We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 3 - The Double Whammy

I drove to our house and as I was getting out of the Hummer, the next door neighbor came out of her house. "Steve, did you get a new vehicle? I was concerned when I didn't see you and the boys last night."

"Aunt Jane, we were invited out to dinner last night and got stranded by the storm. This Hummer is probably something that I would never buy, but it sure is fun to drive. What are your plans? I would like to get Kevin's truck at the last possible moment. I don't want him to see it before Christmas morning."

"Steve, my family won't be here until Christmas Day so whenever is fine."

I went into the house and the phone was blinking and I listened to a message, "Hey Steve, this is Darryl Roberts. We put a key to the house in your mail slot. We're leaving to go spend the holidays with some friends. Would you and the guys please check on the house to make sure everything is okay. You can get Jacob's car whenever you want. You know you are spoiling your two sons don't you? I didn't get my first car until I was 22. Have a great holiday season and we'll see you in about ten days."

I checked the mail and paid the one bill that had arrived and went to pack some clothes so I could go to church as the Cowboy mandated. Heck, I think I've lost my mind. I'd better go check on the boys.

When I got back to Hank's house, the twins and two other guys were decorating the tree. Jacob looked at me, "Dad, we needed some help because this monster was so big that we asked Cole and Trent to help us. We promised them that you would get us a Super Sandwich from Jimmy John's with a case of beer."

I looked at the guys, "How about a Super Michaels' Sandwich and whatever I can find in this house to eat?"

Kevin looked at me, "Dad, fix something and fix it quick or we're going to be anemic."

I went into the kitchen and found the fixings for Hoagie Sandwiches so I made five and found a fresh bag of chips that were labeled sea salt and vinegar chips. I pulled out a container of frozen lemonade and mixed it and then I found a jar of mixed fruit so I fixed a dish for the five of us.

I called the guys and they practically came running into the kitchen. We were eating or should I say, I was eating and the four teenagers devouring their food. I swear they must have tapeworms. We were just about finished when the phone rang. Jacob got up to answer, "This is the Hank Rodgers residence, how may I assist you?"

Jacob had put the phone on speaker. Hank answered, "That's nice but who are you since I'm Hank Rodgers. It would be nice if I knew to whom I was speaking."

"Up yours Mr. Rodgers, this is Jake. We're eating lunch what are you doing?"

"Jake, let me talk to your Dad if he's there."

Jake had to have the last word, "Mr. Rodgers, I'll see if he has time to talk to you. He's so busy feeding the hired hands that I'm not sure he can get away."

I took the phone, "What's up Cowboy?"

"Watch it Michaels! I just called to tell you to stay out of any bathrooms and to pick me up at five o'clock instead of four. Ask the guys how many people are going to be there tonight."

I turned to the guys since I didn't know the answer. Kevin yelled, "We asked ten other people like you suggested. We figured that the two of us guys could handle five ladies each. I suppose you're calling from the bathroom. I hope you can keep your hormones under control."

The two visitors were getting an eye opening experience. Hank shot back, "Up yours too, Kevin. Gotta' get back to work. Just for your information, Kevin, I was in the bathroom and was bored and that's why I called you. Over and out."

Cole and Trent were sitting laughing. Cole asked, "Who is this Mr. Rodgers? He sounds like a nut."

I put up my hand, "Guys, Mr. Rodgers has a heart of gold. I don't know his full story yet, but I think you will really like him when you meet him tonight. I assume that both of you will be here tonight with your dates."

Trent laughed, "Hey, we'll be here with bells on our toes. I gotta meet this Mr. Rodgers person."

The guys took their dishes and rinsed them and went back to decorating the tree. I was sitting just thinking about the last twenty fours hours and was wondering what lay ahead when Jacob came into the kitchen, "Dad, please come and see if you think everything looks okay."

The guys had outdone themselves, "Guys, this room and the tree are absolutely awesome. I'm sure that the Cowboy will be thrilled. Put the containers away and go get your clothes for tonight and church tomorrow. I need to go pick up Nugget, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra."

The four guys looked at me and Jacob asked, "Why would Mr. Rodgers give his dogs names like that?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Guys, I have no idea but I'm guessing that they are Show Dogs and are registered with the American Kennel Club. We have a lot to learn about the Cowboy."

I went to get the dogs. When I walked into the reception area a different technician asked if she could help me. I nodded, "I'm here to pick up Madam Nugget and her brood for Mr. Rodgers."

The young lady left and a good looking lady and the tech came back with the four dogs straining on their leashes. The older lady stuck out her free hand, "Hi, I'm Kathy Mansfield, I thought maybe Hank would be picking up the dogs."

I shook her hand, "No, he's playing Santa at the mall and I am his servant for today. I need to go pick him up at five."

Kathy looked at me, "I'll never understand that man. He could probably buy both of us and still he is working for probably minimum pay at the mall as a Santa. Heck, he probably owns the mall. The pups are fine, Cleo had a fine sliver of metal in her left rear paw. Tell Hank that he needs to keep the paw wrapped for a week and here is an antibiotic that you need to give her orally for the next seven days. Tell Hank that Larry and I will be at the ranch on January 10th to check out his horses and that we expect to be fed. Now I need to go take care of several other patients."

I took the dogs' leashes, "Thanks, Dr. Mansfield, does Cleo need anymore medication today?"

"No, we gave her a shot so she should be fine until tomorrow."

I took the dogs to the Hummer and the three puppies and Nugget just sat as I opened the back hatch. Nugget jumped in and I lifted the three pups in. Cleo whimpered a little but settled down.

When I got back to Hank's house and had the dogs settled, I looked around to see what I could fix for dinner other than the steaks and the twice baked potatoes that I had bought.

I looked at the clock and it was 4:30. I closed the house and went to pick up the Cowboy. As I was pulling up to the employee entrance Hank was walking out with a big box and a shopping bag. He put them in the back of the Hummer since the guys were driving my Avalon.

When Hank crawled in he put his hand on my thigh, "Prick, all I could think about today was your beautiful body, especially your dick as it was swaying in the wind when you dove into the pool last night. Steve, what kind of spell have you cast on me?"

As we drove to his house, I told Hank what Dr. Mansfield had said and that I had no idea where the boys were. When we got to the house the dogs came running out of the open door, Hank looked at me, "We don't leave their kennel door open when we aren't here."

I shook my head, "Cowboy, I'm sorry, but the door will be open whenever I'm here. Nugget and the puppies know what is supposed to happen. They aren't going to make a mess of the house."

The boys came in and relieved the tension, "Hey Mr. Rodgers, did Dad show you the tree? What did you think?"

Hank looked at the two guys, "Kev and Jake, your Dad has been too busy chewing my butt that I haven't made it past the kitchen and the puppies."

Jake and Kevin took Hank and the four dogs into the great room and Hank started to almost cry, "Guys, this is absolutely beautiful."

The four dogs laid down around the tree like they were a manger scene or something and didn't move.

Hank hugged the two guys. He came into the kitchen, "Steve, I'm so sorry." He fell against me. "I guess I'm just a pessimist and expect the worst to always occur."

We were interrupted by the three puppies running through the kitchen and into their kennel area. When the they came out, Julius and Mark went to find the boys and Cleo laid right in front of the ovens where I was cooking.

I handed the steaks to Hank, "Here, you ordered steaks, so go cook them while I fix the rest of the food. The guys and I like them medium rare."

Hank turned to me, "Up yours Michaels."

When Hank brought the steaks in from the enclosed porch, the two boys were helping me with the rest of dinner. We sat down to eat and the four dogs laid behind their perceived protectors. They didn't beg or anything.

The twins took care of the clean up and announced, "We're meeting all of our friends at Christie's house. We'll convoy back here. We have some snack type foods and some soft drinks so we should be fine. Everyone is excited about going swimming in the winter time."

Steve handed the guys the keys to the BMW, "Here take the BMW."

Jacob looked at Hank, "Are you sure Mr. Rodgers?"

All Hank said was, "Up yours, brat."

The twins took off and Hank looked at me, "Steve, what is happening? I've lost control. I now have an old man, two teenagers and four dogs who are taking over my life. We need to go to your place and get some more clothes for you, and the presents you bought the guys and bring them back here."

I started to laugh, "You're being a little bossy and presumptuous, aren't you? Assuming that we are going to be spending the next couple of nights here."

"Look, Michaels, you either do it voluntarily or I'll come riding into town on my horse and drag you here. Please Steve, I don't want to be alone and we can't very well take the puppies to your house."

I hugged Hank, "Look Cowboy, the boys' big presents won't fit under the tree. I got them each a new vehicle for Christmas. They are being stored in the neighbors' garages. Kevin is getting a Toyota Tundra truck and Jacob is getting a Toyota Corolla sedan. I took the guys with me when I got my new Avalon and those were the vehicles that caught their eyes. They have no idea that they are getting them. They have never even asked for a vehicle."

Hank nodded, "Good, as soon as we greet the guests and show them the facilities. We'll order the pizza and then take the truck and put it your garage and we'll drive the guys vehicles back here and hide them in the shed. We'll make sure that they take one of our vehicles if they want or need to go someplace."

Our discussion was interrupted by the arrival of three cars filled with teenagers. Hank was very courteous, "Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for coming to my humble abode tonight. Let me show you to the pool area and explain all of the gadgets that you have available to you while you are in the swimming area. The pizza's will be arriving at 9:45 and we ask that you assemble in the great room to enjoy your final rites."

Hank showed the teenagers all of the amenities of the pool area and announced, "Mr. Michaels and I have some errands to do. When we get back, we'll review the surveillance tapes to make sure that you didn't do anything that was inappropriate. There is no place to hide and we'll put the dogs on guard at the entrance to the pool to make sure that none of you escape. Now, have a fun time."

Cowboy and I went to his double cab pick up and went to my house. He pulled the truck into the garage and we went to the Roberts' house and got Jake's Corolla. I went next door and Aunt Jane answered the door, "Aunt Jane, we're going to take Kevin's truck and hide it at the resort."

She looked at us, "Do I know this hunk, I don't think I've seen him before."

I started to laugh, "Aunt Jane, this is Santa Claus; he was so hot in his Santa suit that he decided to play cowboy tonight."

Aunt Jane handed me a huge tray of cookies, "Tell Kevin and Jacob to not get too fat."

When we got back to Hank's house, he disappeared. He came back wearing his Santa suit. "Steve, I'm going to stay out of sight until everyone is eating, then make my grand entrance. Here's the check for the pizza and goodies. I already cleared it with the manager to pay by check, and here's the tip for the delivery person."

He had just gone upstairs when the young people started to filter into the great room. Everyone was just sitting on the floor looking at the beautiful tree and listening to background Christmas music that was playing. Jake and Kev were the last to arrive with their dates. They had just sat down when the doorbell rang.

Jake, Kevin and I went to the door, "The order for Mr. Rodgers is here. Oh hey guys, I didn't know you lived here."

Jacob answered, "Eric we don't live here. Mr. Rodgers invited us to a party. Here, let Kevin and me take this food and Dad will pay you."

The Eric person responded, "There's more. I'll be right back." Trent and Cole took it from Eric, and I handed the check to Eric and then handed him the $25.00 that Hank had given me, "Eric, this is from Santa for delivering the food. He said to tell you that you are to treat yourself to a banana split."

The poor delivery guy almost passed out, "Hey, tell Santa that I can have four or five banana splits with this. I'll be so fat that the monkeys won't be able to carry me to bathroom. Thank you sir. Make sure that you always specify that you would like Eric to deliver your purchases in the future. I'll be here since my Dad owns the franchise. Gotta go, I have two more deliveries."

Everyone was sitting eating when Hank made his grand entrance and he sounded just like Santa. "Ho, ho, ho what have we here. Have you been good boys and girls this year?"

I was watching Kevin and Jacob and could tell that they wanted to make a smart remark but thought better of it. Hank continued, "Let me see what I have in my sack this year to tell me if you have been naughty or nice."

I knew all of the young people because most of them had been friends of Kevin and Jacob's for years. What amazed me was that Hank remembered all of their names even though he hadn't met any of them until tonight. He started to reach in the sack that he was carrying and handed each of them a gift with their names on. Hank was playing this up good, "I have one last gift for Mr. Michaels. He must really have been bad. All he gets this year is this stocking filled with coal."

The young people were laughing. Jacob shook his package and put it to his head, "I guess we each got a package of balloons."

Hank announced, "We're going to have a race to see who can get their packages opened and fill their balloons first for the water fight of the century. On the count of three, go."

The young people opened their packages. They each received a $25.00 gift certificate to the Movie Theatres that were adjacent to the mall where we encountered Santa.

Santa stood, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid it is 10:30 and you need to think about leaving because Kevin and Jacob have a curfew of 11:30 and I'm sure they wouldn't want to make Santa unhappy."

I was surprised when no one resisted and all twelve teenagers went into the cleanup mode and as they left they hugged both Hank and me. Trent spoke for the group, "Hey Santa, anytime you want to have a party, we'll be here. I can't believe that you treated us like adults. Most of our parents would have checked on us at least several times, and then again none of us have swimming pool in our house."

After the young people left, Hank just shed his Santa suit and the trimmings on the great room floor and pushed me onto the sofa. He was wearing only a pair of tennis shorts that barely hid anything. He laid his head on my lap, "Steve, do you think you could ever love me? I know this sounds ridiculous but I want you and the boys to be a part of my life permanently. Other than Dusty, Mimi, Danny and David, you are all the family I'll ever have."

I looked at him and couldn't think of anything to say. "Hank, why would you say such a thing? You're young and a very good looking guy, I'm sure that you could find a young woman to love you."

Hank sat up, "Steve, please listen to me. I have thought I was gay since I was in high school. When I was 22, I developed a rare form of cancer that attacked my reproductive organs. My sperm count is 0. Yes I can have orgasms just like every healthy male, but I have refrained from doing so because I was afraid that somehow I would inflict what happened to me on the person I was with. I went to the Mayo Clinic and had them test me just before Thanksgiving. They informed me that the cancer was gone, but that I will never produce any children."

I was almost crying and I kissed Hank on the lips and wouldn't you know it? The twins just happened to come in as I was doing that. Jacob looked at Kevin and it was as if they were they were reading each other's minds and started to sing, "We saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus by the Christmas Tree tonight."

Hank pulled away from me as the guys sat down on either side of us. Hank looked at the guys, "Guys, would it be so bad if I were like another Dad to you?"

I should have expected a response like this from Jacob, "Daddy Hank, we have no problems with you being our Dad also. Just make sure you spoil us rotten like our other Dad. Now, what's the schedule for tomorrow?"

Hank looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. He pointed his fingers at the boys, "Here's the drill. We'll exercise at 7:30, run at 8:15, you two can cook breakfast at 9:00 and then we'll go to church at 11:00. The afternoon is my choice. At 10:00 tomorrow night we need to go the candlelight service, and maybe if you're good, Santa will bring you some gifts."

The two guys hugged us and left. Hank and I took the dogs to the kennel area and Hank shut the door. The puppies started to whine. Hank looked at me, "Now see what you have done? If they go to the bathroom in the house you have to clean the mess"

He opened the door and Caesar and Mark dashed to the boys' suite and the Cleo and Nugget followed Hank and me to Hank's suite. We took our shower and Hank made it clear that the dogs would not be sleeping in the bed with us. Little did he know.

Author's Note: If you want to read more this story and other interesting stories, you might visit www.tickiestories.us.

Editor's Notes: I must say that this is certainly a typical E Walk story. It has love, surprises and a lot of fun. I can see that the boys are happy with the situation as it is developing. I think these two men can find a way to make it work. I will be very interested in seeing just what will happen as the story progresses.

I want to point out something here. When I write these little notes at the end of chapters, they are not at all planned ahead of time. Sometimes I get on my soapbox and just let it rip, and other times I am just having fun, They reflect my thoughts at the time I am writing them. If I am in a particularly happy mood, then that particular message will reflect it. If by some chance, the chapter has ended with something that reminds me of some situation with which I am familiar, I might expound on that. I will never put words in here to deliberately upset anyone. If my words make you think, then, I have made a difference and that will make me happy.

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