84 year old took my virginity

Hi all ! I read many stories in this board and i must say that i was impressed after all. I decided that i must try also sex with a man and how it looks, that's why it happened and i want to share it with you.

As any time authors say "if you are so young or you offense on this kind of stories, don't read more close this window and find something else".

My story is a really true story and the involved persons are me and an old man 84 yrs and happened 1 month ago about, which was my first time sex with a man and i lost my virginity, after that was happened another one time with the same man but the story here not refer to second time.

The names are changed but the rest that i report are true and please forgive me about my english isn't my native language.

He knows that i post the story in a board for adult stories.

Well some words about myself. I'm 15 yrs old boy blonde, tall 1.65 about thin, smooth (no hairs except my head and my cock, my ass is smooth also) and two years ago start to have some imaginations and also sometimes in my dreams that someone older than me put his cock in my ass and sometimes i was so horny with the idea that i masturbate myself!!! Till that time was only dreams nothing in reality.

Six months ago i start to use chat on internet and later some boards "man want to find man" as someone from these boards was my luck to losing my virginity.

I hooked to that man because was not so far from my area, he is about one hour with my bicycle as he described in our e-mail exchange. But in the begining we said some lies about our ages, he said that he is between 45 and 50 that was my dream to find someone in this age and i said to him that i'm 18 yrs old. That was ok and we decided to meet each other one day.

He said to me that he live alone in a lonely home and somehow high from the street level that from the window you can see the unique street that going directly and finish front of the home, around you can see only pine trees and not neighbour homes. He said also that no one else is going to him except his niece Sara sometimes per week to give him some eating, also that his hobbies was computer e-mails, chat and also he was gardener, the rest of his free time was so borig for him.

I decided to visit him one nice Sunday with my bicycle, i said to my mother that i go to a football match from my school and i'll come back late in the afternoon. I didn't think that in that first meeting with him i'll lose my virginity, that's why i was going to him without any stress and looking forward for a new friendship with someone older than me and may be later something more...

From our chats and exchanging e-mails he found very well what i was looking for, and he was waiting for me thinking for more action than a friendship.

Well, i was already out of his home and i knock his door , the door is open now and i could not believe to my eyes. That man was not what i was waiting for, he had the double age about from the type of man that i like and i was ready to leave to my home again, but he said "come, come inside to see also my computer that from last week i have some problems, may you can fix it".

I was inside, nothing was so special except computer, the home small and somehow poor enough. He was very tall with a big enough belly no hairs white beards and he wear only shorts and slippers.

He directed me in the next room to his computer and we sitting there to speak also.

We were speaking anything about sex and he was 84 yrs old and he said to me that he was sex active till this time and all his life had sex with men and only top. But these last years was a bit quiet for him about sex, he didn't find easy a bottom partner and he explain the reason why he said lies to me, because if he says the truth may i never meet him.

After that confession i felt much better and horny but i didn't say to him about my lies that i'm not 18 but only 15 yrs old.

Suddenly as we were speaking I saw his cock become bigger and come out of his shorts to his left leg. My eyes couldn't go out from that point as he was sitting opposite of me and he said "Ohh Look! Sorry, i forgot to introduce my tool". I had my digital camera with me and i tried so much to give me permission for a photo of his cock. It was very nice but only for looking i thought that time, long somehow brown color and a very big cockhead with nice pink color,he was cut and with big veins,looks like from horse. For my unexperienced eyes was a special cock.

But i stayed without breath when he tried to make his cock more place to go out of his shorts with his hand. That tool was so big but more bigger was his cockhead when it start to be bigger and i said "ok, keep it there to take you a photo".

He didn't want to take him a photo but i explain him that i don't take his face only his cock and he said "I never before published my cock, is the first time now".

I took the photo and he said "My tool need some action, i must say to you that my last time i make sex four months ago but my last partner didn't come back to me from that time".

I couldn't spell a word, first time i saw a monster like that. "You can touch it if you want" he said, but i said to him that i didn't go to him to have something on the first meeting, but he said "don't worry about it, i will not think something bad for you" and saying that i couldn't wait any more, some secret power pull my hand to touch his cock, as it happened.

When i touch his cock was in semi-hard condition, i tried with my hand to be a balance and his cock was so heavy.

He said to me that he was an Italian and he left his country very young to living now in this home.

All the time I look and touch his cock make me so horny and my mouth was so dry when he said to me "what you think if you put it to your mouth a little?". I said "no, i'm not ready for that", and he said "try it, may you like it, i need it so much".

When he said this he standing up from his chair and was coming near to me while i was sitting having his cock on his hand and move it front of my mouth, at the same time he put his other hand back of my head and pull me directed to his cock.

I react a little and i said "ok, let me doing as i want" while i start to make light kisses to his cockhead.

His cock started to be very big and hard dangerously. He said "more, more is perfect, open your mouth" but i was afraid what to do with that big cock, i couldn't put it to my mouth, now was about 8 or 9 intch big ! Suddenly he said "Stand up and turn from other side, show me your ass". I was in shock after his command, i turn front of him and i pull my adidas uniform down to my knees, in that time he touch my boxers with his hands and start pulling down also.

"Wow, what a nice buttocks, i have long time to see something so nice", saying this he start pull with his hands my chicks apart and appear my little pink asshole very smooth.

At that time he sat down back of me while i support my body with my hands on my knees and he start kiss my hole, he lick later my hole and he was trying to put his tongue into my ass.

I was in the skies in that time and i would like never stop. I look down of my feet his cock it was so hard and straight ready for action. Till that time i couldn't imagine that he want something more except to make him to cum.I was so surprised How is possible so old man can be so sexual active.

I felt that he let so much saliva to my asshole, i had so nice feelings with that licking but finally he stoped and pulling my shicks apart again and he spit saliva to my asshole.

I was comfused, he turn me to his side and show me his cock which need kissing. I start kiss it everywhere i was so horny after his licking to my ass and my cock was also hard.

He stoped me take me from the hand and drove me in the other room on his bed, that bed was not so big ,very difficult to sleep two persons together and he pull out of my feet the adidas which until that time was on my ankles.

I was now half nude from the middle and down but from middle and up i had the other half of adidas.

He said to me "sit down in bed and i'm back in seconds" and he left to other room, when he came back he had on his hands a tool that looks like the same when auto-mechanics want to put oil to mechanical parts if a car need it.

He asked me "when you eat for last time?" i said "this morning only my milk", he continue "when you were last time in the toilette?" my answer "this morning also", he said "perfect,you are empty". Till that time i didn't understand why he asked me, because i was a little hungry but when i saw him to take that tool for oil in hand i found it directly.

He said "go up on bed on your knees and point your ass on the air".

I said "no, i don't want something like that now, what you have on your hands?" He said "don't worry, it has olive oil inside and in Italy we use it most of the time when we need a good fucking", i was in shock once more when he said that and i said "no, forget it i don't want it,instead this i can play with your cock more... i told you i'm virgin" He said "trust me, don't be afraid about me, so many years experiances, my cock had before you many virgins without any problem, what you think?" and he continue "turn your asshole face to me". I turn my ass to him and i wonder what he will doing, i was up on bed to my knees, looking out of the window which was near to bed. It was that window which he said to me that you can see through the unique street that coming to his home.

Until that time i couldn't believe that he can put that big cock to my ass, but i had another two hours until to go home.

Suddenly i felt something cold trying to go into my asshole, it was that service tool which was inside to me now, he keep it there and he press 3-4 times until he lubricate my insides and later he pull it out. That feeling was very nice.

His cock that moment was semi-hard but when he start to touch my asshole it start to be bigger. He start push a finger inside me it was easy after that olive oil after that a second finger , now i had a little problem, but he said "don't worry, in a moment you will feel fine" he had truth, after a little i felt better.

He put more oil on his hands and he try to put a third finger into me, i said "don't do it i have much pain" and he said "be calm and relax, it's only because is your first time, prepaire your mind and your asshole muscles, after a little you will accept my cock". I was ready to be crazy, how is possible to think that he can put his cock into my ass !!! I was looking down of my stomach and i saw his cock so hard, ready for my ass, i couldn't believe it.

He stoped working with my asshole and he said "ok, now is the time" and he moves to his knees also back of me and having his cock in his hand i ask him "what about condom ?" and he said "I think you make joke, did you hear sometime to take virginity from an ass with a condom?" and he continue "don't worry, i don't have any sick" saying that i felt his cockhead to tease my hole, but he was not nude, he was with his big shorts which from one side was out his cock and balls.

His cockhead play now with my asshole outside till his cock is like stone ready to enter me, he said "ok, let free your muscles now without any stress and you must start to cough, because the coughing is the best for your case".

I was so surprised, what he was talking about to me and i said "what you mean to cough? i'm not cold and generally i'm not sick !". "Never mind, do it and you will see"he said.

He tried slowly to enter me and pushing his cock to my ass little stronger but i had much pain all that time. He was old enough but very strong man i found it how he touch my hips.

I start coughing as he said (guhuu, guhuu )and every time i cough he push his cock more and more to my hole, now i found why i must cough, must be one trick of the special technics to fuck a virgin ass.

But the cough in my case didn't help enough, he said "moment, i will put more oil to my cock", now i was sure that he cannot enter me and i will go back to my home and later i will look to find someone younger for me.

My old lover was ready again, he said "ok, this is the final attack to your ass, if i cannot enter you i sit down and you play with my cock to release my cum, is it ok?" i said yes but he looks sorry as he said it, but i was happy to finish my problems with him.

He put little more olive oil outside of my ass and stuck his cock in contact with my hole. He said "are you ready ? you can cough 3-4 times more" I said "ok, i'm ready". Till that time i felt nothing like before i was so horny, my cock was so soft, i was not interesting to him and i was looking out of window ,the window was front of my face, what i did was only for him finally.

Well, i start cough first time he push so strong and i scream from that pain but without success, he said "perhaps you will feel little more pain but don't worry it will be for a little, ok ?" Till that time he was so kindly to me, that's the reason that i stay more there with him.

I cough second time,so much pain but no the expecting result, he said "now you can cough 3 times continusly and we will see" I did it three times continusly,first nothing, second that giant cockhead stretched so much my asshole following by strong pain and waiting there his cock, no in no out, and he said "quickly, once more !" and i did it once more for him but this time his cockhead fall into me, and my ass was stretched so much "Ahhhhh, ahhhh it's so big ,i have so much pain, please take it out of me, you will kill me with that, ahhhh" and he said "Now it start the good part of the action", all that time he had his cockhead into my ass and he was waiting to be harder to start fuck me but me it was terrible, it was noon about between 2 or 3 o-clock a nice sunshine day that normally i can see out of window but after that pain i can see only the night with stars. "Ahhhh, you are my bitch now, I can't go back now my cock will stay there until it release the cum deep into you and try don't move now, let my cock be hard enough to fuck you nice,ok ?" and he try to keep me in that place with his powerfull hands from my hips, when i tried to move a little away.

"Ahhh, ahhhh please let me leave, I said lies to you also, i'm not 18 i'm only 15 yrs old, you hear me? ahhh, ahhh", and drops of my eyes start rolling down to the bed, and he respond "I was waiting so long to stretch a young nice asshole like your and now i have it, is too late now you said your really age, in this moment I don't care if you are 8 yrs old, i will fuck you until i cum to your ass, my cock is hard ready to start really fucking you, if you have pain all this time try to bite the pillow in the bed or you can scream as loud you want, nobody can hear you from here till i cum into you, but i think you will start like it after a little".

He said that and start to move his cock more into me the pain start be stronger, i bite the pillow as he said and i only pray to cum into me as soon as possible.

He pull it back till my asshole couldn't leave his cockhead go out of me and suddenly push enough far his cock into me, i let the pillow and i start screaming "Ahhhh, ahhhh" i was very small front of him,i couldn't do nothing, i was in trap on his bed in a corner of walls the only that i can do to look out of window.

But i had shock once more when i look down of my stomach and i saw 4-5 drops of blood, i felt something but i thought was the oil running of my ass, i was like crazy and trying to go far of him while i was screaming "I'm bleeding,i'm bleeding you knows it but you didn't say anything, take out of me that monster, please, ahhhh", but he keep me there so strong from my hips i couldn't go nowhere and he start slap my chicks while screaming "Shut-uppp ! Now you knows it , may be the blood is from me and not from you, but if it is from you no problem also, you were a virgin, now you are not anymore, my cock stretched your asshole enough,ok ?"He said that and He pull strong my body to his cock while his cock was all the way into me, my knees was on the air, i was enough smaller front of him as i said before and he keep me up there from my hips with his hands."Ahhhh, ahhhh so much pain", i thought that he make a hole in my intestines, you can understand for what i speak when you see his photo only.

He start now to move faster front and back into me and my feelings start to change after that. I felt his big cockhead to tickling somehow into me and i start like it, his cock touch the walls of my colon so soft and i felt on the skies.

My asshole was not so tight now and let his cock move more free into me. Strange what happened with me, he felt it also, my ass was better glistening now. My cock start waking-up and i start to have an orgasm into my ass, i thought that my ass was cumming !!! I said to my partner "please, fuck me faster, i like it now"on that time he said "moment, i put more oil into you"pulling his monster out of me i thought will never end and suddenly his cockhead was also out of me, i felt empty my asshole was still open and i felt cold air till my lover put into me little more oil i tried to work my asshole muscles but nothing,i was afraid and i said it to him and he said "what you think, is your first time, that's why" and he push so strong now his cock to go in, this time was better, his cockhead was going into me easier than before.

Faster and faster he move his cock so fast into me saying "after a little prepaired yourself i lay into you my lovejuice which is boiled in this moment in my big balls, ahhhh" and i felt so nice ,his cock was going so far into me and i didn't care anymore, the pain left and instead was only nice feelings into my colon.

I felt also his saliva fall down from his mouth up to my hips and i understand that he was in ecstacy and it will not last long. All these last moves his cock was so far into me, i was ready to cum also, suddenly he gave a last thrust all the way into me and stay there,keep there in that position with my knees on the air again and he start screaming "Ahhh, ahhhh i'm ready I'm cumming into your ass, ahhhh take it, take it all ahhhhh ,i'm cumming" saying that his body start trembling so much like earthquake, together with his body my body also as he kept me there on that position, i thought he will have heart attack finally and i felt his cock to pulsing into my ass and start spurt his cum into me, while he keep me there so strong.

He was so much in ecstasy i was also when throw his cum into me my cock start release cum to the bed also. In that time i found that my asshole muscles was a little working and it gave little more ecstasy to him.

When he drop everything into me he was so tired that he came up to me on my back and i stay down after with so heavy body.

He kiss me on the back of my neck and he said " it was perfect, i like you so much" and start pull his cock out of me.

"When you come back to me ?" he asked and he continues"as i see i had right, you like it much,is that ok ?" and i said "yes, it was nice, very nice feelings,i'll come back to you but later, first i need little cure for my asshole!".

He said "Stay back to your knees and point your asshole to me like before", i did it, i look back and i saw him with my camera in hands ready to take a close-up photo of my asshole. "What you doing" i ask and he answer "I will take a photo of your asshole and you will see it later how that stretched asshole looks like,some memories of your first time,ok?".

"yeea ok, but i didn't find till now which one of us was bleeding"i said,"don't worry about it, is finish now"he said.

He took five photos of my stretched asshole and he ask me if i can send him in e-mail some of them for souvenir, because i was so much tight and he had so much work with me, he cannot forget me easy he said.

In that time and how he was looking out of window he said "my niece, be fast she is coming here, dress your uniform and go to computer we will say that you are here to fix my computer you fix it and now you leave, ok ? i'll send you e-mail" I dress so fast my adidas that i forgot my boxers out, he took that sheets from the bed full of oil blood and cum and disappear it so she cannot find what happened before on that bed.

Anyway, we were lucky that she didn't come earlier to stop us in the middle of the action.Thanks God ! She knock the door and she was inside she said "Hello" to me and we said that stupid excuse that i'm there to fix his computer . She was looking to him very strange and i understand that she knows very well the sexual appetites of her uncle.

She was 55 yrs old about and she start speaking about her uncle that must be carefull because he is so old etc.

At the same time i felt the cum of her uncle coming out of my stretched asshole and i couldn't do nothing, i said i must go because is late and i have a long way to my home. So i said goodbye and i left.

I took my bicycle but i had so much pain to sit up there, the half way i was going down of bicycle and i was directly to the bathroom for a hot bath to clean myself from all these liquids, and calm down my muscles.

After that the next day i had so much pain when i sit on the toilette and my problems was finish after a week.

I was so surprised when i saw the digital photos from my asshole, i couldn't believe it how stretched it was and his cum was running down to my legs.

I must say also that i never had sex with a girl before but anyway i don't care, i was looking for a man and i found him.

Also without to be sure i think that you can't find so easy such sexual active man in his age nowhere!

This story was my first experiences with a man i was once more with him two weeks later, but everything was much easier than the first time. He is waiting for me of course i will go back to him again but every time i must wait my asshole to be ok.

I hope you enjoy my story, may be later i will decide to post the next stories with him, till then you can send me an e-mail and write your comments about it. e-mail: northsun@burntmail.com flames will be ignored.

Have a nice time and enjoy your life. TK