Wee Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 15 - Meeting Time

We stopped by the House on the Hill to change clothes and get the dogs. Danny decided he wanted to ride with Kevin and Jacob and David decided to ride with Tim and Tad. Cowboy and I were checking to make sure everything was secure before we left with the dogs. As we were leaving the house, Hank pushed me against the wall. "Maybe I should take advantage of you now that no one is around."

I fluttered my eyes, "You could, but it wouldn't be nearly so much fun as if we were pretending that we were pulling the wool over peoples eyes. Besides I'd rather do it in the confines of the ranch house. If we don't show at the ranch shortly after the guys get there, they will have the police out looking for us."

Hank frowned, "How come you always have to throw water on the fire? I guess you're right, though, and we do need to have the family meeting."

When we got back to the ranch, the six boys were talking to two strangers, or strangers to me at least. Hank, jumped out of the Hummer and hugged the two guys. "I thought you two guys weren't coming back until tomorrow night? What happened? Did you get bored in the big city of Chicago?"

The younger of the two guys laughed, "Actually we were missing the good life and we were bored with all of the relatives talking about how wonderful married life was. They couldn't understand why we hadn't gotten married."

Hank interrupted the conversation, "Steve and everyone, these are the two permanent ranch hands that will keep the ranches going with Ross's help. Everyone, this is Justin Freeman and Wayne Young. Justin and Wayne, let me introduce you to everyone."

After the introductions, the six guys went to the other ranch while Hank talked to Justin and Wayne He explained that the expected arrivals had all arrived. Guys, I hope that you are planning to stay on because everyone will be going back to work and school next week. The guys can help before they go to school in the morning and when they get home at night. I need you to be looking around for some more good breeding stock."

Wayne looked at Hank, "Boss, this is home to us. We have everything here we need. Where else could we be so free to be ourselves? Do know how much we would have to pay for an apartment like we have in Chicago. It would cost us more than $1500.00 bucks per month. Besides, I get the feeling that we might need to stay and keep an eye on you and Mr. Michaels."

Justin took over, "Boss, where are Tim and Tad going to be staying? Do you want us to have them live with us? They could be like the sons we'll never have."

I was watching Hank, and I don't think he was expecting that response. He took a deep breath, "Guys, we're going to have a family meeting after dinner tonight to discuss what's going to happen. There have been a lot of changes since you have been gone. We'll talk to you at dinner. In the meantime, Steve and I are going to go for a ride to clear my mind."

We went to the stable and saddled, Alhambra and Queen Anastasia. Hank led the way to the other ranch. When we got there, the young guys and dogs were just getting ready to leave. Kevin looked at us, "What's the matter, Dads? Don't you trust us?"

Hank started to give Kevin the up yours sign until he remembered that Danny and David were standing there. Hank pretended to be unfazed, "We just came to check to see how much work was needed to bring the house and apartment up to code. We'll discuss this after dinner tonight. Now you guys get back to other ranch to see how you can help Rosa with dinner. We'll be back in an hour."

We walked through the ranch house and it was immaculate with just a thin layer of dust. It was a little smaller than the other ranch house and didn't have all of the amenities that the other ranch house had but it was extremely livable. Hank led me to the back of the stable and we entered a two bedroom apartment. This is where Bill and his sons have been living by their choice. They didn't want to take care of the big house all of the time. This is the same set up that Justin and Wayne have. They can come and go and not bother anybody."

Hank was looking around and I could almost see his mind working on something but I had no idea what, so I just watched as he was walking around. Finally Hank seemed to relax, "Stevie, let's go see if we can help with dinner. I'm starting to get hungry. We trotted the horses back to the other barn and the guys were just coming out of the stable as we arrived.

Kevin and Jacob took Alhambra's and Queen Anastasia's bridles and announced, "We'll get the horses ready for bed, while you two go get ready for dinner. Dinner smells really good."

We walked in and Wayne and Justin were helping Rosa with dinner. Rosa looked at us, "Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. You might warn the young ones."

Hank punched a button on the wall, "Dinner will be ready in 29 minutes. You better not take all night. We wait for nobody."

Danny's voice came back, "We'll be there in twenty eight minutes. Never fear."

Hank looked at Rosa, "What can we do to help?"

"Cowboy, why don't you get some white wine from the cooler, and perhaps Steve could go check on Dusty and Mimi."

I was starting up the stairs as Mimi and Dusty were coming down. "I was just coming to check on you. Mimi, how are you feeling?"

Mimi smiled, "Mr. Michaels, I'm feeling much better. Thank you for asking. I want to thank you and your sons for taking care of our two sons the last couple of days. The medicine seems to be working because the bleeding has stopped. I'm going to try to eat some regular food tonight. Knowing my Mother, she has probably fixed roast pork and sauerkraut. I will just need to be careful of what I eat."

When we walked into the dining room, we were met by two jubilant young boys.

David started, "Mommy, are you feeling better? Are the babies okay?"

Mimi hugged the Danny and David, "The babies and I are just fine. I will just need to take it easy for several days."

Danny looked at his Mother, "Mommy, we're trying very hard to be good. No one has had to yell at us yet."

Hank broke the tension, "Everyone, please take their seats, while the young guys bring on the food."

The food was served family style with a big succulent pork roast, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, apple sauce and hot biscuits. The adults except for Mimi had a glass of wine and the younger boys had a glass of milk. Rosa brought Mimi a special plate that didn't have any sauerkraut and put it in front of Mimi with a glass of milk.

Dinner was fun because Danny and David were regaling their parents, grandparents and everyone with what had happened at the two restaurants. Everyone was laughing even Mimi.

As we were finishing eating, Hank announced, "We will be having a meeting after the four teenagers take care of the clean up, to discuss what everyone thinks should happen. I would appreciate it if you all would attend. This is very important to me and all of you."

I watched as the four teenagers stood up and Jake and Kevin looked at me with questioning looks. I shrugged my shoulders to indicate that I had no idea what was on the Cowboy's mind.

David and Danny were helping the four teenagers and the eight adults were sitting at the dining room table talking. It was about twenty minutes later when the six young guys returned and joined us at the table.

Everyone looked at Hank. He looked around the table, "We aren't going to make any decisions tonight. I just want to suggest what I would like to have happen in view of everything that has happened the last two weeks. Let's talk about the living arrangements first. I hope that Dusty, Mimi, Danny and David and the new triplets will be living in the house on the other ranch. It is ready for you to move into as soon as we get these lazy teenagers to make sure it is clean."

The four teenagers gave Hank the up your signal with their fist. Jacob took charge, "No problem, Mr. Rodgers, we'll take care of that right after breakfast, while you clean this house with a tooth brush."

Hank ignored the fact that everyone was laughing, "I'm going to suggest that perhaps Ross and Rosa might like to move into the apartment on the other ranch after Tim and Tad move their things to this house and The House on the Hill. Of course the four teenagers will need to make sure that the apartment has been repainted and cleaned before you would be able to move in."

Kevin stood, "I object, Your Honor, when are we going to have time to go to school?"

"Objection overruled, Punk. Now sit down and listen."

Hank continued, "If Rosa and Ross were to move to the other ranch, Rosa would be there to assist Mimi when the new little ones arrive and Ross would be near his office since he will be taking over Bill's position as business manager for the two ranches. For those that haven't heard, Dusty is going to be working for Mr. Michaels as his executive assistant at the Michaels Advertising Agency, so he is going to have his hands full keeping Mr. Michaels out of trouble."

Hank looked at me and stuck out his tongue. He turned to Justin and Wayne, "You two are going to be assuming positions of the operations managers for the two ranches. It will require that you be alert to start acquiring some new breeding stock and to sell some of the horses to potential buyers. In addition, you will be in charge of the day to day operation of both ranches and thus you will be receiving a sizable pay increase as will Ross and Rosa."

"Steve, the four guys and I will help as much as possible, but we may not be here on some nights. Since Kevin and Jacob are on the varsity basketball team and Tim and Tad are on the wresting team and will be playing baseball when spring comes, we may need to spend a number of nights on the House on the Hill."

Tim stood, "Uncle Hank, Tad and I are going to need to make some money."

"You will on the weekends when you earn your allowance. If Kevin and Jacob have been forbidden to get jobs, then you and Tad are also forbidden to get jobs away from the houses. Remember, I'm your guardian and I don't want you to work all the time. You need time to enjoy life, because believe me, you will wish you had when you get older."

I looked at the four teenagers, "Amen."

Kevin stood, "Dad R., if you will excuse me, I am going to take Danny and David and get them ready for bed. They have had a long day. Come on men, let's get your bath. Jacob, please get their bed time snack ready while we're gone."

Jacob saluted and the guys started toward the kitchen, Rosa laughed, "Jacob, there is some apple crisp in the refrigerator. Put it in the oven and heat it at 325 for 20 minutes to warm it. It has already been cooked. It will be good with a dab of vanilla ice cream."

Jacob, Tim and Tad disappeared into the kitchen. Tad returned and asked, "How many takers for decaf coffee and how many hot teas?"

Tim and Tad served the coffee and the teas and set six glass of milk on the table just as David and Danny arrived wearing their pajamas and slippers.

Everyone received a bowl of apple crisp which was excellent. The guys cleared the table, and Kevin looked at the adults, "Why don't you adjourn to the living room until I get Danny and David settled. Men, kiss everyone goodnight."

Danny and David did as they were told to do and Kevin took them upstairs. He seemed to be gone a long time so I went to see what was happening. The door to Kevin and Jacob's bedroom was open and Kevin was lying on the bed reading to the two young guys. He looked up and saw me, "I'll be down shortly, Dad."

I went back and reported what Kevin was doing.

When Kevin returned, Cowboy started again. "We can meet to discuss this some more tomorrow. Nothing is going to be able to happen until we get the house and apartment at the other ranch ready. In the meantime, I hope that you all will be able to attend the Memorial Service for Bill on Tuesday morning at 10:00. Steve, you need to go to provide moral support for Tim and Tad since Kevin, Jacob and I will be in the altar area."

"After the internment of the ashes, we'll go to lunch."

Jacob interrupted "After lunch, we four teenagers are going to the University Medical Center to have our blood tested to see if any of our blood is compatible with Danny's. Dads, we think you should be tested too just in case. The best donor would probably be David, but he is too young because of the stress it would place on his body."

Mimi stood, "Guys, thank you so much for being so compassionate that you would even consider doing this. I'm getting tired and I think I need to rest. She hugged Hank and her parents and started to the stairs followed by Dusty.

Dusty looked back, "We'll see you in the morning."

Justin and Wayne stood. Wayne nodded, "Goodnight cowboys, we're gonna mosey back to our apartment. We're a mite tired from drivin' for two days. See ya'all in the morning'."

Hank was laughing, "Watch it, Doc Young. You're still a young man. You just want to make sure that Justin is still performing properly. See you in the morning guys."

Rosa and Ross stood. Ross hugged Hank, "Hank, would you let your mind rest for a little while and have some fun. I think you really overwhelmed everyone tonight with your suggestions. None of us are going to be able to sleep tonight and it's your fault."

Kevin looked up, "Yeh, Dad R., it's all your fault."

Kevin jumped up and went to the kitchen and returned with a tray with a half gallon of eggnog and a bottle of bourbon and six small goblets. "The party is adjourning to the master bedroom suite so we can watch the New Year's Eve shows on the big screen television and also watch the show on Dad R.'s bed. Dad R., do you have a deck of cards so we can play poker while we're watching?"

Tad got a funny look on his face, "Kevin, I don't have any money to play poker. I'm broke."

Kevin shook his head, "We're going to play strip poker. As long as you have clothes on you're in."

We made sure the downstairs was secure and the five of us followed Kevin to the master bedroom. Kevin excused himself, "I want to go check on David and Danny. Jacob, why don't you deal the first hand while I'm gone."

Kevin came back and something looked different, but I couldn't tell what it was. He sat down to the waiting hand and picked it up. "Here are the rules the losers of a hand have to take one action to undress. It can be opening a button or pulling off a sock. Nothing is wild."

Cowboy and I sat on the sofa. Cowboy nodded his head, "Kevin, your Dad and I going to be the referees to make sure that everyone follows the rules and that includes you."

The game began and the other three guys were not wearing shoes. So they soon lost their socks. Kevin had put on a pair of sneakers, so he had to untie them before he had to take them off. Everyone was almost undressed by the time that Kevin lost his shoes and socks. The other guys were wearing jeans with one snap and a zipper. Kevin had changed into jeans that had buttons on the fly so it was going to take him forever to be even close to being naked.

The other three guys were down to their briefs and Kevin was still almost completely dressed. All of a sudden, Tim looked up, "Guys, I smell a rat. I think that we've been duped by Kevin. He changed clothes while he was gone so we would have to lose. I think it's time for us to get revenge."

Tim, Tad and Jacob immobilized Kevin and took all of his clothes off of him so he was laying there naked. Kevin was laying there giggling, "It took you guys long enough to catch on. Let's go take our shower. I think Dad Rodgers has all sorts of things that he wants us to do tomorrow. We'll be back after our showers to watch the New Year come in. We have two hours since the ball just dropped in Times Square. Besides, we need to make sure that the two Dads don't get into any trouble."

Hank looked at me, "Stevie, why don't we take our showers before the guys get back. We could do a lot of damage in two hours."

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Editor's Notes: Things seem to be moving right along, don't they? Unless I miss my guess, there will soon be one big happy family there to share love and companionship as well as sharing the work load.

I sure hope that there is at least one good match for Danny, so he can get well. It is such a shame for someone as young as he is to have such a devastating disease.

Let's all hope for the best, and that everything will turn out fine.

I'm ready for another ten or twelve chapters when ever you get the chance, E Walk.

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