Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 47 - What Happened In the Shower

This is Mark.

After lunch, Zack and I went to pick up Shawn and Pam. We went to a store that specialized in Office furniture. Zack had a pretty good idea of what he wanted it didn't take him long to make up his mind. He had to convince Pam and especially Shawn that what he selected would be the best thing even though it wasn't the cheapest. Everything he chose was in stock and was to be delivered on Friday.

The next stop was a computer store and then a store that sold inexpensive art works. We picked out some pieces and it was great that there were four of us because we were able to reach an agreement on what we thought would add a little touch of warmth and friendliness to the offices. Zack made arrangements for them to be framed and he was going pick them up the following Monday.

It was four o'clock and I looked at the three of them, "I need to get home and check on the children and start dinner. Why don't you drop me off before you do anything else."

I went to get the children and the girls wanted to stay and play at Dr. Robinson's house so I took the four boys to our house. They started playing soccer in the back yard. I went to start dinner and I could watch what was happening in the back yard from the kitchen windows.

This is Ty.

Mark's van was in the driveway when I got home and his little car was also there. I started to walk into the house and I heard voices from the back yard. The boys were playing soccer with Dr. Robinson's two grandsons. Maybe Mark is outside with them. I walked into backyard.

Bobby looked at me, "You're home early, Daddy. Is something wrong?"

I shook my head no, "Nothing's wrong. Where is Mark?"

Billy answered my question, "Daddy, Nano Mark is fixing dinner. He's in the kitchen."

I went into the house. Mark looked at me, "You're home early. Zack just went to your office to talk to you. He was also taking Pam and Shawn back so they could get their cars. How come you're home so early? Are you ill?"

I put up my hand, "Slow down Mark. I'm fine. I was concerned because I tried to call several times and there was not answer. It seemed funny that you didn't answer the phone."

Mark frowned, "I saw that your office called but there weren't any messages."

Mark pulled out his cell phone, "You could have called me on this cell phone that you very strongly suggested that I must have if you needed to talk to me about anything that urgently. The reason I wasn't here was that Barbie, Zack and I had lunch with Dr. Robinson and David. Dr. Robinson volunteered to watch Barbie while I went shopping for furniture with Zack. Dr. Robinson picked the children up from school and kept them at his house until I got back."

Mark wasn't finished, "Ty, go change your clothes and spend some quality time with the boys. The girls are still at Dr. Robinson's house."

As I was sulking up the steps, I thought to myself, `I've just been chastised by one of my employees. They all seem to be good at doing that.'

I went into the backyard and Mark was right. I did need to spend some quality time with the boys. Bill and Bobby's eyes lit up when I started to play soccer with the boys. We were interrupted by David, "Guys your Dad is here to pick you up. Hi Ty."

David left with two Robinson boys. Billy and Bobby came and sat down next to me and just leaned against me. Billy looked up at me, "Daddy, will you stop working so hard and spend more time with us. Nano Mark can't play with us when he is cooking."

First my employee stabbed me and now my son is pouring salt into the open wound. We were interrupted because Becky and Barbie came into the backyard with a plate. Becky looked at me, "Hi Daddy, we were helping David and Grandpa Robinson make some cookies. They sent some home for our snack tonight."

I stood up, "Let's go see if we can help Nano Mark with dinner. I want everyone to go wash your hands first."

I went to Mark, "Mark, I'm sorry if I came on a little strong earlier. I didn't mean to upset you. The reasons I was calling were not that important, but I just got concerned that something might have happened when you didn't answer the phone."

Mark smiled, "Ty, I was hurt at first. But then I realized that you have had a lot of things on your platter lately. What were the not so important things that you tried to call about before you forget?"

I have to admit that Mark doesn't waste many words, "Mark, I have invited and an old acquaintance that Tip and I met at lunch today and he is bringing a friend and their children over tonight. Tony wants to talk to me about a problem he has been having."

Mark put up his open hand and pulled it quickly across his throat. "Time out! So you and Tip are sneaking off for nooners now? Honestly, some people are oversexed. What do you know about this Tony's children?"

I started to laugh, "I know nothing about them really except that his young daughter was born with a birth defect. I have no idea what to expect. The second thing I called to tell you was that Lane and Lance will be spending Friday and Saturday night with us. They have dates with Kelly and Cori."

The children returned and Mark had them set the table and then suggested, "Why don't you take your Dad and have him help with your homework and check your papers while I finish dinner? Your Uncle Zack and Uncle Tip will be here shortly."

This is Mark.

Everything was ready and we were waiting for Zack and Tip. I was checking the meat loaf when I felt some hands feeling my buttocks. A voice whispered, "Oh my stars! These melons are so overripe. I'll need to take care of them tonight. I wonder if we can find a hot dog to go with them?"

I turned around and pushed Zack away, "Zack, behave! The children in are in the other room with their Dad. What if they heard you?"

Zack put his arms around me, "Just be thankful that I didn't come in the door yelling, `Honey, I'm home. Get naked and lay on the kitchen table while I have my way with you.'"

Zack and I were standing there laughing when Tip came in. I looked at the two guys, "Dinner will be ready as soon as the two of you get changed. Ty has invited some friends tonight."

Tip surprised me, "Yeh, I know. I was at lunch when this young kid about your age told Ty he been perving on Ty's body for years. Maybe the two of you can get his head screwed on right."

Tip and Zack left and returned shortly and everything was ready. I never realized that meatloaf would be such a hit.

Billy looked at me, "Nano Mark, can we have some more? This is really good and can I have some more of those potatoes?"

After dinner was over the children were watching a video while Zack and I did the dishes. Tip and Ty were sitting in the kitchen with us while Zack explained what we had done this afternoon. I was waiting for Ty to make some comments but he said nothing about how much money Zack had spent.

I was finishing wiping the counter when the door bell rang. Bobby answered and called, "Dad, Mr. Nelson is here with some people. He says you are expecting him."

This is Ty.

We walked into the living room and Tony Nelson was standing there with John Smith. My first thought was, `This can't be!'

Tony was standing there laughing, "Mr. Jefferson, I told you that you knew my partner. You talked to him once before today."

Bobby commandeered the kids, "Come on, Kenny, we're watching a dumb show. Nano Mark and Uncle Zack, can you take us to the park while our Dads talk?"

Everyone left except Tip and the two visiting gentlemen. I looked at Tony and John, "You two have a lot of explaining to do. Tip knows some of Tony's background but John, you need to explain who you are and I want to know how your meeting worked out with Mr. Wright and I want to know how the two of you met."

John spoke up, "Ty, could we take this a little slower please? I'm rather slow and I can only handle one question at a time. For Tip's information, I have been the back up for Ty for the last three years. I was never so glad to hear that anyone was retiring in my life. I thought I might finally be able to break into the big time."

John continued, "Mr. Wright was able to help me and made it so my wife cannot get her grubby hands on any of my wages because they are going to go to a trust fund that only I can access. He also suggested that I file immediately for a divorce and told me to tell you that was what Mr. Hunter was paying you big bucks for. He said that he would like to meet with the two of us to discuss my new contract."

I looked at John, "I'm not a sport's agent."

John was on a roll, "Mr. Wright said that you would be able to do better for me and not demand the exorbitant rates that my present agent does. My contract with my current agent is up and he is so busy with some of the new players coming into the league that it is like he has forgotten about me."

"I'll let Tony tell you about how we met."

Our discussion was interrupted by two little girls. Barbie was so excited, "Daddy and Uncle Tip look, Adrianne only has four fingers on each hand but she can color better than me. She says that she only has four toes too." She looked at Tony and John, "Is it okay if the kids have a cookie that we made this afternoon?"

Tony looked at the two girls, "Yes, the children may have a cookie or two as long as they don't make themselves sick."

The two girls skipped out of the room holding hands.

Tony looked at Tip and me, "I was a junior in college when Adrianne was born. It was not long after Adrianne's birth that my wife told me she didn't love me and didn't want a deformed child in her family. She packed her things and left. My parents were very supportive and I got a part time job. My Dad especially insisted that I get my degree."

"Anyway, it was the start of my senior year and I was the trainer for the college football team. One night after practice everyone had left except Johnny. The coach had been talking to him in the office. Johnny was the only person in the shower and I watched as he manipulated his magnificent machine."

John took over, "When I came out of the shower Tony was standing there with this massive tent in his sweat pants. I looked at him and challenged, `Okay, you seen mine, now show me yours."

John laughed, "Tony surprised me and dropped his sweat pants and his jock strap and his cock, or whatever you want to call it, was almost standing straight up. He challenged me, `Okay, let's see if you are worth my wasting my time. He started to manipulate my cock and it started to respond. It felt so good. I wanted to have my way with him right there and then but decided the college gym wasn't the place to experience my first gay sex."

Tony took over, "Yeh, he made me take a cold shower so that my small appendage would not be so apparent. We went to a coffee shop and what does he do? He starts massaging my upper thigh and I was almost too embarrassed to stand up when we left. Since I was living with my parents and he didn't know if his wife was home we went our separate ways."

Our conversation was interrupted when Barbie and Adrianne came in and Barbie asked "Dads, Nano Mark and Uncle Zack want to know if you want a cookie or anything before Adrianne's Daddy and his friend leave. They said we need to go to bed soon since tomorrow is a school day."

I looked at the girls, "Tell Nano Mark and Zack we'll be there shortly."

I looked at the two guys, "Look guys, why don't both of you come to the office at 10:00 tomorrow and maybe we can take care of both of your problems at the same time."

Tip here.

This was turning out to be more interesting than any of the soap operas on television. We went into the kitchen and Mark was telling the children a story. He didn't even have a book. All eight children were fixated on him. He saw us come in and stopped, "That's the end of chapter one. I think some Daddies are ready to go home and some other Dads are going to get their children ready for bed while Zack and I clean up the mess you all made."

All eight children booed and hissed.

The visitors left and Ty and I took the children to get them ready for bed. They were all tired so there was no argument about going to bed. Ty and I went downstairs and Zack and Mark were having a beer looking at the plans for the new office spaces. I heard Mark say, "I think that vertical blinds would go better with what you are planning. I think that you should paint the walls a soothing color like blue. That way the clients would feel more relaxed."

Zack looked at him funny, "But wouldn't that make it seem like a doctor or dentist's office?"

Mark took a sip of his beer, "Look, if the client is coming to see any of the three businesses that are going to be housed in the facility, they are not going to be in the mood for something fancy and bright. There aren't going to be many children coming in. I think that you should have some soothing music playing in the background so that the clients will relax after Shawn offers them a cup of coffee or a glass of juice or water. I don't know of many business offices where that amenity is offered. The clients would be much more willing to be free to talk if they were relaxed. Shawn is a great person to start the relaxation process, but he is going to need some help or he will burn out."

Ty interrupted, "Guys, we're going to bed. Don't get into trouble."

Mark looked at us, "It's not us that you should be worried about but rather a certain Doctor and Lawyer. Sleep tight guys."

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