We Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 5 - Oh What a Christmas!

Hank and I went into his suite and Nugget and Cleopatra immediately climbed onto the bed. Hank looked at me, "Steve, why don't we take a shower together. I promise I won't rape you even though I want to. I have controlled my hormones for 36 years so I guess I can keep them under wraps for a couple of more days at least."

While we were in the shower there was a lot of touching but that was the extent of the contact. While we were brushing our teeth at the double sink, Hank looked in the mirror, "Steve, you're so gorgeous. All of you. I'm surprised that you haven't remarried or found someone else. I'm glad you didn't though, because that means I still have a chance to win your heart."

I don't know what possessed me to do what I did. It just happened. I put down my tooth brush and rinsed my mouth grabbed Hank and kissed him; and it wasn't a gentle kiss in the least. I forced my tongue past his lips and invaded his mouth. I could feel him falling against me. I broke the kiss, "Cowboy, maybe I should sleep in the other bedroom."

Hank pulled away, "Steve, I'll be good."

I shook my head, "Hank, that's what I'm afraid of."

He shook his head, "Steve, you misunderstood. I was saying that I would behave. Can we at least cuddle and talk? We are both men in our thirties so we should be able to keep things under control. We need to talk about what is going to happen tomorrow."

I followed his lead and put on some briefs. The dogs condescended to let us get into bed. Hank rolled toward me, "Steve, how do you want to handle the boys gifts?"

"Hank, I put a key to both of their vehicles inside a sweater I have for them. I know how they operate. They'll open the sweater and the key and key chain with their initial will fall out with clues that were to lead them to the neighbors' garage. This will work here just as well since they are in your shed, as you call it."

Hank smiled, "Good, let's go put the gifts under the tree. The boys are probably already asleep."

We passed the boys' suite and it was quiet so we took the bags of gifts downstairs. We stopped when we saw the two boys sitting in front of the tree holding Mark and Julius. Kevin was saying, "Jake, we have been a little hard on Mr. Rodgers. This is all new to him. If he has never had sex then it must be really hard for him. We probably need to give him some slack."

Jake shook his head, "It would be great if he and Dad would hook up. Neither one of them are hurting for money and we aren't going to be around much longer for Dad. I keep wondering what might happen to him when we go to college. He will need someone to turn to. I really like Mr. Rodgers. I can't imagine how he and Dusty must have felt when their parents disappeared in an avalanche. At least we had a funeral for our Mother."

Hank looked at me and we were both shedding tears. Hank knocked on the door frame, "Santa's here. May we join you?"

The two guys looked at us. Kevin answered, "Please do. You got to admit that we did a credible job of decorating the tree."

We sat down on either side of the boys and were joined by Nugget and Cleo. Jacob looked at us, "Dads, how much of our conversation did you hear?"

Hank started to laugh, "Two minutes ago I was Mr. Rodgers and now I have been promoted to the status Dad. I'm flattered."

Jake wasn't going to bested, "That slipped out. Maybe it was just wishful thinking."

Hank took charge, "Okay guys, you put our gifts under the tree for us while your other Dad and I get us some eggnog."

When we were in the kitchen, Hank looked at me and tears were forming, "Steve, you and your sons are making me almost believe that there really is a Santa Claus."

I put my arms around him and kissed his neck and ears. "There is a Santa Claus."

Kevin started to laugh, "Daddy's doing it again. He's kissing Santa Claus."

Hank turned around gave the guys the finger, "Up your's sons. Now get your butts into the great room while we get drunk."

The four of us were sitting on the long sofa with our feet on the coffee table, drinking our spiked eggnog and looking at the Christmas tree while we listened to the Christmas carols that Hank had turned on. Kevin said, "All we need now is a fireplace."

Hank came right back, "You'll have your wish later today, sir. It's already two a.m. so I suggest we get to bed after you two smart assed teenagers rinse our glasses and start the dishwasher."

The dogs visited their kennel area and we were off to bed. Hank and I just held each other. The next thing I remember was two giggling voices, "Aren't they so cute. They look like they are joined together at their penises. You don't suppose that they're going to need an operation to separate them?"

Hank turned to the twins and gave them the finger, "Guys, go get some clothes on. You will need to go outside to do an errand. Your Dad and I'll be down when we are ready. Make sure the dogs have food and water."

Kevin came back, "Whatever you say Master Dad. Would you please add please and thank you to your vocabulary?"

Hank looked at the guys, "Sons, would you please go get dressed and make sure that the dogs have their needs met?"

Jacob was laughing, "Good try Dad Hank, but next time could you make it seem like you meant it?"

Hank threw a pillow at the boys, "Please go away you creeps, your Dad and I need to get ready for a busy day."

Hank and I didn't even take a shower. We shaved and bushed our teeth and Hank handed me one of my cowboy outfits to wear, "Maybe this will give the twins some idea of the dress for the day."

When we got to the kitchen, the twins were fixing breakfast. They had made French toast with bacon and a sweet roll. They were dressed only in their briefs. Kevin looked at us, "Why didn't you tell us this was going to be a formal affair?"

Hank spat back, "Look dudes, let's eat and you two clods can go get respectable while your Dad and I clean up the mess you guys made."

As soon as the two guys finished eating, they disappeared. When they returned they were dressed in their new western gear. Kevin started to complain, "Dad Rodgers, it feels like I'm wearing high heels. Why do we need to wear cowboy boots."

Hank was enjoying this, "I'm afraid you will just have to suffer, brat. You'll find out later today why you need cowboy boots. Before long you won't ever wear anything else. You'll probably even wear them to bed. Now let's go see what Santa brought you."

Hank and I each took a cup of coffee into the great room and Hank gave each of the dogs a package. The dogs were hysterical trying to figure out what to do with the package. Finally Cleo figured that she needed to bite the paper and it started to tear it away from the chewy that was inside. The other dogs were watching and soon the four dogs were contentedly chewing on a rawhide chewy.

Hank threw the three of us a package. We opened them and we each had six pair of the mesh briefs like he wore. He declared, "That is all I want to see you wearing when we are running or exercising. Is that understood?"

Jacob challenged him. "There you go again, ordering us around. You could have said, `I would appreciate if you would wear these when we participating in physical activities, so I can enjoy the beautiful bodies that you have developed."

Hank looked at me, "Steve, I think you had better get Jake's eyesight checked. He seems to have a vision problem."

Jake wasn't to be outdone, he looked at Hank, "Up yours Mr. Rodgers. You're just jealous."

Hank looked at the clock, "Hey, we don't have all day. We're due at the ranch in two hours. Steve, give the guys the measly gifts you bought them and we'll take the rest of the gifts to the ranch and open them later tonight."

I handed the guys their sweaters, and true to form the they took the sweaters out of the box and held them up and the keys fell out with the notes explaining that the gifts were in a secure place and it isn't our garage.

The guys were totally perplexed at first, after reading the note, but their logical minds kicked in. They picked up the keys and they said Toyota. Jacob looked at us, "Toyota means vehicle of some sort. Now to figure out where it is."

Kevin reread the note. "Okay, the note says it isn't in our garage. Does that mean at home or here at Mr. Rodger's house. It can't be in Mr. Rodger's garage because the bays were filled when we got home last night everyone was too drunk to drive anywhere. It has to be close by or why would be getting the gift here."

Hank was having a ball watching the guys' minds work. Jake took over, "I don't think it's at this mysterious ranch that we are going to so it has got be here at Dad Hank's house somewhere. We've pretty much seen the entire house and I don't think there is room to put a car anywhere."

It was as if someone turned on a light bulb. Jake looked at Kevin, "Let's go check Mr. Rodger's shed as he calls it. No one has mentioned the truck since we got the tree. I'm beginning to smell something fishy."

Hank and I followed the boys to the shed and they punched in the code. The looks on their faces were priceless. I wish I had had a camera. They both stopped and turned and leaned against me. They had tears running down their faces. Finally Kevin was able to speak, "Dad, this is too much. We never expected to have new vehicles."

