> A Boy loves a Man - book 1 <
- written by a Dutch psychotherapist -

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- A little upcoming Shaman grows up in a secluded site in the Rumanian mountains. He is the newborn Gypsy Crown Prince and way too intelligent for his own good. He knows he has an Important Task to fulfill on our Planet Earth once he is a grownup and meets his former 'trapper Dad' from their past lives who also has been his great-grandfather...

- CHAPTER 6. Daddy, Mommy, Harry luvyou deawly too.

The Wise Woman let her humming fade away, until her strange sound stopped completely. Almost immediately, my Inner Awareness returned into my body; where my human brain restarted thinking and already wiped out my trance experiences. I felt as if I woke up from a strange dream, making me feel confused, while my still drowsy body started to tremble all over. Fortunately, our Wise Woman asked my Dad to take care of me, because she had to recover first.

My Dad carried me back to our Royal bench, where he sat me on his lap and folded his safe arms around my trembling body. He filled me with his powerful energy while rubbing my upset stomach; until I sighed, burped, and started to feel better. All the memories from my strange 'dream' faded away, until I couldn't remember anything of what had happened during my induced trance. Soon, I started to look around again with curious eyes, and fidgeted enthusiastically when Michail finally looked back at me and smiled at me.

After our Wise Woman recovered from her trance and first drank some water, she explained:

"Our little Crown Prince absolutely is 'one of us'; because, in one of his former incarnations, he has been our own beloved Vice King. He also was the dearest friend of our beloved 'Gypsy Monarch Harold the Great'; therefore, it is a good thing that he carries the first name of his deceased Great-Grandfather. After his sixth birthday, he has to redeem some very nasty Karma first; but he will prevail, helped by many Beloved Ancestors and powerful Spirit Friends. Then, he will meet the next incarnation of his Great-Grandfather; and, working closely together, they will write many 'Gypsy Series' books that will be read all over the world. Finally, he will marry a Gypsy girl and raise his own little Gypsy Prince to follow in his footsteps. Therefore, my beloved Royal Crown Prince, you are welcome again in our Gypsy community; and, from now on, we will raise you according to your officially recognized Royal status."

Immediately, our violin players rose from their wooden benches and started to play joyful Gypsy melodies full of hope and glory. At the same time, all our subjects rose to their feet and approached my parents; to congratulate them with their now officially recognized Royal Crown Prince. Many people also congratulated ME, by touching my hands, kissing my forehead, or ruffling my unruly blond hair. At first, I loved all their well-meant attention very much. However, after some time, I started to feel too tired, and tentatively closed my eyes to shut everybody out for a moment. Immediately, I tumbled into a deep and sound sleep, probably because I was dead tired from living through all those emotional sensations. Being deep asleep, I didn't even feel my Dad or my Mom putting me to bed.

A couple hours later, I woke up in my own sleeping den, opened my eyes, and curiously looked around. Obviously, my Mom or Dad had brought me home, undressed me, and laid me in between my pillows while I was still asleep. Smilingly, I realized that I now felt much happier, without wearing my itching Royal garment. Inwardly, I hoped I never had to wear those musty smelling things again! Unfortunately, my wet diaper had started to feel itchy, so that I wanted to ask my Mom to replace it.

Because I felt totally happy and absolutely didn't feel like crying, I decided to try to CALL my busy Mom who seemed to be working in our kitchen, according to the sounds of cutlery and rattling pans. Ultimately, I had already been able to pronounce the words 'sorry' and 'yes Mum'. Now, I only had to make my voice much louder, to be heard by my busy Mom! Happily, I started to try to make audible sounds; by willing my baby throat and lips to form the word 'Mom'...

Surprisingly, and very much to my frustration, this time, my mouth didn't produce any audible sounds at all! How come? What was I doing wrong? Again, I tried to speak through my throat and my lips, this time even more forcefully; but, again, my mouth didn't produce any audible sounds. I only had to swallow a lot of excessive saliva. What the heck could I be doing wrong? I was absolutely sure I HAD spoken the audible words 'sowwy' and 'yes Mum', because my stunned looking Mom had heard me; although, at that time, I had merely whispered those words. What should I do now?

Feeling more and more frustrated, I tried to find out how I could have whispered those words, just a few hours ago. Clearly, I was now doing something wrong, but what? With a deep sigh, I started some heavy thinking. What could I be doing wrong now, that I had been doing correct before? Perhaps, replaying my whispering in my mind would help me find out what exactly I had done?

Immediately, I closed my eyes and tried to remember how I had been able to whisper the audible words 'sowwy' and 'yes Mum', by using both my mouth and my throat. Step by step, I replayed all the events in my mind; until I suddenly found out what could have happened. I was relatively sure I had mumbled both words while, at the same time, I had heaved a deep sigh from frustration because I had felt guilty! I also knew that 'sighing' also meant 'breathing out'. Therefore, I immediately took a deep breath, and again let my throat and mouth form the word 'Mom' while I breathed out with a deep sigh.

YESSS! Very much to my delight, this time, my clumsy efforts worked. My mouth really succeeded in making a whispering sound that resembled the word 'Mhhommm'! Only, my whispering wasn't loud enough for my busy Mom to hear me from our kitchen. How were other people doing that, talking with a much louder voice without any whispering at all? Again, I started some heavy thinking, to find out where other people's loud sounds were coming from.

Suddenly, I thought I had found a workable solution. Obviously, I had to use my 'vocal cords' as well, next to my throat and lips, to bring my sonorous baritone voice into my whispered words. How in the world would I be able to do THAT? Up to now, I had only been able to produce a loud crying sound; next to sort of a 'humming' sound that always made my parents smile at each other...

After even more thinking, I finally decided that the only audible sound coming from my vocal cords that would be loud enough for my Mom to hear me from our kitchen, would be crying! Up to now, my crying had always alarmed my parents, even if they were outside and could hear me only through the open front door. Therefore, I was relatively sure that crying would set my vocal cords into enough action to be heard by my busy Mom in our kitchen, certainly with my large vocal cords and deep baritone voice.

Now that I knew what I had to do, I only had to cry loud enough; while, at the same time, my throat and lips had to form the audible word 'Mom'... Okay, let's try it out immediately! Happily, I inhaled a deep breath first. Then, while trying to form the word 'Mom' with both my throat and my mouth, I forcefully exhaled and CRIED...

Well; after hearing my own very loud but also rather pathetic sounding result that still echoed through our caravan, I almost started to laugh at myself! This hilarious noise sounded more like a deadly wounded animal in distress...

Within a split second, my worried looking Mom stormed into my sleeping den. Immediately, she dived towards me, scooped me into her arms, and started to look my squirming body over from head to foot. Of course, she couldn't find anything to be worried about, although she again looked me over for a second time and even for a third time. Then, she finally saw my sparkling bright blue eyes and broadly smiling face! At first, she looked rather confused, until she sniffed the air around me. With a suddenly understanding but still rather choked voice, she admonished me:

"What the heck did you do, although you only soiled your diaper? For a moment, I thought you had fallen out of bed and broken all your bones... Please, Harold, never ever utter such a terrible scream again! Now, come here, and let Mommy change your diaper and feed you."

Well, this was exactly what I had wanted my 'Mommy' to do. At least, she would now change my still itching diaper and feed me her delicious nourishment from her breasts! However, at the same time, I also felt sorry for unintentionally alarming her like this; although I still didn't know how else I could have trained myself to use my voice properly. Clearly, I had to find another way of expressing myself, other than trying to cry and talk at the same time.

While my 'Mommy' took me to our living room to change my itching diaper, I decided to try to repeat her new word that I hadn't heard before. In my still inexperienced baby ears, her new name, 'Mommy', sounded much friendlier than her old name 'Mom' had sounded! Therefore, I took another deep breath, breathed out, and tentatively whispered:

"Mhhhommmmy... Mhhommmy..."

My suddenly stunned looking Mom nearly let me slip out of her enveloping arms, while she stared at me in total astonishment! Fortunately, she could rescue me just in time, by quickly putting me down in between my pile of pillows on our couch. Still staring at my mumbling baby mouth in total bewilderment, she exclaimed:

"Harold, you REALLY can talk! My dear son, you ARE a very special child! Just wait until your Daddy hears you."

Immediately, I started to try out my Dad's newest name, 'Daddy', by whispering both new names:

"Dhhadddy... Mhhommmy... Dhadddy... Mhommy..."

Every time I repeated my new words, they sounded a bit better; until they nearly sounded like my Mom had spoken them, but still without the deep baritone sound from my large vocal cords. How would I be able to mix both sounds together, without again alarming my still trembling Mommy? Would 'humming' be able to do the trick? Well, let's try it out! I had already been 'humming' before; when I had felt totally at ease and wanted to expand my still growing lungs without making a crying sound. So far, both my Mom and my Dad always started to smile at hearing my happy humming...

While my Mommy changed my itching diaper, I tentatively started to hum, as I had done before when I felt totally at ease and didn't want to cry. Only, this time, I also used my throat and my mouth to speak. Much to my delight, my vocal cords reacted to my attempts and suddenly produced a soft but absolutely audible baritone voice! YESSS! Finally, I had discovered how to talk more or less properly, although I first had to practice a lot more to say the words correctly. Happily, I started to repeat both new words, over and again, while trying to say them louder and louder:

"Mhommmy, Dhadddy, Mhommy, Dhadddy..."

All the time, my Mom stared at my talking mouth with a huge smile on her now proud looking face, while she washed and dried me, powdered my sensitive parts, and put a fresh diaper on my wiggling little bottom. For a moment, I had to stop talking; because my Mom took me onto her lap to feed me with her yummy nourishment from her breasts. Hungrily, I drank and drank; until my stomach was filled to the brim and I had to burp the excessive air out.

At last, my Mom laid me down on our couch in between my huge pile of pillows. Of course, I first kicked my pillows onto the floor, because I wanted to have more freedom! Then, I wrestled my body around and pushed myself up; until I sat upright and leaned against the backside of our couch. From here, I could overlook our living room and follow my busy Mom with my always-curious eyes wherever she went, until she again disappeared into her kitchen.

All the time, I continued to train myself to speak both new words even more loudly and properly. Stubbornly, I went on and on, until my words sounded more or less as my Mom had pronounced them. Feeling relatively satisfied, I just continued to concentrate on saying the words both louder and as correctly as possible...

Half an hour later, I sensed a well-known aura approaching our caravan, clearly planning to be home early. Immediately, I started to jump up and down from sheer happiness. I almost fell off our couch, but regained my balance at the last moment. Within ten seconds from now, the man I loved most in the world, would enter our caravan! Enthusiastically, I exclaimed:

"Daddy home!"

My Mom looked at me with a surprised face, while she asked me:

"Really? Is Daddy coming home, this early? I still don't know how you always are so sure..."

Ten seconds later, our front door opened, and my Dad entered our caravan. He shucked his shoes, entered our living room, and first kissed my beaming Mom. Then, he came over to me, smiling broadly at seeing my brightly sparkling eyes and over-enthusiastic face. Offering him my happiest smile, I started to repeat my new word:

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

This time, my Dad started to look perplexed! Nearly stumbling over his own feet, he stopped abruptly. Slowly, he opened and closed his mouth, as some caught fish that craved for more oxygen. Then, he came up to me while he stuttered:

"My dear son, were you really calling me 'Daddy'? Has your Mom taught you how to say this word?"

Enthusiastically, I bobbed my head up and down, to let my Dad know I had copied the new word from my Mom. Then, I started to repeat all my words, trying to speak them as correctly as possible:

"Daddy, Mommy... Daddy, Mommy, Hawol... ...Hadol... ...Harol..., Harol...th..., Harol...p..., Harol...k..."

Then, I fell silent, feeling utterly frustrated. Why didn't my mouth want to speak my own name correctly? Now that I finally could speak some words, I also wanted to pronounce my own name! Only, my untrained mouth and tongue just couldn't couple the sound 'Harol' to its immediately following 'd' without making me splutter... This was VERY annoying! Feeling severely disappointed, I tried it again; but, again, the name that left my mouth didn't sound as it should be. Clearly, my untrained mouth wasn't able to pronounce my own name, 'Harold', with 'd' at the end, without breaking my tongue over it.

What should I do now? Of course, I stubbornly wanted to be able to say my own name correctly! Again, I tried to say 'Harold'; but, again, my untrained tongue refused to pronounce the too difficult 'd' at the end of my name. Now, I fell silent, while my bright brain took over and started to think. Obviously, I had to train my too unwilling tongue quite a lot more first, to be able to say my own name correctly.

Only, couldn't there be an easier way to pronounce my own name, at least for the time being? I just WANTED to be able to tell everybody my name, now that I could speak a few words! After some more heavy thinking, my built-in little 'brainiac' suddenly came up with what could be a workable solution, at least for now. My untrained mouth and tongue had already been able to pronounce the new words 'Daddy' and 'Mommy' without any difficulties; so... yes, why not?

With a naughty smile, I looked at my parents and asked them:

"Mommy, Daddy... I Harry?"

For many seconds, total silence fell over our living room. Then, my extremely proud looking Dad raced towards me and scooped me into his strong arms. Enthusiastically, he started to cuddle me, in the process nearly crushing my tiny ribs. Well, I certainly didn't mind at all, although my worried looking Mom seemed to fear for my life and desperately tried to take me over from my Dad's arms.

Her worried action seemed to calm my Dad down considerably, because he looked a little bit guilty, next to still looking very proud. With a slightly trembling voice, he responded:

"Harold, my dear son, from the first day when your Mom told me she was pregnant, I already knew you would be one out of a million! How old are you in reality? According to our calendar, you should be not even three months old. Yet, you are already understanding every single word that I am telling you, you are already sitting upright, and now you are even talking to us and coming up with a clever solution for pronouncing your own too difficult name. From now on, I am totally convinced that you are the fastest developing child ever! And, my precious 'Harry', both your Mommy and I love you dearly!"

Without thinking, I answered my proud looking parents:

"Daddy, Mommy, Harry luvyou deawly too!"

This time, my Mom nearly started to cry from sheer happiness, while she approached me and took me over from my proud looking Dad. For quite some time, she stared into my eyes, as if trying to understand who or what her little baby boy could be in reality. Then, she shook her head, as if denying her own upcoming thoughts.

At last, my Mom sat me down against the backside of our couch, where I could sit upright and look around. She went back to her kitchen to prepare dinner; while my Dad slumped down next to me and again scooped me into his strong arms. This time, he seemed to be a lot more careful not to crush my tiny ribs too much, although I still didn't mind at all. Feeling totally safe in my Dad's enveloping arms, I looked up at him and smiled broadly at seeing his sparkling dark brown eyes full of love and happiness.

My Dad and I absolutely were kindred souls!

# # #

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