Watching the miners 6 : Tunnelling

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The elevator was packed and noisy with the apprehension thrum of pre work talk filling the sweaty air. The gates clanged shut behind me and the lift lurched shuddering into its slow descent. I was pressed hard against Peter, Burl and Jones. I could feel Burl behind me swaying with every movement of the lift, his denim covered package rubbing against my sore and pummelled arse. Unconsciously I flexed my cheeks and pushed back against him. In the grumbling descent I could feel his fat dick stirring behind me, lurching into life like a vengeful python. The image of Burl and Jones locked in their shower fuck still haunted my mind, there was something about that expression of lust on Burl's face as Jones pummelled into him that captivated me. I closed my eyes in the noise of the rushing elevator and moved back harder against him. I revelled in the feel of his hardening dick against my arse. He was rhythmically thrusting into me rubbing his denim-clad bulge over my eager arse.

The lift gave an almighty jolt and I felt myself caught in a man sandwich with the hulk of Peter pressed sweatily against me. He leered at me and pushed harder towards me. I could feel his large package rub against mine and his fat pecs ploughed into mine. Shocked I felt a finger subtly creep under the waistband of my jeans to stroke the tip of my fully erect penis. He withdrew a finger and brought it to his thick lips. A dark smile crossed his face as he tasted me.

Behind me Burl mumbled into my ear, `You liking this eh, smith?'

I said nothing but pressed harder against him.

`I want you up me man, you gonna fuck me? I know you do. I saw that look in your eyes when you was watching me and Jones go at it, you wanted some didn't you?'

I stood there in the rocking lift, stunned and not answering, amazed no one could see or hear what was going on.

Suddenly with a metallic thump we arrived. The dull sheen of the rock face reflected back the feeble lights that led off down the twisting shafts.

`Alright', barked the chief engineer. `A' group you're working on the north face, 'B' group you're the same. And I want a group to do some shaft clearing!' A groan emanated from the miners at the sound of this. However Burl and Jone's hand shot up immediately and so did Peter's thick fat arm.

`C'mon man.' Whispered Burl. `Put your hand up it'll be fun.'

Doubtful and wondering at my own actions I slowly raised my arm.

`Okay you four, you're on west shaft. There's been a small cave in, but don't worry nothing serious, just some donkey fucked up the props, sort it out guys.'

Begrudgingly I trudged off following the guys as various parties snaked off into different tunnels of their own. I walked behind them my mind on things other than mining, just staring fixated at Burl's swaying arse. It seemed to tempt me, a denim wrapped treat that longed to be plundered. He suddenly turned around and smiled at me with a knowing intent that stirred my package, and fuelled my lust for him.

It was hot in the depths and it was going to be hottest where we were going as the cave in had plugged the tunnel allowing no air to pass. Already I was sweating, covered in the sheen of first sweat, that made me and the guys shine and glow as we walked. Abruptly Burl stooped and stripped his T-shirt off, revealing that muscular hairy chest I longed to caress and kiss. Soon Jones had followed suit and then Peter. I could see Burl's white boxers riding up over his Jeans the sight fuelled me further I long to see him standing in his jockeys ready to strip and take what I could give. And I knew then, as we walked down that tunnel, that I was not going above ground without tasting his firm arse.

We rounded a sudden corner to find a heap of rubble and props blocking our way.

'Well guys this is our stop.' Declared Peter.

Burl came over to me and stood before me one hand caressing the curve of his side the other holding the Pneumatic drill.

'Aren't you hot mate...?' He asked. ' Here let me help you.'

With that he dropped the drill and placed his thick hands either side of my chest and pulled my top desperately over my head. He chucked the T-shirt to one side and placed a hand on my flat stomach. He fingers spread out and followed the contours of my chest sliding over the sweat, and exploring my subtly fur lined belly button.

'First sweat, I like that.' I could feel myself shudder with fear and apprehension and more crucially lust He sensed it and looked me deep in the eyes.

'Awh c'mon mate we've got a tunnel to unblock.'

And we a knowing wink he hoisted his drill and reluctantly we joined the others at the cave in to discuss how to tackle the blockage.

For hours we seem to toil. All thoughts of riding Burl lift my mind as we attacked the pile of scree and detritus. Soon we were filthy and sweating like pigs, black dust boiled over us as we drilled covering our sweaty torso in black lines that accentuated our every ripple. To tell the truth all thoughts of Burl hadn't really left me, I had kept my self-occupied by staring at his arse as it bobbed beneath his jeans wondering what it would be like to plunge my dick deep into him, to fell him clench around me. I shook my self and continued to plough into the wall, focusing hard I just keep drilling.

Finally after an interminable age lunch was called. Dripping with sweat we left the limitless blockage, and moved to a relatively clean area.

'My jeans are soaking.' Bellowed Peter.

And with that he eased his belt open, slid down his jeans and stood there in his white boxers with his crumpled jeans lying around his boots. His thick hairy thighs glistened with sweat and his soaked boxers strained against his meat leaving it clearly visible through the fine material.

'Yeah good idea mate!' Called Burl and Jones in unison, pulling their belts open and sliding down their jeans. Burl was wearing to my sheer delight a tight white jock, He was facing away from me and the straps pulled his cheeks apart. I gazed admiringly, he turned round slowly as if knowing I was staring. Like Peter his Jock was soaked with sweat allowing me to see his fat tight curled dick straining against the pouch. I nearly leapt from the floor to bury my face in his groin, but trembling I sat there waiting. The guys stood above me glorious in their nakedness, they glistened with sweat in the lamplight whilst the dust defined each sweep of their r chests. I needed to fuck with these guys and I needed to do it soon..

Peter bent down in front of me and grabbed me by the belt buckle and hauled me to my feet.

'C'mon don't be shy.' I wasn't feeling shy and whilst he pawed my belt open I obligingly dropped my jeans. I had forgot I was not wearing boxers and stood there naked before them. I could feel my dick jump and grow to life. Burl chuckled. I stood and waited feeling their eyes upon me.

'I need a piss'. Peter declared. 'Get down on that floor!' I realised he was addressing me. I arched my eyebrows in surprise. 'You heard mate, c'mon it'll be fun.'

Inside of me something clicked into place. This was what I had wanted, dirty sex with filthy men in sordid places. I wanted to fuck. It was my road to Damascus, but somehow a lot more promising.

I scrabbled to the floor and knelt on all fours, like a dog beneath them. I tensed and waited for the piss to hit me, and soon it came pouring over my back, with warm strokes up and down my taught spine. Soon the stream was joined by two more, as Burl and Jones joined in. I revelled in the feel of the warn liquid hitting me, dripping down me cleaning the dirt off me. I looked round and up at the men as they proudly held their tools and discharged over me. Burl moved his aim and hit me squarely in the face. I opened my mouth to let the liquid into my mouth and hungrily drunk it down. On impulse I twisted around onto my back. I lay there and looked up as the piss rained down, I grabbed my hard dick and started to beat off.

'What the fuck is going on here?' The Chief engineer stood framed in the doorway. His faced was crippled with puzzlement. I lay there soaking and erect, waiting....

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