> a Boy loves a Man - book 1 <
- written by a Dutch psychotherapist -

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- A little upcoming Shaman grows up in a secluded site in the Rumanian mountains. He is the newborn Gypsy Crown Prince and way too intelligent for his own good. He knows he has an Important Task to fulfill on our Planet Earth once he is a grownup and meets his former 'trapper Dad' from their past lives who also has been his great-grandfather...

- CHAPTER 3. Discovering ; developing ; experimenting.

During the next couple of months, my extremely fast bodily development turned out to be the most exciting time of my life as a newborn baby! The next day, much to my disappointment, my baby body only wanted to sleep, drink from my Mom's breasts, and sleep some more. Then, my developing new brain woke up from its annoying sleepiness, so that I became more alert and started to look around. Much to my delight, my new baby brain was suddenly able to learn so many interesting new things, in such a relatively short amount of time! Immediately, my insatiably curious mind wanted to learn about every interesting thing or fact that it saw, heard, or came upon. Although my tiny brain almost felt overloaded with all those possibilities, I just went on and on. For a while, I even disliked sleep, because it prevented me from discovering even more fascinating abilities.

First of all, I started to teach myself how to focus my unwilling eyes, so that I could see everything around me more clearly. For a couple of hours, I tried to exercise them, by alternately looking at nearby and far-away objects. Unfortunately, my quickly tiring eyes only started to see double and more blurry; but they returned to normal after I had some more sleep and woke up again. Then, much to my delight, I found out how I could use my eye muscles without straining my eyeballs too much. From now on, I was able to focus my eyes properly on anything interesting I wanted to look at! Immediately, my over-curious eyes started to focus on every person who showed up in our caravan or who just happened to look at me. I also started to scrutinize every other interesting object that moved, was colorful, or made appealing sounds. Within a day, I also tried to turn my wobbly head, to have an even better look at all those new and fascinating things that caught my always-curious attention.

Many surprised visitors who entered our caravan and saw me looking at them, told my proudly beaming parents they felt truly astonished about seeing such an extremely fast developing baby. According to them, I had to be the fastest developing child in the universe! By using my inherited Shaman skills, I sensed the energy of their praising words, understood what they meant, and involuntarily started to blush. At the same time, I felt very proud of myself and of my early achievements and all those newly found abilities! Ultimately, my newborn baby body was only a few days old; and therefore, I really had to be 'extremely precocious', according to what my surprised visitors told my proud parents.

The next day, now that I was able to see properly, I also wanted to be able to turn and lift my too wobbly baby head as soon as possible! Therefore, after some heavy thinking, I decided to start concentrating on training my still way too unwilling muscles. To begin with, I wanted to find out which individual muscles were controlling my neck and my limbs. I already knew how I always moved all the parts of my body at the same time, by floundering and jiggling when I became excited. Only, how could I perform all these different movements at will and independent from each other?

For quite some time, I forced myself to feel excited, so that my tiny baby body started to flounder and jiggle around, while I tried to make sense of all those erratic movements that seemed to occur only randomly. After I became too tired and had to take some much-needed rest, I suddenly decided to stop trying and start thinking first. Clearly, I had to stop getting excited and start doing something totally different, but what? After some more heavy thinking, my little baby brain thought I could best concentrate on flexing only one single muscle at a time; while, at the same time, observing which part of my body suddenly moved. Much to my delight, this turned out to be a very interesting experiment!

Unexpectedly, my Mom showed up in my sleeping den, lifted me from between my pillows, and took me onto her lap, to change my smelly diaper and let me drink from her breasts. Normally, I always enjoyed my Mom's close togetherness very much; but, this time, I felt almost angry, because I only wanted to go on with my interesting experiments that had caught all my attention! Unfortunately, my Mom had no idea why I suddenly looked distracted, and she reacted rather worried. At first, she thought I could be ill, looked at my tongue, and felt my forehead to check for a fever. Then, she wanted to dress me in my warm plaid blanked and take me to our Wise Woman, to ask for her advice...

Immediately when my Shaman abilities picked up my Mom's thoughts and I found out what she wanted to do, I started to smile broadly, to reassure her and let her know I wasn't ill but only felt extremely excited. Of course, it had never been my intent to make her feel worried about my health! If only I could talk to my Mom and explain to her what I had been doing... Looking apologetically, I tried to talk to her; while, at the same time, I sent her my thoughts:

'Sorry, Mom, for worrying you; and I promise I will make it up to you once I am able to talk properly.'

Unfortunately, my Mom only smiled at seeing my mumbling mouth, while she took some tissues and removed my excessive saliva and air bubbles. Obviously, she couldn't pick up my thoughts, as our Wise Woman had done so easily. After cleaning my smelly bottom and putting a fresh diaper on me, she seemed to feel relieved that I still had a healthy appetite. Happily, she let me drink from her breasts, burp, and drink some more, until I was filled to the brim. Then, she put me to bed in between my brightly colored pillows and covered me with my cozy blanket, to have my afternoon nap. Although I had planned to go on with my interesting experiments as soon as possible, I fell asleep almost immediately.

The next morning, after my Mom had bathed me and let me drink from her breasts, she laid me down in between a pile of brightly colored pillows on our couch in our living room. Immediately, I went on with my interesting experiments of flexing only one muscle at a time, until I suddenly found out how my little baby brain could concentrate on only one single limb, without flexing all the other ones at the same time. Yesss, that was what I had been trying to do all the time! Finally, I was able to move my baby limbs at will and one by one, without involuntarily jiggling my entire body!

Happily, I started to play with my tiny arms, by moving them into every possible direction while following them with my eyes. That was a lot of fun, now that I was able to steer them around more or less properly. Unfortunately, and way too soon, my untrained small arm muscles started to cramp and feel tired; so that I decided to stop playing and wait until my Mom had changed my soiled diaper and I could take my next nap.

After I woke up again, my too strained arm muscles still felt a bit sore. Therefore, I decided to let my arms have some more rest until their soreness went away. Instead, I tried to crane my still very unwilling neck, because I wanted to take a look at my small legs at the other end of my baby body. Unfortunately, I could see my tiny legs only now and then while I kicked them up and down, because I still couldn't lift my too heavy head to properly look at them. Obviously, my tiny baby body first had to gain a lot more strength in its undeveloped neck muscles.

Fortunately, now that I knew how I could steer my baby muscles independent from each other, I was also able to turn my head around from left to right and back to left. Only, every time I wanted to look aside, all those colored pillows were in my way and obstructed my vision. Would I be able to get them out of my way, so that I could look around without craning my still too unwilling neck? Tentatively, I used one of my tiny arms to push against the nearest pillow... And, yesss, much to my delight, the nearest pillow-in-my-way suddenly moved away from me!

Although my strained arm muscles still felt a bit tired, I started to spend quite some time pushing my pillows away from me while trying to rearrange them around me. Now and then, an unruly pillow fell off my bed and disappeared to the floor, making me wonder where it suddenly went. When the pillow didn't return, I forgot about it and just started to shove the next one around; until that pillow too disappeared from my vision. At last, my untrained arm muscles became too tired and cramped from the unaccustomed workout. Therefore, I just laid them down next to me, while I tried to shove my pillows around by kicking at them with my hitherto unused legs.

Immediately, I found out that my legs were less flexible than my arms, but they were able to kick my pillows around with a lot more force! Feeling enthusiastic again, I started to kick at pillow after pillow, while trying to follow them with my eyes by turning my head from side to side and craning my neck. Suddenly, one of my pillows jumped up into the air! How in the world had I done that? Feeling even more enthusiastic, I again kicked at pillow after pillow, until I found out how I could kick them high into the air deliberately, by using both legs at the same time.

In no time, my sleeping den was a total mess, because I had kicked all my colored pillows around everywhere! As a very welcome result, I also felt much freer, because I now could look around without tilting my head or craning my neck. Enthusiastically, I started to kick at my remaining pillows; until all of them were out of my sight or disappeared onto the floor. Although both my arm muscles and my leg muscles were very painful and started to cramp, and my worn-out little body felt dead tired; at the same time, I was truly satisfied with my unexpected progress! Unknowingly, I had given my undeveloped baby muscles a very intense workout, so that, within a few days, they started to become relatively strong for such a small baby. As an extra bonus, this early training also yielded me a huge advantage throughout the next years of my bodily development. Even after several years from now, my excessively trained muscles were still relatively strong for such a young boy! Feeling dead tired, but also absolutely wonderful, I closed my eyes and fell asleep...

"My dear son, what have you done? Did you have a bad dream, or did you have a nasty cramp and couldn't get rid of it? All your pillows are spread out all over your place! Why didn't you call me or start crying? I would have helped you..."

Waking up from a happy dream, I first needed a moment to realize where I was now. Then, I started to smile broadly at recognizing the familiar face and voice. My beloved Dad hovered over me; but he looked a bit worried, while he reached towards me and felt my forehead to check for a fever. Then, he even tried to look at my tongue...

Oh my, what had I done? Of course, it had never been my intent to make my parents feel worried about me! I had only been playing with my still way too unwilling limbs; and also discovered many new interesting possibilities. Only, I never thought that my parents would misunderstand what I had been trying to do, to develop my untrained muscles and discover even more unknown potentials. What should I do now? How could I tell my Dad I was okay and had only been training my too unwilling muscles? Would he understand my thoughts, as our Wise Woman had done so easily?

While offering him my broadest smile, I told my Dad in my mind:

'Please, Dad, don't worry. I am only very curious; and, perhaps, my baby brain is a little bit too bright for its own good...'

Much to my happiness, my Dad seemed to understand at least some words of what I tried to tell him, because he started to look much happier and even smiled back at me! Had he really picked up my thoughts? And, would he also be able to pick up a picture of what I wanted him to do? Well, let's try it out... While I again concentrated on my Dad's mind, this time, I started to send him a picture of him taking me out of my bed and putting me on his lap.

Very much to my delight, within a second, my Dad lifted me out of my bed and took me to our couch in our living room! There, he sat down, took me onto his lap, and folded his safe arms around my baby body. Yesss; that was exactly what I had wanted my Dad to do! Had he really picked up my thoughts and my picture? Happily, I nestled into his strong arms, again feeling very pleased to have him as my new Dad. While I tried to melt even more into his powerful aura full of love and safety, I also wriggled my baby body backwards, to deepen our bodily contact even more. Again, it felt wonderful to sit on my Dad's lap, feel his tender caring love engulfing me, and be cradled in his strong arms.

However, after a few minutes of sitting together and doing nothing, my too energetic brain started to feel a little bit impatient. Although I cherished my Dad's close togetherness very much, I also wanted to do something more productive and interesting! Therefore, I opened my eyes and restarted playing with my arms and legs, because I wanted to train my underdeveloped muscles some more. This morning, my Mom had played with a couple of very interesting things at the ends of my arms and legs. My Mom had called them 'hands' and 'feet'; and the tiny thingies at their ends were 'fingers' and 'toes'. Now, I wanted to find out how to steer their muscles and what useful things I could do with them.

First, I clapped both hands together, as my Mom had taught me to do; and I felt elated when they really produced an audible sound! Then, I had lots of fun entangling my tiny 'fingers' into each other and pulling at them, to release them with some difficulty. With an audible 'snap' sound, my two hands left each other; while, at the same time, my two arms suddenly opened up and spread out to the left and to the right. They bounced against my Dad's enveloping arms, but my Dad didn't seem to mind at all and only smiled broadly at seeing my efforts to play with my hands and fingers.

After some more playing with my hands and all those wriggling little fingers, I suddenly fell silent, because my bright brain restarted to think. What would happen if I tried to entangle my fingers around one of my pillows, to grab it and pull at it? Would the pillow snap loose; or would I be able to hold onto it and thus pull it towards me? Such a newly found ability could be very useful for manipulating my colored pillows even more! Quickly, I made a mental note to try my new idea out, first thing after my Dad or my Mom brought me back to my sleeping den to have my next nap.

Now that I had discovered what useful things I could do with my hands and fingers, I started to concentrate on my legs, by bringing them together and trying to entangle my 'toes' of both feet into each other. Much to my surprise, my toes turned out to be almost useless, compared to my much stronger and certainly more flexible fingers! Soon, I concluded that my hands and fingers were very useful for grabbing and pulling at things; but my feet and toes were only for 'walking' and kicking my pillows around. Therefore, from now on, I would concentrate mainly on my hands and on all those flexible fingers that I could use to try to grab my pillows and pull them towards me.

Yesterday, after bathing me, my Mom had dried my 'two' hands and my 'two' feet. Then, she had counted my 'ten' little fingers and 'ten' toes while kissing them one by one, making me squirm and jiggle with the funny feeling. Immediately after she stopped, I had pushed my hands and feet towards her again, to make her perform the same counting a second time. At the same time, I had repeated the names of all ten numerals in my mind, because I wanted to remember them to use them for a next time. Although my undeveloped baby brain couldn't count yet, my Shaman inside already seemed to understand the real meaning of counting and using numbers, and, of course, my bright baby brain immediately agreed and continued to repeat all those numbers until it knew all of them by heart.

After playing with my two hands and my ten little fingers some more, another interesting thought popped up in my always-curious mind. Would my ten fingers be able to grab one of my feet and pull it closer to my face? Immediately, I bent one of my legs upwards and inwards, so that its foot moved towards my chest and I could see it. Now, I tried to grab my still moving foot with both hands, which turned out to be extremely difficult and demanded quite a lot of muscle coordination. After lots of trying, I finally succeeded in grabbing my hovering foot, and immediately folded my ten fingers around it to keep it steady. Slowly, I pulled my foot towards my face, while following its movement with my eyes...

Very much to my surprise, while my foot approached my face, at the same time, it magically seemed to grow bigger and bigger! Until now, I had never seen such a strange phenomenon. How could my small foot suddenly look a lot bigger than it had been before? Curiously, I pulled my foot even closer to my face, until I saw TWO approaching feet! Feeling a bit shocked, I released both feet; and saw how they refolded into only one foot, which became just as small as before...

Well... obviously, some of those interesting new things could be a bit too incomprehensible; even for a precocious and extremely fast developing Gypsy baby with a way too bright brain! Therefore, my curious mind just decided to accept this too strange phenomenon without thinking it over too much, at least for now. Again, I grabbed one of my still hovering feet and pulled it towards my face, to take an even closer look at it.

Unexpectedly, my 'big toe' touched my lips, making me gasp with the surprisingly pleasant feeling. Remembering how I always loved to suck on my Mom's 'breasts', I opened my mouth wide and pushed my big toe into it. Immediately, I pushed my toe even further into my mouth, while I started to suck on it with all of my might and very much enjoyed the unexpected sensation. Although my big toe didn't resemble my Mom's breast, and it also didn't give me any tasty nourishment, it surely could do as a temporary substitute!

All the time, my Dad had watched my playing, while he kept his safe arms around my squirming little body to help me sit upright and prevent me from falling over. Now and then, he had chuckled at seeing my funny efforts to play with my fingers and toes; but he didn't intervene and just let me discover my own things. That is, until he saw me grabbing my foot and sucking on my big toe with all of my might while getting a blissful smile on my beaming face! This time, my Dad started to bellow with laughter. Almost hiccupping from sudden fun, he nearly let me slip out of his arms; but he rescued me at the last moment and just in time pulled me back into his safe embrace.

My Dad's unexpected reaction took me by surprise, because I nearly fell down and he could rescue me only at the last moment. Because my still inexperienced baby brain didn't understand what could have happened; I first let my big toe flip out of my mouth with a loud 'plop'. Then, I looked up at my Dad with a shocked face, and started to cry.

Immediately, my Dad apologized for his clumsy behavior, looking ashamed but still chuckling:

"Sorry son! Of course, I am not laughing at you; but I just cannot help it because you were such a funny sight..."

While I listened to my Dad's apology and tried to understand what he told me, all of a sudden, something VERY important dawned on me. In sudden wonder, I stared at my Dad's moving mouth and even stopped crying. Much to my own surprise, my bright baby brain was already able to understand quite a lot of my Dad's words, even without sensing their energy! This was a MAJOR discovery! Until now, my 'sixth senses' had always translated the energy of the spoken words, so that my little baby brain could understand what people meant. Or, in case my sixth senses couldn't translate some too difficult words, I just concentrated on people's minds and easily read their thoughts or their expectations. Now, all of a sudden, my extremely bright brain seemed to recognize nearly all of my Dad's spoken words, and it was relatively easy for me to put them together into a meaningful sentence!

Feeling on cloud nine, I enthusiastically tried to tell my Dad about my important discovery... Alas, 'understanding a person' and 'talking to a person' turned out to be two totally different abilities; because, again, the only things that left my mouth were small air bubbles and a lot of saliva. Obviously, I still had to learn quite a lot more, before I would be able to have a real conversation wit my surprised looking Dad.

# # #

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