Try It


    Tom Savin and Bill Goodwin had been friends and next door neighbors as long as they had lived in the small town of Bradfort in upstate New York. Their wives were like sister and the two couples were inseparable. They shared each other's pain and grief, births, holidays and even went on vacation together each year. Tom could never remember a sharp word spoken between the two couples.

    Tom was fifty-two and Bill forty-five and both were supervisors for the local telephone company in the area. They were big, robust men standing over six feet tall and many people confused them for brothers.

    Tom was the bigger of the two, a local boy that married his childhood sweetheart and stayed in Bradfort. There was still a strut to his walk, a carryover from the days when he was a high scoring running back. He was a local folk hero for his heroics on the football field in that football crazed town. Over the years, he had had put on weight and now weighed over two hundred and sixty pounds and his six pack abdominal muscles were replaced with a round belly that bounced over his beltline.  His pale blue eyes darkened whenever he got angry which was seldom. He was a conservative, blue collar worker who waved the flag on holidays and knew the meaning of hard work and saving for a rainy day.

    One  afternoon the two men were sitting in Bill's house having a beer. The ladies were out shopping at the mall. The TV played in the background but the home team was getting shellacked and they had stopped watching after the first quarter. Tom stretched his legs and his corduroy pants pressed tight against his thighs which were big and strong. He wore a flannel shirt that was open revealing a smooth chest. He had a small scar on his left eye that was barely visible but he rubbed it with his beefy hand.

    "How long have we known each other?" Bill asked. His massive hand dwarfing the beer bottle. His fingers were thick. Bill was fair skinned, with the kind of complexion that never tanned.  His brown hair was cut short. His blue eyes were the color of a winter sky. He had a round face and full, juicy lips.

    Tom sipped his beer. "I'd say around twenty years give or take a few months. Why?"

    "I've been thinking," Bill said as he paced back and forth, a nervous habit that he had when he had things on his mind.

   "You thinking, that doesn't sound good," Tom laughed and his large belly moved up and down, the beer bottle resting on his stomach.

    "Hear me out," he said. He had broad shoulders and although his belly wasn't as large as Tom's, he was getting there. "You know that I can tell you anything in confidence and I know that you would never betray my trust."

    "Damn right, so what?" Tom stretched his arms and his large, fleshy pecs pressed against his shirt revealing two large nipples that protruded through. "What's this big secret that you have that you need to relieve yourself of?"

     "Tom, I'm serious," Bill responded. He wore a blue sweatshirt that was two small and when he sat down his ample belly was revealed. He was smooth.

     "That's what Debby says when she wants to buy something we don't need to impress somebody I don't like. I'm listening."

    "I've been married to Laurie for twenty years, about the same time that we moved here when I got transferred from Syracuse." He fiddled with the chain around his neck. He got up and turned off the Television set. His buns were large and round and filled his jeans. He sat back down and the couch creaked under his weight. "Sex," he cleared his throat trying to find his voice. " Tom, I haven't had sex with Laurie in over six months."

    "Have you spoken to her?" Tom asked. There was a pensive look on his chiseled face thinking about his own sex life and the same thing that was happening to him.

     "Of course I did. It happened so slowly that I didn't realize it. Little by little she began to shut me down as if she had this systematic plan. She was clever about it and once she decided that she didn't want it anymore, that was it. The only thing is that she neglected to tell me.  I thought it was me. I couldn't understand what was going on. First, we did it  once a week and then once and a month and now it has stopped completely." He ran his hand through his hair. "Now she tells me that she wants to sleep in separate rooms, claims I snore."

     "What did you tell her? I would have raised hell."

     "Yes, I have. She gives me a million excuses. Last night I was so randy I would have fucked the dog and when I put my arms around her in bed, she told me she had a headache."

    "You should have given her two aspirin. Pal, I have the same problem. I think all men in time marry their fists."

     "It's been months now and the crazy thing is that I don't care. "I've choking the chicken and enjoying myself." Bill wasn't embarrassed to tell Tom that he masturbated. They often talked about it. He needed to vent."

    "So what's the problem?"

    "The fucking problem is." He rubbed his muscular arm against his lips. "That I'm going to  tell you something that I can't keep inside me anymore. It's driving me crazy. You gotta promise me that what I tell you stays here and nobody must ever know. You may not like what I'm going to say but I trust you and know that our friendship will survive."

    "You're fucking Sally Carter? I knew it. I knew that bitch was in heat for you."

    "Will you fucking listen. It's not Sally Carter. I'm not fucking a woman."

     "So what is this problem that has you bent out of shape."  He ran his hair through his graying buzz cut.

    "About a month ago, Laurie was was out visiting her mom and dad and I was home alone. I was bored and got on the computer and started looking at porno. I got tired of looking at pussy and clicked on another site and it was gay. There was a chat room and I lurked and some guy IM's me."


    "I was going to click off but he wrote, "don't go."

    "And you didn't? So what did you do?"

    "We talked. He was an older man around sixty, married but gay. He lives in the area. We chatted and I found him to be witty and he sounded nice so we decided to meet for coffee."

    Tom bolted from his chair spilling the beer on the floor. "You did what?" The muscles on his neck popped out and a vein throbbed on his forehead.

    "We met at a diner after my shift and talked. He was a handsome man and distinguished. He was a lawyer with two grown kids and he was successful. He discovered that he was gay quite by accident. It happened to him five years ago when he too was shut down by his wife. He met a guy on the train and has been pursuing man to man relationships since then. For years he had supressed the feelings but now he discreetly meets guys. He  claims his wife doesn't have a clue. Why should she, they sleep in separate bedrooms."

    "But what does this have to do with you?"

    "He wanted to blow me."

    "Jesus, fucking, Christ," Tom bellowed. "A fucking cock sucker. "Did you hit him?"

    "No, I didn't him and neither would you. This guy's a gentlemen and not the white trash that you associate with. Listen, or don't. I don't give a shit."

    "Sorry pal. I'm all ears."

    I've been married for a lot of years and Laurie's never blown me. She thinks it's disgusting and women who do it are sluts and degenerates. How do you tell a woman that anything born out of love is right and beautiful. Now she's shut me down. "

    "I've heard the same thing. Did you leave and tell the guy where to go?"

    "I wanted to, I started to, but I didn't."

    Tom looked at his friend's face that was now beaded with sweat. His nose was straight and even. "You went with him, didn't you?"

    "I thought about not going but then  looked at the man and," he snapped his fingers. "I went."

    Tom exploded. "You went with a fag? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

    Bill was visibly upset not expecting this reaction. "Look, I'm sorry I told you. I expected you to listen and not be judgmental. When you got in trouble gambling, I never questioned you and lent you the money because you were in a jam. I didn't ask why you gambled. I accepted it."

    "I'm sorry, I really am but this whole thing has taken me by surprise. I promise to listen. I love you like a brother. Go on. what happened?"

    Bill finished his beer and went into the kitchen and returned with two more. He handed one to Tom and sat down.

    "We drove to his home. His wife was out of town visiting their son. I was shaking so bad that he had to turn on the heater. A dozen times I wanted to tell him to stop the car and drive me back to the diner but lust propelled me forward. We arrived at his house." The words came out slowly. "It was beautiful house up on a hill with a swimming pool and a tennis court. He led me into a spare bedroom. I was so nervous my legs were shaking. I thought I was going to shit myself.

    "What happened?"

    "He brought me a drink and told me to drink it. I did. He brushed my face with his hand and then touched my cock?"


     "It was crazy,  but there was an excitement within me that I have never felt before. I can't explain it but as kids we knew we were doing things that would get us into trouble but we did it for the thrill and excitement. I was that kid. "

    Tom rolled his eyes."

    "He unbuttoned my shirt slowly and put his hand softly on my chest. His hand lingered there and then he touched my nipple ever so slightly."

    Tom sat there mesmerized. Bill could hear his heavy breathing.

    "He squeezed it gently and I moaned. He put his tongue on my nipple and licked it making circles around it." He closed his eyes remembering. "His mouth encircled my tit, taking it in and then he began to suck on it at first gently then with more pressure."

    "He sucked your tit like you suck Debbie's?"

    "It was the most incredible feeling. He had soft hands and was gentle. My nipple grew in his mouth as he massaged my other nipple with the ball of his thumb. Now I understand the joy of why women like to breast feed. "

    "Holy shit!" Was all that came out of Tom's mouth.

    "He led me to the bed and said if I didn't like what he was doing he would stop immediately. I just had my nipples sucked and it was fantastic. I trusted my dick with this man like I trust you with my wallet."

    "You're making this up. This is a fucking put on? It's a joke, right?" Tom saw the look on Bill's face and he knew it was all true.

    "He undressed me and put his hand on the inside of the waistband on my jockey shorts and slowly moved it down that had me jumping out of my skin. He touched my dick and I thought I was going to rip through my drawers."

    Tom put his hand inside his shirt and felt his soft, fleshy chest and his nipple. He rubbed it with his finger back and forth and his nipple sprang to life. He pulled his finger away immediately."

    "He slipped my drawers off slowly like a strip teaser peeling off a glove. I was so hot that I was dripping pre cum like moisture down a cold bottle of beer on a hot day.  He lay me down on the bed and he began to lick my belly as his hands massaged my tits. He tongued my belly button. His hand touched the head of my cock and he sensed I was ready to pop. He stopped what he was doing giving me a chance to cool down."

    "How old is this guy?"

    "I told you around sixty. He was trim and well built. He said he liked heavy guys and he liked me. He had silver gray hair and I could see the bulge in his pants."

    "Did he undress?" Tom was suddenly interested wanting to know all about the man.

    "No. I asked him why not and he said that today he was taking care of me."

     "What happened?"

     "I looked around the room with its expensive furnishing. My dick was stiff as a board and twitching out of control. I hadn't been that stiff in years. He licked at the head of my dick and when his warm mouth encircled it, I felt wave after wave of electricity shooting through me. I gasped as he began to suck my dick. It was done with tantalizing slowness. He tasted the precum like it was fresh gathered honey and I heard him mummer, hmm as he licked the syrupy liquid."

     Tom felt the bulge in his pants begin to grow. He placed the beer bottle in front of it.

     "You know that I'm not the largest tool in the shed but I felt so powerful as he moved down the shaft and up again, licking it with his tongue. He was enjoying it as much as I was. It was the most incredible feeling as he twirled his tongue around the head of my cock that had me gripping his shoulders as my dick hit the back of his throat and he let it slide out and then back in. I thought of Laurie who would lay there and half the time I faked cumming and Jerked off when she was asleep. This man was making love to me with a desire that I have dreamed about. He sensed that I was about to cum and  took his mouth from my cock. Tom, I was helpless. I wanted to cum so bad but he waited. I was crazy with lust and wanted to hold him. I was so fucking hot that I kissed his lips and he put his tongue into my mouth and," he sighed. "It was magic as his kisses thrilled me. They were tender and passionate and for me something that has been missing from my life. Can you understand that?"

    Tom didn't say a word. His raging hardon were pressing against his briefs.

    "He put his tongue on my balls and began to lick them, washing them with his mouth until they were slick with his saliva. I never had my balls kissed and licked as he made love to them.  He lifted my legs." Bill, pictured his legs in the air. "His tongue was like a lizard as it flicked at the underside of my balls and ass. I began to shout as my body went into a spasm as he licked quicker and quicker. He now wanted my load. Henry, that the man's name,  took my dick and held the shaft firmly in his hand and put his mouth on rod and began to suck. His lips around the head as he moved down the shaft, first with short strokes and then longer ones as he moved up and down my pole as he took more and more of me into him. I thought I was going to die as I felt the load building and building like a symphony orchestra all playing together. Cymbals crashed, drums rolled, horns blasting, violins all playing together as they build to a climax. I cried out as my load spurted out of me. He was there to take it, gripping my balls as he drained every last drop from my body. I thought my load would never end as he sucked until I had no more to give. He milked a pearl of cum that settled in my piss hole and licked it like a cat licking milk. I lay there unable to move. He looked at me and smiled.

    "I hope you liked it as much as I did," and kissed my sweetly on the cheek.

     "Incredible. Fucking incredible," was all Tom could mutter.

    "I drove home thinking about what I had done. Somehow I didn't feel guilty for breaking my marriage vows. Laurie had shut me down and this man made love to me like I prayed that my wife would. Laurie was doing me a favor, putting out for me was a bargaining chip. This guy wanted to please me. I asked, didn't he want anything in return and he said I was new and he took great satisfaction in pleasing me." Bill looked at Tom. His bulge was evident in his pants. "Do you realize that you have a roaring hardon?"

    "I know," he said sheepishly. "It was so hot. What are you going to do? Are you going to see this guy again?"

    "Funny that you should ask. I thought about it long and hard and the answer is yes. Don't get me wrong. I love Laurie but the passion is gone and sex with her was never fulfilling. It was a chore and not spontaneous. So that's the story." He looked at Tom. "I hope this doesn't change how you feel about me. Your friendship is very important to me."

    "Babes, we're still friends." He hugged Bill and Bill felt Tom's hardon pressing against him.

    That night, Tom lay in bed. He was hot and horny but his wife claimed she was tired. He thought of the story that Bill had told and his dick sprang to life. He rubbed his hand over his smooth belly and squeezed his nipple hard and moaned. His hand gripped his thick dick and he began to stroke slowly thinking about the man's lips on his cock. He pinched his nipples as he stroked himself and felt himself ready to cum as he thought of the man sucking faster and faster on his tool and he exploded. He came against his belly, his load, thick and creamy on his fingers. He licked his fingers and tasted his own cum. He was surprised that it was sweet and not bitter. He jumped out of bed and cleaned himself off.


                                                  The following month.

     Bill sat in a chair in Tom's house. The women were out at a shower and wouldn't be home for hours. Snow had settled on the ground and they were relaxing. A fire roared in the fireplace and the room was cozy and warm.

     "Have you seen your friend, the lawyer? Tom asked.

    "I have. I was with him last week."

    "Is it still as good as the first time?"

    "It's better?"

    "Just wondering."

    Bill smiled. "Just wondering, your ass. You're interested, aren't you?"

    "I never said that?"

    "You didn't have to." He came over to where Tom was seated and gave him a bear hug. "You old, horny dog."

    "Do you think that your friend would see me?"

    Bill looked at Tom who was a handsome man. His nipples were pressing against his sweatshirt and Bill could make the outline of the bulge in his pants. He sat down on the arm of the chair and put his meaty hand on his knee. He felt the heat and Tom never moved. "If you want, I'll ask him. Are you sure?"

    Tom could feel Bill's warm breath on him. His mouth smelled of mint. "Yes, I'm sure."

    "What changed your mind? Aren't you the same guy who called them cock suckers and fags and now you want some of that loving? Look at me? Are you sure?"

    "I'm sure. Last night I asked the wife to blow me. You know what her response was. She went into a tirade that whatever hardon I had, I lost. I decided that I want a blow job before I die. As you said, sex with the hand can be terrific, but I want to experience the feeling of hot lips on my cock. It hasn't changed you."

    "Yes, it has. I'm not the same guy I was a few months ago. I've changed. Maybe not on the outside but inside, I feel differently about myself."

    "Well, you sure seem happier now. I want some of that feeling too."

    Bill, put his hand on Tom's zipper and began pulling it down."

    "What are you doing?"

    "Going to take care of my best friend." He kissed Tom's ear lobe and his lips brushed gently against Tom's mouth. His hand reached in and he felt Tom's organ through his briefs and felt it grow as he held it.

    "This is insane," Tom said, but his dick was hard as Bill pulled it from its hiding space. Bill's hand was warm as he fondled Tom's cock. Tom closed his eyes and felt Bill's tongue slide into his mouth and run gently on the inside of his lips and then finding his tongue. The sensuality of his kisses was like a boiling pot that overflowed and he responded with a kiss of his own. Bill wore a cologne that Tom liked. The scent of the cologne, the flames of the fire only added to the heat that he felt. Bill got on his knees before the wing chair and untied Tom's shoes and Tom took them off. He lifted his hips as Bill took off his pants and he sat in the chair in his briefs. Bill took off Tom's sweatshirt  and touched his chest running his tongue slowly down the lenght of his body and then his tongue searched for and his lips found his large nipple. They had never been loved and Bill's mouth licked lovingly at one and then the other as Tom's hand gripped his own cock through his cotton briefs. It was stiff and he could feel the wetness as he was beginning to leak. Bill lavished love on one tit and then the other and slowly moved down his large frame kissing him and nipping with his lips at parts of Tom's body that had him writhing on the chair. Bill got on his knees and pulled down Tom's brief and saw the pool of precum that had gathered and tasted the fluid and licked it with the tip of his tongue. Bills mouth was hot as he drew closer and then Tom experienced the warmth as Bill's lips began to suck him.

    "Oh, oh," he cried out as Bill lovingly moved his mouth and tongue around the head of Tom's cock. It was of average size but his balls were large and beautiful. Bill's tongue traced a line down the shaft, his saliva glistened on the head of Tom's cock as his fingers held the shaft as he licked his balls. "Oh, Bill," Tom said in a husky voice as Bill caressed them lovingly with his fingers.

    "Enough of this foreplay." He took Tom and led him into the back room that hadn't been used since his daughter had married and moved away.

    They lay in the bed besides each other and Tom touched Bill's cock.

    "You don't have to do that," Bill said. "I wanted you to know what being loved was like."

    "I know and I want to. I want to hold and kiss you and make love to you. Oh, Bill, it feels so right."

    They held each other close kissing one another with tenderness and then with a passion that they never knew existed. Bill got between Tom's legs and nestled his face in his public hair. It was silky as his mouth found his cock. The older man had been an excellent teacher and Bill knew that the loving he was about to give to Tom was a result of that wonderful man. His mouth engulfed Tom's cock and he began to suck with an intensity that had Tom's back lifting off the bed. His mouth was filled with saliva as he moved up and down and could feel Tom moving under him as he sucked his cock and played with his balls. He lifted Tom's massive legs and kissed the inside of his thighs as he could see the outline of his ass as his tongue snaked its way between his legs and gently kissed Tom's rosebud.

     "Sweetheart," Tom cried out. He was surprised at his show of emotions. Bill licked his ass with an up and down motion that forced Tom to move his ass into Bill's face. The feeling was incredible. Bill took his finger and gently applied pressure to Tom's ass and the wetness from Bill's saliva made it open up to him. His finger slid inside of Tom who couldn't believe was happening to him but he didn't care. Bill began to suck Tom's cock and probed his ass with a love that Tom had never known. He moaned as the finger slid in and out of him. Bill stopped and moved beside Tom and kissed him softly on his sweat drenched face. The saltiness and sweetness combined and he kissed Tom with love. For both of them it was as if they were kissing for the first time as they explored each other's mouths discovering how wonderful it was to kiss someone who was responsive. The floodgates were opened and the two beefy men enjoyed each other's body as Tom surrendered to Bill and gave him his love."

    "Is it what you thought it would be?" he asked and kissed his ear lobe.

    "Better." He clung to Bill.

    "It's time you came", Bill said. He swooped down like a bird in flight and took Tom's cock into his mouth that was twitching involuntarily. His hand held Tom's shaft as his mouth opened to devour him. At first he sucked him slowly as he held Tom's belly with his other hand. Tom squeezed his own nipple as Bill rhythmically moved up and down on his dick. At first with a slowness and then quicker and quicker and Tom responded by fucking his mouth. Bill's finger was once again inserted into Tom's ass and he knew he was getting ready to cum. Bill wanted his load and he knew it would soon be his as he felt Tom's ass pucker and twitch and Tom cried out, "Oh, sweet mother,"  and a gusher of cream erupted from deep within him filling Bill's mouth with hot juice. He held him in his mouth and sucked the last drop until Tom was limp in his mouth. He kissed him. "Are you all right?" he asked.

    "Finer then a frog's hair," he responded dreamily. " I guess that makes me a queer."

    "It sure does. But in time you will learn to love sucking as I have learned to enjoy it. Last week I fucked my friend."

    "Was it any good?"

    He was tighter and better then any pussy that I ever had. I'll tell you a secret. I want him to fuck me." He kissed Tom. "Or maybe you will give your love to me. I would like that a lot."

    "First, let me learn how to suck you. I want that too."

    "As my friend said, you're new and today I was here to satisfy you. The next time we will start your first lesson if you're willing."

    Tom kissed Bill soulfully. "I want that very much.?" He held him close and no words needed to be spoken.