(part 1)

by Funtails

Doug missed the boy terribly on these cold nights, the sound of the North Dakota winds somehow penetrating into the earth three stories below. Of course, he missed the boy no matter what the weather, but his need was greater whenever he shivered at the wailing of the wind in his mind. (Surely, it was all in his mind!)

At the moment, Zeke was off visiting his grandfather in Grand Forks for the weekend, and Doug could just picture the boy running around Liberty Mall, his sunny blond head bobbing about as the eleven-year-old led Professor Carlsbad in a race from video game store to video game store.

Fifty yards away, a cardboard box tumbled off a storage drum, the clatter echoing up the corridor. Doug could never remember what was in all the boxes lying around everywhere, most from before his time. He hoped this one wasn't delicate instruments.

A white mouse scooted out from behind the fallen box, spinning in slower and slower circles until it stopped. The mouse was not in itself odd. In the days when the site had been a functional missile silo command center, the crews had used the clockwork mice to keep each other entertained and now the furry little toys were everywhere, forgotten with the rest of the Cold War. But a mouse moving by itself? Doug was supposed to be alone down here. He picked up a pool cue for protection and walked down the corridor, looking out for anything else odd.

At the end of the corridor, near the door to Room 77, was a cluster of barrels. First, Doug saw the small red tennis shoes, the small zoo of toy mice between the slim, splayed legs and finally, the dejected blond head of Zeke.

"What the Hell? Zeke? You weren't supposed to be back 'til tomorrow."

The boy didn't respond. He just pushed a mouse around aimlessly with a finger before swatting it away with the back of his hand.

Doug squatted, folding his fingers into the boy's. Zeke seemed to notice him for the first time, his soft hazel eyes going wide.

"What's wrong, baby?" Doug held the boy's hand.

His expression seemed to say that Doug could not comprehend his troubles. Zeke said, "I'm fine. It's going to be okay."

"You don't look fine. Do your parents know you're here?"

No answer.

"I'm going to call the professor," said Doug. "He'll-"

"No! You can't."

"Zeke, I know we gave you a keycard and all, but your parents nee-"

"Just wait 'til tomorrow, okay? You're with me and you know I'm safe. Just let it be me and you tonight."

Doug said, "I can't let you sleep over without permission."

"Please. It's important. I can't deal with any questions right now. Everything in your world is fine, I promise."

"You're my world and if you're upset, then my world isn't fine."

Zeke smiled. "Then you should probably do as I say and keep me happy, huh?"

"Fine." Doug fell at the boy's side, their shoulders touching, their backs bracing the drum. "What you have in mind?" Doug slipped an arm around the boy's slim body and tweaked his far nipple. "Something naughty?"

"Not really," said the boy to Doug's surprise. Zeke leaned into Doug, resting his smooth face against his chest. "This right here is kind of nice," said Zeke. "Can we do this for a while?"

Doug took his nipple-molesting hand and stroked behind Zeke's ear, along the downy gold hairline to the back of his neck. "Anything you want, baby."

The boy stayed silent.

The next morning, Doug awoke to the sound of heavy running feet in the corridor. He was surprised that Zeke wasn't still in bed. The boy had seemed so needful of closeness last night, foregoing any sex to simply smother himself in Doug's side.

Zeke slammed through the door, and began shouting before he even spotted Doug. "What in the Hell is going on here? You're cheating on me?! You wait for me to leave for the weekend and have some slut come over and take my place?"

The boy had been outside. He was wearing a grey, wool hoodie and jeans. He angrily stamped snow off his boots.

"Are you okay?" asked Doug, still waking up.

"No, I am not okay! Explain why some boy is in the shower singing my song!"

There was indeed someone in the shower. There was only one bathroom in the old silo, down a side corridor, so the sound was faint. With a little effort, however, the voice of a boy could be heard beneath the falling of water. He was singing 'My dongle is a dingle', a nonsense song Doug and Zeke had created over the course of the summer.

"He can't even sing it right," said Zeke.

"What?" asked Doug as he pulled on his pants.

"The boy in there. He just sang, 'With a twenty-dollar jingle,' instead of 'With a merry merry jingle.' You didn't even teach him the words right."

"I didn't teach him anything!" Doug walked briskly towards the bathroom, Zeke behind. "The only boy here last night was you. Whoever this is must have broken in this morning before you woke up."

"I wasn't here last night."

Zeke's words registered just as they turned into the side corridor. Thirty feet away the door opened and out walked a towel-wrapped boy who looked exactly like Zeke.

"Oh shit," said the boy, losing his grip on the towel in panic. It slid to the ground. Even his dick was identical to Zeke's it seemed. Naked, the blond imposter turned for the bathroom door. Identical bubble butt too.

"Stop him!" yelled Zeke. Doug was already moving, but the door shut right before he got there and the lock tumbled closed.

"Zeke, get out here," Doug called through the door.

"Don't call it 'Zeke'," the real Zeke whispered harshly next to him.

"What else am I going to call him?"

"How about 'Imposter'? Or 'Faker'? Or 'Liar'? I don't care."

Doug turned back to the door. "Look, kid, I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay to come out."

"Yeah, kid," said Zeke. "Doug's not going to hurt you."

"Zeke isn't going to hurt you either," Doug added quickly.

"I promise I won't hurt you. I'd never lie about something like that."

Doug turned and took a good look at Zeke.

"What?" asked Zeke.

"Well," said Doug, "I just realised that you might be the imposter, not him."

"Do I look like I'm lying?"

"Maybe you're programmed to think you're really Zeke."

"If he's the real me, then why did he run away?"

"Because he panicked from seeing me with a perfect clone of himself and thought I was coming to replace him with you?" said Doug. "I don't know."

"Well, I know," said Zeke. "It's because he knows he's a lying faker who got caught lying and faking."

"It doesn't prove anything and if you were programmed to think you were the real Zeke, this is exactly how you would behave."

From behind Doug, the second, naked, Zeke spoke, having opened the door without either of them realising it. "He's the real Zeke." The boy stepped meekly into the corridor. "I'm sorry about fooling you last night, Doug. I just needed-"

"What happened last night?" shouted Zeke. Doug held him back with an arm. "Did you have sex with Doug?"

"Nobody had sex," said Doug. He cringed at the thought that he would have had sex with the fake Zeke if the boy had tried for it.

"I didn't come here to cause trouble," said the second Zeke.

Doug put a hand on the boy's shoulder as much to prove he was real as to reassure him. "Who are you?"

"Well, strictly speaking, I'm Zeke."

"Not this shit again!" the real Zeke said.

The second Zeke seemed about to cry. "I'm just not your Zeke."

"So, like a time traveler from the future?" asked Zeke number one.

"Not th-"

"Or an alternate timeline version of me that drifted here through the some twilight zone?"


"Oh wait, I know. You're a clone of me escaped from a secret lab and you need my help exposing the evil scientists who created you!"

"Don't be stupid," said the second Zeke, stiffening.

"Or maybe you're a Cylon duplicate," said original Zeke without pause. "That's it, isn't it?"

"Will you please stop with these outrageous suggestions?" said Doug.

"There's not a lot of options here, Douggie boy," said Zeke. "At least, scientifically speaking. And I know you don't believe in magic." Then he got an irritated expression. "Wait. Did he just call me stupid?"

The second Zeke spoke in one breath, "I'm a version of Zeke from an alternate universe and I'm stranded here until I can teach Doug how to make a machine that rides the fluctuations in the structure of spacetime through the links between universes."

Doug was speechless.

Zeke grinned. "I was right! I was right! I told you he was an alternate me."

"Stop," said Doug. He put a hand on Zeke to stop him bouncing and said, "This is going to take some sorting out. Go to the kitchen and make some coffee. And some scrambled eggs with extra basil. I'm gonna get your body-double dressed and decent and we'll join you."

"I can't leave you alone with him. He could be from an evil mirror universe."

"Just go, Zeke. Call the professor to come help if you want."

After Zeke left, Doug picked up the towel and handed it to the remaining boy. He said,"Zeke keeps some clothes in a closet here that you can use."

"I know. I did the same thing where I come from."

"Oh. So is everything over there in your world like here?" Doug asked.

"From what I've seen so far."

Nervously, Doug asked, "You and me...are-?"

"Yes," said the boy, a little embarrased and a little relieved.

"Do we-?"


"I guess it really is the same."

"Well, the version of me here seems kind of psycho to be honest."

"Yeah, you do seem much less excitable. I guess kids grow up quicker where you're from."

In the kitchen, Doug had to put the eggs into a plate for the new Zeke since the original Zeke refused to serve him.

"I made those eggs for you," complained the original Zeke. Doug ignored him and set about tossing two eggs in the pan for himself. He got bran muffins out of the bread bin for everyone. Visitor Zeke took one. Original Zeke just pouted. Doug shrugged and sat at the island counter with the visitor.

"We need to fix this name situation," said Doug as he ate. "You can't both be Zeke."

"Well, I ain't changing my fucking name," said the original Zeke, arms folded, sitting with fake nonchalance on the couch.

Doug started to give the boy a reminder about not cursing at inappopriate times and realised there had probably never been a more appropriate time in all of history. A duplicate human from another dimension was having breakfast with him! Doug looked at the new Zeke. There was really nothing different about him. Every mannerism, every motion as he chewed, his long golden eyelashes even, were identical. The same lion-cub eyes flashed at him when the boy looked his way.

"How about if we call you 'Deke' for now?" Doug asked him.

"Deke?" asked the visitor.

"Short for 'Dimensional-traveler Zeke'. That way we're not really changing your name. You're still going to be you."

"Sounds fair," said this world's Zeke, still lounging warily.

Doug smiled at him. "And we can call you Zed."

"Why do I have to change my name? This is my universe."

"Because he might still answer when I say 'Zeke'. We'll avoid confusion this way. Besides, you always wanted a cool nickname. Zed is like one of those agents in that movie you like so much with the aliens- 'Aliens in Black'."

"It's not 'Aliens in Black'," said Deke and Zed together, exasperated. "It's 'Men-"

"What kind of madness is going on here?" said the professor in his baritone voice, marching through the passageway. "Zeke said you're being invaded from another-"

The professor saw the two Zekes. He remained cool, just an eyebrow popping up in surprise, followed by a smile. "What a fascinating development."

Professor Rufus Carlsbad was a tall, grey-haired man with a robust bearing who had married Zeke's grandmother and adopted her two children after her first husband died in Vietnam.

Rufus had grown up tough, a black boy in a white, working-class town full of casual racism. But the perks had mitigated the indignities. From the time he was twelve until he left for university, Rufus had been the stud for the neighborhood boys, who were fascinated by his exotic appeal. Once, he had snuck into the bedroom of a blond beauty named Stewie Petersen and fucked the eager boy while, on the other side of the locked door, Mr. Petersen lectured his poker buddies about why the union needed to 'stop niggers taking jobs from decent folks'.

"Well, young Douglas," said the professor, nodding at the two boys, "I think you've pulled off quite a neat trick here."

Being called 'Young Douglas' made Doug feel all of ten years old again and he was momentarily lost in a memory of himself on his stomach, his little ass high in the air as the professor pounded him, the Satuday morning sunlight making everything shimmer as the breeze from the open windows blew the sheer white blinds about.

Zed gave Doug a knowing look. Doug blushed. He had never gotten over the professor, despite growing up and becoming a boylover himself.

Deke seemed frozen while the professor looked him over.

The professor said, "I assume you are our invader, since the other Zeke is still wearing the garments of the boy I delivered here earlier."

"They- um- They're calling me Deke now."

"Welcome to our Earth, Deke."


"Now, take a few minutes and finish your breakfast and we'll discuss how you came to be here." Then he turned to Doug. "Tea ready?"

"Just about."

Doug filled in the professor on what he knew of Deke. Breakfast did not seem to calm Deke down at all.

When the tea and food were gone, he began his story. "There were problems with the world I came from. Things were getting bad-" Deke choked on his words and looked at the professor. The big man patted his elbow and Deke continued, "The work you're doing here in the lab, Probabilistic Physics and Information Transfer Dynamics, it's what made everything go haywire back home. It started with the Masahashi Sequence experiment. You guys just used a small amount of energy to prove the bridgeflow was possible, but the information transfer triggered more tachyon action than you could have anticipated. The professor called it a butterfly effect."

The two men looked at each other in alarm. "It's too late," Doug told the professor. "We ran the sequence last week. I was waiting for the collated numbers from China and Australia before I sent you a report."

"Damn," said Zed. "So, this butterfly effect is gonna mess up our world too now that we've done the same experiment? This is like that scene where the computer guy discovers he was responsible for Judgment Day and Arnold taking over the world. Sucks to be you, Doug."

"No," said Deke. "It's not like that. We had lots of problems, sure, but the professor and Doug and the other scientists were close to a solution. They had a device under construction to reverse the effects and bottle it up. The spacetime cracking all around was getting bad though, so Doug sent me here. The plan is that you babysit me until it's safe to go back."

"So you're like the last baby rocketed off a dying planet," declared Zed. "Maybe you'll get super-"

"It's not dying!" said Deke. "It's in an accelerated state of entropic spatial decay, that's all."

"You know," said Doug, "It's remarkable for me to listen to you, Deke, because you seem to totally understand the science. Zed loves science fiction, but he's been hopeless at actual science."

"Actual science is boring," said Zed.

"Yeah, I was just like that before the Fracturing," said Deke. "But afterwards, it was hard not to pay attention. Things got real interesting. People were disappearing into nothing, cars and buildings and mountains were popping up at random.And the weather just became a nightmare. All kinds of temperature fluctuations and storms, every day. Airplanes couldn't fly. Satellites wouldn't work. A giant wave wiped out Seattle."

That silenced everyone for a while.

"We have to tell somebody," Zed eventually said. "We can't fix this ourselves."

"No!" said the professor. "This kind of thing, they'll call in Unit 13. I've had dealings with their commander, guy they call Big Mick. They'll take both of you kids into quarantine and we won't see you again even if they solve this whole situation." The professor looked seriously at Doug. "We'll send Deke back before we tell anyone about him traveling here. In the meantime, we'll collate our test results and send them to Abekono in London and Suresha in Delhi. Maybe Chin in Boston, too. They don't need to know about Deke to start figuring out this butterfly effect."

"Deke," said Doug, "what makes you so sure we can send you back? And how would we even know how to?"

"You- I mean, the other Doug sent this with me." The boy removed a folded sheet of paper from his jeans and handed it over very formally. "You're supposed to be able to figure it out, according to my Doug."

The paper held a spreadsheet of printed numbers and and hand-drawn tables. Written across the top in Doug's own neat script was, "Take care of him for me. He is all that matters."

"These look like sensor numbers from different sites-"

"And these must be chronological reference points," said the professor.

"And this should allow us to project a graph of spacial coherence. I'm not sure if the magnitudes would make sense, but it should be enough to give us a idea of how things will move."

Doug brought his tablet computer from his office and the two men started entering data. Occasionally, one would speak, a small expression of wonder or shock. At one point they both said, 'Wow' together.

"What's that for?" asked the boys simultaneously.

"Our worlds were born at the same time, but apparently time flows faster on your side than ours. So your date is actually about a month ahead of ours."

"Oh," said Deke, looking at the professor nervously, "that explains a lot."

"Like what?" asked Doug.

Zed said, "Like how he had all that time to learn science after your crazy experiment kicked the world in the nuts."

The men returned to their work. In that way that scientific people close out the world, even those they love most, they lost track of the boys.

Until the shouting started. Doug looked up to see Deke against the corner of the kitchen, his head pulled back in fear. Zed was hovering over him, slowly pushing an extended finger at Deke's face.

"I'm just being scientific," Zed was saying. "Now hold still or I might poke you in the eye or something."

"Leave me alone."

"Leave him alone, Zeke!" Doug shouted.

Both boys looked at him. "I meant Zed," Doug said. "Zed, get away from him."

"I just need to touch him," Zed said.


"Well, in that time cop movie the same person from two different times couldn't inhabit the same space or they'd destroy each other. I wanted to see what would happen if I touched him a little."

"But if you're right, then you'd destr-" Doug stopped himself short before he encouraged more wild ideas. "Nothing would happen." He said to Deke, "Why don't you just let him touch you on the arm and he'll stop acting weird, okay?"

"No," said Deke. "What if he's right?"

"He's not right," said the professor in his calm, but forceful, voice. "You are from different universes. Different timelines. Your molecules are not the same. They carry information. By necessity your molecules will have an internal way of identifying the universe they come from and thus they will not find themselves in some fundamental existential conflict."

"Huh?" said both boys together.

"You won't destroy each other by touching."

Zed said, "Oh, well why didn't y-"

Deke reached out and twisted Zed's nose. Zed yelled, in anger more than pain.

"There,' said Deke. "We've settled it."

"You fucking piece of-"

Deke ran. Zed followed. Deke leaped over the old pool table and Zed followed. Deke's dodging finally failed at the couch and Zed tackled him onto it. Doug was right behind them and pulled them apart, the two boys throwing angry fists at the air between them.

"Oh shit," the professor said softly, but still urgently enough to get their attention. "Doug look at this graph."

Doug felt his face drain of blood as he studied the line and the figures. He could not help a furtive, pitying look at Deke.

"What is it?" the boy asked.

"Deke, when the me from your universe sent you here, he sent that note as a message to me, to explain what was going on over there, because of what he was asking me to do."

"Right, get me back home when it's safe."

"Well, when he sent you here he gave you an explanation because there were things he wanted you to do. But the explanation wasn't honest."

"What do you mean?"

Doug dropped the tablet computer on the table and walked over to Deke. Zed shrank back. "Deke, according to those numbers on the paper, your world was too badly damaged to fix."

"No, Doug and the professor had figured it out. They just had to complete-"

In a sad, flat voice, the professor said, "My dear boy, your world would have ended about two hours after you left. I'm sorry."

"No! He told me I was going back! He promised." Doug hugged the boy as Deke started crying. "He said Mom and Dad were going to come over soon."

Doug told him, "He had to say that, Zeke. You wouldn't have agreed to come over otherwise."

"You can't be dead," said Deke. "You're right here, you can't be dead!"

Doug just stroked the boy's back, unable to offer more.

On the fridge was a magnetic calendar. Doug's brain automatically did the math: It was Monday, the 19th of November. The world had about a month before it ended, on the same date that Deke's world had shredded itself: December 21st, 2012.

By afternoon, things had calmed down in the silo command center. The professor and Doug had alerted colleagues around the world of their 'suspicions' about the recent test of their probablility/information device and had spent most of the day coordinating the response and gathering data. They were in the lab for all that and Doug kept thinking of Deke. The boy had ended up on the couch, staring at the floor, and the phone calls had kept Doug from attending to him. Zed had left for a walk after struggling to get half a cup of soup into his 'twin' at lunch time.

Now, at three in the afternoon, the sense of impending doom had acquired so much consensus with everyone Doug spoke to worldwide as to be almost routine. The image of Deke and the look of shock on his face when he had realised that his Doug was dead kept intruding on Doug's afternoon apocalypse, however. Doug tried to imagine losing everyone in his whole world all at once.

"Professor," Doug said, leaning away from his e-mail, "I think Deke might need some seeing to about now."

"Yes. I agree, Douglas. The forum's almost set up online now anyway. I can finish here on my own."

Deke was laid out on the pool table, gripping a ball in each hand and tapping both steadily against the surface.

"Oh, hey," said Doug. "Feeling better?"


"Feeling more functional at least?"

"A bit. Played a few games of pool with the other Zeke. He got mad cuz I kept winning and he left."

"Sounds like him," said Doug.

"Yeah, sounds like me."

"You hungry or anything?"

Deke just kept staring at the ceiling, knocking the balls on the table.

Doug said, "I'll be in my room for a bit if you want me."

Zed was in Doug's bed when he got there. There were other rooms in the silo complex, but since they always slept together, Doug's room was Zed's room too whenever he came over.

The shirtless boy looked vulnerable lying there asleep, his thin, bare shoulders and smooth, slim back hunched in defense against unknown threats. God, he looked so sexy in nothing but blue jeans. Doug sat on the bed and stroked Zed's golden hair out of his face. The boy was adorable, with soft, pink lips and an elegant jawline. Doug leaned down and kissed his slim nose.

Zed stirred. Doug stroked his back.

"You here to fuck me?" the instantly playful boy asked as his hazel eyes flicked open.

"Um, no, I was just checking up on you. There's still a lot of-"

"Pleeeeaaaase!" said the boy brushing his cheek against Doug's thigh.

The man shivered at the sight and feel of his boy. 'His' boy. It still amazed Doug that Zed was 'his' boy. He pulled the boy up and kissed his tender lips, pressing lightly at first, but soon losing control and attacking them. The feel of the slender boy in his arms, the smooth skin under his fingers, drove him wild.

The kiss grew more intense as Zed returned his passion, hanging off his neck and flickering his tongue into Doug. Soon, the boy was biting at Doug's lips in lust while he squirmed against his torso. Doug slid his hands down the boy's back to the firm rise of his ass, sliding his fingers beneath the waistband of the boy's jeans and briefs in one go, his hands getting trapped there as the grabbed the tight flesh of his butt cheeks.

His arms tied up, Doug lost his balance as Zed lunged at him again and the two fell back onto the bed, Zed on top like the alpha cub he was, still attacking his man's lips, and grabbing his shoulders, arms and neck.

"Do me," said Zed between kisses.

"Unnngggh," was all Doug could reply, his cock straining against his trousers. He fought and pulled his hands free, twisting his body to put his little lion on his back. He kissed down the boy's slim, smooth neck, licking the little hollow at the collar bone until the boy giggled, as he always did. Then it was time for the nipples, perky little brown nubs that tasted like boy candy.

Doug unbuttoned the top of the jeans and licked his way down to Zed's navel, circling the hole before grabbing the jeans zipper in his teeth and pulling it down like the well-rehearsed expert he was. He kissed the boy's cock through the grinning face of a cartoon Ben Tennyson on the front of his briefs. In another practiced move, Doug pulled the jeans all the way off, and then the briefs. He licked at the little pillar of proud boy dick in front of him.

"Ohhhh yehyeeaarrhheaah," moaned Zed, squirming.

Like always, the boy was tender and smooth and pliant when Doug took him into his mouth and started sucking.


It was always a thrill for Doug to create those little growls of pleasure in his boy. He pressed his tongue harder against the underside of Zed's dick as he slid against it repeatedly.


Doug lifted Zed's leg up, getting his shoulder under it and twisting the boy's butt sideways. He slobbered over his pinky finger and then stroked the Zed's anus with it.


As he circled the boy's ring with his fingertip, Doug kept up his sucking. The boy's hands were firmly in his hair now, holding the man's face to his crotch. As the little boy-hole relaxed, Doug attacked the center more and more, soon slipping the tip of the finger in and twisting it about while the boy growled and moaned louder.

The boy began stiffening and Doug realized he was getting there. Doug increased the spiraling of his little finger, soon replacing it with the index finger and then the middle finger.

Zed growled and shook and grabbed Doug's head painfully as he thrust at the man's mouth. The boy's little dick jerked about in his mouth, straining through a dry, but intense, orgasm.

"Ohoohhrraarrgghh. Aaorrggh. Aooorrgghhaarrrrghh!""

Doug took the opportunity to slide two fingers into the boy, boosting the sensations for the boy and producing one giant shiver before the end. As the little tremors eased, the boy sank back in the bed, changing his death grip on the man's hair to loving strokes with his fingers.

Doug kept the fingers in the boy's butt active, gently twisting them about. He climbed back up the boy's body as he continued to loosen his ass muscles. The boy was still breathing hard and that made kissing him more enjoyable as he seemed to suck Doug's breath from him as they locked lips. They kept up the breathy kissing for a few minutes as the boy's body relaxed.

"I'm ready," the boy eventually said.

Doug pulled out the fingers, and pressed both of the boy's knees back to his ears. He pressed his chest against the boy's slim, smooth legs and lined up his hard cock with the boy's crack. He nestled it in the valley between the firm, round cheeks first, sliding it about, rubbing it's length over the boy's open love hole. Doug snagged the tip in the opening, then leaned forward and kissed Zed deeply, their tongues playing against each other.

With a firm, but gentle, motion Doug moved into the warmth of Zed. They both groaned. The pressure against his shaft was incredible, but the inside surface was smooth and tender. Doug hugged the boy's shoulders. He straighten his back as he pressed inward, forced to break the kiss. Under him, the boy's mouth was open, his eyes glassy with pleasure.

"Oh, yes. Oh yes," the boy chanted. "Fuck me, Doug. Fuck me."

Smiling at the power he seemed to have over Zed, Doug settled his stiff cock as far as it could go in the boy. The sensations and the boy's blatant lust had stiffened him to the limit.

"Fuck me. Fuck me, Doug."

"Sure thing, sweetie," said Doug. But he kept his cock in place. He leaned down and kissed Zed. The boy kissed back, holding his head. With a gentle pumping, Doug began poking at Zed, building up the motion, faster and faster. Soon it was too rough and erratic to keep kissing and Doug and Zed simply nuzzled each others' necks as the man drove his cock into the boy's receptive chute again and again.

They were silent except for the purring moans of Zed and Doug's controlled breathing. The bedsheets were getting tumbled around them, but that was of no concern. Nor was the 'tap-tap-tap' of the bedhead against the wall.

Then the thrill in Doug's cock hit a new high. It was almost time to cum, but first they needed a readjustment. He slowed his screwing, kissing the boy's face and ears and lips, and then pulled out. Zed did not need to be told: The boy flipped onto his stomach and Doug's pulled him up to his knees. With hardly a break in rhythm, Doug was back into Zed's juicy, warm boy butt and the man and boy set off in pursuit of the 'Secret.'

Hunched over Zed, Doug was able to get right into the boy, rhythmically sliding all the way in, his pubes and thighs rubbing against the boy at the end of each scintillating drive into the nuclear warmth of his butt. Doug struggled to keep his pace even. One did not find the Secret at full speed. There was techinque and skill to it: a jockey-like motion that made the underside of his cock caress the Zed's boy-prostate at maximum duration, punctuated by a shimmy just after each withdrawal that made the young muscles of the boy's rectum react with a grasping spasm.

"It's coming," said the boy. "Coming."

Now it was time for acceleration. Doug kept his rocking action as well as he could, but started to slam more erratically into Zed as he sped up the thrusting of his large man cock into the boy's stretched and squeezing hole.

"Sweetie...Sweetie, I'm coming. I'm coming, Sweetie! Are you ready?"

"Yes, Doug," gasped Zed. "Do it. Come in me. Come in my ass, Doug."

"Gonna breed you, baby boy. Gonna breed you good."

All control was gone by this time. Doug was slamming straight in and out of Zed's boy-hole, each stroke a tingling, irrevocable step closer to release. The boy was over the edge too, panting and twitching, struggling to push back as his body slackened and tightened in waves.

Doug burst into the boy with a wild moan. Zed squeaked repeatedly as the twitching of his body seemed to focus down to just the walls of his love hole, squeezing and inflaming Doug's cock as it continued to spit cum, thrust after thrust, into the boy's deepest place.

They rode the high together, continuing on automatic as they floated above consciousness in the fuzzy aftermath of the now-revealed Secret. Their bodies slid and flowed against each other as the last physical sensations sparked along the length of Doug's softened cock.

Zed fell forward onto the bed bringing Doug down with him, the man's cock still lodged in the boy as he strained for every last bit of contact. Instantly, Doug wrapped his arms around the boy's slim chest, holding his smooth back as close to Doug's chest as he could. The man let his nose trace the top of the boy's head, savoring the smooth blond hair that seemed to smell like the essence of youth.

Now came the best part of sex: Those few minutes where Doug could embrace Zeke free of any emotion except love and tenderness, not feeling any urge except to be one with his boy.

"I love you, Zeke."

Zeke mumbled back.

Doug smiled at the boy's exhaustion. "Had a good one, eh? Just call me the master of-"

A bump at the door behind him startled Doug. He turned to see Deke's guilty face for a brief moment before the boy scrambled off. Doug was on his feet immediately, slipping free of Zed.


"Sorry, that was Zeke- I mean, the other you. Deke. He saw us just now."


"So-" But Doug could not explain it logically. He only knew that Deke was going to have issues with this. How could he not? "Look, I just need to check on him."

As Doug left, he heard Zed grumbling, "Goddamned stupid idiot from the wrong dimension."

Doug found Deke in the kitchen.

"Hi," said Doug, sitting across from Deke, who had poured a glass of water already.


"About just now, I think maybe- Actually, could I have some water? I'm kind of thirsty."

"I'm not surprised," said the boy, sliding over his glass. "You were giving it to the other me pretty good there."

Doug blushed. But then wondered why he should. This boy had participated in the same act numerous times with Doug. Another Doug, in another time and place, but there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Deke blushed too and said, "Actually I'm sorry about watching you. I didn't mean to. I just heard the knocking and went to check it out and then I saw you guys and I just froze, you know. It was like watching myself from outside my body."

"Was it unpleasant?" asked Doug.

"No, just weird because- Well, yes, it was unpleasant. It was like I had died over in my world and I was just a ghost now in this world."

"Sounds creepy," said Doug, putting the water back.

"Keep the water," said Deke. "I think this is the kind of situation my mom talks about when she says she needs a stiff drink. You got any whisky?"

"You drink whisky?"

"No. But I figure I might as well try it if the world is ending. It's not like I can wait 'til I turn twenty-one."

to be continued...

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