Tip and Ty

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 54 - We Don't Use the S Word

This is Mark.

Dinner went surprisingly well and it wasn't noisy at all. Lane and Lance were watching out for Bobby and Billy and Kevin was helping Chris. Bart stuck rather close to Zack and me and I explained what things on the buffet were to Bart since I realized that he couldn't see or read what the notes said.

As we were finishing eating, I whispered to Zack, "Get Kevin and Bart and meet me outside. I have some things that I want to say and I don't want anyone else to hear."

I excused myself and went to the reception desk and tried to pay for the dinners but was informed that it had already been taken care of. I went outside and was standing on the covered porch thinking about what I wanted to say when Zack and the two teenagers came out and Kevin asked, "Nano Mark, what's up?"

I took a deep breath, "Guys, we need to talk about several things. Number one, I don't think that Bart should go to the party tonight given what has been happening with his father. I really think he needs to stay close to Zack and me right now. At first I thought he should go, but I've thought it over and decided that it's not a good idea. In fact, Kevin, I would like you to talk to the other teenagers and have them not talk about Bart at all until this mess is over. Given what happened at the mall today, I think it might be wise for Bart to go to a different school when the dust clears."

I looked at Kevin, "Kevin, this is primarily directed at you. You were completely out of line in what you did last night in front of people who didn't need to know what you saw at school. You could have told us in private. I want you to think how you must have totally destroyed any chance that Bart might have had for a normal life around any of the people who were there."

Kevin had tears in his eyes, "Mark, my Grandmother chewed my butt royally this morning for what I did, and my parents were within a gnat's eyelash of grounding me for an extended period of time. My Dad sat down and we had a long talk about respecting the rights of others. Bart, again I will say, I'm sorry for that outburst. Guys, please don't hate me."

Zack put his hand around Kevin, "Kevin, we won't hate you, but I think that Bart may be needing your help if he stays with us. Forget the past, Mark is going to make Bart a new person and I'll make sure he does it right."

Bart was laughing, "Zack, what's going to happen if Nano Mark doesn't do it right?"

Zack looked at me, "Then Nano Mark's fountain will be shut off permanently."

The two teenagers were almost bent over from laughing. Kevin had to say something silly, "So you're saying that The Fountain of Zack will be the only one in operation forever?"

I looked at the guys, "We need to get back before the others come looking for us and some of you have to go to a party."

When we got back to the house, everyone had left except Beau and Becca. Ty's children had gone to the game room with Chris. We were sitting visiting and Bart was just listening to the conversations. The phone rang and I went to answer. "Good evening, this is the Jefferson, Washington and Jackson household how may I help you?"

The voice answered, "This is Officer Nelson, is Mr. Leavitt there?"

I pushed the phone to speaker, "Officer Nelson, this is Mark, how can I help you."

"Mark, I'm just calling to tell you that Mr. Winters has been taken to County General Hospital and is not expected to live. It seems that he was ranting and raving in the cell when a young man was put into the cell with him because we were short of space. Mr. Winters tried to take advantage of the young man and the young man took exception to what was happening and pulled a knife from somewhere and relieved Mr. Winters of parts of his anatomy. It also seems that the boys Mother snuck into the nurses station and stole some medications. She says she wants nothing to do with the boys ever again. I'll call you later with an update."

This is Zack.

Mark was shaking and went and sat down beside Bart and put his arms around him, "Bart, I wish you hadn't heard that."

Bart looked at Mark, "Nano Mark, I think it was meant for me to hear that conversation. I am beginning to realize that Chris and I meant nothing to our parents. I'm going to go get ready for bed. I don't feel very well."

After Bart left, Beau laughed, "This is almost like the house that Dad Jack and Jeff built. All of the stray young people keep landing here."

Mark stood, "Come on Zack we need to get the young people in bed. You take the girls and I'll take the boys. We'll see you in the morning. I'm exhausted."

I took the boys to Tip and Ty's bathroom and put them in the shower and went to get them some clean shorts and pajamas. When I got them out, I suggested, "Chris, why don't you sleep with Bobby and Billy tonight since Bart isn't feeling too well. I want you guys to brush your teeth very well since I saw all of the junk you ate tonight."

Billy looked at me, "Uncle Zack, that was mean. Tell Nano Mark that he needs to come kiss us goodnight."

Talking about being put down. I'm not as important as Mark. I'll have to take drastic actions tonight to fix that. I'll make sure that Mark is bedridden the remaining time of my spring break.

I went to find Mark and he was just coming out of the girls' bedroom, "I'll see you tomorrow, ladies."

I hugged Mark and told him that the guys wanted him to come say goodnight. He did so and went to the living room and Mark announced, "Zack and I are going running at 6:30 tomorrow. The rest of you can sleep late. We'll go to the eleven o'clock church service and then come home for lunch. If we don't, the children will think that we are going to eat out all of the time."

We went to our apartment and found Bart curled up in ball crying. Mark sat down beside him, "Son, what's wrong?"

"Nano Mark and Zack, I feel like going out and shooting myself. I can't read and I can't see and I thought I could get people to like me by using my body. I'm worthless. Please don't let the same thing happen to Chris."

Mark reacted immediately. "Bart, listen and listen well. As long as you are living with Zack and me, you will never talk like that again. Suicide isn't an option. We can't solve all of the problems overnight. We'll take them one at a time. We are lucky that we have Dad Zack here to help us for the next couple of days because we have a lot to do."

Mark turned to me, "Zack, go take your shower and I'll make sure the wild man doesn't get away."

I did as I was told and came back in my briefs and Mark went to take his shower. Bart turned to me, "Zack, I'm so confused. I don't know what to think anymore."

I hugged Bart, "Please trust Mark. I don't know what he is thinking, but trust him. He will make everything better."

Mark came back and suggested that we go to bed. "We'll put our slave between us and make sure that he doesn't escape."

Bart looked at us, "Guys, please I'm not going to do anything stupid."

Mark held Bart's face, "Look son, your life is too important to take away. God didn't create you to do bad things. Your father became possessed and caused some awful things to happen. We'll do everything in our power to make things right. But it's not going to be easy."

We were sitting with our arms around Bart when Lance and Lane came in. Lance challenged, "So it's okay for you two to sit around in your briefs with your big cocks stuffed inside holding Bart. We still don't understand why it would have been so bad if Bart had gone to the party with us. We had a great time."

Bart answered, "Guys, after my encounter at lunch time today, I think Mark had a very good reason for not wanting me to go to the party."

Bart told them what the two girls said at lunch time today. I hadn't even heard all the details. He even mentioned the comment they made about him liking guys better than girls.

Lane's only comment was, "It makes good sense to me that perhaps you distance yourself from that school. I'm sure there is more going on here that we have no idea about. Whatever, if I were you, I'd listen to Mark and Zack and you'll land on your feet."

Lance asked, "Are we going running in the morning or what?"

Mark ran through the schedule, "Zack and I are running at 6:30 and we're going to church at 11:00 and then we are going to have lunch here at the house."

Lane pulled out his phone, "I'll text Kevin and Kelley and give them a heads up. We'll see you in the morning."

After Lane and Lance had gone into the bedroom, Bart looked at us, "Nano Mark and Zack, I wish you would have been my fathers. Go to bed and love each other and I promise I won't do anything dumb without checking with you first. I'm scared about the future."

We both hugged Bart and kissed him on his cheeks, and the tears started again. "Guys, I can see why Chris fell in love with you. Please go to bed before I lose it again."

Mark and I went into the bedroom and shed our briefs and crawled into bed. I pulled Mark close and told him how much he meant to me and suggested, "Why don't we play the eruption game at the same time to see who can cause the most violent eruption. The loser has to cook breakfast and besides we can't make too much noise if our mouths are full."

Mark didn't resist and I gotta tell you, that both of us were primed and ready and there was no way we could ever determine a loser or a winner. When we finished the game, Mark pulled me close. "Zack, I think you filled the tank so it's overflowing. I guess we will both need to fix breakfast."

The next thing I remember was the alarm sounding. Mark and I were relieving our bladders when Lane and Lance came in and they were followed by Bart. They were standing there watching as we finished taking care of nature's calling. Mark turned to them, "What's the matter guys? Haven't you ever seen anyone go to the bathroom before? Zack, I think we had better start charging admission. The guys will probably not be running today. They'll be too busy taking care of their basic needs."

The three guys were laughing. Lane shook his finger at Mark, "Why didn't you say what you meant? You could have said they'll be jacking off thinking about the monsters of the bathroom they just saw."

We got to the kitchen and Beau was already sitting there with Tip. Ty had decided to stay with the children. When the three teenagers joined us we started to the park and were joined by Kevin, and Dr. Robinson's four visitors, so we had a rather large group as we ran around the lake. The six teenagers were in a group and the six adults were in another group.

As we were walking back to the house, Mark and I were at the back. Mark looked at me, "Zack, there's a lot of good looking beef here. A porn producer would have a field day with this group."

I started to laugh, "Mark, I can't believe that you said something like that, especially on a Sunday. At least you could have said something like this. There are a lot of good looking gentlemen who look like they be candidates for some producers of certain kinds of movies."

Mark stopped, "Why is everyone always telling me what I should have said?"

I wanted to hold and hug him, but we were in a public place. I started to walk away, "We'll discuss this in a more private place."

When we got to the house, Ty and Becca were already fixing breakfast. Ty turned to us, "You three teenagers set the table, Mark and Zack go get the children up and tell them that they can eat in their pajamas this morning. Tip and Beau, you're in charge of drinking coffee and checking out the news."

After breakfast, everyone went to get dressed for church. It took a while for everyone to cycle through the shower. As we entered the church, Chris looked up at Mark, "Daddy Mark, I don't think I have ever been in a church before."

Bart heard him and added, "Our other Dad, didn't believe in religion. He said it was all a myth. He proclaimed that he was an Atheist."

After church, we picked up the children from children's church and assembled outside. Mark made it clear, "We're taking our brood home so that they don't think they need to eat out all of the time." He looked at Neil Trout, "Mr. Trout, I don't think that Mr. Winters will be keeping his appointment tomorrow. He was in the hospital and in critical condition the last we heard."

Neil looked at us, "We're going to take Lance and Lane and their friends for lunch. Thanks for taking care of them this weekend. I know our two sons had a blast. We'll talk to you soon."

After lunch, Beau and Becca left to go back to Fremont. Tip and Ty decided to take the children to a Royals' Baseball Game and Chris was so excited that he was asked to go. Bart deferred so it was just the three of us at the house.

Mark asked, "Bart, why didn't you want to go to the ball game?"

Bart was in tears, "Mark, I wouldn't have been able to see what was going on. I think I'm going blind. It's getting worse. All I see anymore are gray forms. I'm scared."

Mark was very agitated by what was happening, "Bart, why didn't you tell your parents what was happening?"

"Nano Mark, I tried, but our Mother was always drunk and all our Father was interested in was using my body. If I didn't do what he wanted, he would smack me on the head until I relented."

Mark was persistent, "Bart, why didn't you tell anyone what was happening?"

Bart was crying, "Mark, I tried and the people, who I thought were my friends didn't believe me, and that is when they started to do things with me. Mark and Zack, I have never been a very good student, but that didn't bother my parents, especially my Dad. All he wanted was for me to be a professional baseball or football player so I could make money and support him. He had visions of being my agent."

Mark had, had enough, "Zack, take Bart to our bedroom and give him my IPOD that is in the drawer by the bed. He can listen to the music. I'll start dinner."

I did as I was told and Bart was lying in our bed, listening to music. When I got to the kitchen, Mark was just sitting there. He looked at me, "Zack, I would like to go to the hospital and make sure that Mr. Winters never recovers."

I hugged him, "Mark, we've only had Bart for two days. Wait until we, or should I say you, have him a week, I'm sure that things will be brighter. I so wish I didn't have to go back to school."

Mark looked at me, "Me too. I'm going to need all of the support I can get."

Author's Note: This will be the last chapter of this story. I know I left it at an awkward place, but there really are two stories here. I'll pick up the story of David in a separate story and the story of Bart, Chris, Zack and Mark in another. Thanks for reading. E

Editor's Notes: Well, That was a really exciting chapter, and I certainly hope that the various people's stories will continue very soon. I know how difficult it can be sometimes, to have multiple story lines happening at the same time with separate things happening that really have no connection to each other, yet both stories are important. Therefore I agree with E Walk that this is a good time to separate these adventures into their separate stories. I certainly hope that Tip and Ty will make appearances in one or more of the other stories, as it would be very nice to keep up with what is going on in their lives.

I am still not exactly sure what the time line of this story is, compared, for example, to Pinochle. I know it is earlier, but I don't know how much earlier. I know that eventually Beau and Becca had children but I am still not sure just when this story took place.

I do have other questions, such as what ever happened to troy and Chip? These are, of course, questions that are still unanswered, but maybe someday, we will find out. Right now I am thankful that we are still getting great stories to read and enjoy. E Walk has a very wonderful ability to tell interesting and exciting stories.

It doesn't matter if his stories center around a Doctor, Lawyer, financial advisor, Priest, or even Santa Clause, you always know it will be a wonderful heartwarming and loving story. Sir, my hat is off to you and I will continue to support you in what ever you do. Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories so far, and I sincerely hope that they will continue to flow freely.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher