We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 10 - The Takeover

When we got back to the ranch, Kevin suggested, "Dads, you make sure the horses here are set for the night. Jake and I'll go check the other ranch and make sure the horses are okay. When you two finish, you can go play the hot sausage game or whatever you call it."

Hank looked at me and we didn't know whether to laugh or what. Hank bowed and backed away, "Yes master, whatever you say master."

Kevin turned and gave him the signal for up yours.

We did as the guys suggested and as we were walking to the house Hank stopped and put his arms around me, "Steve, I love you and want you and the two boys to move in with me permanently."

I looked at Hank, "Hank, this is precisely the sort of thing that we need to discuss with the guys. We also need to consider what Dusty, Mimi, David and Danny would think. What about Tim and Tad? There are a lot of people that we need to consider before we do anything that drastic."

"Hank, please can we just get through this ordeal of tomorrow first, and we can talk about it more then? Come on, let's go take a shower together and see what happens."

As soon as we walked into the bedroom and the door was shut, Hank started to shed his clothes and dropped them on the floor leaving a trail to bathroom, "Come on slow poke. I want to see what that hot sausage looks like."

I shed my clothes and carefully put them in the dirty clothes hamper. Hank came and grabbed me, "Stop playing games with me." He practically pulled me into the shower. "I'll get you good and clean and then you can reciprocate."

He shampooed my hair and then took body soap and proceeded to make sure that my entire body was clean. He played with my nipples and moved down to my belly button and finally had my penis and testicles in his hands and I was extending to full length. He knelt down and made sure my legs and feet were clean, and as he started back up my legs he totally surprised me.

I couldn't believe that he put my penis in is mouth and started to apply a suctioning motion. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes as if asking if he was doing to it correctly. He kept up the action and actually gagged several times because he tried to take too much of my penis at one time. I couldn't believe the sensations I was feeling it was like there was electricity running through my legs, "Hank, pull away! I'm about to release a huge dose of semen."

Hank didn't pull away. In fact he tried to take even more of me in his mouth. I fell against the shower wall and my body was shaking. It had been a long time since I had felt anything that intense. Hank stood and pointed to my leg, "Stevie, look what you made me do."

I looked down and there was some white liquid on my left leg where his penis had been rubbing against my leg. I pulled him into a kiss and thought, `This is all she wrote.'

I quickly made sure his body was clean and when we were dry, we were lying on the bed with Hank playing with my minimal body hair on my chest. "Steve, I am hopelessly in love with you. We have to figure out how to make this work so no one gets hurt."

The conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. Cowboy called out, "Come in Nugget and the rest of you." He pulled the sheet over us as Kevin and Jacob entered the room with the four dogs.

The guys sat down on the sides of the bed and Caesar and Mark Anthony jumped on the bed and quickly rearranged the sheet so that Hank and my penises were exposed. The twins didn't even react.

Jacob started, "Dads, if the two of you are going to be in a relationship, where are we going to live? I mean you have Dusty and his family and Tim and Tad are going to be arriving soon. We certainly don't need four houses. We have our house and then the house on the hill, this ranch and the ranch next door. There is no way we can take proper care of the four properties, the 20 horses and the four golden retrievers."

Hank sat up and crossed his legs, and his rather large penis was showing for the boys to see, "Guys, you're asking questions that even I haven't thought about. Why don't we get all the players together after the memorial service for Bill and we can decide what to do. The problem may be even more complicated after the events of tomorrow are done. I promise, we will invite you into the decision making process. Now get your bodies out of here so I can have my way with your dad."

The twins kissed us and then left with the four dogs.

Hank fell against me, "Stevie, how can you doubt that we were meant to be together. I can not believe how mature our sons are. They didn't even look at my exposed dick."

I couldn't help myself, "Hank, honey, they are both probably packing more than either of us and besides, they saw us nude when we were swimming. Now give Daddy a kiss and go to sleep, so you are fresh to face the witch in the morning. I do love you, Cowboy."

Hank's tears started to flow. He hugged me as tight as he could, "Steve, I never I thought I would be so glad to hear those words. I just hope Kevin and Jacob feel the same."

I hugged Hank and kissed him again, "Hank, don't you understand that the boys were saying that they were fine with our arrangement when they asked where we were going to live. They are right. We need to include them, Tim and Tad and Dusty and Mimi in the decision making process if we are all going to be living together. There are probably going to be some very rough times, but we need to try to anticipate them."

I pulled Hank as close as I could, "Hank, please don't try to control the family like you do your business or it will fall apart."

Hank started to cry, "Steve, it's going to be very difficult for me to try not to control everything. I have had to do that for fourteen years. I am going to need your assistance and help to break the habit. I'm sure that our sons aren't going to buckle into me."

I kissed Hank, "Go to sleep, Cowboy, you are going to be very busy tomorrow."

We were awakened by Kevin and Jacob the next morning. Kevin started on us, "The Sherriff called and suggested that we bring you some coffee and check to see if there was any timber that needed to be trimmed before breakfast. What kind of eggs would you like this morning: fried, scrambled or raw?"

Jacob continued, "We was wonderin' if you old men want to go running with us this morning?"

Hank jumped out of bed and grabbed Jacob, "Watch it, Kid, I'm only 20 years older than you so I'll pound your ass into the ground. Your old man and I'll be down in five minutes, so you'd better be ready."

We ran the entire way to the other ranch and made sure that the horses were fine and went back and checked on the stable at the house. As we were walking to the house, Hank dictated, "I'm going to take a quick shower by myself while someone fixes me a fried egg sandwich. I need to get to The Advertising Agency before the auditing team arrives."

As we were eating, Hank explained, "Guys, please don't go into town until late this afternoon unless it is absolutely necessary. I don't want the witch Clark to suspect where you are. Knowing her devious mind, she is probably having your house watched. Steve, I'll call you on your cell phone with instructions and tell you what to do. He turned to Kevin and Jacob, "Guys, please trust me in this."

Hank left in my car and we went to put on our work clothes. I figured I could help the guys with taking care of the horses or I was going to be bored to death. We took care of the horses in the stable first and climbed into the truck with the four dogs riding in the back. I was afraid that they would be excited but they just lay there until we arrived at the other ranch. We walked into the stable and Kevin yelled, "Call Dr. Mansfield. Her number is right there next to the phone. Come on, Jacob, we're about to be midwives again."

I made the call and Kathy said she would be here shortly. The horse delivered a bouncing baby colt. Kevin stood and Jacob yelled, "Come on Kev, we have another patient that needs our help."

They had just delivered the second foal, which was a bouncing baby filly, when Kathy Mansfield arrived. Kathy looked at me, "Mr. Michaels, why do you people keep calling me when your sons are doing such a fine job?"

Kevin looked at Doctor Mansfield, "Ma'am, we're just learning the trade of being midwives for horses. You need to check them over. Dad, call Mr. Rodgers and tell him that he has two new foals."

I called Hank on his cell phone, "What's the problem, Steve?"

"No problem, Mr. Rodgers. Kevin, directed me to call and tell you that you had two new foals. One is male and the other is female. Doctor Mansfield is checking the creatures out as we speak."

"Steve, I was just getting ready to call you. Please be sitting in Jacob's car outside the offices at three thirty this afternoon. I'll send someone for you when I want you to come in. I have some major surprises for everyone. Bring your check book, please. Gotta go, the witch is coming."

Doctor Mansfield looked at Kevin and Jacob, "For being city boys, you are pretty good ranchers. Maybe you should consider becoming veterinarians."

We went back to the other stable, cleaned up, went into the house and I fixed some lunch for us. "Guys, what should we fix for Dusty and his family when they get back?"

Jacob looked at me, "Dad, why don't we fix something simple like spaghetti. We can fix the sauce in the crock pot so it is ready when we get back. We have no idea of how long this meeting at the Ad Agency is going to take. That way Mimi can make sure the boys can eat when they are hungry."

The guys found everything that they needed and started the sauce then went to play video games. I decided to take a shower and lay down on the bed and the next thing I knew was that I was being awakened, "Dad, you need to get ready to go to the office. Kevin and I are ready to go."

Jacob looked at me, "Dad, everything is going to be fine. Mr. Rodgers called to say things had gone better than he expected. He said that you weren't to be surprised or even acknowledge what was happening. He wanted us to remind you to bring your checkbook."

I quickly got dressed and even put on a tie and a jacket and Jake drove us to the parking lot and my parking space just happened to be open. We were sitting there for approximately ten minutes when a gentleman approached us, "If you are Mr. Michaels and his sons, Mr. Rodgers would like for you to go to the room next to the conference room. He has arranged for you to hear the proceedings from there."

The man led us to a room next to the conference room, we heard "Mrs. Clark, I have a proposal based on the findings of my auditing team. I will offer you $500,000.00 for your share of the company and I'll deal with the monster Mr. Michaels when he finally shows. Now if you will sign these papers that my legal department has prepared, we are prepared to issue you a check for that amount."

We could almost hear Mrs. Clark hyperventilating, "I'll accept your offer Mr. Rodgers. It will be worth seeing Mr. Michaels being humbled."

Jacob and Kevin looked at me asking what was going on? I shrugged my shoulders. The next thing we heard was, "Mrs. Clark, here is a certified check for $500,000.00. Now if you will sign this statement which states that you received it, we can get on with the rest of the proceedings. Cynthia, would you please bring in our mystery guests so they can witness what is about to happen in person?"

Cynthia was smiling as she came and got us. She whispered, "I think the witch is about ready to take a fall."

I walked into the conference room with Kevin and Jacob. Hank looked up, "Mr. Michaels, I hope you brought your check book. You owe me $500.000.00 dollars for the rest of the business. While you're writing the check, I have some things to say to Mrs. Clark and Mr. Joseph Pagliano."

He handed Janet the document she signed and asked her to read it. She started to read, "I will give up all things that have been purchased with company funds."

Janet looked at him with hate in her eyes, "What in the hell does that mean?"

Hank leaned down and was practically spitting on her nose, "We want the keys to your and Joey's cars. Just so you know, they have been towed. Second, the house where you are living, now belongs to the company. Thirdly, we want all of the credit cards that you and your precious Joey have, because the company is not going to be paying for the charges anymore. In fact, my legal department is filing charges against you and Mr. Joseph Pagliano for grand theft and embezzlement."

Hank wasn't done, "Oh honey, for your information; Joey has been seeing at least three other women on the side and collecting money from them as well. We have had a freeze placed on his assets, which are considerably more than yours. The other women involved are prepared to file charges against him. Unless the two of you are out of town within the next two hours, you are going to find yourselves as visitors of the state correction facilities."

Hank looked at Cynthia, "Ma'am, would you please call the staff to the conference room?"

Janet started to spit words so vile that I can't possibly even write them. Police officers escorted Janet and Joey boy out of the room.

Most of the staff was assembled and Hank stood, "Ladies and gentlemen, as of now, the sole owner of this business is Mr. Stephen Michaels. He will be holding a meeting of all of the people who wish to continue to work here tomorrow at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. Oh, I almost forgot, Mr. Conroy, you're service are no longer needed. You stood by and let Mrs. Clark almost cause this company to fail. In fact, we have evidence that you have been skimming money from the company for ten years and unless it is repaid, you will be spending time in jail."

Hank turned to me. I stood, "I look forward to talking to those of you who wish to remain with the firm. There will be some major position changes. Things have happened so fast that I haven't had time to figure out what would be best for the firm. I do know this; the sales team better get out there when we return from the New Year's break and bring us some new customers or we are all going to be in the unemployment lines."

About 70% of those in attendance stood and applauded.

I added, "If there is anyone you know who is not here today, please call them and advise them of the meeting in the morning. Ladies and gentlemen, if we work together, we can make us the number one Advertising Agency in the city. Now if you will excuse me, I have some thinking to do."

The employees filed out and I guess I just lost it because I collapsed. When I came to, Kevin was holding my head and Hank was rubbing my pubic area. I heard Jacob saying, "Dad, are you okay?"

I stood up, "Guys, I'm fine. The shock of the events this afternoon got to me. My poor feeble brain can't think as quickly as the three of you. We need to get home so, Danny and David don't think we have forgotten them, and besides, we need to go check on the latest arrivals."

I rode with Hank and the twins rode in Jacob's car. I don't know what happened in Jacob's car but I know what happened in my car which Hank was driving. "Cowboy, I feel so small and insignificant. I don't know if I can handle being in charge of the agency."

He put his hand on my thigh and spoke very quietly, "Mister, I'd hire you in a minute if you were available. If you don't stop talking like that, I'll kick your butt in front of Danny, David and the twins."

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