We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 1 - Bathroom Visit

I had taken my twin sons to the mall so we could finish our Christmas shopping. I had given Jacob and Kevin money so they could buy each other a gift. As we were walking into the mall, I felt this urgent need to relieve my bladder. I turned to the guys, "Look guys, I need to go take a leak."

They shrugged their shoulders as if to say, `No big deal.' When I entered the bathroom, Santa was standing there relieving his bladder. I moved to the only empty urinal and pulled out my penis and started the flow of the liquid that had been building up inside my body since I had drunk an entire pot of coffee today.

I couldn't help myself but I looked over to see what Santa was packing and he had a very respectable piece of meat showing. For some reason I started to feel my penis swelling. Santa looked over at me, "I guess your cock is excited to see mine."

Jacob and Kevin had followed me into the restroom and Jacob challenged, "Dad, what's going on? Is Santa molesting you or what? Do you want us to come back for you?"

Santa turned around with his penis still hanging out of the opening in his suit, "Look you people with evil minds, everyone isn't always thinking in sexual terms like you spoiled brats. Now here's what's going to happen. You and your Dad are going to meet me at the Santa kiosk in an hour and a half and I'm going to teach you some things about being nice to your elders."

Both boys were taken aback when Santa tugged his penis before he stuffed it into his trousers and zipped up his fly. He washed his hands and turned to the two stunned sixteen year olds and pointed, "If you aren't at the kiosk, you ain't getting nothin' for Christmas. I'll have the elves take everything away from your house before you can see it."

The three of us watched as Santa departed. The guys turned to me and Kevin asked, "Dad, what was that all about? Why was the man flashing us?"

"Guys, believe me, I haven't the foggiest idea what just happened." I answered as I washed my hands. "Look why don't we meet at the clock tower in an hour. I still have a couple of small things that I need to pick up?"

Jacob looked at me, "Dad, are we going to meet that jerk at the Santa kiosk like he ordered. It might be fun to see what he wants. We can always tell him to buzz off if it starts to get weird."

I looked at Kevin, "What do you think, Kev?"

Kevin shrugged his shoulders, "It can't hurt anything and our dates aren't until eight o'clock anyway."

We went our separate ways, I only had several small items I wanted to get for the guys. I had taken a day off from work earlier to do most of my shopping for the guys while they were in school. Their big gifts were stashed in the neighbors' garages.

I was finished with my shopping in twenty minutes. I decided to go see what was happening at the Santa kiosk. There was a long line of children waiting to see Santa. I watched as he talked to several children. He looked up and saw me and motioned to one of the elves and whispered something to the young man.

The young man came over to me, "Santa said to tell you that he meant it when he said he wanted to see you and your brats here in about an hour."

I looked at Santa and stuck out my tongue and he did likewise. I walked back to the clock tower and sat on a bench trying to figure out what was happening. Oh, I guess, you would like to know who I am. Well my name is Steve Michaels. I'm 39 years old. I've been a widower for six years. I'm the Vice President of a large advertising agency here in town.

After my wife's death from cancer, I have just concentrated on being the best mother and dad that I could be for my two not so identical sons. Jacob has brown sparkling eyes and blond hair like his mother and Kevin has brown hair and pale blue eyes like I do . Both boys are built like me and are six feet tall and weigh about 165 pounds. We try to run for about three miles at least three mornings a week even when the guys are playing sports.

Kevin was the first to arrive at the clock tower. He opened his package and he had a video game and two DVDs. He looked at me, "I hope Jake likes them. I'll keep the receipt and he can return them if he doesn't like them. Dad, hold the package please, I need to go the bathroom. I hope I don't meet any more Santa Clauses in the bathroom."

Kevin had no sooner left than Jacob arrived, "Dad, I hope Kev likes this video game and these DVDs." He showed me what he had purchased. He looked at me and said, "I'll keep the receipt just in case."

I wanted to laugh because the guys each bought the same video game. It's a good thing the DVDs were different, but that was to be expected since Kevin liked country music and Jacob was into rhythm and blues.

As soon as Kevin returned, I told the guys what had happened when I was standing at the Santa kiosk. They started to laugh. Kevin spoke first, "We gotta' go see what he wants. He sounds like a total jerk."

As we arrived at the Santa kiosk, one of the elves was putting up a sign that read, `Santa will be back in ten minutes.'

As soon as the last child was finished, Santa walked toward us, "It's a good thing you're here. I've had the security people tracking you for the last hour and a half. Follow me."

He took us to a door that said security, "He turned to us, you guys wait for me here. I'll be back in five minutes."

Santa had no more than gone into the office than he came back out but something didn't look quite right. This Santa didn't seem as tall as the one we were with. Santa looked at us, "Hank said to tell you that he'll be right out." The Santa started to walk toward the Santa kiosk.

