We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 11 - The Announcements

When we arrived at the ranch, we were met by four dogs and two very excited young guys. "Grandpa Hank, there are two new colts in the stable. Where did all of the horses come from? Did you bring some from the other stable?"

Hank leaned down, "Danny and David, slow down. Shouldn't you at least say hello to your Uncle Steve and his sons, Kevin and Jacob?"

He gave them a kiss and they came to greet the three of us. Kevin took charge, "Come on men, we need to go change our clothes so we can take care of the horses."

Danny had hold of Kevin's hand and David had Jacob's hand and the two guys were asking the two boys about their trip to Disney World. Of course the four dogs abandoned us. We walked into the house and Dusty was fixing dinner which I thought was odd. He turned to us, "Mimi's resting. She doesn't feel too well."

The four young guys came back and Jacob announced, "Mr. R., we're going to take your truck to the other ranch to check and make sure the horses are okay. We'll be back in about an hour. We'll check the stable here or perhaps you old men can check them and make sure they are okay while we're gone. Come on men and beasts."

Hank, Dusty and I watched as Kevin and Jacob made sure that Danny and David were buckled in and that the dogs we settled in the back before they started down the road.

Hank looked at me, "Stevie, you heard your sons, we need to go check on the horses and make sure they are settled for the night."

Hank and I changed clothes and as we were leaving to go to the barn, Dusty hugged Hank, "Dad, I think you have lost control to two teenage gentlemen. You better be careful or they'll be running your gaming business too."

I watched and was jealous because there was evidently a lot of love between Dusty and Hank.

As we were walking to the barn, Hank explained, "Danny has a check-up tomorrow. That's why they had to come home tonight. He seems fine, but his blood count has been way off balance. It has to be working on Mimi and Dusty. I can't remember Mimi being ill since she had David." He stopped and looked at me, "You don't suppose she's pregnant again? Do you?"

I put my arm around Hank, "Relax, lover, if she is, they will tell you when the time is right. Now come on, we have work to do."

We went into the stable and the horses appeared to be fine and have everything they needed. As we were leaving, the horses let us know that they were unhappy. Hank turned to me, "Stevie, your sons have spoiled these horses; they think they need a reward for being good. Here, take these sugar cubes and give them each one. We don't want them to develop diabetes."

As we were exiting the barn, the truck pulled in. Kevin was in control, "Okay men, we need to get washed up for dinner. Let's go see how we can help."

We followed the four boys into the house. They took off their shoes and went into the mud room and washed their hands. Danny and David had to go to the bathroom. Jacob and Kevin went to see how they could help with dinner. Mimi had resurfaced, but she still didn't look too good. She smelled the food, "Guys, I would just like a cup of herbal tea and some toast. I'm not feeling real good."

David spoke up, "Mommy and Daddy are making us a brother and maybe a sister. The doctor couldn't tell yet. The airplane ride made Mommy sick."

Dusty looked at David, "So much for the surprise, Son."

David looked up from his spaghetti, "Daddy, you didn't tell us we couldn't tell.

Dusty looked at him, "Son, you're right. Dad, we're expecting twins the end of June. Is it okay if we stay here at least for a while. Mimi is going to need to stay at home and hopefully I can find a job in the Advertising business."

I raised my head, "Dusty, what is your master's degree going to be in?"

Dusty looked at me, "I'll have a double degree. The first is Computer Design and the second is in Marketing."

I looked at Hank, "Cowboy, you planned this didn't you?"

Hank shook his head no, "Believe me Stevie, I had no idea that Dusty and Mimi might want to stay in the area. I thought because of Mimi's major in Fashion Design, they might be moving to one of the larger cities."

Hank looked at Dusty and Mimi, "Dustin and Mimi, the ranch next door has always been in Dusty's name. The house isn't as big as this one, but it is big enough for a family of eight. In fact we will move your four horses over to that ranch and bring four of the others back here. The house is already furnished and the boys wouldn't even need to change schools."

I looked at Jacob and Kevin and shook my head to signify they shouldn't say anything.

Hank suddenly realized he was doing it again. He added, "Of course there are always other alternatives, if you want to explore them."

Dusty asked, "Dad, that would be perfect, but what about Bill, Tim and Tad? Where are they going to live?"

The boys and I were watching Hank to see what he was going to say. "Bill died Monday night. I have been assigned as Tim and Tad's legal guardian so I thought I would have them move into this house with me. I haven't discussed this with the guys yet, so nothing is firm. I was also thinking that perhaps Mimi's parents might move in with you, now that Mimi is pregnant with twins."

Dusty spoke up, "Dad, if Dad Ross and Mom Rosa moved in with us, who would take care of you and this place?"

"Justin and Lenny will be back on Monday, and if I have my way, I have four strong teenagers to make sure everything is in order. But we'll sit down on Sunday after Tim and Tad get here and we'll have the New Year's party on Saturday, since New Year's Eve is on a Sunday."

Danny looked up, "Granddad, what party?"

Hank pointed to Kevin and Jacob. "They're having a party here in the afternoon on Saturday and they have ten friends coming and Tim and Tad are going to bring their girlfriends. After they eat, we're going to go back to the house on the hill so they can go swimming."

David looked at Jacob, "Do Danny and I get go swimming too?"

Jacob smiled, "Yep, if your Daddy and Mommy say it is okay."

Both boys smiled.

Hank changed the subject, "Kevin and Jacob, you need to plan what you want to eat at the party and I'll give you my debit card so you can go buy the food. You probably should plan on enough to feed twenty-four."

Kevin slipped, "Dad R., we thought we would keep the food simple. We thought we would just have hamburgers, hotdogs and some of those sausage things like we had last night."

Danny picked up on what Kevin said, "Kevin, why did you call Granddad, Dad R.?"

Hank looked at me and the twins. "Everyone, I have asked Mr. Michaels and his two sons to move in with me. That is another thing we are going to discuss next Sunday when we sit down for our family meeting."

Dusty looked at us, "Hey guys, welcome to the family. Dad, it's about time you settled down. It will be a lot easier for me to agree to move to the other ranch, and besides we will be close enough to make sure that you men aren't misbehaving."

I watched as Kevin gave Jacob the up yours signal and they started laughing. Kevin broke the mood, "Come on men we need to take care of the dishes while these old people talk."

After the table was cleared and the boys were in the kitchen, Hank asked, "What time is Danny's appointment tomorrow?"

Mimi spoke, "We need to be at University Medical Center at 2:00."

I'll meet you there, since I need to go into town with Steve in the morning. Dusty, would you please ask the guys to come in for a minute.

The guys came in and Kevin looked at us, "What's up? Did you miss us or something?"

Hank glared, "Nothing's up and no we didn't miss you or something. I was curious what your plans were for tomorrow."

Jacob answered, "Dad R., we were just talking about that. We thought since Danny has an appointment tomorrow afternoon, we'd go into town in the morning and order the food for the party, and then we would be here to take care of David in the afternoon while Danny was at the hospital."

Hank nodded, "Thanks guys, you just answered my questions without me having to ask anything."

Kevin asked, "Uncle Dusty and Aunt Mimi, what time do you want the guys to go to bed? We're going to take them and give them their baths and get them ready for bed and watch a video."

Mimi looked surprised, "I think they should be in bed tonight by eight o'clock since it has been a long day and Danny needs to be rested for his appointment tomorrow."

Kevin and Jacob turned to the guys, "Come on, men, you heard your Mother. Let's get a move on."

The four young guys left and Mimi laughed, "That has got to be a first. Danny and David didn't even put up a fight. Guys, if you will excuse me, I'm going to go get ready for bed also."

After Mimi left, we went into the living room and I asked, "Dusty, how much more college work do you have, to get your master's degree?"

Dusty grinned, "I have one course and my dissertation to complete. My dissertation is 80% completed and the course is only offered once every two years and is scheduled for 7 to 9 on Mondays and Wednesday evenings. It is one that a lot of established professionals take."

I nodded, "So you would be open to a job offer then?"

"You can bet your boots on that, Dad Michaels."

I looked at Hank, "Cowboy, you set this up didn't you?"

Hank vigorously shook his head no. I continued, "Dustin, when we're at home, you can call me Dad Steve when no one is around if you wish, but Dad Michaels is unacceptable. At work you will call me Mr. Michaels and I will call you ..." I stopped and looked at Dusty and Hank. "Guys, I don't even know Dusty's and his family's last name."

Both of them were laughing and Hank was able to finally speak, "Stevie, it's an easy name so you shouldn't have any trouble spelling it. Their last name is Summers."

It was as if a light went on in Dusty's head, "Dad Steve, does this mean you're offering me a job? If so what would I be doing?"

I laughed, "Son, thanks to your other Dad, I now am the sole owner of the second largest advertising agency in the city. You would be working directly for the President of the company which just happens to be me as my personal assistant. Your major job will be to make sure that day to day operations are running smoothly. I also expect that you will make it so we become the largest ad agency in this city. Any other questions? Just don't ask me how much the job pays. I haven't got that far in my planning yet."

Dusty decided to play Mr. Cool, "Mr. Michaels, I need to discuss this proposition with my family and my Dad. What time do we need to leave for the office in the morning?"

Hank was sitting there laughing. I looked at him and glared, "We'll leave about eight since the meeting is at ten and I need to talk to some people before the meeting and look at some files. You are coming with us aren't you Mr. Rodgers?"

Our discussion was interrupted by David in his pajamas, "Daddy, we're going to sleep in Uncle Jacob's and Uncle Kevin's room, okay?"

Dusty nodded okay and as soon as David disappeared, Dusty started on me, "Mr. Michaels, what is it about you and your sons. First, you steal my Dad's heart, and now your sons have stolen my sons from me. You're beginning to act like Dad. I'm going to go check on Mimi and tell her what's happening. I'll see you in the morning."

As soon as Dusty left, Hank pulled me against him, and held me, "Stevie, don't ever tell me that you're mind doesn't work overtime. Just forget what is happening and relax. You're tighter than a drum, now just relax. He laid me back on the sofa and I looked up at him, "Why, whatever do you mean, Sir?"

He bent down and kissed me on the lips. We heard two voices laughing, "Honestly Dads, we can't trust you alone for a minute. You really do need to be more discreet now that we have a lady and two impressionable young boys in the house."

Kevin looked at Hank, "Dad, can we have an eggnog with a little sleeping potion? We need it after what Danny told us."

Hank nodded yes and added, "Why don't you bring us one, too, and then you can tell us what Danny said?"

We were sipping our eggnogs and Jacob told us what Danny had said, "He told us that the last time he went to the doctor's he told him and his parents that he would probably need a bone marrow transplant, but they needed to find a donor who would match his blood type perfectly. What does that mean exactly?"

Both Hank and I were at a loss as to how to answer that question. Hank suggested, "Guys, why don't we go do a Google search on the subject and see what we can find out. Let's lock up and go to my office and see what we can find out."

We made sure the downstairs was secure and went to the office in Hank's bedroom. Hank hooked up the large screen to the computer and started the search and handed the controls to Jacob and Kevin who were sitting on the floor and they started to flip through the articles until they found one that seemed to tell them about what happened during the process. Jacob turned around to me, "Dad, can I please be tested to see if I can be a donor for Danny if he needs it?"

Hank was holding me and weeping. I looked at Jacob, "Jake, why don't we wait until we see what the doctors say tomorrow and then we can decide. Now, why don't you two go entertain yourselves. I need to think about what is going to happen tomorrow."

The guys kissed us goodnight and I was surprised when neither of them had any smart remarks to say. As soon as they had left the room Hank started to undress, "Get with it mister, you owe me one from last night."

I went to make sure the door was locked and just stood there and shed my clothes and went and pushed the Cowboy into the shower and started to wash his body as he had done mine last night and when I was sure he was clean I reciprocated and I thought he was going to pass out.

He was crying, "Steve, that was so intense. Now that you have taken one half of my virginity why don't you take the other half since you still are up and ready?"

"Cowboy, when we do that, I want to be able to see your face. I don't want it to seem like I'm raping you."

We got out of the shower and quickly dried our dripping bodies and went to the bed. Hank lay down on his back and handed me a bottle of lubricant. I applied it to the appropriate body parts and assumed the ready position. I applied only a small of pressure and before long I was fully embedded and I hadn't sensed that Hank was grimacing. I leaned down and kissed him and he simply said, "Steve, I'm all yours."

I couldn't last long under these conditions and before I realized what was happening, Hank was spraying our chests with his white cream while I deposited mine in his interior. I pulled away from him and kissed him, "Hank, now you've done it. You've stolen my heart. I suppose you going to throw me away now?"

Hank pulled me close, "Steve, I love you. How can you even suggest that I would throw you away and besides who would want me now that you defiled me in every way?"

I pulled away from him, "I guess we will have to have a family meeting in the morning to discuss that. In the meantime, I'm going to get a warm wash cloth and clean up the mess that you made."

I got up and unlocked the door just in case, and got the wash cloth and cleaned us both off. When I got back into bed, Hank hugged me, "Thanks Stevie, now I'm totally yours. We have to make this family thing work."

Author's Note: If you would like to read more of this story and other interesting stories, you might want to go to www.tickiestories.us.

Editor's Notes: I certainly hope they find a perfect match for Danny. It is such a terrible thing when young people have such a devastating illness. I don't know why it seems so much worse than it does in an adult, but it does. I suppose it is because the young person has not had time to experience a full life.

Of course, what with Hank being Santa Clause, I can at least hold out the hope that things will work out for the best.

It looks like the family is beginning to meld together. They all seem to be getting along really well. Steve and Hank have really bonded to each other and their respective new family members. I am really excited about this story and I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher