Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 44 - This Is The One We Want

This is Mark.

When I got to the Denver house all of the mother's were there talking and waiting for the children to get their shoes on. Barbie and Sarah were the first ones to be ready. One of the other children asked, "Is Sarah going to come tomorrow?"

I shook my head, "I don't think so. Her Grandpa had a meeting today and he asked me to take care Sarah."

Sarah looked at me, "Please Nano, it was so much fun. It's not much fun playing by myself when everyone is at school."

Mrs. Denver interrupted, "Mark, Sarah was no problem at all. I'm sure the other mothers would be amenable to having her join the group. Perhaps her Grandpa wouldn't mind being a substitute host if one of us has a problem,"

I looked at the other mothers and they were nodding their heads in approval. "I'll check with Dr. Robinson to see how he might feel about having Sarah join the group. I'll let you know what he says so you can make plans."

When we got to the house there was a message on the machine, "Mark, it's Stan. David and I are going to have lunch with the people we were meeting with in Mr. Hobart's Office. I hope you don't mind feeding Sarah lunch. We'll be there as quick as we can. David wants to tell you what happened."

I thought to myself, "Why didn't Dr. Robinson tell me what happened instead of keeping me in suspense?'

After we had eaten, I put the girls down to rest while I started dinner. I was vacuuming when David and Dr. Robinson returned. I hadn't heard them when they came in and I guess I really jumped when David touched my arm to tell me that they were there. I stopped the vacuum because it was evident that he wanted to tell me something.

David started, "Nano Mark, I am going to be staying in Kansas City and living with Dr. Robinson. That means I can bop over and bother you and Zack all the time to make sure you are behaving."

Dr. Robinson was laughing but I wasn't going to let David get the best of me. "I'm so glad that you will be so close that I can monitor what is happening in your bedroom from the vibrator that you are going to be wearing. I'll be able to tell if you are being naughty or nice."

That got David's attention, "How did you know that I was going to get a vibrating wristband? We just found out today."

We went into the kitchen and sat down and they told me everything that had happened at Mr. Hobart's office. I proceeded to tell them about what happened at school and then at the Denver's house. The outcome was that Dr. Robinson was pleased that Sarah could spend some time with her peers and even suggested that he would pay for her to be a part to the playgroup.

When I brought up the idea of David appearing at the children's school he thought it was a good idea except he added, "Mark and Granddad Robinson, I would like for the two of you to be there with me. One of you could be my ears and the other could be my voice. When do they want me to do it?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "David, I'll check tomorrow when I go to school. I need to go to pick up the other children at school. David, why don't you stay here since Barbie and Sarah are still sleeping?"

Dr. Robinson looked at the clock, "I need to pick up my grandchildren, too. David, I'll be right back and we can get your things moved to my house."

I pulled up at the school and, lo and behold, Dr. Robinson pulled up right behind me. The children came down the sidewalk together and as soon as they were strapped in, Bobby started, "Nano, we need to get a car pool together to save on gas. Dr. Robinson's grandchildren aren't in the same classrooms as we are, but we know them. Their Dad or Mom drops them off in the morning, but you and Dr. Robinson could take turns picking us up after school. Just think of the money you will save on gas."

When we got back to the house, I sent Bobby to tell Dr. Robinson to bring his grandchildren over since I had made some chocolate chip cookies for a snack. When I went to the house, David was on the floor with the two young girls and he had them writing their numbers. When Mr. Robinson came in with his other three grandchildren, I pointed out what David was doing.

I went to David, "Snack time, anyone who is hungry needs to get to the table."

David was like one of the children. He quickly went to the table and sat down. When I set the tray of chocolate chip cookies on the table, he pulled them toward him and didn't pass them. Bobby looked at him, "That's okay, we didn't want any of the cookies anyway since they probably have ex-lax in them."

When I signed what Bobby said, David pushed the tray of cookies away. He said clearly enough for everyone to understand, "Okay, I'll share, but I won't take you to the bathroom."

Dr. Robinson looked at me as if to ask, "What's going on?"

I leaned over and whispered, "David is just doing some bonding. Sir, I need to talk to you when David isn't around. He can read lips just enough that I don't feel comfortable talking while he is present."

I went into the kitchen to get some milk for the people eating cookies. Dr. Robinson followed me. "Okay Mark, what is it that you want to say?"

"Doctor Robinson, I'm sure that David has had some horrible things happen to him. When Tip examined him, there were scars all over his back. He has been crying out the last two nights because of nightmares. He won't tell me what he was dreaming about. I just want you to know that David is a very complex person. I only wish I could find some way to get to him."

Dr. Robinson looked at me, "Mark, between the two of us, we should be able to crack the shell that David has built around himself. I can see that he is a very insecure young man, but also seems to be extremely intelligent and filled with compassion. How many teenagers do you know who would be lying on the floor teaching two four year olds how to write numbers. I am really looking forward to him living with me, but I am going to need your help."

Bobby and Ricky, Dr. Robinson's oldest grandson, helped David with the dishes before we took the children to the park. We had just gotten back to the house when Dr. Robinson's oldest son, Peter, arrived to pick up his children.

Sandy excitedly told her Dad, "Daddy, this is David. He can't hear what we are saying, but he can read lips and you can talk to him with your hands like Grandpa does."

Sarah interrupted, "Daddy, I went to school with Barbie today. Grandpa says I can go again tomorrow if it is okay with you."

Peter was so calm. He made a time out signal with his hands. He looked at David and shook his hand. He surprised David when he started to sign, "David, it's good to meet you. I am not very proficient with signing but I can get by."

David responded, "It a pleasure to meet you Mr. Robinson."

Dr. Robinson interrupted, "Peter, this is Nano Mark Leavitt. He is the caretaker for the Mr. Jefferson's children. They have moved into Mrs. Quinn's house. They have rather adopted me. David is going to be living with me at least temporarily. I'll explain more about that later."

Mr. Peter Robinson asked, "So what was Sarah talking about when she said she went to school today?"

Dr. Robinson looked at me, "Mark, why don't you explain what happened?"

I explained why Sarah had gone to playgroup with Barbie and what the other parents had suggested. Peter Robinson looked at his Dad, "Dad, this is perfect. You would have time to work in the schools while Sarah is with the playgroup. I'm sure that there are many children who could benefit from your talents. By the way, Brian tried to get in touch with you last night and you weren't home. He wanted me to tell you that he and Todd would be coming to visit and they were going to be bringing two guests with them. They are planning to arrive in the evening on Thursday. They said they would only need two bedrooms. You are to call them if you had a problem with that."

Peter Robinson looked at his four children, "Come on munchkins, get your things. We need to go."

He hugged his Dad, "Thanks for everything, Dad. Nice meeting you, David and Mark. I'm sure, I'll be seeing you a lot."

After Dr. Robinson's family had departed, he turned to David and me, "Why don't we go check the room where David will be staying and make sure it will be adequate for him. The children can watch a video while I show you around."

I thought to myself, `It's a conspiracy to keep me from finishing dinner.'

We got Ty's four children settled and Dr. Robinson led us to the upstairs. He pointed at one room, "That is Brian and Todd's room. Since we don't know who they are bringing as their guests, we'll let them share their bathroom with their guests. David, I thought we would have you sleep in the room directly across from mine so in case there would be a problem I would hear you and be near you."

Dr. Robinson opened a door to a room that looked like a mini suite. It had it's own little sitting area and a private bath. I watched David as he went around looking at everything. David turned to us, "You mean this would be just for me?"

Dr. Robinson answered, "David, if you don't like it we can look at one of the other rooms. We made this room this way because of my mother who was an invalid and lived with us until she died."

David had tears in his eyes, "Grandpa Robinson, I love the room, but I don't deserve anything this nice."

I took David and held him and made him look at me, "David, Dr. Robinson must want this to be your room or he wouldn't have suggested that it be your room. Now stop your sniveling and get your butt across the street so we can finish fixing dinner. You too Dr. Robinson."

David started to laugh, "There you go again: threatening to whip us if we don't do as you say."

We went back across to the house and I had Dr. Robinson checking with the children to see if they had any homework while David set the table and I finished fixing the ham and the sweet potato casserole with fresh asparagus with hollandaise sauce. I had David run the cabbage and carrots through the grater to make cole slaw. I knew that wouldn't be the children's favorite so I made them some carrot and celery sticks.

Everything was ready when Tip and Ty finally walked in. I gave them time to unwind and change, and sent David to round everyone up for dinner. I had just finished serving the children and making sure they were settled. I started to get the things that I wanted to eat. Everyone had been talking or signing and all of a sudden it seemed to become eerily quiet. Everyone was looking at me like I had done or said something. I was totally confused.

All of sudden there was this covering over my eyes, and a strange voice that sounded somewhat like John Wayne, "Dis be the one we wants, this specimen will make a mighty morsel for them aborigines. I had better check to make sure that he will satisfy them. They be pretty particular."

The intruder's hands traveled down my stomach and started to manipulate my penis and it was reacting. I managed to get the hood off and turn around to see Zack standing there laughing. He added one last insult, "We needs to work on making certain parts of dis body bigger so them aborigines will be completely satisfied and don't burn dis house down."

Everyone was laughing, even Ty's three youngest children who had no idea what was going on. I looked at Zack, "Have I been asleep for three days or something? Why are you home?"

Zack started to pout, "Gee, thanks, Nano. I guess I had better head back to school and lock myself in my apartment. Hey, my thesis has been accepted and I will be graduating on schedule plus it's spring break. Do you suppose a poor starving college student could get something to eat?"

David went to get a table setting for Zack while Zack went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

As we were eating, Zack explained, "I don't need to go back until a week from tomorrow. I totally spaced off that this was the week of spring break and then when I found out the thesis had been accepted, I canceled the rest of the afternoon classes with my professor's approval. So here I at your service, Nano."

Ty spoke before anyone else could say anything, "Good, you can supervise the move to the new facility. Everyone else is too busy and I'm too lazy."

We finished dinner and as we were doing the cleanup, I told Zack about everything that had been happening. After everyone else had disappeared, he pulled me close, "Mark, the next six weeks are going to be hell for me. I would like to pirate you away and spend every breathing minute close to you. What have you done to me?"

I wrapped my arms around Zack, "I'll tell you what I've done to you, but first we need to help David get his few things moved and get the children ready for bed."

We helped David move his new things across the street, and Zack was envious of David's accommodations. He looked at David, "Dude, you better keep this area spotless or I'll come make you so black and blue that you won't know what color you are."

I pulled Zack's arm to get him to stop. I watched David's reaction. At first I thought he was going to cry and then he started to laugh. He spoke very clearly, "Zack, Nano Mark says it is much better to use encouragement than threats to get someone to do something. If you promise not to threaten me anymore, I'll be a good boy."

Zack realized what he had done and hugged David. I did likewise and then I hugged Dr. Robinson, "See you tomorrow at 9:00 when you bring Sarah so I can take her to the playgroup. Goodnight, we need to get Ty's children ready for bed."

As we were walking across the street, Zack looked at me, "Mark, I screwed up big time, didn't I?"

I shook my head no, "Zack, ever since you left yesterday morning, it's like the Earth is spinning out of control. I'll tell you the rest of the story after you have your way with me, but first we need to get the children to bed."

When we walked into the house Tip met us, "The children are ready for bed and their Daddy is reading them a bedtime story. Why don't you two go check to see if Zack's assumption that Nano might make a tasty morsel for the aborigines is correct?"

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