Watching the miners 7: Valve release.

The Chief stood framed in the dim light of the tunnel, his eyes darting from one face to another and finally back to me lying there sprawled on the dirty floor. I was scared, the chief was a bigot and a bully, he wouldn't care what the fuck we were doing but the fact that we were not working would be enough to dock our pay.

Yet he refused to speak, he just stood there looking down at me. I fumbled for words but realised nothing I could say would stop what he was going to do. I realised I was still clenching my erect shaft, belatedly I let it go.

With a deliberate slowness he walked closer to me, until he stood domineeringly above me. He wasn't a giant of a man, but his presence and position on the staff exuded a sense that was intoxicating, if it hadn't been so terrifying. He had cold blue, blue eyes that bored into mine, he was dark skinned and had obvious muscles that strained against his white vest. He had Celtic tattoos that ran over his left arm in dark ripples. Gently he knelt down beside me and placed a hand on my piss soaked chest, he brought his lips to my ears, and I felt sure he was going to kiss me.

'Get up, get dressed and get to work'. He whispered.

I felt relief and disappointment both at the same time. I almost felt that I had been led to expect more, to be punished by the Chief in the only way that my mind wanted at the moment.

The Chief's face hardened once more and he stood up abruptly.

'Okay!' He barked. 'All of you butt naked, now!'

The fearful group didn't utter a syllable of protest. Jones and Peter slid their boxers over their fat thighs and dropped them amongst the dust on the floor. Burl started to slide off his Jock, but the Chief halted him.

'Nah keep that on.' Then like the faltering rays of sunrise an idea seemed to cross the Chief's face. I watched him as a slow subtle smile crossed his face, and if I knew then what I had witnessed a few moments later I would have perfectly understood that leer and what it meant.

'Face that wall Burl.' The Chief commanded. With his head hung low, Burl moved over to the wall behind my head.

'Stand over him Burl, legs apart and hands on the stone!'

The Chief was obviously relishing every moment. Burl looked down at me as if to apologise. You can trust me that no apology was necessary, as the view I was getting was ample compensation. The chief moved behind Burl and with a business like movement zipped opened his fly and pulled out a satisfactory dick. He spat on his dust soaked hand and wiped it with relish over Burl's arse hole. I watched Burl's face as his eye's closed, with pleasure. I knew Burl now, he wanted to act the man, to have rough hard sex, but when he thought no one was watching, like in the showers that time (long ago now it seems now) his face would reveal his pleasure, his joy at being fucked. I switched my gaze and my attention back to the chief's face and dick, as it fattened and hardened. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Peter and Jones beginning to enjoy the show. My soaking dick too was straining to be used, as the Chief's was about to be. I lay on the stone and prepared to watch, but wishing it was I who had Burl lined up against that rock with the jock spreading his cheeks and my fat dick dripping pre cum, ready at the entrance to his hole.

Swiftly, without mercy, the Chief plunged his tool deep and carelessly into Burl. He emitted a satisfied grunt, whilst Burl moaned quietly with pain. His eyes filled with tears and I saw him bite his lip. My gaze switched back to the Chief's dick being plunged up to the hilt into his arse, the view I had was tremendous and the chief's balls swung low as he slapped into Burl.

Burl arched back against the still fully clothed mass of the chief. The Chief in response to his desperate thrusting brought a hand round and slapped him hard over a cheek. Burl moaned and thrust back harder still, the chief slid his hands down to Burl's hips, slowly pulled out leaving just his dripping tip inside, then slammed back into Burl's hole. This time Burl moaned out loud. He was desperate now straining his arms against the wall to force the Chief to fuck him deeper and deeper. But from where I lay on the floor the Chief needed no help as he continued to slam remorselessly into Burls' jockstrap spread arse.

I craned my neck up till my face was just below the pumping shaft and gingerly extended the tip of my tongue until it was nearly touching the space just above the Chief's balls. Poised I strained upwards, and gently licked the base of his shaft. As the chief pulled out I would quickly run my tongue up his dick until it met the warm wet hole of Burl, and as the Chief began his firm thrust I would slide my tongue down to his balls. The Chief moaned with pleasure as did Burl. The taste of The Chief was terrific it was deep and dark and gorgeous. Burl too had a taste about him that was salty and beautiful. I longed for the Chief to finish fucking Burl so that I could plunge my tongue deep into Burl's strained and sopping hole. The chief was picking up speed now as I lapped away at his slippery shaft and Burl's hairy crack.

'Fuck yeah, you're the man.' Whimpered Burl. The Chief grunted and rewarded the praise with a sharp and savage thrust that plunged his dick deep into Burl, who writhed back and sensuously moaned.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the squat hairy hulk of Peter and the muscle bound form of Jone's mesmerised by the image and feverish beating off. I watched Jone's hand crept round and cupped one of Peter's clenching cheeks.

Reluctantly I pulled my tongue of the Glistening shaft and lay back to watch. The chief was going at such a pace now that it was impossible to lick his fine dick. I lay back and stared up past Burls' throbbing shaft that held a jewel of pre cum to his enraptured face. His lips were parted and the tip of his shining tongue appeared briefly between brilliant teeth. His eyes were closed and his cheeks were flushed. His arm muscles throbbed and contracted as the chief forcefully pile drove into him. The chief was once more bringing his hand to harshly slap Burl on the arse, with each sharp slap Burl clenched sending the Chief into deeper and harsher thrusts. Suddenly the Chief roared and plunged deep into Burls battered arse. His whole body seemed to tense and fire into Burl. Burl violently sent him self-back onto the chief's discharging dick and I saw his arse cheeks clench hard against his shaft. The Chief panting and soaked in sweat slowly pulled his dripping shaft in and out of Burls' wet hole.

'Fuck me again chief, please.' Begged Burl. But the chief with a commanding air pulled slowly and completely out of Burl.

'Stop that!' He barked to Peter and Jone's as they wanked. 'Come here, kneel down and clean me off.'

The two men almost ran to the Chief and knelt before him. Soon they were lapping and slobbering over his slimy dick that was covered with his cum and the arse juices of Burl. Spurred on by the sight I got to my knees and turned my attention to the panting Burl who was still spread against the wall. His jockstrap spread red hole was before my face, I couldn't resist it and with my thick hands on either buttock I buried my face into his wet crack. It tasted great, his loose ring was dripping with juices and eagerly I lapped them up. I could taste the chief and plunged my eager tongue deeper into Burl. Above me I could hear Burl moan and start to clench in pleasure as once more his hole was plugged. I ploughed my why in between his tight cheeks, each stroke and thrust of my tongue taking me deeper into his moist hole. Burl was in ecstasy and he pushed hard against my head, forcing me deeper and deeper into his hole. I stroke his smooth cheeks with my callused hands and ran my fingers along the taught linen lines of his jock strap. I was going to have to fuck him. I gently slid my tongue out of his now sopping hole, and stood up.

'Burl would you like me to fuck you?' I quietly asked.

'Yeah, mate, hard, nice and hard.'

So slowly I positioned my throbbing shaft before his wet and pummelled tunnel. I knew it was not going to last long, so I decided to go in hard and fast. My dick quivered with anticipation and I gripped Burl roughly round the waist.

'Do it man.' He begged.

That was all the encouragement I needed, and without mercy I slammed the length of my fat dick into his slippery arse. My balls slammed into him and he writhed and moaned with pleasure. His warmth around my shaft was electric and the lubricant of the Chief's cum slid beautifully over my dick.

'Yeah give it to him hard mate!' Barked the chief behind me.

Jones and Peter were still on their knees before him cleaning his, now fully erect, ample tool. I watched as Jones undid the chiefs' jeans and slid them carefully down, the chief had amazing thigh muscles. I felt my dick jump in Burl, he moaned and pushed back.

'Come on fuck me man...' He pleaded.

I turned my attention to the prostrate figure before me, at his smooth dirt soaked back, and the shaven hair at his neck line. Slowly I pulled my dick pout feeling Burl clench around me. The glans of my penis stayed in his ring, and for a second I waited. A quick glance behind revealed the Chief now naked with Peter slurping at his dirty tool, and Jones buried in his arse. The Chief nodded at me as to let me begin.

I slammed hard again into Burl, pushing deeper and feeling gratified by the gasp he emitted. Harshly I gripped his round the waist allowing me leverage to slam into him, I pull out, all the way now, and pummelled back in., he moaned like a whore and desperately pushed back. I was a glorious feeling his tight slick hole clenching hard around my bursting dick as I pulled out completely and plunged back in, harder and faster.

I fucked Burl in a way that I have never fucked anyone, savagely and without restrained, he begged me between his moans to 'fuck him like a bitch' and I did not disappoint. I knew I would not last long, and soon I could feel my self start to boil. I began to thrust deep into his bowels, I could feel his cheeks spreading dangerously wide, but faster I fucked him. Soon I could feel myself start to cum, and with an almighty thrust I buried myself deep into to be rewarded with a gasp half pleasure have pain. I came and came, again and again I spurted deep into Burl every eruption to be greeted by a new moan form Burl. I slowed my paced down and continued to slowly fuck Burl through my lake of cum, lazily I slid in and out of his now sore and red arse.

I pulled out and left him gasping and covered in sweat as was I. He turned around and looked at me I could see through his jockstrap that he had cum, and a wry smile crossed his face.

'Mate, you should have come to the showers you know.'

I smiled and was about to get dressed, when something occurred to me.

'Why do you wear a jock strap to work Burl..?'

'Well.' He began,

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