BI- SEXUAL LOVE July, 2000

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This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!

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A Walk at the Mall

Delhi Spring

Camp David

Summer Vacation

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A Chance Meeting

Away From Home



  I'm Bill, 28 year and considered to be very handsome in the 'all american' genre. I'm 6' 2", sandy blonde hair ('am a natural blonde you see), and blue eyes..... slim and well developed muscles, though I don't work too hard for it. I have been married to this lovely lady for the past one year. Alice is a wonderful woman and the most beautiful! We have a great sex life going and have experimented with all that there is to experiment with. We love each other and are very happy.

  She also has a brother, 21, a carbon copy of his sister. We just clicked the moment she introduced us, a week before our wedding. He's a real sweet guy.... 5' 11", dark hair and green eyes like his sister. Slim with broad shoulders and a perfect butt again like his sister (except the broad shoulders!). And she adores him and is extremely protective about him.



  I walked in the darkened room and silently started to undress. I could make out the sleeping form of my wife under the cover and got an instant hard.... She always drove me wild, sexually, whenever I set eyes on her no matter where we are. I slowly walked to my side of the bed and got in, my 9" boner throbbing and leaking copious pre cum. Lifting the covers I slid in gently and wrapped my arms around the sleeping form of my Alice, pressing my erection in the valley of her rounded buns (she was on her side, facing away from me). Imagine my shock when instead of the soft curves of Alice my arms encountered the more masculine hulk of a man!

  I jumped and was about to get off the bed when Rob (my brother-in-law) threw back the covers and went straight for my stiff prick!! He was totally naked and was sporting a huge hard-on. He grabbed my right ankle with one hand as his other hand curled around my shaft. I was shocked and totally confused.... my brains raced to try and make sense of the situation. It wasn't that I didn't know about gay sex or hadn't ever done it.... (OK, I did fuck my room mate regularly when in university - he never seemed to get enough of my cock!), but climbing into bed and finding Rob instead of Alice WAS something unexpected to put it mildly!

  By now he had taken my cock completely into his warm mouth and was doing something wonderful with it.... Ahhhh! I was hot and ready to fuck my wife, but the shock was quickly wearing thin at the masterful oral ministration of my sweet bro.-in-law. He had pulled me back into bed and was going full steam at that raging boner and soon had me panting and pumping my hips as he released my ankle and grabbed my ass cheeks to pull me further into his slobbering mouth. My hands sought out his bobbing head and curled around his silky hair.... as my legs stretched straight out and I threw back my head to let out a moan.

   He lapped at my groin... releasing the throbbing cock he started licking his way around the shaft and my pubic arch. He lifted the cock and licked at the base and then lower down... my ball sac. He sucked in each ball at a time and jiggled them in that hot mouth of his... and back again to my raging cock. On and on he went driving me crazy with lust.... I was horny as hell and I wanted release as I ground my hips into his face, but he had other plans!

  Releasing my dick he moved up and kissed me on the mouth, sucking my tongue in! He really knew how to kiss, this horny bro-in-law of mine. His full lips crushed against mine, rubbing, saliva dripping, as he created a powerful vacuuming suction, nearly pulling my tongue off its roots! I gasped for air.... our stiff cocks squashed between our strong bellies, throbbing. He rolled over pulling me on top of him, his arms tight around my broad shoulders - our kiss broke.

  "I want that big cock in me Bill." he said reaching once again for my shaft.

  He pulled up his legs and placed them on my shoulder and guiding my 9" battering-ram between his open butt cheeks placed the broad head at his twitching hole.

  Said, "Push!" .

  Well, I didn't need any guidance in the art of fucking...... but then, I didn't tell him that.

  I knelt above him and braced myself on my knees as I prepared to take over. Supporting my torso by placing my hands on either side of his splayed thighs I slowly applied pressure... holding my breath at the sensation that was undulating in my groin. He raised his ass higher, widening the entrance for better access, a look of rapture on his young handsome face. He gasped out loud as the head of my prick pushed the sphincter wide and bored into his churning bottom. GOD! it was a shuddering resistance, Rob's ass, that first time!! Both sweating profusely, I applied more pressure and shoved harder.... and as he cried out in the blinding pain I gained a few more inches.... His ass-ring clutching me tightly, his rectal muscles a gripping glove around my throbbing column.

  "It wont go in!" I panted.

  His arms tightened around me as he whispered, "Try harder, fuck me Bill..... Ooooooooo,!". Pain and uncomfort writ large on his face.

  "You can't take me Robby, am just too big and your soo tight!" I stated.

  "Just try.... will you," he was gasping for air. "I want it!"

  "Damn, your ass is just great, I'll try." I replied.

  That brought a smile on his contorted face and his hands now went behind my head as he pulled me down to a passionate kiss. I began to slowly move my hips.... AH, his colon just seemed to grip harder as I pulled out and to open up as I reentered that tight orifice. And he was squeezing me every now and then, sending me into a mad frenzy.

  As we panted and drooled he started to push back at me with great force and I too speeded up, ramming my half buried cock with bed jarring force. And as we continued I began to feel him open up more and now with each thrust I gained more inches and went deeper into that hot slimy ass hole. My mind was reeling.... the feeling in my loins were absolutely unworldly. Never had I been this hot and his rectal muscles were doing some pretty crazy things to my dick. I nearly pulled back all the way and suddenly his ass seemed to completely open up.... So gathering my full strength I gave a massive shove and my whole fucking dick got swallowed up!!! He screamed in pain and his hands clawed my back, he was thrashing his head on the sweat drenched pillow, eyes rolling and teeth clenched, as my pubic arch finally came to a grinding halt on his upturned and ravished bottom.

  "Am I hurting you?" I asked, pecking lightly on his nose.

  "Ahhhh.......nnn.......nnooooooooooo!" he wailed, " I.......I fuck me hard!"

  His legs shook involuntarily on my shoulders, as if wanting to free themselves as his arms squeezed me tighter to himself. Rotating his ass he pushed up with equal ferocity as I pumped into him. The room filled with our joint pantings and groans of lust.

  "Fuck me Bill.......... OH!........ Fuck me harder!........ Please...... make me come........." he screamed with passion.

  I didn't need much prodding.... my mind was on fire, as was my whole body. I grunted and groaned as I savagely fucked the prone boy with all my might. With the mounting fury my strokes got shorter and more vicious as I mindlessly jabbed away at his battered ass, probing the churning depth, straightening out all the tiny curves and bends of his convoluted colon. It gripped my invading cock with a spasming suction, flexing and the sphincter was like a sucking lip as it clung to my stuttering shaft. I rocked my hips through the hot sleeve and rose higher and higher when he suddenly arched his ass high and dug his nails sharply, hollering at the top of his lungs he shuddered and came, thick and heavy. Flood after flood of thick, white milk-cream, hot and sticky, all over his torso. It squished between us as I continued to fuck. His eyes tightly shut and tongue lolling out of his open mouth.

  Once he quitened down a bit I pulled out of him with a loud 'POP' and rolled him over..... he was like a rag doll in my hands. Placing the flared cock tip once again to Rob's open and twitching ass slit I rammed in! O, how he wailed and pushed back. Immediately his inner muscles gripped me.... I held onto his hips and worked away.

  "Work it for me," I grunted.

  "Ooohhhhhhhhh.............. Yeeesssssssssssss!" he replied, pushing back with force and squeezing my buried shaft.

  Both his hands now went down, between our legs and as one hand grabbed my swinging balls, squeezing them gently, as if willing them to pour their milky treasure into his anal recepticle. His other hand went to the spot where we were joint together - penis to ass hole, and played around his stretched ass ring and my rutting cock.

  His tight little ass was all hot and slimy as I fucked him and it seemed to chew at my cock, churning violently with every stroke and convulsing ferociously. I pulled back until only the flared tip remained inside that inferno, trapped by the tight sphincter and then gave a massive shove to send my frothing cock thundering its way deep into his belly. I repeated it a few times and his ass just went totally wild.... it felt as if it had taken a tighter grip of my cock and was pulling it right off me!..... yet at the same time a million tiny fingers played on the buried shaft and the exposed glans..... !!!!

  I buried my face in his shoulders and exploded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Suddenly the room was flooded with light catching me with my throbbing dick still planted deep in the spasming hole of Rob. I turned my head to see Alice standing by the open door a big smile on her face!

  "So,.... how was it?" she asked!!

  "Great sis!....... I love you." said Rob.

  Well, who was I to complain!



  That was 6 months back, now Rob visits us often and we get together regularly. I love the way he sucks my cock and its absolutely ecstatic to fuck that extremely tight butt hole of his. I also love the way he moves and thrashes about as I fuck him. And his loud moans are music to my ears! He claims to love it as much and my wife hasn't ever complained at having to share me with her brother. But one thing, she never joins us....... when her brother visits she uses the spare bedroom!


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