Both boys hugged me and gave me a kiss and then went and hugged the Cowboy and I thought he was going to lose it, but he hugged the two guys and started giving directions. "Kevin, take your Dad to the old house and get the truck so we can take it to the ranch. Jacob and I need to go get some booze to take to the ranch to make sure that the two of you get to sleep tonight."

We climbed into the new vehicles and away we went. When Kevin and I got to the house we checked to see that everything was okay and then went to Darryl's house to check. We were going to go next door, but the guests were arriving so we decided to not bother them. I followed Kevin in his Tundra back to Cowboy's and boy we sure didn't break any speed limits.

He pulled the truck into the shed and was practically petting it when Jacob and Hank arrived. Hank jumped out, "Steve, Jacob was trying to get us killed. He was actually driving slower than the speed limit and people were passing us left and right."

I laughed, "I know exactly what you are talking about; Kevin was doing the same thing."

The guys turned to us and gave the up yours sign.

Hank took charge again, "Okay men, go pack all of your cowboy gear. That's all you will need at the ranch. If you come back to town, you can always get whatever else you need. I'm hoping that you might not ever want to come back to town."

We were loading the back seat of the Hummer with our personal items, the rest of the gifts and things for the dogs. We checked to make sure everything was secure and we loaded the dogs in the back of the Hummer. Hank was driving the truck with Kevin, and Jake was driving the Hummer, and we were going to follow Hank.

As soon as we got on the open highway, Hank put the pedal to the metal and was really moving out. Jake started to complain, "Dad, Mr. Rodgers is going way over the speed limit. I can't risk getting a ticket or I'll lose my license." Hank must have noticed that we weren't following him and pulled over to the side of the road and was waiting for us.

Jacob jumped out of the Hummer, "Mr. Rodgers, please let Kevin drive. If I drove as fast as you and a state trooper stopped me, I would lose my license."

We were starting to get back into the vehicles when a state trooper pulled up. He stepped out, "Gentlemen, are you experiencing a problem?"

I looked at the young man, "No sir, we were just exchanging drivers."

The officer recognized Hank, "Good to see you Mr. Rodgers. We're looking forward to having Mom and Dad spend the rest of the week with us. Mary Lou is cooking our turkey and the rest of the brothers and sisters except for Mimi will be meeting at our house for Christmas dinner tonight. Talk to you later and drive safely."

Hank didn't bother to explain what that conversation was about. He crawled into the passenger side of the truck and Kevin was driving and Jacob kept pace. We pulled into a long driveway and it was evident that Nugget knew where she was. She was yapping excitedly.

When we stopped, we opened the back of the Hummer and she jumped down and went to meet the older couple who came to meet us. I lifted the three puppies down and they went to take care of their needs.

Hank hugged the couple, "Ross and Rosa, I like to introduce the brats, Kevin and Jacob, and their father Steve Michaels. I want you two to get out of here and go spoil your grandchildren. Before you go though, here is something to show my appreciation for everything that you have done for me and Dusty over the years. I trust the new deliveries are in the stables and under the tree."

Ross had handed the envelope that Hank gave him to Rosa. "Yes sir, they arrived yesterday morning. They are a lively group. The rest of the help won't be back until next Monday. You said you had everything under control. Call Will and his boys if you need help."

Rosa was crying, "Mr. Rodgers, this is far too generous." She couldn't continue.

Hank was undaunted, "Nonsense, Momma Rosa. If it hadn't been for you and Dad Ross, Dusty and I might have fallen through the cracks. Besides, your youngest daughter is off celebrating Christmas in Disney World. The boys called last night to tell us they were going to be in the parade today. Now both of you get out of here. You aren't due back until next Monday."

He walked the couple to a new Camry and I watched as he hugged them.

When he came in, he had tears in his eyes. He remained composed, "Guys, let me show you to your bunks."

He took us to a suite and told the guys, "I'm sorry, you will have to put up with this while we are here."

The guys' mouths dropped open and Kevin said, "This is even more fantastic than the suite we had at the house on the hill. We may never leave."

Hank smirked, "That's what I'm counting on. We'll meet in the living room in 15 minutes, after you get you things put away. I'm going to take your Dad and get him squared away."

Jacob looked at us, "Mr. Rodgers, don't hurt him too bad."

Hank couldn't let that comment pass by, "Jake, I'm so old that 15 minutes doesn't allow time for much of anything. I ain't one of them teenagers who has a quick trigger anymore."

Hank guided me to a room in the front of the house. Like Kevin said, `This was more spectacular than the room at the house on the hill.' We walked out on the balcony and looked at the mountains and Hank put his arms around me. "Steve, do you think you and the boys could possibly live here with me?"

I turned and kissed Hank, "Cowboy, material things can't make things right between us. We need to feel something more than that before I will commit to anything. I am still having a difficult time trying to figure out who you really are."

Hank was crying again. Why was I always making him cry? It suddenly dawned on me that he was crying out to me, `Steve, love me. Dusty and his family will be leaving and I will have no one.'

I was at a loss as to how to respond, "Look Cowboy, you told the boys to meet us in fifteen minutes, so we had better go."

We went downstairs and the guys were waiting in the living room with the dogs. Hank led us to the huge family room where the Christmas tree was shining brightly. Around the tree were three saddles. Hank pulled out three envelopes. "Here, each of you pick an envelope."

The guys had me go first and then Kevin went next because he was born first. Hank instructed us to open the envelopes to see what letter we had drawn. I had a B, Kevin had C and Jacob had an A. As soon as that was finished Hank looked at us, "Pick up your saddle and bring it with you and I'll introduce you to your Christmas presents."

The saddles had an initial carved in the leather seats so there was no question which saddle belonged to whom. We had no idea where we going. We entered what looked like it might be a Chateau or something but it was a stable filled with beautiful palomino horses.

As we walked in, the first horse we saw was rearing up. Hank took a sugar cube out of his pocket and held it out for the horse. "Don't worry Alhambra, we'll go riding after we eat." Hank turned to us, "That's Alhambra de Espana. He won't let anyone but me ride him. I have raised him since he was abandoned by his mother."

We moved to the next horse, "This is Dusty's horse. His name is Alexander Graham Bell." He pointed to a beautiful horse, "This is Mimi's horse and she named her Ginger and Spice and Everything Nice."

We move to the next two stalls and Hank pointed, "That is David's horse wouldn't you know he named him Super Dog and Danny named his horse Peter Pan. Guys, put your saddles on the rail there and come meet your Christmas presents. Jacob, I believe you had the A so I guess you should meet your horse. Here are some sugar pellets to feed him. You need to decide on a name for the beast. He seems a little skittish, so be very gentle with him. The three of these horses just arrived yesterday."

"Steve, you have drawn B, so you get this beautiful filly. She seems calm enough. I'm thinking she might be a little spunky so be kind to her." He moved to the next stall, the horse reared up. "Kevin, you got the maverick of the bunch. You had better be prepared to be firm."

Hank left us to talk to our new presents, as he went back to Allie. He called, "That's enough bonding time for now. We'll come back later after we eat, and go for a ride."

As we walking to the house, I was thinking, 'This man can't be real. Why would he decide that he wanted my sons and me to be part of his family?'

Authors Note: If you would like to read more of this story and other interesting stories, you might want to visit www.tickiestories.us.

Editor's Notes: In answer to that last question, I would suspect that he sees something in you three that you don't see in yourselves. He sees loving and caring people that need someone else who is also loving and caring, and he has the ability to provide that to you, along with the attention and worldly things that might make your lives a bit brighter.

Having said that, Steve really likes Hank, and is slowly beginning to feel more and more attracted to him, as they become more closely acquainted, so to speak. There is becoming more than the physical attraction between the two of them. I can't help but think that this is going to blossom into a very nice family.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher