Try It  Part Two

    Tom Savin was exhausted but couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned listening to his wife snore besides him as shafts of light peeked through the drapes casting shadows on the ceiling. Snow flurries danced in the howling wind and he was glad that the house was insulated. Ice storms had pelted the area for the last two days and he had been working eighteen hour shifts as the storms had knocked out electricity to a large part of the county. He had crews out day and night on emergencies and everyone was testy. He dragged himself out of bed and down into his den and closed the door. He turned on a lamp and stared at his footfall trophies that filled the shelves and  wondered where it had all gone. It was only yesterday that he was on his way to fame and fortune when a late hit ended his career and dreams. He sat on the leather couch in his briefs and looked down at his knee and touched the ugly scar that had changed his life. His thighs were big and his calves bulged and he remembered how fast he use to be shedding tacklers as he ran for touchdowns. In his mind, he could still hear the roar of the crowd as he broke a tackle in the state championship and ran for ninety yards to win the game with time running out. Now, he had trouble climbing stairs and his back hurt from all the hits that he had taken.

    He hadn't slept for the last few days and he knew that it wasn't work related. He had worked storm emergencies before. The afternoon that he shared with Bill was the reason why he was unable to sleep. Since that day he had this gnawing sensation in the pit of his stomach, an anxiousness that he couldn't describe but it was there and he couldn't shake it.  It was the same feeling that he had when he was gambling and losing and didn't have the money to pay. He was lucky that Bill was there to bail him out.  A part of him cried out that what he had done with Bill was wrong. Yet, every time he thought about that afternoon, his dick got hard. Outwardly nothing had changed, but as Bill had said, it had changed him and now Bill was a different man. Tom knew that he had also changed and that frightened him. For the first time in a long while he felt young and alive again and the joy of Bill making love to him had filled his nights with desire and he knew that he wanted more. Maybe, it was Bill, their friendship, the camaraderie they shared. He felt a closeness with him that he had never felt with anyone, not even his wife. Right after the incident, he had tried to make love to  Debbie, but she pushed him away.  He didn't know what excuse she had used and he didn't care. Somehow, the thought of making love to her didn't interest him and that only exacerbated his doubts about himself. Sex with her just wasn't exciting. Did he try making love to her  to prove his machismo? To prove that what had happened between him and Bill was an isolated incident? He knew that wasn't case and he needed and wanted to be with Bill again. He wanted to know if what he felt was isolated or was he gay? How do you wake up in your fifties and discover that your world has turned upside down. That all these years he really wanted a man. It happened to Bill and now he sensed it was happening to him. But with all the turmoil he felt, there was something new and exciting that awaited him and he had this need to find out. In the morning, he would talk to Bill on their way to work. The thought of Bill's mouth around his cock and sucking him with such fervor made him hard and he slipped his cock from his briefs and began to masturbate and he knew that he needed to be with Bill once more.

    It was Tom's turn to drive that week and the car was warming up as Bill came out of his house and smiled. Bill, always had a smile on his face. His coat was open and he was wearing a flannel shirt that was too tight and his belly hung over his belt. He was carrying a lunch pail.

    "A bitch of a morning," Bill said as he opened the cold door letting in a blast of cold air. "It feels like ten below. We'll be putting in lots of overtime. How are you this morning? Hmm, Cat's got your tongue?" He fastened his seat belt. "Is something wrong? You're awfully quiet this morning."

    Tom pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. "Bill, can we, you and me get together with or without your friend?"

    "That's it? Not a hello, a good morning, it's going to be twenty-four hours of work with the storm. The first thing out of your mouth is, can we get together with my friend? That's what you greet me with? Boy, you must be really horny. Me, I'm dragging my ass and you want to get laid. I'd better keep the dog away from you. What happened? I mentioned something to you a few weeks ago and you pushed me away. In fact, you said that what we did was crazy and you were straight. You told me that I was nuts. Now, all of a sudden, you want me to call my friend. What gives buddy? What's changed your mind?"

    The trees were filled with icicles and it looked like a winter wonderland but they both knew that it would be a busy day as wires would be down and service out. The car's heater warmed them and Bill looked into Tom's face.

    "You know that you're a handsome man even when you frown. You have these big blue eyes. Speak to me."

    "Will you cut the shit! I've tried fucking the old lady for the last month and all she does is push me away. Crazy, but like you, I didn't care and didn't know if I could get it up with her. I do know that I want to try it again with you. Maybe I am gay?"

    "Maybe you are?  So what?  Everything with you is a Label. Your bigotry and machismo dies hard. You can't believe that you let a man suck your cock and that you enjoyed it and want to try it yourself. If anybody knew that you would be branded as a cocksucker and that rocks your world for you thought that you were different. Well, you're not. Babe, he who allows his cock to be sucked and he who sucks cock are one and the same. So let's cut the macho crap. The funny thing is that nothing is changed. You're still the same, kind, loving guy that you were except for your bigotry which is slowly being chipped away." He put his hands on Bill's muscular thigh and held it there. "I do know what you're going through as I have been in the same place. "I'm still me babes. I just feel differently about my sexuality. Now, I want to be with a man. Called it late blooming, but it's here and I know what I need and desire and it no longer is fucking the old lady or any woman that would give it to me for free. The only difference is that I feel good about myself and you are having all these guilt feelings. Don't." His hand reached in and touched Tom's cock and squeezed it gently and it began to harden."

    "Are you crazy? Somebody might see us."

    "In the dark at four in the morning with three feet of snow on the ground and us the only car on the road. So, you want a threesome?"

    "All I know is that last night I jerked off and it wasn't over pussy but,"

    "But, don't but, continue. You amaze me."  Tom was dressed in a leather coat and a turtleneck that made his blue eyes bigger and brighter. He had a cap on his head and he looked ruggedly handsome. Bill put his hand back on Tom's cock and Tom looked at him and smiled.

    "You don't get it do you? I'm falling apart and you're making me hard knowing that I'm weak and troubled. Last night I jerked off over you coming in my mouth and I enjoyed it. I wanted you to fuck me and me to fuck you. It's crazy but that is all I think about. I went to church last Saturday  and I was going to go to confession and then I thought what was I going to tell the priest who is gayer then both of us. That I want to do the same thing that he does."

    Bill laughed. "Do you want a threesome or do you want it just with my friend? I could arrange it. There's a small motel that we use."

    "If' it's all right with you, I want it with you, just you."

    "I didn't know you cared."

    Bill, it's too early and I'm going through changes that I can't explain and you're making fun. Doing what I'm doing is hard enough and."

    Bill kissed him on the cheek and smelled his after shave. He was still a handsome man who had put on weight over the years. Sorry. Crazy, but I look at you and I get a charge every time I see you. It was that way from the first time that we were introduced. When I blew you, I was a different man and knew that all I wanted to do was please you and make you happy. I guess I am crazy about you and don't know it."

    "You make jokes and I'm suffering. I know that the wives are going to a baby shower on Saturday if there is no more fucking snow. I checked the weather forecast and it should be nice. We could do it at my place. Nobody will be home and we'll have the house to ourselves."

    Bill looked at Tom seriously. "My feelings for you are no joke. I've sensed if for a long time and know I care a great deal for you. More then I thought possible. Are you sure you want this?"

    "You asked me that once before and I said yes. Call it an epiphany but I know that for once in my life I want to know how it feels to love and be loved and if last time was any indication, I want it. So the answer is yes. I look at the wife and nothing happens for me anymore. With you it was exciting, fresh and wonderful and I want that for me."

    Bill took Tom's hand and held it and they drove to work.


    Tom watched the wife drive off and smiled. He had logs on the fire and the house was warm. He had beer on ice. Tom had showered and shaved and his wife had remarked that he looked different. He said that he was tired from all the hours that he had put in. She said, no, that he looked good, alive and was acting strange for the last few days.

    "Laurie said the same thing about Bill. He's different. She can't put her hand on it but he's changed. She thinks for the better. He's more considerate and whatever it is she likes it. Maybe, whatever it is will rub off on you. Any plans for the day?" she asked.
    "No, I need to sleep. I'm bushed" He wanted to say, "Yes, Bill is different and so am I.  We're making love to each other and it's wonderful."  When the car was out of sight he put on some records and waited for Bill.

    He heard the bell ring and rushed to answer it. It was Bill.

    "I thought they would never leave." He took Bill in his arms and kissed him. They stood in front of the fire and Tom could feel the cold of Bill's face on his as Bill returned his kiss. Their tongues intertwined and they held each other.

    "Crazy, but I feel like a young kid on his first date." Bill sensed Tom's excitement and it was infectious.

    Bill smiled. His blue eyes crinkled. "You are a very special man." He kissed Tom again with more passion and the were more secure in each other's arms as they kissed.

    Tom helped Bill off with his coat and let him into the guest room.

    "Today, I'm going to make love to you," Tom said. "I want to know what it feels like. I have even taken care of myself in case you want to fuck me."

    "You are bold, aren't you. No half measures. Let's take it and see where it leads up and then go for it." He kissed Tom soulfully and he heard Tom's breath escape him.

    They undressed each other slowly. Tom, was excited and Bill slowed him down.

    "We have hours to please ourselves so slow and easy. Love me."

    Tom kissed him and opened his shirt and his hand slid inside his fleshy chest and his fingers touched Bill's nipples and his hand his belly. Bill kissed Tom's cheeks, the tip of his nose and his forehead. It was done gently and lovingly as Tom opened Bill's shirt and looked at him in the light of a lamp. He was heavy, with large, fleshy pecs and he wanted to suck them. He put his mouth on Bill's round nipples and began to suck remembering how Bill had done it to him. He heard Bill murmur and he reached down and felt the bulge in his pants. Tom unbuttoned Bills pants. Bill took off his shoes and socks and lay on the bed in his briefs. Tom finished undressing himself and got into the bed. He was naked and his dick was hard.

    "Hold me," Tom said and Bill did. They didn't say a word but began with a soft kiss and then it was their tongues and then their lips united and they were making love with their mouths. It felt wonderful. Tom wanted to taste Bill and his mouth was eager as he positioned himself on the bed and helped Bill off with his briefs. His cock was rigid. Tom went over in his mind what he had read on a site on how to suck a cock and he was nervous but full of anticipation. He took Bill's shaft and held in his hand firmly and then with his tongue licked the meatus and tasted pre cum. He thought it would be salty or bitter but it was sweet and he licked it as Bill moaned. Tom's tongue circled the head with his tongue and enjoyed the sensation. He licked at the underside and felt Bill moan and knew that it was a hot spot and his tongue worked it. He was ready and enjoying the task at hand. Bill's cock entered his mouth and he moved his hand up so he could take it without gagging and began to suck gently. His mouth filled with saliva quickly and he loved the taste of Bill's cock. Bill responded by touching his hair as Tom's  head moved up and down as his mouth took more and more of Bill' cock into it. Bill squeezed Tom's nipples and he gasped as the electricity flowed throughout his body. Bill fondled his tits as Tom sucked at him learning as he went until he had Bill's entire cock into his mouth. He wanted to taste his balls and licked at them and tasted them and held them lovingly in his hands. They were slick with his saliva and the fine hairs matted down as he lifted Bill's legs and licked at his perineum. He had never heard the word until a month ago, but licking Bill's balls and seeing how he was thrashing about he knew that he had hit pay dirt. Bill's leg's were lifted in the air and he could see his hole. The thought would have sickened him but now he wanted to taste him. There was nothing more personal then that. His tongue moved slowly and he smelled the freshness of baby powder and soap as his mouth licked and his tongue flicked at Bill until he tasted his hole. His tongue touched it lightly and Bill jumped and cried out. He licked like a cat at its paws in an upward manner that had Bill thrashing wildly on the bed. His moans of pleasure inflamed Tom who began to lick at his ass until his mouth was dripping with saliva as Bill threw his hips and ass into Tom's face. Tom held his legs tightly as he licked at Bill's ass, wanting to bury his face inside of Bill's ass to become part of him.

    "Fuck me Tom, I want your love inside of me. I want you to make love to me. I'm ready for you."

    Tom didn't know what to do, what to say but he was crazy with lust.

    "In my pants is a  lubricant," Bill cried out.

    Tom retrieved Bill's  pants and found the KY. Bill put in inside his ass and then greased Tom's dick that was now leaking precum like a rusted pipe.

    Stick your finger in my ass," Bill instructed. "Gently so I get use to it."

    Tom did as he was told and Bill felt pain as he pushed against the ring of his ass and he groaned. Bill took a deep breath and tried to relax and the finger slid into his ass. Bill was sweating and it ran down his belly. Tom licked at the saltiness and felt the softness of his belly.

    "That's it. Oh, yes. Move it in and out. Yes, oh, babe, it feels so good."

    Tom felt the warmth of his hole and wanted his dick inside of Bill. He was hot with desire that he began to suck on Bill's cock as he fingered him.

    "Oh, sweet darling, that's so good. Tom loved the sensation of his fingering Bill and put in another finger and this time Bill had no trouble taking both of them. Bill danced on his finger moving in a rhythm and cooed with delight. "You're ready to fuck me. I want you to enter me slowly. I know that you'll have a tendency to want to push it in quickly but don't. Just slowly until I get use to you inside of me. Then, babe, we're going on a ride that you'll never forget."

    Tom felt Bill's round buns and squeezed them in his hand and put his cock at the entrance of Bill's ass. Bill's legs were resting on Tom's chest.

    "OK, babes, slow and easy. I have only been fucked a few times and I'm a work in progress but learning to love it. "

    Tom pushed against Bill's ass and felt the pressure as it had trouble sliding in. He applied a little more pressure and felt the head enter. Bill trembled with anticipation and relaxed as the pain subsided and pleasure took over as his friend entered him. He smiled knowing that Tom's love was inside of him. Tom stopped and wanted to cry out. It wasn't what he had expected and the warmth, wetness and tightness of Bill's hole made him quiver with excitement.

    "You're doing fine. A little more. That's it baby, fill me with your love."

    Tom was eager and felt the pressure as he prick found it's way slowly into Bill. The feeling of heat that was generated was making him crazy and he knew that he would cum soon if it continued.

    "Almost there, sweetheart," as he adjusted his ass as Tom filled him with his dick that was like steel.

    With a final thrust, Tom was inside of Bill. For both of them the thrill of entering and being entered was indescribable and Tom felt this sense of relief, this feeling of joy as he was fully inside of Bill.

    "You're there baby, now fuck me.

    "I think I'll cum if I move inside of you."

    Then take it out and relax. I know that you're hot. The same thing happened to me." He kissed Tom and now their kissing was of two men that loved one another. There was no more tentativeness to their lovemaking. They each knew what the other wanted and desired. it was two men in tune with one another, their closeness now bonded as one. Tom took his cock out of Bill and began to suck him. He knew that he could fuck him and suck him at the same time and that thought filled him with elation. He licked at Bill's tits and sucked like a hungry child at its mother's breast and Bill responded calling out Tom's name. They held each other without talking for there was no need to talk. They held each other's hands and kissed and Tom understood exactly what Bill felt.

    Tom was ready again and this time his cock slipped easily past Bill's sphincter with little resistance pushing past the knot of muscles and he marveled at how tight and wet it was as he began to move slowly. Never, had he felt this way before. He looked at Bill who played with his nipples that had grown in size as Tom began to move quicker inside of him. He fucked him with a gentleness and tenderness and felt the love that Bill gave back as they moved as one.

    "Oh, darling," Bill cried out with joy. "I love you inside of me. I want your love in me. I love you Tom."

    Tom heard the words and trembled as he moved quicker inside of him. To hear Bill tell him he loved him was something that Tom had not expected but it filled him with joy. He made love slowly and tenderly as he felt his prick enter and come out of Bill's ass. Bill moved his hips to take his trusts as they were joined as one as Tom kissed Bill as he fucked him. Bill's body throbbed as Tom's thrust probed him with feelings that he never knew existed and he cried out his name over and over as Tom made love to him. Their kisses was deep and soulful, as deep as the penetration that Bill felt as Tom entered him slowly and filled him until he couldn't breathe. Tom knew he couldn't last much longer but he had never experienced love making that was so hot and sensual and he wanted it to last forever. Bill's sphincter wrapped tightly around Tom's cock as he moved now quicker knowing that he had to be released. He began to suck Bill's cock as he moved deeply within him as Bill cried out as he was being fucked and his cock being sucked. It was two as one as they moved together. Tom's dick deep inside of Bill as Bill began to cry out as he squeezed Tom's buns forcing him deeper inside of him and Bill knew that he was going to cum and yelled out, "I'm yours," and unleashed a stream of cream that filled Tom's mouth. He tasted the cream and it was sweet. He swallowed it and began to pump harder at Bill's flesh and then he cried out, "Oh, Bill,"  as he unloaded his love inside of Bill. The thrill of cuming inside someone you love was an experience that Tom had never felt before. Sure he had fathered children but this feeling of joy overwhelmed him. Bill kept thrusting until he was spent. He pulled out, then reached down and licked Bill's cock clean of the last remnants of cream. They lay besides each other and held one another tight and kissed long and tenderly and knew that there would be many more tomorrow's of love for them.

"Will you fuck me?" Tom asked. "I want you to make love to me."

Bill kissed him. "Yes, my love, I will." They held each other tight.