> a Boy loves a Man - book 1 <
- written by a Dutch psychotherapist -

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- A little upcoming Shaman grows up in a secluded site in the Rumanian mountains. He is the newborn Gypsy Crown Prince and way too intelligent for his own good. He knows he has an Important Task to fulfill on our Planet Earth once he is a grownup and meets his former 'trapper Dad' from their past lives who also has been his great-grandfather...

- CHAPTER 4. Talking to my Dad; and what is Real Love.

All the time, my Dad stared at me as if he tried to understand what I could be saying, while he looked at my opening and closing mouth in obvious marvel. After I stopped my idle tries to talk, he hesitatingly asked me:

"My dear son; are you really trying to TALK to me? What do you want to tell me, with your wise eyes? Ultimately, your tiny baby body is only three weeks old! Yet, it looks like you already understand every single word that I am saying, as if you are a Very Wise Old Soul. What do you think; could I be right, or am I talking nonsense?"

Again, my extremely bright baby brain understood every single word that my Dad told me, even without using my 'sixth senses'. Still feeling elated and very happy with my newest discovery, I smiled broadly at my Dad, while I nodded my wobbly head up and down vigorously. At the same time, I tried to project a picture of a very happy looking little Prince Harold into my Dad's brain, hoping he would be able to pick up at least some of its energy. While projecting my happy picture into my Dad's brain, I also told him in my mind:

'Dad, you are absolutely right, and my extremely clever brain understands all of your words! I am so happy...'

Much to my delight, my Dad's dark brown eyes suddenly brightened considerably. Clearly, he had been able to pick up at least some of my projected energy! Had he also received my happy picture? First, he took a few tissues from our table and cleaned my again drooling mouth. Then, he refolded his strong arms around my baby body and pulled me into an enormous bear hug. Although, in his over-enthusiasm, he almost suffocated me and involuntarily nearly crushed my tiny ribs, I didn't mind at all and just waited until I was able to breathe again.

With a still very proud face, my broadly smiling Dad asked me:

"My dear son, were you really projecting your words into my mind and sending me your pictures, although both your too young body and your still undeveloped baby brain should be way too young to be able to do such difficult things? My so precocious and extremely clever son, who are you in reality? With all respect, you could easily be an upcoming Shaman, or perhaps our new Wise Man. Have our Ancestors kept your soul awake, so that you could bring your Cosmic Powers into your earthly life? From the first day on, I've thought I could sense your energy looking at us and probing our energy fields, from within your Mom's womb... Therefore, from this moment on, I will start talking to you as if you already understand everything that I am telling you. I only hope I am doing the right thing, without overloading your baby brain too much..."

YESSS! Much to my happiness, my Dad decided to talk to me according to the REAL development of my 'wise old soul'. This was a major step forward in our father-son relation! Again, I tried to look as enthusiastic as I could, to encourage my Dad even more, while telling him in my mind that he was absolutely correct and doing the right things by seeing me as a 'wise old soul' and treating me accordingly. At the same time, I projected another picture of a happy looking little Harold into his mind, hoping he would pick it up again and feel encouraged even more.

By using my inherited Shaman abilities, I contacted my Dad's enveloping aura and sensed how, for a few seconds, he still tried to deny my faint baritone voice in his brain and the second picture that suddenly showed up in his mind. Then, he started to smile even broader, while he looked at me with an enormous amount of love and with quite a lot more respect! Obviously, my Dad had now accepted my status as a Very Wise Old Soul.

Again, I nodded my wobbly head vigorously, while sending my Dad another picture of myself as a 'wise old man' with an enormous beard. Would he be able to pick this up as well? Two seconds later, I started to chuckle with laughter and almost hiccupped from sudden fun, because my broadly smiling Dad sent me a funny picture back of his bearded 'wise old son', this time also adorned with an enormous mustache! Until now, I never knew that my Dad would be able to use at least some of my powerful 'Shaman abilities' that I possessed in abundance...

Since that remarkable day, my Dad always kept his promise; and he immediately started to talk to me as if I really were a wise grownup! Because I soon understood every single word that he told me, it also helped me tremendously in developing my already bright brain even faster. We also started to read each other's facial expressions, and that bonded us even more. Now and then, we had a silent communication, without using any words, making my Mom a little bit jealous because she couldn't understand what we were doing.

Of course, my Dad had told my Mom about his experiences and his promise; but he couldn't convince her. She just didn't believe him, told him her little baby boy was still way too small to be able to understand anything important, and stubbornly continued to baby-talk to me. Although, time and again, I concentrated on my Mom's mind and tried to send her my thoughts and my pictures, she just didn't pick them up. Obviously, she didn't have any of the useful 'Shaman abilities' that my beloved Dad could use, and that I seemed to possess abundantly.

Again, my Mom started to use her silly baby-words, while she changed my soiled diaper, washed me, dried me, and powdered my sensitive parts. Of course, I wasn't really mad at her; but I hated being treated as a little baby and therefore responded indignantly. Why didn't she accept that I was a very old soul and only temporarily living in my tiny baby body? Just wait until I am a couple months older and able to speak properly...

Again, my Mom started to laugh at seeing my indignant face, while she kissed my wrinkling baby nose and told me she loved her little boy anyway. Again, I tried to talk to my Mom, this time forcefully projecting my words into her brain:

"Mom, please stop acting ignorant; because, soon, you will be very surprised, and that is a promise!"

Unexpectedly, my Mom started to look distracted, while she took a tissue and absent-mindedly removed my excessive saliva and little air bubbles that again showed up around my mumbling mouth. Obviously, this time, she had felt at least some of my projected energy, but didn't know what to do with it. Could it be because I was a man, my Dad was a man, but my Mom was a woman and therefore reacted different from my Dad and me? Involuntarily, I started to laugh, but immediately suppressed my chuckling.

Women... they will never understand us men.

After I woke up from my next nap, I faintly remembered a beautiful dream wherein I had returned into our Timeless Eternal Realm and felt totally At Home. Now that I was awake, my Inside still felt very strange; as if 'I' consisted of two different entities that had to live together in such a tiny baby-body with all its annoying impediments and restrictions. My first entity felt like a newborn baby that played with its tiny arms and legs, while discovering the outside world and wanting to feel safe and loved on a cozy lap or in two strong arms. At the same time, my second entity felt like being VERY old and wise beyond my most daring imaginations, waiting until I would be able to use my inherited Cosmic Powers to help our so terribly confused Planet Earth and make it a much better place to live on.

Still feeling confused, my tiny baby brain tried to make sense of my entangled feelings. Who was 'I' in reality, and why was 'I' here; trying to behave as a little baby but feeling much older and wise beyond my earthly years, and sometimes remembering our Timeless Eternal Realm where I still felt AT HOME with a deep longing to be there again? Fortunately, my remembrances soon faded away, and I stopped thinking and just restarted playing with my arms and legs. Happily, I first pulled my colored pillows towards my body by grabbing them with my fingers, and then kicked at them with both legs to make them jump up high into the air. Again, I grabbed the same pillows and pulled them next to my body, unless they already disappeared towards the floor and I couldn't find them any more. Happily, I went on and on, giving my muscles a thorough workout, until I started to feel too tired and closed my eyes to take a quick nap before I went on again.

For several weeks, I just went on discovering many more useful abilities; while my steadily growing baby body became stronger and stronger due to my arduous training and stubborn nature. At last, my neck muscles became strong enough to lift my wobbly head, which allowed me to look around for a couple of seconds. Finally, I was able to look around more or less effortlessly, certainly after I first kicked my pile of colored pillows out of the way and onto the floor. Unfortunately, my Mom always immediately restacked them around me! Women...

Now and then, my inherited Shaman abilities sensed some curious visitors who approached our caravan and wanted to see me. Around ten seconds later, our visitors knocked on our front door and politely asked to be allowed to see their little Prince with his bright blue eyes and his always-happy smile. Again, my surprised looking visitors reacted stunned at seeing such extremely fast development for such a tiny boy! Then, they wanted to take me out of my pillows and cuddle me while letting me sit on their laps on our couch in our living room. Of course, I didn't mind at all. Much to my onlookers' surprise, I always seemed to understand everything that they told me, because I responded correctly to their spoken words. Otherwise, I just read their thoughts, and thus knew exactly how they expected me to react.

As a little baby, I LOVED being taken out of my pillows and cuddled on a cozy lap; or held in two warm and safe arms. Therefore, I always started to smile broadly at my visitors; and my happy face and sparkling bright blue eyes caused them to smile back at me and 'love' me even more! My extremely bright brain had already found out that smiling caused my visitors to 'love' me a lot more than crying did. When I started to cry, mostly to develop my still growing lungs, they seemed to feel a bit uneasy, and soon returned me to my Mom or Dad. Therefore, every time I wanted my visitors to take me out of my pillows and onto their cozy laps, I immediately offered them my broadest smile! Perhaps, I was already acting a little bit 'manipulative'; although, at that time, I didn't even know the word.

Of course, I understood the vast difference between the kind of 'love' that our visitors showed me, and REAL Love. REAL Love was what radiated from my parents, Michail, my grandmother, and a couple of others who really adored me. Their Real Love made me feel all warm and mushy inside; and, with them, I felt absolutely safe and cared for. With them, I could cry whenever I felt the urge to expand my lungs or train my deep baritone voice, without any fear of being rejected.

From the first day on, I HATED being belittled or treated as a little baby. Didn't my visitors know that I was a 'very old soul', temporarily living in this tiny baby body, waiting until I would be big enough to become a grownup? They didn't need to use those silly baby words, because my inherited Shaman abilities were able to sense what they thought anyway! Just wait, until I've learned how to use my baritone voice to tell the truth...

Again, one of my visitors took me into her arms and started using the silly baby words that always made me angry. Soon, I felt too frustrated, stopped smiling, stared at her, and tried to send her a message... My visitor didn't understand why I suddenly didn't smile any more; and she reacted rather surprised:

"Look at the little sweetheart. Why doesn't he smile any more? Maybe, he has pooped his diaper? Hey, you little teeny-weeny; now give me a proper smile! Come on, goo-goo, ga-ga..."

Thanks to her, I suddenly knew how I could teach my visitors a lesson. Immediately, I pooped my diaper, on purpose! Within a few seconds, my distracted visitor sniffed the air, handed me back to my Mom, and didn't 'love' me anymore. See? Those silly visitors didn't REALLY love me. My smiling Mom took over, cleaned my smelly bottom, attached another diaper, and kissed my wrinkling little nose. See? My Mom did love me, always, and with REAL love!

A few weeks later, I unexpectedly found out that I really was a very special child; having extremely strong muscles and a surprisingly deep baritone voice for such a tiny baby! A 'gadjo doctor' visited our Gypsy community; and my parents asked him to come over and check my bodily development. Immediately when the friendly doctor entered our caravan, I liked him at first sight and happily let him check my eyes, probe his fingers into my belly, listen to my lungs, and stare into my throat with a little flash light. He also asked me to move my arms and legs up and down, try to sit upright, take a few wobbly steps while he held my hands, and I had to follow his slowly moving finger with both eyes. At last, the doctor asked me a couple of easy questions; and I had to answer them by nodding or shaking my head.

After the doctor had examined me thoroughly, he ruffled my blond hair and told my anxiously waiting parents:

"Your son turns out to be an extremely mature and absolutely healthy child! Although his tiny body may be a bit small for his age, his muscles are surprisingly strong and his mind is already very bright. He also has surprisingly large vocal cords, giving him such a deep and sonorous sounding baritone voice. I am sure that, within a few years, he will turn into a low bass. Mentally, your son is very precocious, and he gives me a gut feeling that he already understands everything that I am saying, although he is only a few months old. Yes, your son certainly is a VERY special child!"

My happy looking parents thanked the gadjo doctor abundantly for his professional help. Finally, they could be sure that everything was all right with their extremely precocious son; and they didn't need to worry any more about my too low voice, my too strong muscles, and my too fast mental development. All the time, I smiled broadly at the gadjo doctor; to let him know I understood everything he told my parents, and that I agreed with every word! Of course, I already knew I had a surprisingly deep baritone voice; because many visitors had reacted a bit funny at hearing such an unexpected 'grownup' sound coming from such a tiny baby. Then, they always told my proud parents I was a very special boy with a beautiful voice!

A few days later, I accidentally found out that I seemed to use at least two different kinds of crying. The first kind of crying, I seemed to use when I felt a bit bored and wanted to have my parents' immediate attention. Then, my parents only smiled at me, while they told each other:

"Listen to our little Harold. He is developing his lungs."

Another kind of crying, I used when I felt hungry, had soiled my diaper, or didn't feel well. Then, immediately, my parents were there for me; to look after me, clean my smelly bottom, or call for our Wise Woman to heal me and give me some sour tasting medicine. How did my parents know the difference? Although I tried out several different ways of crying, I just couldn't find the proper way to catch their immediate attention. At last, I started to feel too frustrated and cried from anger, because I couldn't find a workable way to 'manipulate' them.

Again, my parents only smiled at me, while they told each other:

"Listen to our little Harold! He sounds frustrated, but that helps him develop his lungs."


From the first day when I was born, I had been able to sense all the different energies that radiated from the people who visited our caravan. Soon, I was even able to recognize them by their specific auras! Within a few days, my inside could clearly distinguish my Dad's energy from my Mom's, from my Grandmother's, or from Michail's. Many times, I felt their surrounding auras preceding them, even before they planned to pay us a visit. Then, I sensed their outstretching energy field entering our caravan at least ten seconds before they actually knocked on our door.

At first, my parents didn't understand why I suddenly became excited, at least ten seconds before somebody knocked on our door. However, soon, they got used to my strange 'abilities' and just accepted them. Often, my Dad or my Mom went to the door, to open it and let our stunned visitors in, ten seconds before they actually reached our caravan.

Of course, many visitors reacted surprised and asked:

"How did you know I was on my way to pay you a visit?"

"Little Harold told us, by getting excited. We think he has a clairvoyant ability."

"That is very special! Do you think he will become our new Wise Man?"

"It will certainly be of great help when he is our new King."

I always felt ecstatic when the man I liked most, besides my own Dad, planned to visit us. Michail was a HUGE and truly impressive man; always wearing his inseparable fur coat, unless the weather was extremely hot. His powerful energy and Real Love always filled our entire caravan and engulfed everybody inside, including me. Therefore, I always LOVED to sit on my Big Friend's enormous lap and feel his strong arms around my tiny baby body!

Again, I felt Michail's preceding energy enter our caravan, at least ten seconds before he knocked on our door. Of course, I immediately started to fidget in my pillows on our couch, while trying to make enthusiastic sounds! My Mom saw my excitement, smiled knowingly, and already opened our front door in advance. Then, she welcomed my Big Friend:

"Hi, Michail, come in and take a seat! Didn't you bring your betrothed with you?"

My Big Friend shook his head, while he sat down on our couch that moaned under his heavy weight. Of course, he didn't feel surprised at all, knowing that my 'Shaman abilities' always worked flawlessly. He even seemed to be very proud of his so special little friend with his strange but also very useful 'sixth senses'; while, at the other end of our couch, I fidgeted in between my pillows and tried to catch Michail's attention. My Mom smiled at seeing my eager face, lifted me from my pile of pillows, and put me onto Michail's enormous lap. Yes, that was exactly what I wanted!

Michail folded his arms around my baby body and 'gently' crushed my tiny ribs against his chest. Happily, I let myself melt into his powerful aura, while I very much enjoyed the safe feeling of his strong arms around me. I loved my Big Friend with all my heart, mind and soul, and with REAL love! Michail started to chuckle at seeing my beaming face and sparkling blue eyes; and bent over to kiss my forehead. His mustache tickled my nose and made me sneeze, but I loved even that!

Now and then, he brought Felicia, his girlfriend; and, then, I had to sit on her lap too. However, SHE didn't radiate the powerful Real Love I so cherished from my Big Friend. Mostly, I first offered Felicia a tiny smile, and then started to fidget on her lap while staring intently at Michail. That always helped. Felicia felt a bit disconcerted; and soon put me onto Michail's lap. My Big Friend certainly didn't disapprove; and I had what I wanted!

Perhaps, I really was a little bit manipulative? Hmm...


# # #

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