The Truth About Rugby

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Hey everyone, here's another one of my escapades. It only happened recently. For privacy sake I can't give out the guys' real name, but let's just say that he's a rugby player that isn't out yet. I actually met him through my older brother. I was invited to a card game where I met `Rugby Boy.' We hit it off so well that we were laughing and joking throughout the night, even when I was winning most of his money.

By the time we were leaving we swapped phone numbers and a few days later he rang me up to ask if I was interested in watching a movie. Naturally I agreed. (Who would be stupid enough not to???) I was a little nervous and when he came to pick me up my stomach was in knots. He smiled those baby blue eyes at me and I had to stop myself from getting hard right then. Being a rugby player he just seemed big. From his square jaw to his dirty blonde hair and those extremely large shoulders, he was a masculine package that would have any gay boy drooling at the sight of him.

The movie we went to see had me laughing and I must admit I did enjoy it. It wasn't the type of movie that a lot of guys our age would go and see, but it showed me that inside this large package was a big kid at heart. We went to go and see Dragon Ball evolution. Yes, the dragon ball franchise. I found it cute at the way his eyes would light up at the suggestion of Goku doing his thing during the action scenes. He's even a mad fan of Xmen and is looking forward to seeing the Wolverine movie coming out soon. Again, he asked me if I was keen on watching it with him. Naturally I agreed because I love that kind of stuff anyway.

Anyway, we went to watch the movie and I gotta admit there was this nervous tension about the whole thing. Like we tried to get comfy but nerves got in the way. Part of it was because we kept glancing at each other on and off during the movie, the other part was sexual tension. When he suggested we go back to his house for a few drinks, I smiled and then laughed.

I said, "Of course I'll go back with you for a...ahem...drink."

He just blinked those baby blue eyes at me and continued with the charade by saying, "I like Jack Daniels and hoped you like drinking it straight."

I told him I could swallow that stuff whole. I touched my throat suggestively. He kind of blinked at me a few seconds before he cracked up laughing. And then he asked, "Is that what I think you're implying?"

I just smiled sliding my hand up and down my throat and said, "Why don't you find out first hand?"

He looked at me as if he was unsure if I was joking or not. I just gave him a big toothy grin and told him I wasn't lying.

When the movie finished we walked back to his car...2009 Subaru. (Don't ask me the model I aint that good at that kind of stuff...)

We got back to his apartment and started on the Jack Daniels. (I had cheated and asked him to stop at the Woolworths so I could have coke with mine.) Slowly but surely we started getting drunk. At first any overtures I attempted he would stiffen a little but with the flowing of alcohol he became a lot more responsive; like sliding over his lap when I would get off the couch. He would look up at me and smile that smile of his while I would stay longer and longer in his lap with each successive attempt. I was rather shameless about the whole affair.

He didn't mind so much and the more alcohol he consumed, the freer he became in flirting right back. I was literally sitting in his lap when he started rubbing my ass and faster than I could say cheap dime store pony we were kissing. I know what a few of you guys will say...most straight boys won't kiss. I have to be truthful, I have never come across a guy `straight' or otherwise that I haven't been able to kiss. So far I've been fortunate enough that the guys I have met enjoy kissing as much as I do.

I have to tell you guys' this too, he has a hot way of kissing! Most guys have one way of kissing and one way only. He alternated between light kisses, deeper tonsil searching kisses and butterfly kisses. They were fucking hot! Well I was starting to get frisky and was rubbing myself up against him and then I took his shirt off. Oh My Fucking God!!!

All that muscle. I had my hands over that lovely tasty flesh. He had freckles everywhere and to me that just made it hotter because it was covering his muscular body. He had these perfect light pink nipples that were large enough to fit in my mouth and I suckled those bastards for all I was worth. He started grinding and moaning against me. I could feel his hard cock against my ass through his trousers.

I felt his hands slide inside my jeans and cup my ass, those hands molding and squeezing. I mean they're big fingers. I love a guy with large hands, the bigger they are the hotter I get. He had one finger gliding down my ass crack while we were kissing. He just tickled it sliding it up and down. My cock was rock hard by this time I was literally humping his stomach.

By the insistence of his finger, I knew I was going to get fucked. I could feel it in the way he kept trying to push his finger into me. I think because of the angle it didn't go very far into me.

I got off him and pulled his trousers open. There was a touch of precum on the tip of his cock. (Yes he went commando. Another hint that he was going to go through with his...I think so anyway.) He was circumcised and a light pink to his slightly darker and hairier thighs. He wasn't huge, maybe six and a half inches. However, as far as I'm concerned you get a tick in my book if you can use it well. More so than someone that has a large one and doesn't know how to hit all the right spots.

I stared up at him at this point, gave another wolfish grin and said, "It's time to show you how I swallow Jack Daniels."

He laughed and then stopped when I licked up the precum on the end of his cock. I gave it a gentle kiss and slid it into my mouth. Feeling it hit the back of my throat, I relaxed and down my throat it went. He groaned and pushed my head forcefully so that my face tickled his pubes, hunching over me at the same time. I could feel the strength of his thighs while he kept my head in his lap and half shuffled out of his trousers until they pooled around his legs.

I don't recall how long we did this. It seemed like forever and at the same time not long enough. The alcohol was swirling inside my head and I didn't want the sensations to stop. He pulled my head away from his hard cock and dragged me towards his room. I was told unceremoniously to take all my clothes off and without preamble I did as instructed.

He came back onto the bed completely nude and my mouth went dry watching the sway of his muscles as he lay on top of me. I rose up to kiss him but he backed away a little before looking down at me. In the dim light of his bedside lamp I wasn't too sure what emotion was going through his mind, but I was horny and started rubbing myself against him by wrapping my legs around his waist and my hands cupping his hot bubble ass.

He finally consented to another kiss and I felt his cock rub back and forth against the entrance to my ass. My cock pulsed with each slide against the sensitive nerves. It was driving me wild and I wanted to feel it bury inside of me. I began making mewling noises and trying to get his cock head to catch on the lip of my asshole. He caught on real quick, and before I knew it he was rolling a rubber on the end of his cock with a smearing of lube.

He rubbed more of the lube around my ass and then steadily pushed his cock into me. One of my legs was up on his shoulder while the other was around his hips. He wasn't slow and he didn't take his time. Just pushed all the way in until I felt his pubes against my ass and just waited there for me to adjust before he began pumping slowly in and out of me. I licked up the column of his neck and bit gently. He groaned and pumped harder into me.

I slid my hand over his ass again and felt the muscles there flexing and soon he was pounding faster into me. If you have ever been to a rugby game and seen the power of the player's tackles or the muscles in their thighs and seen the way they dive onto each other, you will understand what I mean when I say this. Rugby boy power fucked me. It wasn't pretty nor was it romantic. But it was hot, steamy, extremely raw and something that filled the need inside of me. I panted and grunted along with him and was soon reaching my pinnacle before I could catch my next breath.

I shouted my pleasure and felt him pound even faster into me. With one huge grunt he buried his cock as far inside me as he could and held it there for a few seconds before collapsing on top of me. He was heavy but I liked his weight on me. Now here is where I must admit his expertise notched up in my book. Instead of pulling out, he continued pumping in and out of me until he got really hard once more. Then he would remove his condom replace it with another and continue fucking me. He did that three times that night before he was finally exhausted enough to let me rest.

I felt rung out and run over and I loved every minute of it. I was under the notion that I was extremely good in bed and that I could hold my own. But if Rugby boy is like this every day...Let's just say, there will hardly be any writing time for me. So it's all about balance.


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