I don't think any of the three of us were prepared for what happened next. The door opened and a good looking guy dressed in jeans, western shirt and cowboy boots appeared wearing a cowboy hat. He looked at us, "Let's mosey partners. We ain't got all day. First I gotta' make a phone call." He pulled a cell phone out of his pocket, "Hey, Dusty it's me Hank, tell Momma that there will be three extra for dinner and two of them are starving teenagers. ... Yeah, we'll be there in about thirty and we'll eat after we swim. ... See you shortly."

Okay, so now we know the guy's name is Hank. He turned to us, "Where are you parked? Why don't we go get your car and then you can take me to mine which is parked in the back forty because I'm a lowly employee?"

We had been lucky and found a spot right outside the main entrance. We put our purchases in the trunk and Hank directed me to where his car was parked in the employee area. As he exited, he pointed to Kevin, "You come with me to make sure your Dad doesn't try to escape. Dude, just follow me. That's my gray BMW there."

Jacob had gotten in the front seat, "Dad, that guy is kinky. Why would someone who is driving a BMW be working as a Santa in a mall? We'll probably be going to some sort of tenement settlement. At least he can't do anything bad to Kevin while he is driving and we are following him can he?"

We were to find out later that Hank was giving Kevin the third degree, getting as much information about us as he could. We had never even introduced ourselves. We were totally unprepared for where he was leading us. All of a sudden, we were on the side of a mountain and entering a circular driveway. Hank led us to the garage area and two doors were opened. He motioned for me to park the lowly Avalon I was driving in the second bay next to his BMW. A Hummer was sitting in the third bay.

The garage doors closed and the door leading to the house opened and two little guys about six and eight ran to meet us, the older boy started, "Uncle Hank, we're going to go for a ride on an airplane, tonight. Will you be okay while we're gone?"

The younger of the two boys looked at us, "Uncle Hank, who are these people? They aren't going to hurt us are they?"

Hank stooped down, "No, Danny, I brought them here so I would have some company after your Daddy, Mother and you guys left. I don't want to be alone in this big house by myself while you are at Disney World."

Danny continued, "Uncle Hank, that is the greatest present ever." He hugged his Uncle Hank. Jacob and Kevin had tears in their eyes.

Hank looked at the two boys, "Guys, go get your Mommy and Daddy I want to talk to them. Tell them I mean now."

The boys came back with a young couple. The gentleman spoke, "Mr. Rodgers, the boys said you would like to talk to us."

Hank introduced everyone and looked at the young man, "Don't ever call me Mr. Rodgers again, do you understand, Dusty? When I am at home my name is Hank or Uncle Hank. Now, to the important things. The two of you and the boys need to eat, since the limo will be picking you up at 6:30 and taking you to the airport. One more thing, here is a small token of my appreciation for everything that Mimi and you do for me. Use it to make sure Danny and David have a good time on their vacation."

Dusty opened the envelope and started to cry, "But Daddy Hank, you've already done too much."

Hank hugged Dusty, "Look Dusty, you, Mimi and the boys are my only family and I can do what I want. Now go eat and we'll take care of everything else after we go swim. Come on Michaels family show me what you can do in the pool."

We walked to a heated enclosure that was adjacent to the house. We didn't even have to go outside. When we entered the domed area, we saw a big pool. Kevin and Jacob's eyes got really wide. Hank looked at us, "Okay, it's swim time."

Jacob resisted, "Look Mr. Rodgers, we don't have any suits."

Hank stood and took off his clothes and turned so we could all see him, "Haven't you ever heard of skinny dipping. Look, I put up the red flag as we came in and that tells everyone except Dusty to stay out. Now get your little butts in this pool before I throw you in clothes and all."

The boys responded and were naked before I could count ten. They joined Hank, and Hank looked at me, "Okay, it appears to me that your Dad needs help. Let's get him prepped."

I shed my clothes as the three of them started toward me. When they were about to get out of the pool, I dove over them with my dick hanging free and flopping in the air. Hank looked at the two boys, "Guys are you sure that your Dad isn't a Martian?"

The two boys started to laugh. Jacob added, "No, but he did qualify for the Olympics and slept at Green Roof Inn last night."

I climbed out of the pool, "Okay, you creeps, I challenge you all to one length of the pool doing each of the four basic strokes. We'll start with the strokes in alphabetical order. Now how are we going to get a fair start?"

Hank looked at me, "I'll set the automatic timer and it will sound when we should start. Our times will be posted on the board over there. I'm going to wax your asses."

We were interrupted when Dusty came in, "Dad, we're leaving now. Mimi has put your dinners in the warmer oven. He hugged Hank, we'll see you next week. The boys like your friends."

Dusty left and a recorded voice sounded, "On your marks, get ready, go as a gun sounded."

After the first three laps, we were almost even, but on the freestyle leg I pulled away and was standing on the end of the pool waiting for the other three to finish. The twins finished ahead of Hank and Jacob looked at Hank, "What took you so long, Santa, did your reindeer fall asleep?"

Hank looked at Jacob, "Up yours, Kid."

Hank looked at us, "Let's go eat. I have some rules at my house, first, everyone must wear a shirt with a collar to dinner and pants that keeps their dicks from bothering anyone."

Kevin looked at Hank, "So you're saying that all we have to wear is a dirty shirt and a smelly jock strap?"

Hank was having a difficult time maintaining his composure and muttered, "Up yours too, kid."

Neither Hank nor I were ready for the next comment from Jacob, "Dad, I think you had better pick up Mr. Hank's dick. It seems like it is stuck in a groove and all he can say is `Up yours, kid.'"

I put my hand around Hank's penis and it began to become enlarged. The twins obviously noticed and started to complain. "Come on you old men, we're hungry and we have dates at eight o'clock. We don't have time to watch you play with each other's apparatus now. We'll take rain checks and check you out later."

The two boys left and Hank looked up at me, "This is all your fault you know, I'm a total virgin." He reached up and kissed me, "Damn you, I swore I would never do something like this. Let's go join the guys."

The guys were in the kitchen, looking at the food, they pulled it out of the warmer oven and put it in front of us where the table was set. It was a delicious meal of veal parmesan served on a bed of noodles with a tossed salad. We were just finishing eating when Kevin's cell phone started to chime.

Kevin pulled it out of his pocket, "This is Kevin, what's up Cindy? ... Oh so it's started to sleet and the rain is freezing on the roads and the city has asked that only the essential driving should be done. I'll have Jacob call Katie and cancel the date. Maybe we can get together tomorrow night."

Kevin had no more than hung up than Jacob's cell phone started to chime. "Hey Katie, what's up? ... Oh, your parents have grounded you because of the weather. Okay, then, I'll call you tomorrow after the storm has passed."

Jacob looked out the window, "Okay you old men, it looks like we are stranded here until morning. Let's get this mess cleaned up and then find something to entertain us two virile teenagers."

Hank put his hand on my thigh and laughed, "If we see two virile twinks, we'll let you know. Now here, let me give you copies two of latest video games that I created, they should keep you busy for a couple of minutes."

Hank got up and went to a cabinet and pulled out two disks. "Here you go guys, enjoy the games."

Jacob and Kevin looked at the two DVDs. Jacob looked at the first DVD and screeched, "Hey this game wasn't released until last Sunday. Why are you giving us a copy of it? Do you realize that I need to take Kevin's Christmas gift back to the store now and find something else?"

I started to laugh, "Yeah, and I think Kevin might want to take his gift back too. Kevin, what did Mr. Rodgers give you?"

Kevin looked at his DVD, "I've never heard of this game. It looks rather cool. I haven't seen it advertised."

Hank shrugged, "Well that's probably because it isn't going to be released until after Christmas. We decided to not release two new games at the same time. The company wants to use each game to bring in the maximum amount of bucks."

Jacob looked at Hank, "Mr. Rodgers, why in the world are you working as a Santa in a mall? You seem to have everything here you need. Now where can we go to play these stupid games that you developed?"

Hank took us into a fully equipped game room and the guys started to play the new games. Hank and I sat down on a sofa and he was leaning against me.

Kevin turned around after they started the game that hadn't been released yet, "Holy mackerel, Mr. Rodgers, this is going to sell like hotcakes." He realized, that Hank and I were very comfortable. He looked at us, "Why don't you get a room? Speaking of which where are Jake and I going to sleep?"

Hank stood up, "You guys can have your own rooms or you can share one. Let me show you your options, you might want to bring the games with you in case you get bored."

We followed Hank upstairs and he took the guys to a suite that had a sitting room and all of the amenities. Guys, you can play the games on the computer. Now if you would like, there is another bedroom that one of you can sleep in."

Kevin asked, "Why would we want to do that? We have been sleeping in the same bedroom since we were born?"

Hank smiled at the guys, "Okay, your Dad and I are going to go take care of Nugget and the pups. They need some attention just like you two punks do."

That comment caused the boys to follow us down the steps. Hank opened a door and a beautiful golden retriever bounded in and jumped on him. She was followed by three puppies. The puppies started to jump up on me and the twins and we picked them up and held them and petted them and started to talk to them like they were little children.

Hank looked at us, "I guess that means you are stuck here forever. Nugget has never let anyone touch her young ones."

Hank went to make sure the dogs had everything they needed. When he returned, the puppy dogs disappeared. He looked at the boys, "Guys, your Daddy and I have some business to discuss. When and if you go to bed, please make sure everything is secure."

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Editor's Notes: I must say that this is a very interesting start to what might become another favorite story. I need more of this one. I mean, how can you go wrong when Santa is a main character? Let's see, I have never had a part in developing a story with a Santa in it before. (Just so you know, I actually have two of them, well, three or is it four? No it's five, if you count Shorty's Christmas as a separate story from Haven, Fire and The Last Phoenix, where Shorty also appears. All of those are by Str8mayb. I edit for him too, and they can be found on Paddedroom,us. There Is also my story called Snow, which involves a Store Santa, and is Co-written by Str8mayb.) How's that for blatant self promotion?

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