We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 14 - The Trio

Hank looked at the guys, "Everyone make sure that you have everything that you need because we are going to spend the night at the House on the Hill. We'll go to church from there in the morning. We'll come back here after lunch and take care of the horses."

Everybody reacted and was ready to go within about ten minutes. Hank was driving the Hummer with the four dogs, Danny, David and me and we led the caravan to the House on the Hill. Danny and David went to their bedroom to change into their swim suits. while the teenagers came in carrying all sorts of snack foods so I guess they weren't going to go hungry.

Kevin and Jacob walked everyone to the pool area and set up a snack table away from the pool with some lounge chairs while the others went to get dressed. Cowboy reminded them, "Guys, we'll be in the great room if you need anything or there is a problem. Just call us on the intercom."

We were sitting beside each other on the sofa listening to some soft jazz music on the radio. We decided that we shouldn't let anyone see us cuddling. It was about 8:45 when Danny and David came into the room wrapped in towels. Danny looked at us "Granddad and Poppa, we're getting tired. We had a shower and Kevin and Jacob said we could sleep with them."

Hank stood up, "Follow me, my little ones. We'll get you ready for bed and get you settled."

We took the boys to get clean shorts and to brush their teeth before we tucked them into Kevin's and Jacob's bed. Hank kissed them goodnight and wished them sweet dreams. David looked at me, "Poppa, aren't you going to kiss us, too?"

How's an adult going to refuse a request like that? I hugged and kissed both boys. As I was hugging Danny, he whispered, "Please don't let Granddad be hurt?"

I whispered back, "Danny, I'll try very hard not to let anyone or anything hurt your Granddad."

After we exited the bedroom, I pushed Cowboy against the wall, "I was just admonished by Danny telling me that I was to make sure that you weren't hurt. I've been given my marching orders, so kiss me you fool."

I pulled Hank into an embrace and was kissing him as best I could when we heard, "Oh no, not again. Why don't you guys get a room? Dads, Kevin, Christy, Katie and I are going to get the dessert. We'll be back in ten minutes. Tim and Tad are in charge. They won't let anything happen."

Hank fell against me, "I guess we need to confine our cuddling to our bedroom."

We went downstairs and were sitting on the sofa when the guys and their dates returned carrying boxes of something.

They went into the kitchen and the other young people came from the pool area. Kevin brought us a warm brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, "Here, you go monsieurs. Don't spill any on the furniture. What would you like to drink?"

We both indicated that we were fine and we were joined by sixteen teenagers who just sat on the floor and were eating their deserts. Kevin came around with a large plastic bag and collected the disposable items that everyone had been eating from. All the teenagers pitched in to make sure that they hadn't left any mess. They started to leave after thanking Hank and me for the great party."

Kevin, Jacob, Tad and Tim were the last to leave. Kevin yelled as he was leaving, "Dads, we'll be back shortly. Don't get into trouble while we're gone."

Cowboy and I went to the pool area and it was spotless. It looked as if no one had been there. We checked the shower area and they almost looked as if they hadn't been used. We heard the dryer running so I guess the first load of towels was drying.

We walked back to the pool area and Cowboy started to remove his clothes and was cajoling me to do the same thing. He dove into the pool and all I could think of was, `What a fine specimen of manhood.'

I shed my clothes and swam to where he as standing, "Look, Cowboy, my heart can only stand so much excitement in one evening."

He grabbed my buttocks and pulled me close, "Old man, the excitement is just beginning. Wait until I get you into bed. But first we need to wait until our sons get home. Come on, we need to exercise so we don't get fat."

We were swimming laps and hadn't heard the four teenagers come in. They shed their clothes and dove into the pool and attacked us. Hank and I were able to fend them off and climbed onto the side of the pool. Hank put up the time out sign. "Guys, we need to talk."

I had no idea what Hank was thinking. "Tim and Tad, it was a fluke that I met Mr. Michaels and his two raunchy sons. They invaded my privacy at the restroom at the mall."

Kevin sat up, "I object Santa, you are the one that turned around and flashed Jake and me. Our Dad was just taking care of nature's calling."

Hank nodded, "Okay, we'll discuss this later. Guys, Kev, Jake and I need to be at the church no later than 8:15 in the morning. I thought we might all go to the first service and then go to breakfast if that is acceptable with everyone. The three of us will also be singing at the eleven o'clock service. Tim and Tad, Pastor Taylor wants to meet with us after the second service and you need to be thinking about what songs you would like Kev, Jake and me to sing at your Dad's memorial service on Tuesday."

"Kevin and Jacob, don't give me any lip about this. It was Pastor Taylor who suggested that we do this. It's going to be a lot more difficult for me to sing at Bill's memorial service than for you. Now let's swim four laps before we go to bed."

Tim pulled up to me and started to talk, "Mr. Michaels, what have you done to Uncle Hank. He actually almost asked if we would do something for a change."

I smiled at Tim. "Tim, I think you should be talking to Kevin and Jacob. They were rather hard on Cowboy the first couple of days because they rather resented being told what to do all the time. They lit into him on several occasions and we almost left. I don't know how this is all going to play out, but be patient with Mr. Rodgers. He has been in total control for so long and he needs to learn to share the responsibility with the rest of us if we are going to be a family."

Tim looked at me, "Mr. Michaels, how would you like for me and Tad to refer to you. We can't call you Dad like Kevin and Jacob call Uncle Hank. We just lost our Dad. I put my arm around Tim, "Tim, you and Tad can call me whatever you're comfortable with when we are not with other people. But when others are around, I suggest that maybe you call me Mr. M. or something like that."

Cowboy stopped in front us, "Okay, what are you two talking about?"

Tim didn't even bat an eyelash, "Uncle Hank, we were just commenting that it was too bad that you had the smallest cock in the pool. Heck we couldn't even see it because it was so small."

Hank grabbed Tim and that started a free for all. I climbed out and turned out the lights and yelled, "It's bedtime for everyone under the age of 38. Now get your butts out of the pool before some one gets hurt."

Jacob piped up, "Dad's been taking lessons from Mr. Rodgers."

I turned the lights on, "Okay men, we need to take a shower before we go into the house. Make sure that your measly sexual apparatus is dried before we go into the house. I'm not going to be responsible for any mess that you make."

The six of us took another shower and picked up our clothes and went into the house naked after Hank made sure that all the controls were set. I
watched the other five naked bodies as they walked up the stairs and thought, `This would make a great opening for a gay porn movie.' I was especially interested in the body directly in front of me.

Hank turned to me, "Like what you see mister? It's ten bucks a dance."

I started to laugh and all five guys turned to see what I was laughing at. I couldn't help myself, "Does that mean you're going to pay me ten bucks to dance with you and your ugly butt?"

Hank threw his clothes at me, "For that Mr. Michaels, you can sleep in the great room with the ghosts."

I turned and started to walk to the great room. I heard a voice, "Mr. Stephen Michaels get your ass to Mr. Rodgers bedroom now. Otherwise the five ghosts of the House on the Hill will drag you there."

I yelled back, "The ghosts are all such wimps that they would probably let me fall and I would probably wind up with a broken back."

I guess I said the wrong thing because I had five naked bodies picking me and taking me toward the stairs. Hank held up my penis, "Guys, I take care of Mr. Michaels' pride and pleasure so he can't complain when he can't have an erection for six weeks. Heck, he probably hasn't had one of them things for years since he's so old."

The four guys threw me on the bed. Kevin stood and saluted, "Request permission to be excused Mr. Rodgers."

Hank tugged on his penis, "Permission to be excused is granted Stud Kevin."

Both Kevin and Jacob hugged me and Steve. Tim and Tad stood there not knowing what to do. Jacob suggested, "Tim and Tad, these old men need all the hugs they can get so you better give them one too."

Tim and Tad did as Jacob had suggested and both Hank and I reciprocated and the two guys had tears in their eye as they left.

After everyone left, I put my arm around Hank, "Cowboy, I hope I didn't piss you off tonight with my antics. I just had the feeling that Tim and Tad might be feeling a little down."

"Oh Stevie, I wasn't upset at all. I think that it is great that we are beginning to bond as a family. What's the old adage? Families that have fun together stay together. It will be interesting to watch what happens to the four guys. There is no question that Danny and David look at Kevin and Jacob as some sort of super heroes."

"Now let's go brush our teeth and go to bed. It's already after one o'clock."

We were awakened the next morning by Danny and David, "Granddads, Kevin says you need to get up. The guys are fixing a light breakfast because they are going to get sick while they are singing. The dogs are waiting for someone to drop some food. Get up so Kevin doesn't yell at us."

I looked at the two young guys, "Go tell my two bossy sons that we'll be down in twenty minutes. Hank and I had quick showers and dressed for church. When we got downstairs, the guys were eating cinnamon rolls. They brought Hank and me some coffee and a roll.

We had hardly finished when the plate and mugs were snatched from us and placed in the dishwasher. I began to get the feeling that Jacob and Kevin were a little nervous about singing in front of a group of people.

We took two cars to the church. The four teenagers were in one and Cowboy and I had Danny and David with us. We walked into the church and Cowboy took Kevin and Jacob with him. The other five of us were ushered to the front where Danny and David could see what was going on. Tim went into the pew first, I followed and then Tad. Danny wound up sitting on Tim's lap and David parked himself on Tad's lap.

The service started and we could hear the guys voices singing as we sang the opening hymn. As the offering was being collected, Hank, Kevin and Jacob moved so they could be seen. Hank had his guitar and the three of them began to sing the special arrangement of The Three Kings of Orient Are.

When they finished, Danny looked at me, "Poppa, they're good aren't they? Poppa why are you crying?"

Tim and Tad had pulled closer to me and they looked at me. I just shook my head yes. Pastor Taylor gave his sermon and after he said the benediction we heard the three voices singing the seven fold Amen. The congregation didn't move until Hank and the twins finished.

As people started to leave, Hank and the twins came to where we were seated, "Come on, we're going to go get a real breakfast so we can be ready for the next service. We'll sneak out the side door so we don't have to talk to anyone."

As we were walking to the cars, Hank directed, "Kev, follow me. I know where we're going."

We went to diner and as soon as Ellie saw us, "Hank's here. We need seven fried egg sandwiches with sides of hash browns and fruit. I think I'm going to faint. I ain't seen eight more beautiful men in my life. We sat at the counter and she plopped down eight glasses of orange juice, She brought Hank and me a cup of coffee and six glasses of milk for the guys. She didn't even ask what we wanted.

She started on David and Danny, "I swear you two have grown six inches since I saw you last time. She turned to Tim and Tad, "Guys, I was depressed to hear about Daddy's death, but he's in a much better place."

She turned to me, "I believe that your name was Mr. Michaels. I guess the other two ugly young men must be the sons that Hank said I would be dancing on the counter if I saw them. I would take either or both of them home. I would dance on the counter, but I just can't jump that high anymore."

A bell rang and she served Danny and David half a sandwich and the trimmings. She slammed down our food, "I suppose you will be wanting a refill on your coffee and drinks."

I think she was surprised when we all put our hand over our drink containers to indicate that we didn't need anymore to drink.

Some new customers arrived and Ellie went to serve them and I watched as all of the guys ate everything that they had been served. Hank handed Ellie a bill; I couldn't see the denomination but was sure that it was a $50.00, "Ellie, honey, we'll see you later in the week. You be good. you hear."

We went to our vehicles. Hank looked at me, "Steve, why don't you take David and Danny to the house. We'll stop by after we're finished at the church?"

Danny strenuously objected, "Granddad, we want to go to church and make sure that you, Kevin and Jacob don't make any mistakes."

Hank looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. The guys were even better at the second service because they knew what they were doing, and it was a younger group of people in the congregation. After the service, Pastor Taylor came in, "Guys, I have something I need to take care of before I meet with you. Hank, why don't you, Jacob, Kevin and Jan practice the songs that Tim and Tad want you to sing, before I meet with you."

Hank looked at Tim and Tad, "Guys, what would like us to sing?"

Tim and Tad were at a loss, they had no idea what to recommend. Hank started, "Guys, I remember that when your Mother was buried, your Dad requested that the soloist sing 'In the Garden'. Jan let's try that. I think it is in the hymnal.

The three guys sang the song and it sounded so wonderful. Before the practice session was over it was decided that the guys would sing He Leadeth me, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, and Beyond the Sunset. They were going to end the service with The Lord's Prayer.

Hank looked at me, "Steve, why don't you take David, Danny, Kevin and Jacob back to the house. We'll be there as soon as we finish out meeting with Pastor Taylor. I don't know how long it will take."

Neil came forward, "Hank, I don't need to meet with you, Tim and Tad after hearing what you are going to sing with Kevin and Jacob. I don't even think we should have the congregation sing a hymn. You just gave me the focus for what I might say during the memorial service. I'll see you Tuesday morning. Neil hugged all of us and said, "God bless all of you."

As we were going to our cars, Hank announced, "Guys, it's late. Let's go grab a bite to eat. Steve, you drive the Hummer. You guys follow us."

He directed me to The Bread Basket restaurant. I doubted very much that any of the guys had ever been there. We walked in and it was not busy at all since it was getting late. The hostess recognized Hank, "Will that be a table for eight sir? I'll tell Flo that you're here."

We were seated at a table for eight when Flo arrived, "Let's see, that will be two hot dogs, with home made potato chips and a jello salad for the good looking young men. The four older men will have a cheese burger deluxe with home made potato chips and the two old fat men will have a Cobb salad with their choice of dressings when they can decide what they want. I'll bring your drinks while they make up their minds what kind of dressing they want on their salads.

Flo left and came back with six chocolate shakes and two spiced iced teas. "Have you old fat men made up your minds what kind of dressing you would like yet?"

I looked at her, "I'd like the chunky blue cheese dressing."

Flo looked at me, "Would you spell that for me, sir? I don't know how to write them words."

The six guys were laughing. It was a good thing the restaurant wasn't busy. Flo turned her attention Hank, "Cowboy, honey, I hope you want something easy to spell. My hand is getting tired from all this writing."

Hank looked at Flo with and evil grin, "Miss, I'll have the balsamic vingarette dressing with the seasoned croutons."

Flo looked at Hank and stuck out her tongue. "Honey, it's going to take me a year to write that all down. Are you sure you wouldn't rather have the house dressing?"

She left and the came back with the two hot dog platters and the four deluxe cheeseburger platters. I thought to myself that there was no way the guys could eat all of that food. When Hank's and my Cobb salads arrived I knew that there was no way I could eat all of my food. Flo made sure that we had everything we needed and all six guys finished their platters. She brought them each a big chocolate chip cookie.

Needless to say, we left the restaurant very satisfied. As we were walking to the cars, Kevin looked at Hank, "That woman reminded me of you, Dad R. She didn't give us any choices. She told us what we were going to eat."

Hank turned and shook his finger, "Where do you think I took my lessons? Flo knows young people rather well since she has fifteen grandchildren in addition to six children. She's part owner of the restaurant. I have no idea why she continues to work except she says it keeps her young. Her husband is a judge. I don't like the other owner. He is a complete nerd. I won't eat there when he is working."

So Cowboy does have some biases. I guess I will need to discuss them with him.

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