What Mark Wants

What can I say about Mark? Hot, cool, nice guy with a wild imagination. He's probably about 5'10, 165, handsome, chiseled face, phenomenal body, very fashionable, but manly. He's married, likes the ladies, nothing gay about him except maybe his fashion. Although a really good guy, his wild imagination and acting out (when telling stories) shows a much more aggressive side of him. I won't go into too much more detail, but he is definitely a complex person. Strange thing is, even though I've always thought he was decent looking, etc... it took a while before I really started to see how hot he really is. Now every time I see him, which is almost daily, I just want him to quietly, but aggressively, tell me what he wants. I would do anything he told me to do.

One day when he was especially stressed out, I got up the nerve to ask if he wanted to go for a beer after work (we had hung out outside of work before, but usually somehow related to a work function). He hesitated at first (not much on going out), but then asked if we could just go to my place and have a couple of beers. No motive at this point... just figured we'd hangout, etc. He usually left work early, but he'd been going home at lunch to take care of things at his house, so he was staying later than usual. I decided to give him the directions to my place so I could leave a little early and prepare (grab some beer, shower, etc.). When he got there, he walked in and commented on how nice my place was and asked if he could look around (although straight, he appreciated taste).

After I had showed him around we grabbed a beer, went into the living room and sat on the couch. I turned the TV on, but there really wasn't anything interesting on at that time of day, so we just started talking. He was leaning over towards me. He never had a problem with being close to guys... again, not in a gay way, just cool with being close. Anyway, we kept chatting for a while. He has a thing where he just stares at you when he talks and can get really intense when he's telling a story. Finally he got up and said he needed to piss. On his way back, he grabbed 2 more beers and handed one to me, but then he just stood there and stared down at me. I laughed and asked what the fuck he was doing. He laughed a little and said "nothing, why is it making you uncomfortable". I laughed and said "you? no, but I expected a show if he was going to block the TV". He stopped laughing but kept smiling and looked down at me.

Then without hesitation he said "you wanna suck my cock?" I thought for sure he was joking, so I said, "oh yeah man". Then he got really serious and said "I'm not fucking joking... do you want to suck my cock." I stopped laughed and stared at him for a bit and finally said "yeah" (still thinking he was joking but hoping not). Then he said "well fucking take my dick out and start sucking it". I still wasn't sure, so with a slight laugh (as if joking) I said sure and started unbuttoning his jeans. He didn't move or make a sound, so I kept going. Then I began to push his jeans and undies down at the same time. I was immediately hit with an intensive manly musk smell. I almost coughed but instead breathed it in. At that point I was pretty sure he was serious. I didn't look back up, but instead started smelling all around his cock and between his legs as he spread them out. The smell was overpowering, but I loved it. After a minute or so he grabbed my hair and jerked my head back and said "start sucking my cock you fag". So I did as I was told. He started moaning instantly. He started off rubbing his hands through my hair and then started pushing my mouth onto his cock. He was about 7 inches and avg width, but I was still gagging a little at first. After a while I was taking his cock all the way down to his nicely trimmed pubes. I looked up and his head was back with his mouth open. He was loving it. Then I took my mouth off his cock and started licking and sucking his nice balls. I then started to lap at his taint area. At this point he grabbed my hair again and yanked my head back. He bent down and moved his face right next to mine and said "you sick fucker". Then he told me to open my mouth and spit inside.

Then he shoved me back into the couch, turned around so his ass was in my face, grabbed my head and pulled it into his ass, and said "start cleaning". I first took a deep breath through my nose. The intense odor almost knocked me out. It was a fowl but incredibly hot at the same time. You could tell he had taken at least one shit since he had showered early that morning. I was a little sick and in love at the same time. Then he told me to "get in there", so I did. I started licking and sucking at his hole. It tasted like it smelled, but I loved it. He was moaning and said it was the best feeling he'd ever had. Then w/o noticed, he pulled my head back, turned around and shoved my mouth back on his cock. I suck for less than a minute before he pulled out, told me to hold my mouth open, and shot STREAMS of hot cum in my mouth. I don't usually like the taste of cum, but this was an exception. I wanted even more. He collapsed onto the couch next to me, breathing hard and staring at the ceiling. I wasn't done yet though.

I eased between his legs and lifted them slowly and then breathed the smell of his asshole again. It was still pungent, but I didn't care. I was going to lick, suck, and finger until it was clean. He began to moan again and held my head firmly in place. If this had been anyone else, I don't think I could have continued. His ass was ripe and truly need cleaning, not just rimming. He even let out a couple of air farts, but I kept going. After a while I was fingering his hole a lot between licks and sucks. I don't think he really noticed what was happening, he was just enjoying it. Then I saw him getting hard a gain, so I alternated between his now spotless ass and his cock. He would spit on his hand and jack while I was on his hole, then I'd suck his cock some more. After a few minutes of this he yanked my head up by my hair and said he wanted to fuck my ass. He first told me to straddle the ottoman... but then he said he wanted to watch my face as he fucked me. He began trying to finger me and realized he would need lube, so he began rummaging through the kitchen cabinets until he found some cooking oil. He came back and slathered some on my ass and began roughly forcing his fingers in. Then I heard him put some oil on his cock and began jacking. I soon felt the head of his cock at my ass. He moved his face down to mine and looked me in the eyes. Then he began to slowly push his cock in my ass. I was in obvious pain, but he didn't care. He just continued the slow assault until I felt his pubes against my ass cheeks. As he ground his dick as far as possible, he began to kiss me roughly. This put me over the top. I began kissing back as he mixed his kisses with spitting in my face. Then he began to fuck me HARD. He wanted it to hurt, but it was clear it was how he liked it too. After a while he told me to flip over and began pounding my ass as hard as possible from behind. This went on for at least 30 minutes. Then I felt him tense and hold his cock deep inside my ass as he shot his load. He collapsed on my back with his cock still in me and began breathing his dry, smelly breath in my face. He asked how it felt to be a used fag. Then he farted and laughed in my face. After a few minutes, he pulled out and stood up. He said he needed to piss again but needed a new toilet. He grabbed my hair and pulled me into the bathroom, pushed my head over the toilet and began to piss. He forced me to open my mouth and drink some in. I was humiliated, but loving it too. Afterward he told me to dry off and get him another beer. I got him a beer and sat on the couch next to him. He began drinking and watching TV as if nothing happened (farting a few times too). He finally got up and said he had to get home or his wife would begin calling him.

As he began to dress, he threatened me, saying I better not tell anyone. Then right before he left, he grabbed me by the head, kissed me hard and said whenever he IM'd me with the word "now", I better go home, leave the door unlocked and be lubed.