Tip and Tip

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 52 - The Social Worker

This is Mark.

As I was going to answer the door, I couldn't figure who would be here at 8:00 on a Saturday morning. I opened the door and a lady was standing there in a business suit with a briefcase, "Good morning young man, I'm Geneva Williams. I'm with the State Children's Protection Agency. I understand that you have a runaway boy and also his older brother here. I would like to meet with them and the owner of the property."

I stuck out my hand, "Ms. Williams, I'm Mark Leavitt. Everyone is eating breakfast, won't you please come in. I'll introduce you to everyone and after they are finished eating, you will be free to speak with whomever you want."

Ms. Williams started to laugh, "Mark, let's cut the charade. I know who you are and have been informed that you are the boss here. I also know who the people who pay you are. Let's go meet everyone, and Mark, please let me do this my way, so I have something to put into my reports. Officer Lacey and Officer Nelson told me what happened the other night and I have already visited with Mr. and Mrs. Winters. They are pieces of trash."

I took Ms. Williams to the dining room, "Hey everyone, this is Ms. Williams. Bart, why don't you get her some breakfast and she can visit with us while we eat?"

I was surprised Ms. Williams didn't protest. She sat down next to me, and I started to introduce everyone. She stopped me, "I know who just about everyone is, except those to two good looking hunks over there and the handsome couple at the end of the table."

I introduced Beau and Becca and she shook her head in acknowledgment, "Oh yes, you're the young couple that is opening the consulting office here in Kansas City which is going to be managed the Punk Zack Jackson."

I pointed to Lance and Lane, "Lance and Lane Lansing are visiting from the Denver area this weekend. They and Bart fixed the breakfast this morning."

Ms. Williams threw down her fork. "I've probably been poisoned by the opposing quarterbacks' sons. I'll probably never survive the day." She picked up her fork and started to eat again. She looked around the table and pointed at Bobby. "You must be Robert Jefferson."

Bobby started to stand and adamantly stated, "Ma'am, my name is Bobby Lee Jefferson. Our names all start with B because our mother couldn't think of any other names."

Ms. Williams shook her head, "There sure are a lot of bees buzzing around the table and you went out and found Bart so you could outnumber the l's, m's, t's and z's."

Chris looked at Ms. Williams, "Ma'am you forgot about me. Don't I count?"

Ms. Williams looked at Chris, "Christopher Warren Winters. You count very much, and you are my ace in the hole. We're going to take all of the bees and make them wish they had never seen us. Everyone, thanks for a lovely breakfast. Now I would like to meet with Chris and Mark. Is there someplace where we could talk privately?"

I led us to the apartment over the garage and was glad to see that everything had been cleared out of the sitting area. Ms. Williams started with Chris, "How do you feel here Chris?"

Chris answered without hesitation, "Ma'am, I felt really safe here until Bart arrived. I'm afraid he is going to try and make me do things I don't want to do."

Ms. Williams was relentless, "Chris have you seen Mr. Leavitt and Mr. Jackson without clothes?"

Chris stopped and thought but answered, "Yes and no, ma'am. The first night I was here I had this dream that Bart was going to make me do things, and I climbed into bed with Dad Zack and Dad Nano Mark. They put me in the bed between them and I realized that they didn't have any clothes on. Dad Zack asked me if I wanted them to put some clothes on and I told them no as long as they didn't hurt me. They each gave me a kiss good night and I really want them to be my Dads. Please Ms. Williams."

Ms. Williams looked at Chris, "Chris, I'll take your request into consideration. Now would you please go ask your brother and Zack to come visit with me?"

Zack and Bart arrived quickly and Ms. Williams looked up from her notes, "Please sit down, let me finish the report of my meeting with Chris and then we'll get started."

She closed her laptop, "Bart, I want you to tell me in detail what your father did to you and tell me when it started."

Bart didn't hold back any information that I knew about. In fact some new information surfaced and I wanted to go castrate his father.

Ms. Williams looked at Bart, "Okay Bart, what would you like to happen here?"

Bart responded immediately, "Ma'am, I would very much like for Zack and Mark to be our guardians. It's not going to be easy. Mark has threatened to turn me into the Nerd Jock. He's going to make me get a hair cut and some clothes that will make everyone laugh at me. I think Dad Zack may be the softie of the two. Perhaps I can manipulate him."

Ms. Williams looked at Bart, "I agree with Mr. Leavitt and Mr. Jackson that you need to get your ass in gear and join the in crowd. Bart go help take care of the children while I chew out Mark and Zack."

When Bart had left, Ms. Williams looked at the two of us, "Mark, what do you have planned for the two guys?"

I was dumbfounded by that question but I ran through what I had already thought the guys needed to do and Ms. Williams looked at Zack, "Zack how would you feel about the two boys being your sons?"

Zack was straightforward, "Ms. Williams, I still have approximately six weeks of school to get through. Hopefully if we are able to keep the two guys, Mark will have been able to get them started on the way to a better life while I finish school."

Ms. Williams stood, "Mark and Zack, if I would recommend that you two be the guardians of the two boys, how would you be able to take care of their needs, financially?"

This is Zack.

I didn't have an answer for that question; since I wasn't earning any money yet, but Mark answered, "Ma'am, I'm making over $50,000.00 a year and I don't have any major expenditures, not even for room and board. I may not be able to provide the guys with the biggest and best, but they won't be paupers and I'm sure that we can provide them with a much more loving environment than they have been experiencing recently."

Ms. Williams laughed, "Guess I'd better check into becoming a nanny. Let's go talk with Tip and Ty. Before we do that though, I'd like to see where Bart and Chris would be sleeping if they stayed here."

Mark answered, "I'm sure that Chris would not be comfortable sleeping in the same room with Bart until he is sure that Bart isn't going to hurt him. So Chris would probably sleep with me when Zack is at school. The apartment has two bedrooms. This is Zack's and my bedroom. We share the bathroom with the other bedroom, which is where the Lansing twins are staying this weekend."

"Bart slept on the sofa in the living room, which is a hideabed, last night." We walked through the bathroom to the other bedroom. "We would probably put twin beds in here for the guys if Chris would be more comfortable with that."

Mark continued, "We will eat most of our meals with Tip, Ty and Ty's children, since I do most of the cooking which I might add I also get paid for doing."

When we got back to the kitchen, the three teenagers were laughing, giving each other a hard time. Tip, Ty, Beau and Becca were sitting having a cup of coffee with Mrs. Quinn in the dining room. Mrs. Quinn looked up as we entered, "Good morning Gen. I'm surprised to see you out and about so early on a weekend day. Must be important."

Ms. Williams glared, "Ann, you know darn well why I am here on Saturday morning. Mark, could you get me a cup of strong black coffee please?"

Mark brought the coffee and said, "I'll be right back, I need to check to make sure that the young people are okay."

When Mark returned, he asked, "Ms. Williams, how did the state become so involved in the matter of the Winters' boys so fast? I figured that the state might have become actively involved later next week."

Ms. Williams laughed, "My son-in-law, Dan Nelson, called me Thursday night and alerted me to the fact that Christopher had run away and what Chris said. Danny asked me to see what I could do for Chris. Yesterday morning, my nosey neighbor called and told me that you had a runaway boy here and confirmed what Danny had said. So I dropped everything else and started investigating the residents of this house. How do you think I knew so much about you?"

We were all caught by surprise by this revelation. She wasn't finished, "I did some checking all day yesterday and found out that Zackie's thesis had been accepted so he would finally get his master's degree. I also found out that Nano Mark had graduated with honors from some Podunk school with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Development, but he was such a stud that no one would hire him until Ty's children condescended to give him a chance to be their nanny."

"Last night I got another call from Danny and he put the detectives who were here last night on the phone, and they told me what had happened. I decided that I had to take immediate action. I went to visit Mrs. Winters at the house and she was so soused that I had to pour coffee into her before she was able to comprehend what I was asking."

"Anyway, she told me that she knew that her husband had been having sex with Bart and was glad because her spouse was so abusive. She passed out while I was trying to talk to her. I went to talk to Mr. Winters at the jail and he was so obnoxious I wanted to kick him where he would hurt the most. He told me it was none of my God damn business what he did with his sons. So here I am. Mark, you are going to be the temporary guardian for Christopher and Bartholomew Winters until I can get a court date scheduled. I do not want either of them anywhere near the Winters' house. I am also going to notify the schools first thing Monday morning that the two guys are not to even talk to their parents."

We were interrupted by a knocking at the dining room door. Lane was standing there surrounded by a group of young people, "Mr. Jefferson, would it be permissible for us to take the young children to Worlds of Fun? Lance and I have never been there, nor have Tuck and Spence."

Mark looked a little skeptical, "And who else would be going besides the eight of you?"

Lance grinned, "Kelley and Cori agreed to go with us to help take care of the girls. We asked Bart and Chris to go with us. Ryan's mom is making him clean the house so Kevin is going to go help him. Timmy and Tommy have tickets to the Royals game this afternoon. They deferred."

Mark spoke up, "I'm afraid that Chris and Bart will not be able to join you. They are scheduled to have there heads shaved and then we need to get Bart some proper nerd clothes. Hey, you're in luck, I have been clipping coupons from the newspaper so you should be able to get in for half price."

Chris started to complain, "Nano Mark, I've never been to Worlds of Fun."

Mark was very firm, "You, Bart and I are going to spend the morning making you two look like movie stars. We can always go to Worlds of Fun since it is less than thirty minutes away."

Mark shook his finger, "When you and Bart bring home papers that say you have done really well, your other Dad and I will take you, but for today, we have other things we have to do. Dad Zack and Mr. and Mrs. Benson are going to the office. I'll take you to lunch wherever the two of you want to go."

It was like everyone knew the case was closed so no one argued. Lance and Lane left with young people except for Bart and Chris. Mrs. Quinn and Ms. Williams left so Tip and Ty decided to go with Beau, Becca and me to look at the new office facility to see what I had done.

This is Mark again.

When we crawled into my VW, I knew that I had two not very happy passengers with me. I really didn't care because we had some things that we needed to take care of.

The first stop was the hair salon where I got my hair cut. Both guys looked at me, and Bart challenged, "I ain't going into no salon. People will think that I'm queer if they see me in here."

I stopped, "Look, either you go in here or I'm going to take you and start whacking with the scissors. If you are going to be living with us, you will get your hair cut. It's your decision; do you want a professional to style it or me to butcher it?"

He started into the salon; I looked at the receptionist, "Are Julio and Alexandria available for walk-ins today?"

The receptionist left and returned quickly. "Juli and Zandy will be right with you. They are just finishing with some clients. Please have a seat."

Bart started to complain, "Nano Mark, what if some of my friends from school should see me in here? I'll be the joke of Edison High."

Two young male high school students came around the corner, "Well, if it isn't the stud muffin of Edison High. Don't tell us you're going to get something finally done to that mop of yours?"

Julio who was six foot six looked at the two guys, "See you next month, that will be $100.00 each. Zandy and I have to feed the kids somehow, especially since you two think that a nickel is a big tip."

The two high school students paid their bill and started to leave. They looked at Bart and one of them spoke, "See you at school on Monday, Stud,"

Julio turned to us, "Señor Mark, who do we have here? It looks like these young men have been washing their hair in the dishwasher. I'm not sure how much we can do for them. Why don't you come back in two hours and hopefully they will be done. Zandy, you take the little one and I'll take the ugly one."

By now, both guys were totally confused. After the two guys left, I tried to read one of the magazines but my mind kept running over the events of the past several days. I kept trying to figure out ways that we could remedy the boys' learning problems. I guess I was totally spaced out because all of a sudden, I was being attacked by a young boy.

"Nano Mark, do I look like a movie star?"

I nodded, "Yep, you look just like The Shaggy Dog."

Zandy was standing there laughing, "Mark, that was really cruel. Chris, Nano Mark is just teasing."

I handed Chris a $5.00 bill, "Here you go, give this to Miss Zandy like a good little puppy dog."

Chris looked at me and barked. He turned and handed her the money, "Thanks Miss Zandy, if Nano Mark isn't nice to me I'll bite him like I'm a wolf."

We were standing there laughing when Julio returned with Bart. "Senor Mark, I did the best I could do, but when you start with nothing, it is nearly impossible to get something nice out of it. Bart is probably going to ruin my reputation."

"Sorry, for having to put you through this challenge. Bart, give this to Julio and thank him for trying." I handed Bart a $5.00 bill.

Chris looked at Bart, "Bart, Nano Mark is just teasing. You look nice."

Julio made the perfect response. "It's like your brother was reading my mind. Your brother is correct. You are a very good looking young guy. Now if you could lose those clothes and stop making yourself look like a hood, you would probably have all of the skirts in your school chasing after you."

I handed Chris my debit card, "Chris, please go pay Mr. Julio for the two hair stylings."

As we were leaving, Julio came and shook my hand. He leaned over and whispered, "I think you owe us an explanation."

I nodded yes and led the two guys to the big department store that was close by. We went to the second floor to the men's and young men's area.

We were approached by an older gentleman, "How may I help you gentlemen?"

I pointed to Bart, "We need to get Mr. Bart some new clothes. You probably should measure him so you can recommend what sizes he would need. Chris and I will look around while you are doing that."

They seemed to have been gone for a long time and when they came out the gentleman handed me a list of the sizes that he thought Bart might need. I looked at the list and looked at Bart and he had a funny grin on his face. The gentleman spoke before I could say anything, "I have an appointment. Mr. Carson will be able to assist you."

I took Bart away from where Chris was sitting and asked, "What exactly happened in the fitting room that made you have that silly look on your face. I hope you didn't let that man do anything to you."

Bart looked at me and then started to tear up. "Mark, I just had the first blow job of my life. At first I didn't know what was happening, but it felt so good that I didn't try to stop the man. It felt like my balls were coming out of my cock when I exploded. You know what; the man must have swallowed everything that came out. When he pulled off, I was a little wet but that was all."

It was a good thing that the gentleman was gone or I may have punched him out.

Mr. Carson helped us pick out some things that were not exactly to Bart's liking, but I reminded Bart that we were going to change his image and that when we got home that we needed to sit down and talk about some things. We had bought everything I could think of, even some shoes. Mr. Carson scanned the purchases and after they had been paid for, I handed a change of clothes to Mr. Carson, "Sir, would you remove the tags from these items so Bart can change into them?"

Mr. Carson did as I requested, "Would it be a problem if Bart wore these items home?"

Mr. Carson shook his head, "No problem at all, Sir, as long as you have all of the tags and the receipt. I can't imagine anyone stopping you. If they should, refer them to me."

I went with Bart while he changed. I wasn't about to take anymore chances that something more would happen. We left the rest of the packages with Chris. He was sitting where Mr. Carson could see him and I could see him from the dressing room door. Bart came out of the cubicle and started to complain, "Dad, I look like a total nerd. No one will talk to me if I go to school looking like this."

When we walked into the sales area, Mr. Carson looked at Bart and started to laugh. "Now I understand why The Queen left. He must have liked what he encountered and had to dash home and write about it in his journal. It's surprising how many young people come in here looking for his help. I'll say this young man; you are one of the best looking pickings he has had lately."

I was watching Bart's reaction and he turned almost white. Fortunately he was saved any more embarrassment because Chris came and pulled my arm, "Nano Mark, please can we get something to eat? I'm starved."

I leaned down and hugged him, "Okay my Christopher Robin, let's take these packages and see if we can stuff them into the VW. Where would you like to go eat?"

Chris took the package I handed him and looked at me, "Daddy, can we just eat in the food court. It's right here and they have all kinds of food. I would like a Mexican pizza from Taco Bell and an Orange Julius."

I looked at Bart, "That sounds fine to me. I'll get one of the Philly steak sandwiches with fries and a large cola."

Surely nothing else can happen today can it?

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Editor's Notes: I must say that the Child Protective Services lady was quite a pleasant surprise, and she seemed genuinely interested in the welfare of the boys. I am glad they will both be in a loving environment now.

Poor Bart, he must have been very embarrassed. That clerk needs to have an attitude adjustment. In my opinion, there is simply no excuse for propositioning someone in a store, let alone a youngster. I hope that Mark will tell one of the officers what happened and try to prevent that from happening any more.

What else could happen? Yeah I think that is a dangerous question.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher