> a Boy loves a Man - book 1 <
- written by a Dutch psychotherapist -

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- A little upcoming Shaman grows up in a secluded site in the Rumanian mountains. He is the newborn Gypsy Crown Prince and way too intelligent for his own good. He knows he has an Important Task to fulfill on our Planet Earth once he is a grownup and meets his former 'trapper Dad' from their past lives who also has been his great-grandfather...

- CHAPTER 1. That first day of my life as a Gypsy Prince.

"Here comes our little Crown Prince! Could you please ask our Wise Woman to assist his birth?"

"Yes, I can see a small piece of his crown; and I think he will have blond hair, just like his Mom."

"Then, I hope he has her blue eyes as well. That would be very special, for our future Leader!"

"Look; the imp already wrestles with all of his might, as if trying to enter our world on his own..."

Smiling inwardly, I listened to the people who crowded around my new Mom while waiting for me to show up. Although their voices sounded muted and were accompanied by my new Mom's heartbeat, my inherited Shaman abilities sensed the energy of their spoken words and thus understood who they were and what they were saying. I could feel my new Dad around me, who acted a bit nervous; next to my new Grandmother who seemed to be even more nervous; and Michail, my loyal friend from several former incarnations, who would help me grow up during my first six Earthly years and defend me with his own life if necessary. Of course, they were right, and I WAS wrestling with all of my might, to leave my too tight shelter as soon as possible. Since this morning, my steadily growing baby body had started to feel too cramped in my new Mom's womb; and I wanted to show up and greet my waiting subjects. Fortunately, labor had already set in, and I would be born soon.

For nine long months, I had waited to be born again, while dreaming away as a growing little fetus in my new Mom's uterus. During the first few months, I had just floated around in her cozy womb, feeling like the famous tadpole that wanted to turn into a Prince. Now, after nine long months of waiting, my baby body had finally metamorphosed from a tiny lump of cells into a real human being. From now on, I felt more like a too big frog that was crammed into a too small aquarium. It was time to leave my new Mom's womb, be kissed by our Gypsy Queen (that is my new Mom too), and greet our Gypsy King (that is my new Dad) and a few others around me who eagerly awaited my arrival.

Several Earthly years ago, in our Timeless Eternal Realm, my devoted Cosmic Friends and I had started to prepare ourselves to descend towards our so terribly confused Planet Earth. Guided by the Gods themselves and working closely together, we would try to turn our degenerated playground into a much better place to live on; by using our Divine Cosmic Powers, and by teaching our fellow Earthlings how to use much more Humanity, Love, Understanding, Gratitude, and Happiness. Not surprisingly, everybody immediately chose ME to become the next Gypsy Leader. Because, during many past lives, I had trained myself thoroughly to be a very powerful Shaman and Cosmic Mage; my Soul now possessed all the necessary abilities to perform such an important task on Earth.

Before I left our Timeless Eternal Realm, a few devoted Friends and Helpers had already preceded me, to prepare my Earthly arrival in advance. During my first six Earthly years, they would help me grow up in this secluded Gypsy camp. Then, the Royal Gypsy Family and I would have to flee to a foreign country, where we first had to redeem some old and very nasty Karma. Both my new Mom and my new Dad would perish in a blazing fire, and only I would survive. Two Earthly years later, I would meet my Very Best Friend and Eternal Soul Mate who once had been our 'Beloved Gypsy Monarch Harold the Great', while I had been our Vice Leader in this same secluded Gypsy camp. During my last life on Earth, he also had been my 'trapper Dad'. Now, during my present life, my reincarnated 'trapper Dad' would adopt me as his own son and therefore be my Dad again. We would again love each other dearly, while he would help me and teach me everything until I would be old enough to become our next Gypsy Leader. From then on, all our Eternal Friends and Earthly Helpers would start working together as a powerful Cosmic Team, to transform our so terribly confused Planet Earth into a much better place to live on.

Eagerly, I waited to be reborn as our little Gypsy Crown Prince and only Heir to the Throne. Nine earthly months ago, I had left our Timeless Eternal Realm, to descend towards this secluded Gypsy camp and reincarnate here as a brand new human baby. Patiently, I had waited until my new Dad and Mom made love and one of his sperms swam to her ripen ovum and kissed it. Feeling full of anticipation, I had attached myself to the tiny lump of cells, to embody it and bring it to life. From then on, I had waited until I would be reborn, while several Cosmic Friends and Eternal Helpers assisted me by keeping my Soul awake, so that I could bring all my Shaman and Cosmic Mage abilities into my steadily developing Human Awareness.

Unfortunately, my remembrances from our Timeless Eternal Realm were already fading away, making me feel a bit unsure. My awakening human brain was already taking over and forcing me to start thinking; while, at the same time, it closed down the memories of my soul. Soon, I would be able to remember my Eternal Origin only through my 'intuition' or 'inner awareness'. Fortunately, my inherited Shaman and Mage skills would still provide me with several 'supernatural gifts' and 'psychic abilities'. And, all my Beloved Ancestors, Cosmic Helpers and Spirit Friends would always be there for me, whenever and wherever I needed them. I could always reckon on them, and they could always reckon on me.

By extending my aura and feeling around, my clairvoyant Shaman abilities told me that my new Dad tried to assist my new Mom, while he waited for our Wise Woman to show up. I also sensed my new Grandmother around me; and my loyal friend Michail who again would be my Big Friend and powerful Cosmic Assistant, next to being our Gypsy Vice Leader and my new Dad's best friend. They all crowded around my new Mom, while talking about their unborn little Prince with very much love and reverence. Although their voices sounded muted and were accompanied by the ever-present 'bump-bump, bump-bump' from my new Mom's heartbeat, my Shaman abilities helped me sense the energy of their spoken words, so that I could understand most of what they were saying. Now, I was very happy to have inherited all those useful 'sixth senses' that let me feel the surrounding energies and translate their muted words into a meaningful conversation.

During the past nine months in my new Mom's womb, time hadn't existed, life was good, and I had nothing to worry about. All the time, my steadily developing baby brain had been dreaming away; until slowly, nearly imperceptibly, my new Mom's womb started to feel too tight. From then on, my growing baby body became too big to float around, so that every involuntary movement pained my new Mom. Fortunately, she never complained, but always told me she loved me dearly and would endure her inconveniences in joy! I sensed the meaning of her words, felt her motherly love engulfing me, and knew I would be more than welcome. Being loved like this, in advance, was a wonderful feeling; although my new parents still didn't know who I was, and our Wise Woman only found out I would be a boy. Therefore, I already started to love my new parents very much in advance; and I even tried to help my new Mom, by restricting my movements as much as I could.

Now and then, my new Dad had put his hands onto my new Mom's belly, to contact me and feel my moving and kicking. At first, my tiny baby body had been too small to be able to do much, because its undeveloped muscles had to grow some more first. Now that my body was bigger, it was easier to feel where my Dad's hands were; and I pushed my feet towards them to greet him. I wanted to let him know I knew he tried to contact me, and that I was very happy to have him as my new Dad.

My new Dad reacted elated when he felt our first real contact, and he exclaimed:

"Maria, I think my son recognizes me, because he kicks my hands on purpose. What a wonderful boy!"

"Yes, Janov; I am sure your son recognizes you as his new Dad, and he already loves you in advance."

"Thank you, Maria, for giving me such a wonderful child; and I love both you and him with all my heart!"

As a steadily growing fetus in my new Mom's womb, it felt wonderful to feel loved like this by the two people who soon would be my new parents. Now, it was time to show up and greet them! Labor had already set in; and my clairvoyant abilities sensed how my new Dad helped my new Mom squat down onto the carpeted floor of our caravan, while he waited for our Wise Woman to show up. In advance, I had already worked my baby body upside down, instinctively knowing this would be the correct way to enter the world. Now, my new Mom's contractions started to push my head into a narrow gap, to where my instinct was sure my way out would be. Slowly, the steadily widening gap opened up more and more; until the crown of my baby head suddenly showed through, obviously having blond hair... Earth, here I come!

Impatiently, I tried to help my new Mom, by kicking around and pushing my baby body down with all of my might, until my entire head popped through the expanding opening; and I opened my eyes and tried to look around. However, much to my disappointment, my shoulders seemed to be stuck inside my Mom's womb, because they didn't follow my head! The rest of my baby body stayed inside, although I still tried to kick around and push myself down with all of my might, to free myself. I surely hoped I wouldn't be stuck in here for the rest of my life. Could anybody please help me?

Fortunately, our Wise Woman showed up in our caravan, just in time to assist my birth. Hastily, she squatted down, next to my heavily panting and wheezing new Mom. Immediately, she tried to free my stuck shoulders, by grabbing my baby head and pulling at it while trying to turn my unwilling body around. Her too cold hands were wringing at my neck, while she tried to pull my stuck shoulders through the narrow gap. Ouch, that HURT! Couldn't our Wise Woman be more careful with my brand new baby body? Ultimately, it had to serve me for the remainder of my life! Feeling helpless and a bit angry, I sent my thoughts to the Wise Woman and asked her:

"Please, try to be more careful with my new body; and you are hurting my neck!"

Although I was sure that the Wise Woman had picked up all my thoughts, she only answered me to be quiet, while she went on wringing and pulling at my head. Now, I became really angry with her, while I started to fight her too cold hands. Why didn't she listen to me? Ultimately, this was MY body, and she had no right to do anything I didn't want her to do! Stubbornly, I continued to send her my anger; until my shoulders suddenly popped through the widening gap, and the rest of my baby body followed automatically. Without any more help, I just flopped out of my new Mom's belly, straight into the cold hands of our Wise Woman. Within a few seconds, the air around me felt too chilly and the too bright light dazzled my sensitive eyes, so that my newborn body started to cramp and shiver from the unexpected shock.

Still feeling angry with the Wise Woman, I admonished her in my mind:

"It's too cold here, and my neck hurts. Therefore, push me back into where I came from, immediately!"

Of course, the Wise Woman didn't push me back into my Mom's womb; but she sent me her own thoughts:

"Hi, my little Prince! Although you are very welcome in our Gypsy community, I surely hope you will soon feel more at home here. In the meantime, I will place you where I suppose you will like it even better."

Then, the Wise Woman laid me down onto my new Mom's belly, in between her already opening arms! At seeing her little baby boy for the first time, my new Mom started to cry from happiness, while she folded her warm arms around my shivering baby body and started to cradle me. That felt wonderful! My anger quickly faded away, while I enjoyed the warmth and safety of her motherly embrace and our close togetherness very much. Suddenly feeling ashamed, I again concentrated on our Wise Woman, to send her my humble excuses:

'Sorry, Wise Woman, for acting cheeky; and I didn't really mean it.'

Fortunately, the Wise Woman wasn't angry with me. She only responded it was okay and that she understood, while she took a pair of scissors out of her purse and adeptly cut the umbilical cord that still connected me to my new Mom. Within a few seconds, I got a strange feeling in my new organs that, what I later on discovered, were called 'lungs'. My new chest started to feel too tight and upset, while my suddenly squirming body started to heave and gasp for air. Then, I inhaled my first breath of earthly air and pulled it deeply into my quickly unfolding lungs. Yes, that was what I had been waiting for all the time! Finally, I was back on earth and born again, this time as our little Gypsy Crown Prince and only Heir to the Throne!

Instinctively, my new baby body started to cry, because it wanted to unfold its crumpled lungs even more, while a strangely deep and sonorous sound escaped my throat... Feeling confused at hearing such an unexpectedly deep sound coming from my new baby throat, I stopped crying while trying to think this over. Was really my new body making such a surprisingly low noise? Why was that? Tentatively, I filled my lungs with fresh air and exhaled again; and, again, my throat produced the same sonorous sound, this time even louder! What the heck could be happening to me?

By using my clairvoyant Shaman abilities, I sensed that all the people around me initially reacted surprised, at hearing such a deep and sonorous sound coming from such a tiny baby. Then, one by one, they started to laugh and nudge each other, because they also felt very pleased to hear such a healthy crying coming from their newborn Gypsy Crown Prince. The Wise Woman even started to chuckle, while she exclaimed:

"Wow, our little Prince has a real baritone voice! I think that, once he is a grownup, he will have a low bass. He has a LOUD voice as well. That could be very handy for our future Gypsy King; as such a loud and sonorous sounding voice certainly will make him be heard by everybody!"

While my onlookers complimented my new Mom with such a healthy child; my Shaman abilities sensed that my new Grandmother approached me, and her warm hands lifted me from my Mom's belly while supporting my still very wobbly head. Silently, she took me to our couch in our living room, where she laid me down onto a nicely warmed and fluffy towel. Adeptly, she washed my squirming little body, dried it, powdered my sensitive parts, put a warmed diaper on me, and finally laid me back into my Mom's already waiting arms. Immediately, my Mom refolded her warm and cozy arms around my now spotlessly clean baby body, kissed the top of my blond head, and tenderly cradled me.

Feeling thankful for my Grandmother's much appreciated help, I concentrated on her to send her my love:

'Thank you very much, Grandma, for caring for me like this; although I sense you cannot pick up my thoughts.'

Now that my new body was clean and warm, I started to feel wonderful; while I basked in the pleasant sensation of being loved and cared for by all the happy looking people around me. Unexpectedly, a nice and soft thing touched my lips; and, instinctively, I opened my mouth and started to suck on it. Within a few seconds, the most delicious nourishment I could ever imagine entered my mouth. Yummy, this liquid food tasted wonderful! Enthusiastically, I started to suck on my Mom's soft thing with all of my might, while I closed my eyes and forgot everything else around me.

In the background, a door opened, and an enthusiastic voice shouted to the waiting people outside our caravan:


Instantly, many loudly cheering sounds filled my sensitive baby ears, making me shudder from the unexpected noise. At the same time, the happy sounds also filled me with lots of self-consciousness and pride. While my inherited Shaman abilities scanned the energy of the joyful words, my 'sixth senses' told me what they meant. Outside our caravan, my new subjects were cheering and congratulating each other because of ME!

Two violins started to play beautiful Gypsy melodies full of joy and happiness. Soon, the sound tore at my heartstrings, so that I got little goose bumps all over my body and stopped drinking from listening intently. Were my new subjects playing these heart-warming tunes because they felt happy with their newborn Crown Prince? Then, they already loved me very much! By extending my aura, my inherited Shaman abilities sensed more and more enthusiastic people gathering outside our caravan, celebrating my birth while talking to each other with happy voices. Of course, my 'sixth senses' tried to understand what they were talking about; but all these different energies were blurring my sensitivity too much. Yet, I still felt their combined love and happiness, making me feel even more accepted and welcomed. Obviously, my new subjects already loved me dearly!

After a long time of celebrating and crowding around our caravan, at last, my happy subjects left us and went home. Our violin players stopped playing, and all the sounds slowly diminished and finally went away. Only now and then, a few people knocked on our caravan door and asked to be allowed to take a quick look at their newborn Gypsy Crown Prince and only Heir to the Throne. One by one, my visitors stepped inside, looked at me, and at first reacted a bit surprised at seeing my curious bright blue eyes and unruly blond hair. Then, they smiled at me, congratulated my proud parents and grandmother with such a healthy child, and went outside to make place for even more visitors. Every time, our caravan door closed immediately to keep the winter cold out, as it was March the third and still freezing.

When finally the last visitors had left our caravan, everything went quiet again. Slowly, I started to doze off, while lazily sucking on that yummy soft thing that still was in my mouth. Sleepily, I sensed that my new Mom got up, removed my soiled diaper, cleaned my smelly bottom, dried me, and put another warmed diaper on me. She brought me to a neatly furnished small sleeping den, put me in between a pile of colorful pillows, covered me with a cozy blanket, and tenderly kissed my little forehead, before she returned to her own bedroom to take her own much needed rest.

Her motherly love made me feel even safer and cared for; and I enjoyed my happy feelings very much, while I almost immediately disappeared into a deep sleep. It felt wonderful to be a newborn baby!

# # #

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