We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 4 - The Solos

We wore our almost nothing shorts to bed and Hank leaned over to me and whispered, "Good night, Steve. I wish I could get into those pants of yours but I don't think we're ready for that yet. Hopefully soon." He kissed me and both dogs decided that they were going to get on the bed with us.

When I awoke the next morning the bed was deserted. I pulled on the clothes that I had worn the day before. Hank was standing at the stove whistling and wearing only his skimpy net bikini briefs when I entered the kitchen. I went and put my arms around him, "What happened to the shirt with a collar requirement?"

Hank turned around, "That requirement only applies for dinner. The rest of the meals are informal. You're way over dressed. Go get our lazy sons up. Breakfast is ready. Tell them there is no dress requirements for breakfast. They might want to wear briefs or the dogs might attack them."

I went to wake the boys, "The host has declared that all you need to wear to breakfast is a pair of briefs."

Jacob looked at me, "I thought we were going to run and exercise."

I shrugged my shoulders, "I guess we slept longer than we should have so those activities got canceled."

The two dogs had dashed downstairs as I opened the door. I decided to stay dressed as I was and went back downstairs.

I went into the kitchen, "Hank, the guys will be here momentarily. They both were springing some pretty good wood so who knows what they are doing."

Hank came over and put his hands around me, "Do you suppose that we could ever get their dad to spring some wood for an old man like me?"

I turned around, "Cowboy, please don't push. I'm still having a difficult time processing why the boys and I are here. Since my wife died I have dedicated my time to the job and the boys and I don't understand what is happening."

Hank had tears in his eyes, "Steve, I'm sorry to be pushing, but as I said last night, I think I have fallen in love with you and your sons. You three guys are filling a void in my life that I didn't know existed until you showed me your cock in the bathroom at the mall."

That comment rattled my cage, "So you're saying it was divine intervention that we met in a bathroom at the mall and you flashed my sons."

"Steve, you're making this very difficult."

Fortunately we were interrupted by Jacob and Kevin. Jacob looked at us, "Oh no, they're having their first lovers' quarrel."

I was going to admonish Jacob but Hank spoke before I could, "Jake and Kev, your father and I haven't gotten to the point where we could be considered lovers. I have just told him that the three of you are filling a void since I am here by myself except for the dogs."

Kevin being the smart ass that he was, "So you're saying we are the substitutes for Mr. Dusty and his family?"

I looked at Kevin, "Kev, that was very unkind after what Mr. Rodgers did at the party last night."

Kevin stood his ground, "Dad, what Mr. Rodgers did last night was fantastic, but it was like he was trying to buy our affection."

Hank was shedding tears, "Guys, please believe me, I never meant it to seem that way. I have fallen in love with the three of you. I guess you aren't ready to accept anyone into your life other than your Dad."

Jacob answered, "Mr. Rodgers, Kevin and I are overwhelmed by what you did last night for our friends. We have had a very comfortable life with our Dad for the last six years. It took Kevin and me some time to adjust to being children of a single parent family and now you are suggesting that our two families should hook up. Mr. Rodgers, this would be a big change for all of us and what would Dusty, Mimi, Danny and David think if they came home and found you shacking up with our Dad?"

Hank was unprepared for that response, "Guys, we'll continue this discussion later. Finish eating. I need to be at the church at 10:45 at the latest."

We finished eating and the guys quickly did the clean up and we were gathered in the great room after everyone was dressed for church. Hank tossed the keys to the Hummer to Jake, "You drive us to church and Kev can drive us home. Let's get moving. I can't be late."

Hank directed us to the church where he went. We walked in and it was like Hank disappeared. The boys and I were ushered into a pew. I was sitting between the guys, Kevin looked at me and pointed to the bulletin. I looked at it and it said special music by Henry Rodgers.

The service started and the worship leader came forward just before the offering, "Ladies and gentleman, here is our own Hank Rodgers singing Christians Awake."

After the sermon the choir sang an anthem and it was obvious who the dominant male voice was.

As we were leaving the vestibule after the service, Hank looked at Kev, "Okay man, let's go to that new restaurant over on 42nd Street. I think it's called Planet Hodge."

Hank directed Kevin to the restaurant. We were greeted at the door by a young lady dressed in a space costume. She started talking like a robot, "Good afternoon gentlemen, welcome to Planet Hodge. If you follow me this way I will show you to your galaxy."

She walked as if she was a robot as she led us to a booth in the back of the room. The twins began to mimic the way she was walking. Hank punched me, "You're sons are real nuts. They must take after their Dad."

The young lady said in a staccato voice as she handed each of us a menu, "Your pilot today will be Captain Blake. He'll be with you shortly. Welcome aboard."

We were sitting and laughing over the names of the menu selections when a young man approached dressed as a space captain. "Good afternoon, Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Michaels, Kevin and Jacob. Welcome aboard our spacecraft. What may I bring you to drink?"

That caught our attention. Jake looked confused, "Tom, I didn't know you were working."

Tom looked at the guys, "I don't. My Dad owns this joint and was short handed today because so many of the staff were leaving for Christmas that he made my sister and me work, since we are only open until two. I answered the phone when Mr. Rodgers called, so I told Penny to put you at my station when you arrived. I figured it had to be you guys when he said that there were going to be two starving teenagers."

Hank looked at Tommy, "Okay Captain Blake what would you recommend?"

Tommy pointed to the menu, "If you are really hungry, you might want the Black Hole. If you're watching your weight, you might try the Venus Salad. For something in between the Jumping Jupiter is good and my personal favorite is the Mad Martian. What ever you choose make sure you save room for the Milky Way for dessert. I think you will be glad you did."

Tommy left and returned with our drink orders. Kevin started, "I'll have the Black Hole."

Jacob ordered the Mad Martian. I ordered the Venus Salad and Cowboy ordered the Jumping Jupiter. I guess the restaurant wasn't really busy because it was as if Tommy was returning with our food before we even ordered it. I couldn't believe the amount of food we put away. Tommy brought four helpings of the Milky Way. "These are on the house."

I don't know where Kevin and Jacob put all of the food that they ate. They're going to look like blimps if they continue to eat like that. Hank paid the bill and provided Tommy with a big tip. As we were leaving, we were greeted by Tommy's father. "Thanks for coming. Hope to see you again."

Jacob looked at the man, "Don't worry Commander Blake, I want to try one of those Pluto Platters and the Moon Express."

Hank asked, "Commander Blake, would it be possible to leave our vehicle in your parking lot? We have some shopping to do down the street."

Mr. Blake smiled, "Be our guest. We are going to close at two o'clock for two days. Thanks for coming."

We walked down the street to a western wear store. Hank recognized the gentleman behind the counter. "Glenn, we need to get these dudes outfitted with cowboy outfits. They need everything if they are going to be cowboys. Why don't we start with some boots and work our way up?"

By the time we finished, the boys and I each had three cowboy outfits, a sheep skin jacket, and a cowboy hat. And we just had to have a western style belt. Hank sent Kevin to get the Hummer. Kevin pulled in front of the store and Hank mandated, "Home Kevin. We gotta take care of the dogs."

As Kevin was driving back to Hank's house, he flat out asked, "Mr. Rodgers, why did we need all of these new things? Why do you think you need to buy us things? Our Dad isn't the poorest person on the planet. Would you please stop trying to buy our respect and love?"

It was deathly silent in the Hummer. Hank composed himself, "Guys, please humor me for the next day and a half. I have no one to spend Christmas with. You will understand tomorrow why I did what I did today. I know very well that you can't buy respect or love. Do you realize that almost every other teenager would be saying more, more, more? Not you brats. Oh no, you are challenging me for doing anything. Guys, I didn't become a billionaire by making bad decisions so give me a little slack."

Hank's outburst took the wind out of everyone's sails. The remainder of the trip to his house was quiet. When we walked in, the four dogs came running out of their kennel area and greeted us. We were petting them when the phone rang. Hank answered and put the phone on speaker. "This is Hank Rodgers."

"Hi Granddad, guess what."

Hank shook his head, "Danny, I have no idea what I am to guess about."

The voice came back, "Me and David are going to be in the Disney parade tomorrow. I'm going to be riding with Pluto and David is going to be riding with Goofy. We got to meet the people who wear the costumes today. We are having a great time. Thanks for our Christmas present. Daddy wants to talk to you."

A different voice came on, "Hey Dad, you went all out. We're going to be so spoiled because everyone has treated us like we were royalty. We don't even need to ask and our every needs are met. What are you going to do for Christmas?"

"I'm taking the brats to the ranch with their father. The dogs have adopted them. By the time you and your family get back, the dogs will probably have disowned me. When you get back Thursday, go to the ranch we'll be spending the weekend there before everyone has to start back to school. Just bring the BMW. We're going to take the Hummer and the truck. Have a great Christmas."

When Hank hung up the phone, Jacob started, "See, there you go again, Mr. Rodgers, telling us what we are going to do without asking us. Please could you come clean with us? Is Mr. Dusty your son or not?"

Hank was openly crying again, "Guys, please believe me. As I told your Dad, I am a virgin. Dusty is my nephew. When I was 18 getting ready to go to college, my sister Diane who was ten years older than me came home with her six year old son, Dustin."

"Our parents weren't poor and owned a small company that was thriving. Our parents took us skiing in Switzerland. Dusty wasn't feeling well one day and I volunteered to stay with him at the chalet. My parents and sister were killed in an avalanche and their bodies were never recovered."

"They were declared dead and I became the caregiver for this six year boy. Don't get me wrong, I loved Dusty and almost quit college because of him. He was having a difficult time dealing with the death of his Mother. We moved here so I could go to college."

"I made it through college and Dusty was doing great. He played sports and got all sorts of scholarships and then he met Mimi in his senior year of college and they got carried away and Danny and David appeared on the scene. Anyway, Dusty is just about to complete his master's degree. Dusty doesn't know how wealthy he is, but he got half of my parents' estate. In the meantime, I established my own company that manufactures the games that I and others design."

"Both companies have done very well, so Kevin and Jacob, please give me a little slack. Believe me guys, I have never let myself become attached to anyone before, so blame it on you your father and his dick. Now let's get something to eat before we go to church."

Jacob started to complain, "Why do we have to go church again? Is that all you do?"

Hank looked at the three of us, "If you ask me, I think the three of you need all of the help you can get to enter the pearly gates."

We ate a sandwich and some soup since we had, had a big lunch. Hank went to change clothes and the twins were complaining. Jacob looked at me, "Dad, I can't figure Mr. Rodgers out. He is so complex that he seems like three people."

I was confused by everything too. "Guys, I have to admit I have never met anyone like him before. Let's just play along and if it gets too kinky we can always split."

Hank returned and looked at the clock, "We need to go." He picked up his guitar case and we were away much to the displeasure of the dogs.

When we got to the church, it was packed but the boys and I were ushered to the front row of pews. Hank had disappeared as he had in the morning. He came in with the pastors and went to the choir loft. He was sitting there by himself dressed in a white robe with a gold stole. All I could think about was that he looked like an angel.

The pastor came forward and announced that Mr. Hank Rodgers will be singing his masterpieces tonight. The first is Oh Holy Night.

The boys were pushing against me and I think all three of us were beginning to realize how special Hank was. The pastor gave his message and the offering plates were passed and I noticed that each of the guys put in a $5.00 bill so I put in twenty.

As the service was ending, the pastor went to the center of the platform, "As we light our candles, please do it in silence. When all of the congregation has lit their candles and I have said the benediction, we ask that you blow out your candles as you leave the sanctuary and hand your candles to the ushers. Now go forth and remember that we celebrate this special time in the memory of Jesus' birth."

As soon as the candles started to be lit the lights were dimmed and by the time it was almost completely dark except for the candle light, Hank appeared with his guitar and started to sing Oh Night Divine. The pastor and the organist left and the ushers monitored the flow of people from the sanctuary. The twins and I were some of the last to leave. It was eerie. No one was talking.

We went to the Hummer and I was in the driver's seat when Hank got in. Nothing was said the entire way to Hank's house. When we entered the house, we were met by four dogs.

We sat in front of the Christmas tree, with the dogs. It took a while before anyone said anything. Finally, Hank hugged the twins, "Guys, I know I have been coming on strong, but I think I finally found some people that I would like to have around me. I love Dusty and his family but when he and Mimi get their masters degrees, they will probably be moving away. Please trust me, I'm not trying to buy your love and respect."

The twins excused themselves and went to the kitchen and the four dogs followed them. Kevin called back, "Dad, did you give Cleo her medicine today?"

Hank and I went into the kitchen and picked up Cleo and Hank gave her the medicine. It must have tasted pretty good because she licked the dropper clean.

We started up the stairs and all of the dogs followed us. Hank still wasn't sure about the dogs, "Guys, please leave your bedroom door open just in case the dogs hear Santa's reindeer on the roof and get spooked and then you will need to clean up the mess."

Author's Note: If you would like to read more of this story and other interesting stories, you might want to visit www.tickiestories.us.

Editor's Notes: Well this story keeps getting more and more interesting. It seems that even with all his money, Hank is not exactly the happiest person in the world, and that he just may have found the path that could lead him to some happiness. I wonder if he will be able to show his "new family" that he really does want them in his life. I really think they could be a good family.

I say this time after time, but it, none the less, continues to be true, E Walk writes stories about people whom we fall in love with in the first paragraph. I was going to say the first chapter, but it usually happens less than half way through the first paragraph. This is no exception. According to E Walk, this story will focus more closely on the main characters, and won't have the large number of back and forth interactions with the huge band of people that manage to populate his other stories. I am really going to enjoy this story. I am already completely hooked, so I hope it won't be long before we see the next chapter.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher