy came and announced, "Nano, Mrs. Clark says you need to bring the children back now. It is time to start our math lesson."

We went back to the classroom and I put the things away. Mrs. Clark looked at me, "Nano Mark, this lesson uses a number of manipulatives. If you help Billy's half of the room I will monitor the other half; this is a lesson that is going to require both of us helping the children. Mrs. Clark started the lesson and Dr. Plummer, the principal, came in and was observing as the lesson was proceeding.

I got down on my knees at the different tables and was helping the children who were having a difficult time. The lesson ended and I thought my half of the room had done an excellent job. They seemed to have grasped the concepts very well. I looked at the clock and it was close to eleven so I motioned to Mrs. Clark that I needed to leave. I looked at Billy and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled at me and did likewise.

Dr. Plummer followed me out of the classroom, "Mark, do you have a couple of minutes to spare? I have several things I would like to discuss with you."

We went into her office and she offered me a seat. "Mark, I am so impressed with what you are doing. You relate so well with the children and they are responding to you. Are you sure that you don't want a job?"

"Ma'am, I already have a bigger job than I can handle and I love it. I'll stick with my present employer. Thank you for offering, though."

Dr. Plummer laughed, "Yeah, it must be exciting working for an ex-football player and a doctor. The real reason I asked to meet with you is that I heard Billy, Bobby and Becky talking about the man who was living with you who can't hear what they are saying and that people talk to him with their hands. Billy was complaining because he was to his Show and Tell today. I was wondering if there was any possibility that the young man would be willing to come and visit with the entire school?"

I was caught totally by surprise, "Dr. Plummer, I can't commit David to anything. As we are speaking, he is meeting with some authorities to determine what the future holds for him. I will visit with you tomorrow when I come to work in Becky's classroom and let you know what is happening. Now I need to go pick up Barbie and Sarah."

Dr. Plummer looked rather surprised, "I thought Mr. Jefferson only had four children?"

Oh Sarah isn't Ty's daughter, "She is Dr. Stan Robinson's granddaughter. Dr. Robinson is with David right now and so she is at the play group with Barbie. Dr. Robinson lives right across the street from us."

Dr. Plummer looked skeptical, "Are you talking about Dr. Stan Robinson, the psychologist?"

"Yep, the one and the same. He had dinner at our house last night."

Dr. Plummer was laughing, "So you are living in Mrs. Quinn's house. I guess I will be getting to know you quite well this spring and summer since my husband and I live directly behind you. I'm surprised I haven't seen you around."

I went to leave and couldn't resist, "Hey, just pop on over. Tip and Ty's house is like a revolving door. Have a good day, ma'am."

This is Ty.

Dr. Robinson arrived at 9:30. Judge Jenkins, Pam and I had met and we decided that Pam would handle the Lansing case and Judge Jenkins would handle David's case and I would be taking care of Tim and Tom's case. Rich Jenkins suggested that we both attend the meetings this morning together so we would have a backup if necessary.

We arrived at Mr. Hobart's office just before ten and there was a lady sitting in the waiting room drinking something. She nodded and the receptionist asked us if we would like to have something to drink. Dr. Robinson was signing to David.

David shook his head and we all declined the offer.

Mr. Hobart came out of his office, "Thanks for coming Carla. I see everyone is here except Mr. Miller. Why don't we go into the conference room and visit until George gets here?"

We had just gotten seated when a gentleman came in and apologized, "I'm sorry I'm late but I got caught up in a traffic accident."

Mr. Hobart stood, "Let me introduce everyone before we begin. The reason we are here is to determine what might be best for David Wright. David is deaf so Dr. Robinson will be signing and answering for David."

David raised his hand.

Mr. Hobart continued, "Dr. Robinson is a retired psychologist and he and his wife were approved to be foster parents and over the years helped a large number of young men and women."

Mr. Hobart looked at the lady, "This is Ms. Carla King. She is my counterpart in Oklahoma."

Ms. King raised her hand, "Rod, do you suppose you could give me a little advance warning next time. I don't enjoy getting up at 4:00 in the morning to attend a meeting in Kansas City."

Mr. Hobart started to laugh, "Don't give me any guff, Carla. You and Hank look for any excuse you can get to see your grandchildren at government expense."

Dr. Robinson had been signing to David. David started to laugh and held up his hand, "So this meeting is just ploy to get Ms. King a free visit to see her grandchildren?"

Needless too say, that comment caught everyone's attention. Everyone began to realize that they were not dealing with an average teenager.

Mr. Miller took the initiative, "David, would you please explain how you got here to Kansas City?"

David took a deep breath and looked at Dr. Robinson, who nodded. "This is the second time that I have run away from the home. The first time I had no money and was placed back in the same home. I met this person called Pops on the web and I was trying to go see him when I was dropped off at the development where Mr. Jefferson and Dr. Robinson lived."

David looked around, no one said anything and he continued, "I was welcomed with open arms at Doctor Washington and Mr. Jefferson's house.

I fell in love with Mr. Jefferson's four children. The neatest thing was that Nano Nark and Dr. Robinson could sign. I felt safe for the first time in a long time."

Mr. Miller looked at David, "Why aren't you in school?"

David shook his head, "Sir, I have been attending Oklahoma State University as a freshman. We have finished the last session and I needed to get away. I have a 4.00 grade average or did. I would like to be able to go back to college but I have only the money The Boss paid me for doing work for him."

Ms. King asked, "What kind of work did you do for The Boss?"

David watched as Dr. Robinson signed. He nodded his head, "Each weekend he had a list of choirs that he wanted me to do. I painted, worked in the yard, took care of his dogs and even cleaned his pool for him."

Mr. Miller frowned, "Did you ever have sex with him?"

David answered with an innocence that I couldn't believe, "Sir, The Boss never touched me, but he sure did take a lot of pictures of me when I was naked. He liked me to swim naked in his pool and practically insisted that I sleep naked at night. He never hurt me like my father and like I said, he paid me well for what I did for him."

Mr. Hobart stood, "Thank you for being so open, David. We need to finish this meeting, because we have another couple of young people to deal with. David, we'll let you know what we decide this afternoon."

Mrs. King spoke up, "Excuse me Rod, I think that David deserves to know what is going to become of him, now. Since he will be turning 18 in less than two months, I recommend that he be turned over to the custody of Dr. Robinson for that period. I think it would be pointless to send him back to the home in Tulsa, and I am sure that he was being treated rather harshly by the caretakers at the facility because he had run away previously."

Mr. Hobart looked at Dr. Robinson, "Stan, would you be willing to have this young man in your home?"

I wanted to say something, but I decided I would just muddy the waters if I did.

David was watching Dr. Robinson as he signed and spoke, "I would very much welcome David into my house. He could help me with my Grandchildren and keep me company in the evenings. I have seen how he interacts with Ty's children and have no problem with him living at my house."

Mr. Hobart looked around the room, "Does anyone have a problem with David staying with Dr. Robinson?"

"Seeing no objections, David, you are remanded to the custody of Dr. Robinson. You will need to work out the visitation rights between you and Mr. Jefferson's children and Nano Mark. Richie, you are responsible for preparing the necessary paperwork to make it happen."

Judge Jenkins started to laugh, "Gee thanks, King Rod

Mr. Hobart was on a roll, "We need to move along, I'm sure there are two young men sitting in the waiting area anxiously waiting to know what is going to happen to them. Who is their legal counsel?"

Both Judge Jenkins and I raised our hands.

Mr. Hobart went to the door and motioned for Tim, Tom, Neil and Randy to come into the room. David and Dr. Robinson were shaking hands and saying goodbye. When Tim saw David, he started to laugh, "Well if it isn't the vibrator boy?"

The three young guys hit each other's hands and Mr. Hobart suggested, "Dr. Robinson, since you and David already know Tim and Tom, why don't you stick around. You may be able to offer some insight into what we should do with them. It seems to me that they are ready for the gorilla cage at the zoo."

Mrs. King was glaring, "I want to know what that comment about vibrators meant before we start."

David started to sign and told the story of what happened the night before and what was said.

Mrs. King looked around, "Is there such a thing as a wrist vibrator as you described, David?"

"Yes ma'am. They are rather costly. The battery needs to be constantly recharged, and they are only good for limited distances. They are good for use in a home environment; but it would be better to have a cell phone with messaging capababilities so that you can be contacted at a greater range."

Mrs. King looked at David, "David, I'll make sure that the state of Oklahoma provides both services for you. I will be speaking with your social worker and counselor when I get home, and they'd better have a good explanation of why you don't already have those amenities."

Mr. Hobart was getting frustrated, "Carla, can we get back to Tim and Tom's case? David is taken care of temporarily. Tom, why don't you explain what happened to you. I wish Mark was here to even make your story more poignant."

Tom told the same story as he had at our house. Dr. Robinson was signing for David the entire time.

Mr. Miller spoke, "I know this is highly unconventional but I recommend that Tim and Tom be placed in the custody of Mr. Neil Trout and Randy Smithers until they are eighteen. The fact that Mr. Trout and Mr. Smithers are a couple should not make a difference in this case. To separate the two young men could cause major emotional trauma since they have had to rely on themselves for support for so long."

Mr. Hobart looked around the room. "There seemed to be no objections so I submit the paperwork to the legal department and the matter should be handled very quickly. I'm getting hungry, so why don't we go to the restaurant around the corner that specializes in build your own fat burgers. I'll even let Master David pay."

David started to sign, "I'll gladly pay but I didn't bring my limited funds with me. Grandpa Robinson, will you lend me the money until we get home?"

Author's Note: If you would like to read more of this story and other interesting stories, you might wish to visit www.tickiestories.us.

Editor's Notes:

I want to make a few points here. First of all, David is a very special person. He has overcome some severe obstacles already, and has a lot of baggage to deal with still. Of course I hope we will learn more about him and his problems, and hopefully we will find out how to help him solve some of them. I know for a fact that handicapped people get a very poor education when it comes to sexual information. It seems that the education and rehabilitation communities have the mistaken belief that we have no need or desire to know about sex or that we could possibly be interested in it. Either that or that it is somehow their job to prevent us from engaging in any sexual activity. Believe it or not, I actually heard discussions between councilors regarding whether handicapped people should be neutered or sterilized. Not a discussion as to whether we should be left alone, but as to which of the two should be done to us, without our consent, by the way. Even as adults, if we were being given any education by the state, they somehow felt that they had the right to dictate to us how we should act. I used to work at a facility for people who were retarded, and the authorities there routinely performed radical surgery equivalent to a hysterectomy on the women patents there. Can you believe it? They just assumed they could take that away from people without their permission. How in the world can people simply assume that because someone is handicapped that they have no human rights? People in institutions are treated like they are no more than animals. Well, I guess I will get down from my soapbox now.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher