Tip and Tip

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Tip and Ty Chapter 45 - Hot Dogs and Melons

This is Mark.

Zack and I went to our room. Zack took his shower first and when I came out of the shower he was laying their with his magnificent tool poised ready for action.

I started to laugh, "Why Mr. Jackson, I do believe you are threatening me with that thing?"

He threatened, "You bet your skinny little bottom I am. Now get your little bottom in here and give me a kiss. We are getting lonely here by ourselves; now get in here before I take some drastic actions."

I rolled my eyes, "Zack dearest, we just talked about threatening people to get them to do something. It would have been much better had you said, `Darling, we are so lonely here on this big bed by ourselves, won't you please join us?'"

Zack started acting like he was going to sob, "Oh honey pie, I'm so sorry I hurt your feelings. Won't you please come to Poppa so he can make you feel better?"

I straddled Zack's abdomen on my knees so I could reach down with my hands and hold his face, "Remember, you promised to be nice." I kissed him on his nose. "Now, my tank is empty and desperately needs to be refilled."

It took a little cuddling and kissing first, but my tank got refilled and my battery was definitely going to need time to recharge by the time we finally fell asleep. I don't think either one of us moved during the night. When I woke up, it was raining so I nudged Zack and asked if he wanted to go work out. He condescended and we went to the workout area.

I was watching the time and we worked out for forty five minutes before we quit. As we were going up the steps Tip and Ty were coming down to the workout area. "Good morning bosses. Breakfast will be in an hour. We'll get the children up and get them ready for school."

Zack grabbed a glass of juice and went to take a shower. I got everything ready for French toast and bacon and went to wake the children. Bobby was already up and I picked up Billy and growled, "I'll eat this one."

Billy opened his eyes, "Please don't eat me sir, my brother is much bigger than I. I'll take you to him."

I kissed both boys and went to wake the girls, I sat down on their beds, "It's time for all Cinderellas to get dressed so they can go to school."

Becky looked at me, "We'll be okay. You are coming to help in my classroom today aren't you even though Uncle Zack is home?"

I thought to myself, `What kind of message are we sending these children?'

I simply responded, "Yep, I wouldn't miss it for anything."

Barbie looked at me, "And I still get to go to school, right?"

I nodded my head, "Yep, and we're going to take Sarah with us."

Becky assured me, "Nano, I'll make sure that we get dressed."

I knew I was summarily dismissed.

This is Tip.

I don't know how to say this delicately, but it was like last night was the most enjoyable time that Ty and I have had together. Once Mark and Zack had gotten David moved, and had gone to their room and Ty had the children in bed, it almost felt like we were the only two people in the world.

We took a shower together and made sure all of our body parts were totally clean. When we crawled into bed, there was no conversation. Ty started to worship every inch of my body. He took my penis with his mouth and I reciprocated. When we came down from the highs we were on we just held each other. Neither of us said a word. There didn't seem to be any reason to talk.

This morning Ty had woken me which was unusual in itself. He had me so stimulated that there was no way that I could not release what he wanted. When I tried to return the pleasure, he pushed me away, "I'm still recharging. We'll save it for tonight. You had better cancel all of your appointments for tomorrow since you won't be able to walk."

It was raining, so we went to the workout room. We met Mark on the stairs and they had already finished their workout. When Ty and I got back to the bedroom, we took a shower together and I felt like Ty had time to recharge and needed to get rid of his tensions so he could face the day. I was correct, the shower walls will never be the same.

When we got downstairs, everyone was eating and Mark handed us our plates and Zack started, "I'm going to drop the children off at school and then go check out the new office space. I'll stop by your office Ty, and visit after I get a floor plan. Mark is going to be so busy playing school teacher that he won't have any time to spend with me anyway. Oh woe is me!"

This is Mark.

Everyone was gone except Barbie and me. I got her settled watching television and went and took a quick shower. As I was coming down the stairs, the doorbell was ringing. I answered and David was standing there shivering. I pulled him inside.

"David, what is wrong? Did something happen to hurt you?"

David shook his head no, "I screwed up again. During the night I had my awful dreams. Mr. Robinson came into my room and tried to calm me down. He laid down beside me on the bed and just held me. I guess I must have settled down because the next thing I remember was when I woke up this morning. I felt so safe with Mr. Robinson's arms around me."

"Anyway, I had to go to the bathroom really bad and so I gently crawled out of bed and when I crawled back into bed his penis was sticking out of the opening in his pajamas and I felt compelled to play with it. He has a respectable sized penis. I really wanted to see what it would taste like, but I stopped myself."

"When I first started to manipulate his penis, he responded, but suddenly he woke up and I could feel him yelling, `David, what are you doing?' He crawled out of my bed and left, slamming the door. I think he is going to send me back to Tulsa."

I wasn't sure what to think. I looked at David, "Go back to Dr. Robinson's house and get dressed. Dr. Robinson is supposed to bring Sarah over here at nine o'clock. I'll talk to him then. I'm sure he won't send you back to Tulsa, but you need to stop thinking about him as a sex object. He is three times older than you."

David started to say something else, but I held up my hand, "David, trust me. Everything will work out if you can keep your cock under control." I could have kicked myself for saying something like that. Cock is not a word that I would usually use.

I got Barbie ready and Mr. Robinson arrived with Sarah. When he came in he announced, "I thought I would go with you to see where you are taking the girls and then maybe I could pick them up at the appropriate time."

That sounded like a good idea and we started to the van and I felt my stomach tighten, "Dr. Robinson, where is David? I don't think we should leave him alone.

Dr. Robinson was flustered, "But I wanted to talk to you about him. Something happened last night and I don't know what to do."

I looked at Dr. Robinson, "Grandpa Robinson, we either need to take David with us or you need to stay here with him to make sure he doesn't start running again. He was already here and told me what had happened last night. Quite frankly, he is scared, if you will excuse the expression, shitless. He is so afraid that you hate him."

Dr. Robinson turned white, but I continued, "Dr. Robinson, please go sit down and visit with David and explain the rules and make sure that he understands that you are aren't going to allow him to get away with anything. I really need to take Sarah and Barbie to the play group and then I am due at school. We'll visit over lunch."

I took the two girls to the play group and went to school and as I was signing in, the school secretary looked at me, "Mr. Leavitt, Dr. Plummer would like to speak to you. There is no one in her office right now, so why don't you visit with her?"

I went and knocked on the door, Dr. Plummer was on the phone, but she motioned for me to come and sit down. When she hung up, she started on her proposal. "Mark, could you arrange for your young friend to be here tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning?"

"Ma'am, I will need to double check with David and his new guardian since he is no longer living at Mr. Jefferson's house. I'll call you right after I get home and make the final arrangements. Would it be possible to have two microphones and three stools or chairs. If everything works as I think it will, both Dr. Robinson and I would be with David. One of us could be his ears and the other his voice."

Dr. Plummer looked at me, "We can do that. Just let me know so I can have everything arranged ahead of time."

I went to Becky's classroom and her teacher gave me four children and indicated that they needed help understanding the rules of phonics and handed me a stupid bingo game, but I decided to make the most of it. I had the children so into the game that I misidentified one of the pictures and one of the boys told me that I was wrong. The animal in the picture didn't start with the h sound. It was a picture of a mule. I threw up the cards and said, "I quit."

The same little boy, whose name was Curtis, said, "You can't quit. No one has won yet and we need to teach you how to spell."

Becky came to get us, "Nano Mark, Mrs. Crain says you need to come back now. We have to start spelling."

"Becky, tell Mrs. Crain, we'll be back as soon as one of these cheaters wins the game."

I quickly pulled out all the pictures of objects that I needed to win and threw up my hands, "I win."

"You're just like all the big people I know. You lie and cheat and treat us kids like we are nothing." shouted Curtis as he got up to leave.

I grabbed him and pulled him onto my lap. I held Curtis with one arm and handed the game to one of the other children, "Please tell Mrs. Crain that Curtis and I will be back shortly."

I practically dragged Curtis to the office with me. Fortunately Dr. Plummer was there and I pulled Curtis into her office, "Ma'am, me and Curtis are going to out-front and sit on the lawn and watch the clouds. Would you please tell his teacher that I have stolen him."

Curtis looked up at me, "See, you're lieing again. You just want to beat me up like my Dad and Mom."

I took Curtis to the lawn in front of the school and pulled him down beside me, "Relax punk, I am not going to lie to you or beat you. Look at that cloud what do you see?"

Curtis looked up at the cloud and said, "It looks like a r-h-i-n-o-c-e-r-o-s." as he spelled the word.

I sat up and looked at him, "If you can spell rhinoceros, why were you working with me?"

Curtis smiled, "Hey, everyone in the school knows about you, and besides my parents treat me like a piece of trash because I don't want to play sports like my brother. He may be good at sports but is not a very good student so my parents think I'm probably like him."

I was almost shaking, "Curtis, I would love to take you and hold you. You need to realize that you are a special person regardless of what your parents might think. When I come back next week I expect to hear only good things about you. I will be checking with Becky to see how well you are doing in the meantime."

I walked Curtis back to his classroom and motioned for Mrs. Crain to come and talk to me.

She had the children working. I looked at her, "Ma'am, Curtis is a very intelligent young man. He has been keeping it hidden inside of him. His parents obviously do not treat him very well, and he does not have much self esteem or respect for adults. I would love to take him home with me and show him what love is, but I'm only a nanny."

I went to sign out and Mrs. Plummer looked like she was ready to pounce, "Mark, you need to come to work for us. I was watching as you and Curtis were having your exchanges today. Do you realize that he talked more to you than he has to any adult in the three years he has been at this school. I even heard him spell rhinoceros. Excuse me Mark, but damn it, we need people like you who can get through to the hard core cases like Curtis."

I shook my head, "Ma'am, I'll do what I can in the 4.5 hours I volunteer each week; but as I told you, I have the job that many people would love to have. Mr. Jefferson's children are model children or so I have been led to believe. I know that they may have problems as they grow older, and I need to be available to support them. I'll call you about tomorrow as soon as I can check with David and Dr. Robinson. Now I need to go pick up Sarah and Barbie."

I retrieved the girls and stopped at Dr. Robinson's house and David was waiting for us. He started, "Grandpa wants you to go get Zack and bring him over for lunch. Grandpa wants to talk to you. Can you bring your computer and show Grandpa how to hook it up so I will be able to talk to people who don't know ASL."

"David, slow down. I'll go check with Zack and I need to talk to you and Dr. Robinson about something too; and yes I'll bring the computer back and show you how to hook it up."

I left the van and walked across the street and tried to enter the house as quietly as I could. I could hear Zack in the kitchen. I took off my shoes and snuck up on him. He was standing in front of the open refrigerator door I reached around started to fondle his crotch. I whimpered in a falsetto voice, "Daddy, I can't find anything here worth eating except two small eggs. I started to pinch his buttocks. These two nice melons will make a nice fruit salad."

Zack turned around and kissed me, "Okay you hotdog, what's for lunch?"

I started to undo my belt, "I have a special hot dog here with your name on it."

He dropped to his knees and started to lick his lips, I started to laugh, "Go ahead salivate, but we need to save the hot dogs until later. We have been invited out to lunch."

I gathered my laptop and the connecting cords. As Zack and I were walking across the street, I briefly explained what had happened this morning and told him to be ready for anything.

When we went in, everyone was waiting for us. David showed where to sit. David went to help Dr. Robinson in the kitchen. Dr. Robinson came into the dining room, "I hope that beef hot dogs and melon is okay, but that is what David wanted."

Both Zack and I started to laugh. David asked, "What's so funny?"

I started to sign and told Dr. Robinson and David what had just happened at the house.

David was giggling, "The big difference is that these hot dogs won't be providing any cream. Would you like chili on your dogs. You can put the rest of the ingredients on yourself."

I leaned over and whispered what David had said to Zack. Zack started to laugh again and told David that he would like chili on his hot dog. I did likewise and the two girls wanted theirs plain. David served us and he and Dr. Robinson came and sat down. I noticed that David was the only person with two hot dogs.

He saw me looking at him, "Hey, I'm a big boy and it takes two hot dogs to fill me up."

I told Zack what David had said. Zack must have had his mind in the gutter, "It's a good thing that you aren't trying to take care of three at a time. I don't know where you would put the third one."

When I signed that to David, he responded immediately, "Well, I could always hold it in my hand until I had space to accommodate it."

The two girls had finished their meals so I stood and suggested, "Ladies, why don't we see if we can find something for you to do, while the rest of us finish our lunch." Sarah showed me where the videos were and she wanted to watch Peter Pan. I started the video and went back to the dining room.

I guess I rather took charge and started to speak and sign at the same time.

"We have things we need to talk about, let's take them one at a time. First, Dr. Plummer at the school would like for David to do a presentation tomorrow morning at 10:00. I think it would be very effective if one of us could be the ears for David and the other could tell the children what he was signing."

Dr. Robinson shrugged his shoulders and pointed to David. David thought and then signed, "I'll be glad to do it but I don't know if the children would be interested in a deaf kid."

I answered, " I don't know how the children will react either, but I think we might be surprised at the response you will get. I'll go call Dr. Plummer and tell her that the three of us will be there at 10:00."

I went to the phone and the arrangements were made. I walked back to the table and started again, "Second, did the two of you talk about the ground rules that would be in effect while David is staying here?"

David answered, "Yes, I screwed up last night and I will try very hard to keep my hormones under control."

I didn't really like that answer, "David, I would have very much preferred if you had said you would keep your hormones under control. You could cause serious things to happen to Dr. Robinson, especially since you are only 17 if you don't."

David was almost crying, "Nano Mark, Grandpa said almost the same thing."

Zack spoke, "Mark, I think that this is something that Dr. Robinson and David need to work out. If they want our help, we will be available to help, but they are both big boys and they need to be able to make their own intelligent decisions. Now I need to be going to look for furniture for the new offices. I was hoping you might go with me."

Dr. Robinson looked at me, "Mark, why don't you go with Zack, Barbie can stay here with Sarah and I'll pick the other children up from school this afternoon."

David had to have the last word, "I promise I won't beat them up too badly or allow them to play with any hot dogs or melons."

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Editor's Notes:

I think that David really needs to be more careful what he does with his hot dog and the ones that belong to other people. He is a very smart young man, but he needs to realize that he can cause some serious trouble for other people if he lets his hormones get control instead of his brain. Being deaf is no excuse either. Also love is a very important part of any relationship, and what David was doing didn't involve love. It was lust, pure and simple.

This was a very good chapter, (like that is unusual or something.) Anyway, I love the way people have been so supportive of David. He really needs to realize that he is in a situation where everyone cares about him and wants the best for him. I am sure that his life is going to get turned around into something very wonderful.

As always I am so very ready for the next chapter.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher