We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 12 - Decisions, Decisions

Hank and I were awakened the next morning by two little bodies dressed in jeans and their western shirts. "Granddads, Kevin and Jacob said that you needed to get ready to go to work. Breakfast is going to be ready in twenty minutes."

Danny and David were joined by Caesar and Cleopatra. The dogs were pulling at the sheet but Danny and David were holding it in place since they were sitting on our chests and our lower bodies couldn't be exposed. Hank kissed the two guys, "Go tell the bosses we'll be there shortly."

Danny and David left and Caesar and Cleopatra took off after them. Hank pulled me close, "So much for any fun in the mornings."

We quickly got ready for the day and when we got downstairs, Mimi was not there again. David looked at us, "Mommy got sick when she smelled the bacon and went to the bathroom. She's in the bedroom resting."

Dusty looked at me, "Mr. Michaels, maybe I should stay here and take care of Mimi and the boys."

Kevin spoke up, "Uncle Dusty, Jacob and I can take care of the guys. If anything happens, we can call Dad on his cell phone. We'll call if we need you. We'll make sure Aunt Mimi is okay."

When we got to the office, I went to Human Resources office and the young clerk who was there helped us pull the files of the people I wanted to check on. I had pretty much made up my mind who I wanted in which position and wanted to get Hank's and Dusty's read on the people. We reviewed the files after they concurred with my inclinations and we went to the President's office. When I walked in, I almost barfed because it had been totally trashed. There was a big sign on the wall written in lipstick, "We'll get even with you, you queer."

Hank looked at me, "Steve, I guess you will need to stay in your old office until your custodial and maintenance people can get this mess cleaned up. I think that you should think about hiring some security people. I also think that you should have the locks changed as soon as possible. There is already a security detail at the house and the locks have been changed. It is apparent that the witch Clark and her little toy haven't left town."

I looked at Hank, "Hank, I'm not sure I'm ready for this mess."

"Of course you are. We need to make every moment count to make sure that they don't do anything else. It's a good thing we took the financial records away when we left yesterday. I'm sure those are what they were really after."

Hank wasn't done, "Let's go to your office while you get ready for your meeting. I'll have Cynthia show Dusty around the facility while I make some phone calls."

I knew this wasn't going to be as simple as it sounded, and I was getting nervous about what I was going to say. I sat down and tried to make some notes and nothing seemed to be coming out right. I guess I was staring off into space when Cowboy came into the office. "Cowboy, I don't think I can do this."

Hank looked at me, "Lover, after last night, I know you can do this. Now get your ass in gear. The conference room is full. The people realize that this is not a good time to be looking for new jobs." He didn't stop there. He pulled me into a tight embrace and forced his tongue into mouth and kissed me. "There, that should keep you until tonight. Now get out there and wow the employees."

I walked to the podium, "Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for coming today. We had some vandalism during the night. I invite you all to stop by the President's office and see for yourselves what the former president and her friends have done. Now, as to the reason you are here, I want to introduce you to the new department heads. Mrs. Cheryl Lee is going to be the new head of the Sales Department. Mrs. Lee has been with this company since it started and has consistently been one of our most successful sales associates each month."

The new head of the Production Design is going to Mr. Thomas Alexander. I have worked with Mr. Alexander and he is not afraid to think outside the box."

"Mrs. Cynthia Wright will continue to be my secretary and administrative assistant. I have one other appointment to announce. Mr. Dustin Summers will be joining the staff as my personal assistant. Just so you know, Dusty is married and he and his wife have two beautiful sons. The Summers announced last night that they are expecting twins in June. Dusty, would you like to say a few words?"

Dusty was surprised but he moved forward and spoke quite eloquently, "Thank you, President Michaels. Just so everyone of you know from the get go, I will be completing the work for my master's degree in May with majors in Computer Design and Marketing. I toured the facility this morning and we need to get President Michaels off his bottom and update the equipment. There are some great programs out there that will make everyone's job easier. We'll bring in qualified persons to help us learn the programs."

Dusty looked out and asked, "Would the marketing people please raise their hands so I can see you?" The sales staff raised their hands and Dusty continued, "I would like to meet with you people. Our customers need to realize that the days of advertising in the newspaper and the media are numbered because more and more people are relying on the Internet for their information. We can't ignore the newspapers and media but we need to design our advertising to reach all ages of clients. Many times we forget that teenagers such as Mr. Michaels' sons are a good barometer of what is going to sell."

Dusty turned to me, "Thank you for giving the opportunity to speak, President Michaels."

I looked at Hank and I was thinking, `How do I follow that?' As I was walking to the podium, we heard a voice on the intercom, "Mr. Michaels, we have just apprehended three people breaking and entering. What do you want us to do with them?"

Hank spoke before I could, "Please bring them to the conference room so we can formally charge them."

The people in attendance were watching the doors as the police officers brought in Janet Clark, Joey Pagliano and Mr. Conroy. They were in hand cuffs. Hank looked at them, "Well, if it isn't the embezzlers of the Michaels Ad Agency. Officers, please book these three persons on charges of breaking and entering, grand theft and embezzlement. We'll be at the station shortly to file formal charges."

He handed me a note and I looked at it as I was walking to the podium, "Ladies and gentlemen, this certainly has been an interesting morning. First I find my office has been vandalized and then my newest employee rips into me. Now we have this breaking and entering by three past employees. I guess I'm not the most popular person on the planet. I have one last announcement. Cynthia will be at the front door and will be issuing each of you a card that will enable you to gain entry into the facility. You will be asked to enter your pin number each time you enter the facility."

I looked at the note again. "Oh and one other thing: if you should lose the card, you need to report it immediately, anyone entering the facility other than the intended card holder will be cause for immediate termination of the people who were involved. Thanks for coming and have a great holiday weekend. We hope to see you all next Wednesday."

After everyone was gone, Hank hugged both Dusty and me, "Men, you were awesome. I am so proud of you both for the way you handled everything. Let's go file charges against the three culprits and get some lunch."

As we were walking out, Cynthia stopped us, "Sweethearts, here are your pass keys and your pin numbers. The directive is very clear, `No one is to enter the building without their pass key or unless they are escorted by a member of the staff.'"

I was surprised when she gave one to the Cowboy and mandated that he sign for it, "I figured that you were going to be here as much as Mr. Michaels. I must tell you that Cindy and her friends are looking forward to tomorrow night. I still don't understand why the young people needed a note releasing you of any liability."

Hank answered, "Don't blame me. Blame your boss. He's the one who insisted that be the case. We're going to go to the police station and then grab some lunch. Has everyone picked up their entry card?"

Cynthia laughed, "Everyone but Ms. Halloran. She just walked right past me and gave me the finger. I guess she was not happy that she had been demoted. I think she and Mrs. Clark had something going on the side."

Hank took charge at the police station and finalized the papers charging Janet and her friends for breaking and entering, grand theft and embezzlement. We were seated at the Bread Basket and Flo was waiting on us and we were having Cowboy's Friday meal. We were just about finished when my cell phone vibrated. I was embarrassed to take it out, but people didn't call me unless it was important.

I opened it up and it was from Kevin, "Dad, we don't know where Dad R. or Uncle Dusty are. If you see them, tell them that Aunt Mimi started to bleed and I'm going to take her to her Doctor. Jacob is going to take Danny to the University Medical Center. Please have Uncle Dusty meet them there. Dad, I'm scared."

"Kevin, I'm with both Dad R. and Dusty. I'll make sure that they are where you want them. I'll deposit Dusty at the Med Center and I'm sure that Dusty knows where Mimi's doctor is located. I want you both to remain calm. This can't be any worse than what you did with Ginger and Spice."

I dropped Dusty at the Med Center and took Hank to where Mimi's obstetrician's office was located. We met Mimi, Kevin and David as they were coming into the office. I took David with me and we returned to the ranch. I wanted to sit and cry but I couldn't let David see that. Instead, I suggested, "Why don't we change our clothes and make sure the horses are okay and then we can start dinner?"

I went to Hank's room and I guess I was a little slow because David was back before I even put my jeans on. "Granddad, come on, we don't have much time."

We climbed into my car and went to the other ranch and as soon as we walked in, I knew I was in trouble. One of the mares was lying in her stall moaning. "David, stand on the box and call Doctor Mansfield, her number is on the wall there. Tell her that we are at the other ranch and we have a problem." I went into the stall and tried to remember what I had seen Hank do and finally one little foal popped out and then I realized why this was such a difficult delivery because two more hooves made their way into the world. Before long we had a second little colt. David had climbed into the stall and was holding the horse's head. He was assuring the mare that Granddad was taking care of her. Fortunately, Dr. Mansfield arrived and chased us out of the stall. When she finally came out of the stall, she looked at me, "I honestly don't understand why you people keep calling me. You two did everything just fine."

We escorted her to the door and David hugged her, but I was a mess and David took me to take a shower and I put on some clothes that were in the shower room even though they didn't fit very well.

As we were riding back to the ranch, David looked at me with his big eyes, "Granddad, what should we name the two colts?"

"How about we name the first one for you and call him David of Copperfield, and we'll call the other one Daniel of the Lion's Den?"

David looked at me, "Granddad, I like those names."

When we got back to the ranch, Jacob was pulling up with Danny and his Dad. David was so excited. "Danny, you gotta come see the new colts and meet the one that is name for you. He's beautiful."

The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Kevin, Hank and Mimi. David ran to his Mother, "Mommy, are you going to be okay. Are the babies okay?"

"Yes David, I'll be okay. The Doctor gave me some medicine and told me to rest as much as I can. I should be fine in a couple of weeks."

Talk about a downer, that announcement was like an atomic bomb fallen in our midst.

The three Summers guys escorted Mimi to the bedroom. When they returned they were very somber but Jacob took charge, "Come on men, we need to fix dinner. I'm starving."

The four young guys went to the kitchen and Dusty started, " Dad Steve, I wish you could have seen Jacob today. The team of doctors came in and confronted us and said that Danny needed to have bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. Jacob stood and asked, `Doctors, how soon can you test me? If I'm not compatible, I'll get my brother and some friends to volunteer to be tested.'"

The doctors were overwhelmed by Jacob's concern and have agreed to take the samples on Tuesday. They are willing to do the transplant as soon as a matching donor can be identified."

I looked at Hank, "What did the doctor say about Mimi?"

Hank looked at us, "I guess I made a wrong call on having Dusty and his family go to Disneyland. Mimi was probably under a lot of pressure to keep up with the boys and it was too much strain for her."

We hadn't realized that Kevin was standing there, "Dad R., that's not what the doctor said at all. He said that she was experiencing problems because it is going to be triplets and not twins. He said this was a normal occurrence in the first trimester of a pregnancy with multiple births. He indicated that everything would progress normally in about three weeks if Aunt Mimi took it easy, and besides you didn't know until last night that she was pregnant. Dinner is ready. Uncle Dusty, we made some soup and toast for Aunt Mimi. Would you please take it to her? She said that was all she wanted."

As we were eating, David was excitedly telling everyone about the two new colts. "Granddads, do you want to go see Copper and Daniel after dinner with us?"

I looked at David, "David, I'll stay here and do the clean up while you take you other Granddad to see the two new colts. I thought your horse's name was going to be David of Copperfield."

"Granddad, I figure it would be too confusing for him and me if we called him David. This way he and I will know who people are talking to."

I looked around the table and everyone was laughing and Jacob had to say something, "Yeh, Dad, we wouldn't want there to be any confusion. David has a good point. We need to find a name for the boys to call you, other than Granddad so everyone knows who Danny and David are talking to. Guys, why don't you call Kevin's and my Dad, Poppa? That way they won't get confused when you say Granddad. You know easy it is for old men to get confused."

I watched as Cowboy gave Jacob the up yours sign.

Danny looked at Hank, "Granddad, are the two new colts really going to be mine and David's?"

Hank nodded, "Yep, Poppa said they were going to be yours, so that's settled."

Kevin started to fake pout, "How come Danny and David get two horses and we only get one?"

Hank looked at me, "What do you mean, sons? You already have two horses. You have The Count and Nappy, here in the stable and the two you delivered at the other stable yesterday. You better get them named before they begin to think their names are Hey You and Hey There."

I stood, "On that note, I think those of you who are going to the other stable should go while I take care of the dishes."

Dusty decided to stay with me, so he could check on Mimi. When he returned from the bedroom, he announced, "Mimi's asleep. Dad Michaels, thank you for giving me a job. I'll try to not let you down."

I surprised him when I grabbed him and hugged him, "Son, I have faith in you and I'll try very hard not to let you down either."

We finished the dishes and decided to go check the stable while the others were gone. We had just about finished when the five guys returned from the other ranch. They came into the stable and Danny came to me, "Poppa, is it okay if I call Daniel, Poppy after you?"

I knelt down and hugged Danny, "Son, you can call him whatever you want. You heard your Granddad say that he was yours."

Danny was very serious, "Okay, his name is Poppy Daniel of the Lion's Den."

I hugged Danny, "Men, we need to give the horses their treats and then we have two young men who need to get ready for bed. They have had a long day."

Author's Note: If you would like to read more of this story and other interesting stories, you might want to go to www.tickiestories.us.

Editor's Notes: Once again we have a chapter full of excitement. As I said last time, Let's all hope that Daniel gets a perfect match and pulls through this issue with flying colors. It seems like every time we turn around there is a new birth. I sure hope Mimi is going to be alright and that she has three healthy babies.

I hope they can keep those former employees in jail and out of everyone's hair for a good long time.

I'm ready for more, but then I always am.

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