We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 2 - This Can't Be Happening

I hugged the guys and Jacob whispered, "Dad, what's happening?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "I'll see you in the morning sons."

Hank was waiting at the top of the stairs for me. I was totally unprepared for what was about to happen. He lead us to a door that I assumed was going to take us into his bedroom. He opened it and motioned for me to enter. I did so and he slammed the door and screeched, "Now I have you captured and I'm going to have my way with you."

We were standing in a big sitting area with a large screen television and it was like we were in a large family room and living room combined and there was a door that opened out onto a partially covered deck.

I turned to look at him and he had a big grin on his face and he started to push me into a big bedroom. "Get out of your clothes and I mean now."

He started to shed his clothes so I did likewise. When we were both naked he pointed to a door, "Get in there and start the Jacuzzi while I get us something to drink."

I did as I was told and wow. This bathroom was bigger than my bedroom. When Hank came in he was carrying two drinks. He grinned at me, "What would you have done if I tried to do something to torture you?"

I just shook my head, "Hank, that thought crossed my mind, but then I remembered how you treated Danny, David and their parents and figured you were blowing smoke. I don't know what it is about you, but you intrigue me. You act so tough, but I get the feeling that you are just lonely and maybe a little insecure."

He climbed into the Jacuzzi and sat down right beside me. "Stephen, I am a very lonely person and it is going to an awful Christmas with Danny and David and their parents not being here. You're right, even though I have a lot of material things, I am very insecure. Now tell me all about yourself and the boys. I want to confirm what information I was able to get out of Kevin on the way here."

I looked at Hank, "Look Cowboy, it appears that you already know more about me than I do about you. So maybe you should bare your soul first. But I think we might want to do that after we get out of the Jacuzzi, I feel like I am shriveling up. I'm not accustomed to all of this cleansing of the pores."

We climbed out of the Jacuzzi and Hank handed me a towel. I was watching him as he dried off. "Hank, you obviously work out with a build like that."

Hank smiled, "Thanks for noticing. I'll introduce you to my workout area in the morning."

Hank opened a cabinet and pulled out three tooth brushes. "Here, the toothpaste is in the drawer. I'll get us some clean shorts and we can take the guys a new tooth brush and some clean shorts to wear after they take a shower."

He returned wearing a pair of net bikini briefs that hid almost nothing and left nothing to the imagination. "Here put these on."

I did and I might as well have had nothing on. He pushed me out the door and we knocked on the twins' door and were told to enter. Kevin and Jacob were sitting on the floor in their briefs playing the yet to be released video game.

Kevin looked at us, "I sure hope that material is strong because it would be a disaster if those cocks got loose. There would be a whole lot of pregnant chicks in this town."

Jacob smirked, "Either that or a lot of men might be walking very funny."

Hank threw the briefs and tooth brushes at the guys, "Look, you pricks, for those nasty comments, you will pay big time. We are going to work your asses off tomorrow until you drop. We'll start the exercises at 6:30 and run for three miles or until you drop."

Kevin came and hugged me, "Dad, take the crank to bed. He is obviously worn out from talking to so many children."

The boys hugged both of us and Hank had tears in his eyes. As we were walking back to his bedroom Hank sighed, "Oh Steve, how I wish."

When we got to his suite, I asked, "Hank, where am I going to sleep?"

He looked at me, "There is another bedroom through that door, but I was rather hoping that you would sleep with me. I would like to just cuddle. I promise I won't mess with you. Steve, please just hold me and make me feel important like you have done to your two sons."

We crawled into his super sized bed and Hank rolled toward me, "Steve, please hold me. I don't understand what is happening. I have never had anyone in this bed with me. There are so many things going through my mind that I can't think anymore."

I pulled him close, "Look Cowboy, when you're ready to tell me about yourself, I'll be ready to listen. Nothing is going to happen until we know each other better."

He started to play with the few hairs on my chest, "Steve, I had a very normal childhood. I was the youngest of two children. I had just turned 18 and finished high school when my sister, Beth who was ten years older than me, and her son Dusty came to live with my parents because Dusty's Dad had gotten into drugs and started to beat Beth. Dusty was six at the time."

He looked at me, "Steve, I don't know how much further I can go. This is bringing back a lot of bad memories."

I pulled Hank closer, "Cowboy, why don't we shut down for tonight. We have both been experiencing some new emotions. What is your schedule for tomorrow?"

Hank looked at me, "I'm scheduled to work as Santa Claus from ten until four. Other than that, all I have to worry about is taking care of Nugget and her puppies and make sure you and your sons get home safely."

I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips, "Go to sleep Santa, things will look better in the morning."

Hank snuggled as close as he could get and the next thing I remember was a hand reaching into my revealing shorts. I tried to pull the hand out. Hank whined, "I was just checking to see if your cock was still excited about seeing mine. Now get your butt out of bed, it's time to exercise."

He handed me a jock strap and a pair of sweat clothes, "Now get dressed so we can get your lazy sons up. It's easy to see where they got their lazy genes."

When I was dressed, he picked up some warm-up clothes that he had laid out, "Let's go get your sons jump started."

We went to the guys' bedroom and Hank knocked very quietly and of course there was no answer. It practically took a jack hammer to wake the boys. Hank opened the door and yelled, "We've got to rescue them. It appears that some squirrels were in here during the night planting acorns and the trees are already sprouting. Steve, you help Jacob and I'll help Kevin. Let's get them dressed and out of here before there is anymore damage."

The two boys started to resist when we were putting the jock straps on them. Hank looked at me, "I guess I should have brought the extra large size. There is no way we can stuff these monsters in these pouches."

Both guys jumped out of bed and Jacob glared, "Look, you perverse people, we can get dressed by ourselves. We'll meet you downstairs in ten minutes. Where are we going to exercise?"

Hank looked at the two guys, "For being so nasty, you are going to be cleaning the doggy kennel."

The twins joined us in the kitchen, Kevin looked at us, "Okay slave drivers, where is this kennel we have to clean?"

Hank opened the door and we walked into the kennel area and the puppies and Nugget came running to us. Hank proudly said, "There is their living area and over there is their play area. That is the area that you guys need to clean since David and Danny aren't here."

Both boys were speechless but Kevin finally regained his voice, "Mr. Rodgers, these dogs live better than some people."

Hank looked at Kevin. "I agree, but I'll take care of my own before I worry about everyone else. I know I can't solve everyone's problems so I'll just take it one step at a time. I need to worry about me, since I don't have someone like your Dad taking care of me like he does you."

Hank realized that he had cast a dark shadow over the scene and quickly suggested, "Guys, why don't we go run first and exercise the puppies and then we can do our workouts if you're still up to it?"

Nugget and the puppies followed us into the house and we started down the steps. Nugget was following Hank and the two male puppies were following the twins and the small female stopped at the top of the steps and I carried her down. The twins and I were stunned at what we saw. There was a full exercise room with a track around the outside perimeter.

Hank looked at us, "Okay guys, it's a quarter of a mile track so let's see how far you pups can go. Let's try for three miles."

The twins looked at me and I winked. We started running and the four of us and the four dogs were doing just fine. My pup quit after the first four laps and just laid down as if to say, `I can't take any more.'

The male pups lasted until the sixth and seven laps and they just fell flat on the track and watched as the rest of us kept running. Nugget was looking at Hank as if she was asking, `Boss, when are we going to stop running?'

Hank stopped after the twelfth lap but the twins kept running. Jacob looked back, "Come on you old men, we're just getting started."

When the twins came around after the next lap, Hank stopped them, "Guys, I do need to go to work today and the puppies are worn out. I think they need to go take care of business. Since they have attached themselves to you, much to my chagrin, I suggest we get them upstairs to the kennel area and then you can fix breakfast while you Dad and I go play Frosty game."

That stopped all of us for a while. Kevin started to laugh, "I get it. What you were saying was like this, `Frosty the Snowman with your pecker that really glows, won't you come fill my hoppers with a load of your snow.'"

We started upstairs but my puppy was whimpering and I noticed she was rather favoring her other three legs while her back left leg was dragging. I picked her up and took her up the steps and she ran after the boys and Hank as they took the other puppies and Nugget to the kennel area.

While they were gone, I looked in the refrigerator and found a casserole with the instructions of how to cook it on the plastic storage bag. I stuck into the oven and set the timer. When the other three came in from the kennel area, I announced, "You have twenty seven minutes to shower and get ready for breakfast. I won't be responsible if you are late."

The four of us went upstairs and went to the respective rooms, suites or whatever. Hank and I were in the shower together so we could save time. He put his arms around me, "Damn it Steve, I think I might be falling in love with you and your sons. This is not what I wanted to happen at all."

"Listen, Cowboy Santa, I took the boys to the mall thinking it was going to be a boring day. What happens? I wind up spending the night in bed with a sex maniac because of some dumb freak storm and now I have two sons, a sex maniac and four dogs I gotta worry about. Maybe you should check my head for gray hairs. I guess I will need to make an appointment for a dye job."

I looked at the clock, "Playtime is over. I need to go take the casserole out. It is supposed to set for ten minutes before it is served."

I was in the kitchen when the twin came in wearing the briefs that Hank had given them and their shirts and nothing else. I started to say something, but Kevin put up his hand, "Dad, we're only following Mr. Rodgers rules."

He hadn't even finished his rebuff when Hank walked in wearing a thong and a shirt that was two sizes too small for him. He looked at the two boys, "Thank you for dressing appropriately guys, It's just too bad that your Father doesn't understand the rules of the game yet. I guess he doesn't understand how to follow directions."

Hank turned on a television to catch the weather. The weather person announced, "Because of the unseasonably warm weather early this morning the ice has melted and the city, county and state report that all roads are open and we have no reports of any closing. More on the weather later."

Hank turned off the television and as we were eating, he dropped a time bomb, "Okay men, what's on your agendas for today."

The three of us shrugged. Hank continued, "Just as I thought, you're planning to waste an entire day. Well that's about to change. As soon as we finish eating, your Dad can do the clean up while I show you where the Christmas decorations are for the tree that you two guys are going to go buy. The keys to the pickup are on the hook there. The truck is in the shed out back. Here is a hundred bucks for the tree and the snacks for your party tonight."

Kevin put up his hand. "Mr. Rodgers, I have some questions. First, what party? Second, why would you trust us with driving one of your vehicles? Third, why would you give us permission to come and go in and out of your house when we want?"

Hank shook his head, "Fair questions, First, I decided that if you had a swim party for say, six couples, your Dad would have to be here and he could keep me company. Second, you told me yesterday on the way here that two of you have your driver's license and that goes along with the answer to the third question. If the dogs like you then I feel secure with having you around."

Jacob looked at Hank, "Santa, why do you need three vehicles when there is just one of you?"

Hank nodded. "I have the truck for when I go to the ranch. The BMW is my everyday car and the Hummer is the vehicle I take on trips or when I have the dogs with me speaking of which, I need to make a phone call."

He went and picked up the phone, "Good morning, this is Hank Rodgers. Is Dr. Mansfield working today? ... Great, could I please speak with her? ... Hey Kathy, I have a favor to ask, could you please check Nugget and her puppies. I am a little concerned about the female puppy. She seems to be favoring her left back leg. ... Great, we'll drop them off at 9:15 on my way to work and I'll have my friend Steve Michaels pick them up. ... Please send me the bill. ... Don't forget you are going to the ranch in a couple of weeks to check on the horses. ... We'll see you about 9:15."

He came back to the table, "Okay, Kev and Jake, we need to get dressed for the day. Come to my room when you are ready and I'll show you where the decorations are."

I did the cleanup and was sitting waiting to be told what to do next. Hank and the boys came back carrying some containers which they put in the great room. Hank suggested, "Why don't you get an eight foot tree if you can find one you like. The number for the key pad on the garage door is 9833. The number to get into the house 3389. The gas tank on the pickup should be filled. I have to work until four. So I'll see you about 4:45 when your Dad picks me up."

Hank looked at me, "Okay Stevie, we need to get going. Let me get Nugget and the puppies. Their leashes are hanging on the rack over there."

The four dogs came into the kitchen. When Nugget saw the leashes, she sat and the puppies did likewise. We took the dogs to the back of the Hummer and Nugget jumped into the back but we had to lift the three puppies up.

Hank handed me the keys, "Since you are going to be dropping me off, you might as well drive so you know how to get to where you need to go."

This was going to be a new experience. I climbed into the driver's seat. Before I could even start the engine, Hank put his hand on my thigh, "Stevie, please give me a kiss to get me through the next eight hours."

I hugged him and kissed him and it wasn't the most gentle kiss in the world and my penis was beginning to get carried away. Hank pulled away, "Save it for tonight. Damn you, I can't believe this is happening."

I finally got the Hummer backed out of the garage. This was a new driving experience. When we got to the vet clinic, We got the dogs out of the back and we each had two on their leashes. The technician looked up, "Good morning Mr. Rodgers, who do you have with you this morning?"

Hank was so composed, " Mindy, The Grand Duchess of the Golden Nugget, and her three children, Mark Anthony, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra are here to visit with Doctor Kathy Mansfield. I believe she is expecting them."

Mindy started to giggle, "Mr. Rodgers, The Grand Duchess and her children are expected. They should be ready to go home by two o'clock. I'll show them to their suite now."

Hank and I went to the Hummer and as we were driving to the mall, he directed me to the employee entrance. As he was getting out of the vehicle he challenged me, "Bring things suitable to wear to church tomorrow. It's Christmas Eve Day. I go to church every Sunday. Tell the twins to bring some suitable clothes also. Why don't you stop and pick up some steaks for dinner, at the Fareway store? They have the best meat in town."

As I was driving away from the mall, I thought to myself, `This can't be happening. I only met the Cowboy less than twenty four hours ago. I can't even remember everything that the Cowboy wants me to do.'

Author's Note: If you would like to read more of this story and other interesting story, go to www.tickiestories.us.

Editor's Notes: I certainly found this to be an interesting chapter. I already love the story and this is only the second chapter. It seems that Mr. Rogers is very neighborly. It looks to me as if something very nice is happening between all of them. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher