Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 49 - Pandemonium

This is Zack.

The boss had spoken so David and I took the children to the park. I couldn't figure out why David was carrying a tablet. When we got to the park, the children took off. David opened the tablet and started to write.

I watched as he wrote, "Zack, do you and Nano Mark really love each other?"

I sucked in my breath and wrote, "David, I think so. I know I care very deeply about him, and I think he has strong feelings for me also."

David looked at my answer, "But how do you know if it's love?"

This young man was shaking my brain, "David, there are varying degrees of love. I love my two brothers and would do almost anything for them. I love Ty's four children and will do everything possible to make sure that nothing bad happens to them as best I can. The feelings I have for Mark are entirely different. We haven't been friends for very long, but everything is so wonderful when we are together. Even while you were doing the presentation today, I was thinking that I wanted to take Mark and hold him and kiss him."

David wrote, "You do have it bad, Zack. I prescribe two hotdogs and some melons before you go to sleep tonight."

Our written dialogue was interrupted by the sound of shrill whistle. Sarah came and announced, "That's Granddad telling us that Mommy or Daddy is here to pick us up."

We collected the children and walked back to Dr. Robinson's house. I had not met his oldest son Pete before. We shook hands and I took Ty's herd home to help Mark get ready for dinner. Tip and Ty were on time and Mark did his usual elegant job of fixing a simple but nutritious meal. After dinner, Mark sent the children with their Dad so they could do any homework they had and Ty could check their folders with their papers and sign the folders. Of course wherever Ty went, Tip was sure to follow.

The two Dads got the children ready for bed and we were sitting in the living room having a beer when the doorbell rang.

Mark went to answer it and Mrs. Quinn came in, "I just got back from Chicago, and thought I had better check to see if you have destroyed the house yet. Where are the children?"

Mark left to get her a glass of wine while Ty explained that the children were already in bed. She looked around, "Where is David?"

She had no sooner asked that question than the doorbell rang again. I went to answer and Dr. Robinson was standing there with David and four people I didn't know. Dr Robinson pushed right by me and the others followed. When they got to the living room, Dr. Robinson took over, "This is my youngest son, Brian and his partner, Todd Barber. The two young men with him are their foster sons Ebenezer and Scrooge."

The two young men who looked to be about sixteen were bent over laughing, "Don't believe Granddad, he is suffering from dementia. I'm Spencer and this is my younger brother Tucker."

Dr. Robinson introduced everyone and the Tucker's next comment caught everyone's attention, "Look Dads, Mark and Zack are the same as you. They have different pigmentations. They are a little younger than you are. Do you suppose they sleep together too?"

Brian started to reprimand Tucker, "Tuck, there is a lady present, do you suppose you could keep your thoughts and questions to yourself?"

Grandma Quinn stood, "Tuck, I'll go home and check the videotapes and let you know tomorrow what's going on in their bedroom."

Dr. Robinson had been signing for David during the entire conversation and

David was almost bent over from laughing. He said very clearly, "Be careful guys, Grandma Quinn is a spy for the Russian mafia and is searching for new victims for the porn movies."

Spencer was laughing, "She's probably a double agent working for the FBI."

The doorbell rang and it was after nine o'clock. Who could be at the door at this time of night?

This is Mark.

I went to answer the door. A shivering Chris from the school incident with the rhinoceros was standing there. He was wearing only pajamas and had nothing on his feet. I picked him up and held him and he started to cry. "Nano Mark, please don't let him hurt me."

It was like the living room became a morgue when the people heard what Chris said.

I carried Chris into the living room and everyone looked like they were frozen in space when they saw me carrying a nine year old boy who was still shaking and shivering.

I sat down with Chris on my lap. "Everyone, this is Chris." I began to introduce the people and I started with Zack, "Chris, this is my friend Zack; he's going to go fix you some hot chocolate and a snack before you take a hot bath and get ready for bed."

Chris looked up at me, "Is he a special friend?"

I felt like all eyes were on me so I merely shook my head yes and continued to introduce everyone else and Chris merely waved until I got to David. He didn't even give me a chance to introduce David. He immediately pumped his right arm three times. He looked at Dr. Robinson and said, "Good to see you again Dr. Robinson."

When the introductions were done, Zack came in and announced that hot chocolate was being served in the dining room. No one made an effort to leave and we were all having hot chocolate despite the fact that some of us had a beer or wine earlier. Everyone was enthralled by this Chris person.

Dr. Robinsons started the questions, "Chris, where do you live and why did you come here and do you have a last name?"

Chris was eating his cookies. He gave some address and added, "I found this address from the school directory when I looked up Becky's address. I was so scared and Nano Mark seemed to be a person I could trust after what happened yesterday when he cheated and my name is Christopher Warren Winters."

Chris had everyone's full attention now.

David was signing, "Chris, you said earlier that someone was threatening you about doing something to you. Would you please tell us what happened?"

I explained to Chris what David had asked. He looked at me and tears were starting in his eyes, "But Nano Mark, there is a lady present. She shouldn't hear talk like this."

Grandma Quinn pounded the table, "Christopher Warren, your home is almost two miles away from here. Whatever happened to you must have really upset you. I want to know what it was and I want to know now what happened."

Chris looked at me and I indicated that he should go ahead. He started his story, "As I told Nano Mark yesterday, my older brother is 16. He is a jock but he doesn't do well in school. Our parents, especially our father thinks Bart can do no wrong. Anyway, tonight after I did my spelling and had taken a bath, Bart came into my room. He stood there and looked at me with a funny look."

"I didn't like what was happening. He took of his clothes and his cock was standing straight out. He approached the bed and demanded, "Here lick it and get it ready so I can do what Dad does to me. I bit him and ran down the stairs and out the door after I looked up Becky's address. I'm sorry that I came here but I couldn't think where else I could go."

I looked at Chris. "Finish your hot chocolate and we'll get you in bed since it is past your bedtime I'm sure."

I took Chris to the extra bedroom in Zack's and my apartment and had him take another shower since he had been running around without shoes. I went to get him some different clothes, but Bobby's were too big and Billy's were too small for him. I looked at him, "Chris, we don't have any clothes that fit you. Could you wear your dirty clothes until we can get some new ones that fit you?"

Chris held me close, "Nano Mark, I can't go to school in pajamas. What should I do?"

"Chris, please go to sleep, we'll worry about that tomorrow." I went downstairs and everyone was still sitting there. I looked at everyone and signed, "We need to call the authorities and report that we have a runaway here. If we don't, we could get in big trouble. They are going to think that this is that house that attracts runaways."

Ty went to the phone, "Yes, this is Ty Jefferson, we had a young runaway boy come to our door tonight. We thought you should come and check and tell us what to do.

We couldn't hear the rest of the conversation. Ty came in and said the police are sending two of the finest to investigate. They should be here in ten minutes. No one made an effort to leave. It was less than ten minutes the doorbell rang. Two good looking police officers came in. They introduced themselves as Dan Nelson and Jacob Lacey

They looked around the room the youngest of the two gentlemen, Dan, spoke for them, "We had a report that a runaway was being housed on this premises." He looked around, "Don't tell me that all of these people live here. Mrs. Quinn, since this is your house would you care to explain?"

Mrs. Quinn looked at Officer Nelson, "Danny, I no longer live here. The house is the property of Mr. Ty Jefferson and Doctor Tip Washington. We were visiting when the young man arrived."

Officer Lacey took out a pad, "Would someone please explain to us what has been happening here?"

Ty stood, "Officers, I'm a lawyer, so I'll tell you what I know, and Mark will need to fill you in on the rest since he is the person who had previously met Chris."

Ty went into his lawyer mode and presented in minute detail what had happened since Chris arrived. He turned to me, Mark, please take over.

I explained how I met Chris and told everyone what little I knew about Chris. I looked at the Officers, "Would like to go see Chris?" They nodded yes and I took the two officers to the room where Chris was sleeping. I had left a small light on and Chris was laying there tossing and moaning, "No, Bart, please don't fuck me. You'll hurt me. Bart, please don't."

Chris bolted up. I went and put my arms around Chris, "Chris, Bart doesn't know where you are, so you are safe here."

Chris looked at the two officers, "Are the policemen going to take me to jail?"

Dan sat down on the bed, "Chris, we're not going to take you to jail. We would just like to talk to you, but I think it might be better if we came to talk to you later. Now go to sleep, we aren't going to let anything happen to you tonight."

Dan looked at me, "Mark, we're going to go talk to the others. Why don't you get Chris settled and join us?"

I got Chris settled again and went to see what was going on. When I was entering the living room, I heard Officer Lacey say, "It might be best if we just forget to report this call until later so that we have a chance to find out what the story really is."

I was upset by that comment. "Officers Nelson and Lacey, please report what happened immediately. If you should do anything otherwise, you and all of us who live here could be seriously jeopardized. There are four other young children here that we also must consider."

"Would everyone please just go home for now. I am going to keep Chris home from school tomorrow because that might be where his parents start looking for him, and we will need someone to take him shopping. We do not have any clothes that fit him and I have the preschool playgroup here tomorrow and I haven't made any plans. We need to do everything we can to make sure that Chris is safe."

Everyone left and Zack and I locked up and went to take a shower. I sure didn't feel like doing anything tonight and I don't think Zack did either. We were lying in bed and Zack pulled me close. "Mark, are we about to have a son already?"

I started to laugh, "Zack, what judge in their right mind would grant custody of a 9-10 year old to two twenty four year old gay men? Let's just go to sleep. I don't know how much more excitement I can take today."

We were awakened in the middle of the night by someone crawling in bed with us, "Nano Mark and Zack, he's threatening to come and get me."

At first I had trouble remembering who might be talking. I pulled Chris next to me and held him, "Chris, who's threatening to come and get you?"

He was clinging to me like his life depended on my protecting him. "My brother Bart says he's going to get even with me."

Zack put his arms around both of us, "Little one, we aren't going to let anyone get near you, now go to sleep."

We pulled up the sheet and put Chris between us. He suddenly sat up, "You don't have any clothes on and your cocks are even much bigger than Bart's. You won't do anything to me will you?"

Zack was so patient, "No little one, we won't do anything to you. We'll put on some clothes if that will make you feel safer."

Chris laid back down, "You're fine, but please kiss me so I can go to sleep. I haven't been kissed for a long time."

Both Zack and I leaned over and took turns kissing Chris on the lips.

Chris started to cry, "Thanks Dads, I needed that."

I looked at Zack, and we both snuggled closer to Chris. I could tell that I wasn't going to get much sleep tonight. Why did Chris call us Dads, if only... I was awakened in the morning by a little body crawling over me. I watched as Chris disappeared into the bathroom. He crawled back over me and snuggled in between Zack and me again and went back to sleep.

I punched Zack since it looked like a perfect day to go running. We extracted ourselves from the bed and went running. When we returned, Chris was still sleeping and Ty's four children were already up getting ready for school. They still didn't know that Chris was here.

Zack took the children to school since the furniture for the new offices was to be arriving this morning. I was getting ready for the preschool play group and had made some homemade play dough. I went to check on Chris and he was starting to stir. He looked at me, "Nano Mark, what am I going to wear to school?"

I sat down and put my arm around him, "You aren't going to school today. I sent a note to Mrs. Crain telling her that you weren't feeling well. I asked her to send all of your assignments home with Becky."

Chris looked at me, "But Nano Mark, that was a lie. I feel great."

I pointed my finger at him, "Yeh, but how would you have felt if we made you go to school in your pajamas?"

He smiled, "I guess, I would have felt really ill."

I pulled him out of bed, "Let's get you some breakfast before the playschool crowd arrives and then you can vegetate in the apartment until they leave. I don't think they need to see a good looking dude with nothing on."

As soon as the doorbell rang, Chris disappeared. I was working with the children and the doorbell rang and Brian Robinson came in with Todd. Brian announced, "Dad says we are to go get Chris some basic clothes, but what size do we buy?"

I looked at them and my mind was on overload, "Why don't you get some cheap clothes in say size ten and as far as shoes, who knows? Get the cheapest things you can find and then you can take him with you to get him some nice things."

They left and returned with David, Tucker and Spencer. The young guys went to help Chris get dressed as Brian and Todd watched what I was doing with the preschoolers until the four guys came back and the six of them left.

The parents came to pick up the preschoolers and the group who had kidnapped Chris hadn't returned. The situation was exacerbated when Dr. Robinson came to the house to get Sarah, "Have you heard from the guys?"

I looked at him, "No sir, I was hoping you might know something." I invited him in and the phone was ringing, "Mark, this is Todd, we are in a restaurant and Chris just saw his Dad and brother. He is under the table and won't come out."

"Todd, may I please talk to Chris?" Chris answered.

I had to stop to think before I knew what I needed to say to him. "Chris, ask Mr. Robinson and Mr. Barber to get you out of there as soon as possible and bring you back here."

Both Dr. Robinson and I were concerned about what was happening. Dr. Robinson had left and I was really getting concerned.

Ty called, "Mark, I have Philip and his associates trying to gather information about Chris and his family. I just thought you might like to know. I'll tell you what they find out later." I was relieved that Ty had pulled Philip into the investigation. but why haven't I heard from Zack? When he left this morning he said he would call me.

I put Barbie down for a rest and cleaned the extra bedroom in the garage apartment since Lance and Lane were going to be staying with us. I looked at the clock and thankfully Dr. Robinson had volunteered to pick up the children. It's almost three o'clock, the people should be back by now.

I started to fix dinner and I was feeling very isolated. The elementary school children arrived back and Becky handed me an envelop from Mrs. Crain. I put it on the counter just as Chris came into the room with Tuck, Spencer and David carrying packages. I had them take the purchases to the laundry room. The children had all sorts of questions about why Chris was there. Becky looked at me, "Nano Mark, you need to read Mrs. Crain's note. She said it was important."

I opened the note:

Nano Mark,

Mr. Winters was here this morning acting like a mad man. He made a all sorts of obscene comments about Chris. If you know where Chris is, please help him be safe. His Father is a raving maniac.

Jean Crain

The three guys were sitting with the children having a snack when the phone rang, "Mark, this is Ty. Don't let Chris out of the house! His father is on a witch hunt. He is dragging his older son Bart around with him. Judge Jenkins is trying to take care of the problem now."

I interrupted, "Ty, I had an interesting note from Becky and Chris's teacher. She said that Chris's father is like a mad man. I need to go and we won't let Chris out of my sight. I asked the three older guys to take the children into the backyard and not let Chris out of their sight."

The phone started to ring again, "Hey, Mark it me, Lane, we'll be at your house in about two hours. Is it okay if we have a party at your house again and we'll pay the cost of the food and drinks?"

What was I to say, "Lane, we have no problem if you have a party here as long you can keep your hormones under control. We have some other people visiting who you might also invite. Talk to you when you get here."

I had no more than finished that conversation and hung up and the phone rang again, "Mark, we're just about finished here at the new offices. Beau and Becca are coming in tonight to look at the offices. I invited them to stay at the house for the next two nights."

`There goes the food budget for this weekend.'

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Editor's Notes: Boy, It seems to me that Chris is pretty smart. He certainly knows who he can trust. I think Chris' father needs some serious intervention and maybe he needs to be detained for several years in a small rectangular room with bars around it and a nice room mate who will take care of him really nicely, if you know what I mean. Maybe his name will be Bubba, and he will certainly give that sperm donor what he deserves.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher