Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 50 - Where Is Chris?

This is Mark.

Dr. Robinson called on the phone, "Mark, would please you send David, Tucker and Spencer home? We're getting ready to eat."

"Dr. Robinson, tell the guys' Dads that I think they are going to be invited to a party here at our house later tonight. They don't know it yet. The hosts haven't arrived yet so don't say anything. We'll call you later. This Chris thing is out of control and I not sure what to do about it. I just know that we aren't going to let him go home without a fight."

I called the people inside and signed as I spoke, "Dr. Robinson called and said that they were ready to eat at your house. I want the Jefferson children and Chris to get ready for dinner also. We have some work to do since we are having a lot of people staying with us tonight."

Gee whiz, no one argued with me. Everyone took off and I was by myself again for all of five minutes. Chris came in, "Who's going to be staying here tonight? They won't hurt me will they?"

I hunched down and hugged him, "Christopher Warren, you will really like Lance and Lane and they won't hurt you."

Our conversation was interrupted by Bobby, "Come on Chris, we're going to watch television until the Dads get here."

Chris looked at Bobby, "How many Dads do you have?"

Bobby had to think a minute, "I guess we have two Dads. First there's Dad and then there's Daddy Tip. There is also Uncle Zack and then there's Nano Mark who bosses all of us around."

Chris looked confused, "Why do you call him Nano Mark?"

"Mark is our nanny, cook, and housekeeper. Actually, it's like he is everything rolled into one person, but he worries about us kids first."

The two boys had left the kitchen and I was feeling rather good after what Bobby had just said.

Tip, Ty and Zack all arrived about the same time, I informed them, "Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes so there is no time for any hanky panky while you get comfortable."

We started to eat and the conversation centered on the children. After Ty's four children had given their reports of the day`s activities, Ty looked at Chris. "Chris, what did you do today?"

It appeared as if Chris was surprised to be asked, but he answered. "Mr. Robinson and Mr. Barber got me some clothes and then they took me shopping for some more clothes. They took me to lunch at the nice restaurant and I crawled under the table and wouldn't come out."

The children looked confused and Billy asked, "Why did you crawl under the table?"

I held my breath but didn't interfere. Chris answered, "I saw my father and my brother come into the restaurant and I didn't want them to see me."

Bobby asked, "Why not?"

Chris looked at me but answered, "I didn't want them to know that I was playing hooky today. I couldn't go to school because all I had to wear was my pajamas."

Fortunately the conversation was interrupted by the doorbell. I went to answer. Lane and Lance were standing there. Lane explained, "We're a little early. Are we sleeping in the same place where we are going to be kept awake by the wild noises coming from the adjacent bedroom? We brought our ear plugs with us this time."

I hugged the two guys, "Come say hello to everyone. We will be sharing the apartment with another person tonight. Who have you invited to this party that you are having?"

Lane looked at me, "Kelley and Cori of course and Tim and Tom are bringing their dates. Kevin and Ryan are bringing their covers."

I laughed, "Guys, there are three teenaged guys about your age across the street. Perhaps you could invite them also. It would give them something to do."

Lance shrugged his shoulders, "Who is it that you think we should ask to the party?"

"Dr. Robinson has two teenagers visiting him this weekend from St. Louis. They seem really nice and David is also living there but he might not want to come since he is deaf. Why don't you check with them and then maybe Kelley could round up dates for them? The visiting guys' names are Spencer and Tucker."

Lance and Lane disappeared across the street and later I saw them walking toward Kevin and Kelley's house. When they returned, they announced, "The guys are coming to the party. Kelley is going to see if she can find dates for Spence and Tuck. David said he would just come and pig out on the food and leave."

When all of the teenagers assembled, they were downstairs. We figured they could take care of themselves since Lane had informed us that his Dads would be bringing the grub shortly. Zack and I had gotten the children ready for bed and were feeding them a snack.

Neil Trout, Randy Smithers, Tom Lansing and Jake Richards arrived carrying 8 large pizzas and several smaller boxes of goodies, Zack whistled for the teenagers to come and get them. Tim and Tom appeared and took the food out of their hands.

We were sitting visiting when Mrs. Quinn came to see what was new. She was followed by Dr. Robinson, Brian and Todd. We had gotten everyone something to drink when the doorbell rang.

I went to answer the door. Two men dressed in suits were standing there with a gentleman and a teenager behind them. The lead person pulled out his wallet, "I'm Detective Lawrence and this is Detective Warner. We were told that Christopher Winters had been kidnapped and was being held here. His father and brother have come to take him home."

I tried to maintain my composure, "Please come in and we'll discuss what is happening. Let me assure you that we did not kidnap Christopher. We have a number of people who were here last night when Christopher arrived of his own free will. He was dressed only in his pajamas and didn't have anything on his feet. He had ridden his bicycle here."

Mr. Winters shouted, "You're lying, you goddamn pervert."

I so wanted to smack the man on his face and flatten his nose, but instead I smiled, "Why don't you come in and meet the other guests?"

I led them to the living room and introduced the visitors to those people who were assembled.

After the introductions, Mr. Winston started again, "Go get Chris now. He's not staying here in this house another minute. I still don't understand how you got your hands on him."

Mrs. Quinn was so calm, "Mr. Winston, some of us were here when Chris arrived last night unannounced. Mr. Jefferson and Doctor Washington welcomed him into their home and Mark made sure that Chris was okay and Mr. Jefferson called the police to report that a runaway was here. Two officers came to investigate, so no one here has done anything except to make a young boy feel secure."

Mr. Winters wasn't about to take someone telling him he was wrong. "Listen you old witch, this has nothing to do with you, so keep your fat butt out of this matter."

The conversation was interrupted by Kevin, "Hey Mark, we need some more food. Is it okay if I order some more pizzas? Hi Grandma."

Kevin stopped and got a funny look on his face, "What's the class want to be stud doing here. He claims that he has had his way with all of the cheerleaders in the school. There are at least two downstairs who will deny your bragging. I hope you enjoyed your foray with Franco the other day. Was he as good as your Daddy?"

Bart looked at Kevin and screamed, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Kevin was unfazed, "Look, you stupid ass. I sprained my ankle the other day at practice and went to the locker room to have it taped up. I heard someone screeching, `Harder Frankie, plough me like my Dad does. Faster - deeper - keep going.' I went to see what was happening and watched in disbelief as I realized that the self proclaimed stud of Edison High was nothing more than a slut."

Mr. Winters stood, "You're lying, you queer."

Kevin stood his ground, "Would you like me to call the Coach? He was standing there with me when Stud Muffin Bart said, `I'll meet you tomorrow after school and maybe you can get with it. I need to get home now. Dad will need to be serviced and I'm going to teach my brother the fine art of pleasing men."

Ty stood, "Detectives Lawrence and Warner, I suggest that you get these two pieces of trash out of here. I'm going to make arrangements to have their asses hauled into court and throw the book at them. Mr. Winters, I can't believe that you did this to your two sons. If you are gay, at least you could have kept your children out of the equation."

Ty wasn't finished, "Bart, it appears to me that you have been living a fantasy. Being a jock isn't going to get you anywhere unless you use the brains in your head. I should know, since I played football for a few years."

Bart looked at Ty, "I know who you are. You're Ty Jefferson who played football for the Chiefs."

Ty was adamant, "Bart, that has nothing to do with what we are talking about. I couldn't have been who I am if Troy hadn't worked our butts off and made sure that we did the best we could."

Everyone was surprised by what happened next. Zack stood, "Bart, I was younger than Chris when my Father came and threatened to use my body. Tip and Ty, made it known in very clear terms that wasn't going to happen.

You will never enjoy Chris' body and from now on, your father will never be able to use yours. Detectives Lawrence and Warner, would you please escort Mr. Winters to the jail and book him with endangering the life of a juvenile."

Neil Trout stood, "Mr. Winters, if you should be out of jail by Monday, I want to see you in my office at 8:00. I tried to contact you today, but you called in ill. It is readily apparent that you need some counseling."

Mr. Withers glared, "Who the hell do you think you are? You have no right to tell me what to do."

Neil was so calm, "Mr. Winters, if you wish to keep your job with Speedy Shoes Company, you will be at the meeting on Monday morning. Otherwise you and your alcoholic wife will be pounding the streets looking for a way to live."

Tip shook his head, "I cannot believe what you have done to your two sons emotionally. Fortunately, Chris is young enough that I think he will be fine with Mark's and Zack's help. I just hope it's not too late to help Bart grow into a fine upstanding man."

Tip suggested, "Bart, why don't you stay here until Ty and his staff gets this problem resolved. From what Mr. Trout just said, I don't think it would be wise for you to go home just yet. It might be a little crowded with all of us here this weekend, but we'll find someplace for you to sleep."

Neil turned to Bart, "Bart, don't blow this chance. It may be the last one you ever get. I don't know Mark and his people all that well, but I'm confident that if you do as they ask, you will come out of this mess standing tall, but you need to keep your underpants on."

The two detectives ushered Mr. Withers out of the house and everyone was at a loss as to what might happen next. Neil, Randy, Tom and Jake stood to leave. Neil added, "Make sure the guys are home by 11:30. I don't want them out driving around drunk after curfew."

Brian and Todd started laughing, "You'd better boot Tuck and Spence by 11:30 or Dad will be frantic."

Mrs. Quinn stood, "Never fear gentlemen, Super Quinn is here, I will make sure that there is nothing illegal going on in this house and I need to worry about my granddaughter and my grandson. Someone might take advantage of them."

Ryan was standing there laughing, "Okay, super people where should we put the trash? We're getting ready to leave because we know you need your beauty sleep, and it's apparent that you need a lot of it."

I looked at Ryan, "What happened to you? You used to be such a nice kid?"

Ryan didn't skip a beat, "That was probably true until my parents accepted the fact that I might be gay. Hey, they even agreed to let me have a party at our house tomorrow and Kevin will be staying over."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, "Ryan, I thought your parents were totally homophobic. What happened?"

Ryan looked around, "Well, I guess they figured that if you can't beat them then join them."

Ty asked, "What does your Grandmother Cunningham say about this?"

Ryan returned quickly, "Who do you think is paying for the food and beer?"

Randy responded immediately, "Our sons won't be able to come if there is beer."

Ryan looked surprised, "Why won't you let them come because we're going to have some home made root beer?"

Bart was seeing some things that he had never witnessed before. When everyone had departed, he was sitting there with Tip, Ty, Zack and me. He looked up and asked, "Where am I going to sleep and what am I going to wear?"

Zack answered, "You'll be sleeping in our apartment since the Bensons are coming in and they will be sleeping in the spare bedroom." He had hardly said that when the doorbell rang and Beau and Becca were standing there.

Beau looked at us, "Who is this young man. I don't think we've met him."

Zack took over, "That's Bartholomew, he's going to be staying with us for a few days. Can we get you anything?"

Becca answered, "Nope, we're rather pooped. Will we be staying in the same room?"

Zack answered, "Yep, Mark made sure that everything is ready."

Beau nodded, "Thanks, it has been a long day, we'll see you in the morning."

We went to the apartment and Chris was asleep on our bed. Bart looked at us, "So you are able to do things with him and I can't?"

Zack was irate but I went and put my arms around him to restrain him. "Zack, this is going to take some time. We don't know how long Mr. Winters has been using Bart, but I'm guessing it is going to take some time for us to get through to Bart."

I handed Bart a pair of briefs, "Go take a shower and we will talk when you come back. We are not interested in using yours or Chris' bodies. Now chill out! I know that a lot has happened in the last twenty four hours but there is still the rest of your life. Now go take your shower before Lance and Lane get back."

Author's Note: If you would like to read more of this story and other interesting stories, you might want to visit www.tickiestories.us.

Editor's Notes: It seems to me that often times when people are making a big fuss about their children being gay, that they are in some way mistreating them and getting some perverted pleasure out of the child's misfortune. Let's hope that Bart will be able to turn his life around and be the good person that he can be. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher