> a Boy loves a Man - book 1 <
- written by a Dutch psychotherapist -

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- A little upcoming Shaman grows up in a secluded site in the Rumanian mountains. He is the newborn Gypsy Crown Prince and way too intelligent for his own good. He knows he has an Important Task to fulfill on our Planet Earth once he is a grownup and meets his former 'trapper Dad' from their past lives who also has been his great-grandfather...

- CHAPTER 7. Restricted; I am teaching myself crawling.

A few weeks later, I woke up from my morning nap on our couch, and first produced a heartfelt yawn. Then, as usual, I kicked my pile of pillows out of the way to have some more freedom, and to be able to sit upright and look around properly. A moment later, all my pillows were on the floor, except for one stubborn pillow that shoved just out of my reach. Well, who was the boss here? Of course, I wanted to kick that obstinate thing towards the floor as well!

Happily, I wiggled my tiny body around so that my legs pointed towards the unruly pillow, stretched out at full length, and kicked at it. Alas, the pillow went even further away. Teasingly, it shoved just out of my reach, instead of following its friends to the floor.

Now, I became angry at the pigheaded pillow that didn't obey me. The persistent thing HAD to listen to my will! Stubbornly, I wrung the upper half of my body towards it; while, at the same time, forcefully kicking my legs against our couch. Now, I only had to flail my arms to roll over onto my stomach, as I had done many times before. Now lying prone, I tried to wriggle my body forward to reach the mischievous pillow. Unfortunately, my little baby body only jiggled from left to right; but it did not move forward.

What should I do now? I absolutely wanted to kick that scalawag pillow towards where it belonged! Of course, I could just turn around until I was on my back again, and then kick my body backwards towards the pillow. Only, then, I couldn't see where I went...

Feeling frustrated, I decided to try out something different I had never done before. Still lying prone, I pushed my arms up against our couch while stretched them at full length. Slowly, the upper half of my body rose up from our couch, supported by my outstretched arms. Now, I only had to lift my head, to be able to look around.

Hey! Looking around like this was even more fun than sitting upright had been! Again, I had discovered something new, and I had done it all on my own. Now, I only had to bend my two arms, to lower my baby body back onto our couch and lie prone again...

Suddenly, my clever brainiac brain restarted to think. What would happen to my body, if I bent only ONE arm? Of course, I had to try it out, and it turned out to be even more fun than I had anticipated! Immediately after I bent only one arm, my entire body rolled around along its axis, so that I was lying on my back again. At the same time, I had also rolled a couple of inches towards my obstinate pillow.

Well, that unruly pillow could wait until later. Again, I turned back onto my stomach, pushed myself up, and rolled around. Feeling elated with my newest discovery, I rolled around and around... Only, because I totally forgot to look at where I went, my happily rolling body suddenly fell off our couch and towards the ground, as if following my obedient pillows. With a loud yelp, I tumbled upside down and bumped my head on our carpeted floor. OUCH! That hurt! Feeling both frustrated and a bit angry, because my over-enthusiasm had betrayed me like this, I started to cry...

Immediately, my worried looking Mom showed up from our kitchen and raced towards me. Quickly, she squatted down and scooped me up from the floor, to look me over for any damage. Only, I had already gritted my teeth and stopped crying. Of course, falling off our couch had been my own fault, for not paying enough attention to where I was rolling. Now, I had to pay the price for this valuable lesson, with a painfully swelling lump on my head.

Well... although my lump was painful, I was already sure I would survive. Therefore, I just smiled broadly at my worried looking Mom, to let her know I was okay and wanted to go on with my interesting experiments as soon as possible.

However, instead of putting me back onto our couch, my Mom started to look around our living room. Why did she do that? Feeling a bit uneasy, I tuned in into her mind to read her thoughts. Then, I felt severely shocked! Much to my dismay, I suddenly sensed that my Mom was thinking about restricting my freedom, to prevent me from falling again or having any other accidents...

Only, I didn't WANT to be restricted by my worried looking Mom! I had planned to experiment with moving around on our couch quite a lot more! And, of course, I still wanted to kick that scalawag pillow to the floor. Besides, would my pillows get headaches and swelling lumps too, from falling off our couch and bumping onto the floor? As far as I knew, they never yelped...

Now let's get back to where I was. How could I convince my still worried looking Mom I would be a lot more careful from now on, because I had learned my lesson the hard way? Of course, I could try to tell her what I was planning to do and that she didn't need to worry about me any more. However, I was also sure she again wouldn't pick up my thoughts or pictures. She never did. Perhaps, as an alternative, I could try to manipulate her motherly feelings for me? Hmm...

I looked up at my Mom and offered her my biggest smile, while I told her the words I had practiced many times:

"Mommy, Harry luvv you deawly and verry musj!"

Immediately, my Mom got tears in her bright blue eyes, while she answered me with a choking voice:

"My dear Harry, I love you dearly too; very, very much! Only, apart from that, I still want to protect you from falling off our couch again. What shall I do now, to restrict your movements..."

Of course, I really meant what I had said. I still loved my Mommy dearly, and with REAL love! Only, I loathed her idea of protecting me, if that also meant restricting me from experimenting. How could I convince my cautious Mom to let me keep my freedom? Feeling rather desperate, I decided to try to force my thoughts into my Mom's too insensitive brain. Perhaps, I would be able to reach her brain easier if I first brought our heads together?

Tentatively, I put my arms around my Mom's neck and pushed my face against her warm cheek. Then, I tried to send my pleading thoughts directly into her too insensitive brain. Hoping she would pick up at least some of my projected energy, I begged:

'Please, Mom, don't restrict me. I NEED to experiment; and I promise I will be a lot more careful from now on!'

For quite some time, my Mom stared at me with a surprised face; until, at last, she hesitatingly responded:

"Will you really be a lot more careful from now on? I don't want to send my precious Harry baby to a hospital with a broken neck..."

YESSS! This time, my Mom had really picked up some of my projected thoughts! At least, she had understood the last part of them, because she had correctly answered my projected question! In response to her answer, I nodded my head vigorously; while I tried to send her a picture of a happy 'precious Harry baby' that was safely playing on our couch. My Mom could count on me!

Surprisingly, this time, my Mom only sat me upright against the backside of our couch, while she told me:

"Okay, I will trust you that you really are a lot more careful from now on. However, I also want you to move around quite a lot safer. Therefore, please, sit still until I am ready, and be patient until I have prepared our room for your crawling around."

First, my Mom dragged our table out of the way, clearly to create some more free space on our carpeted floor. Then, all my colored pillows went back onto our couch, next to where I was sitting. One by one, she piled them up on top of the unruly one. Now, she picked me up from where I was sitting and put me down onto our floor, which fortunately had a thick rug and was spotlessly clean.

Very much to my delight, my Mom turned out to have a really good idea! Feeling elated, I immediately restarted my interesting experiments. Again, I started to roll around and around; but, now, I first looked carefully at where I was and to where I was going. I didn't want to get a second lump on my still painful head.

After lots of rolling around and having very much fun, I started to feel a little bit too tired and therefore decided to try out something even more difficult. Although my body had rolled across the floor at a reasonable speed, it still was a rather impractical way of moving, and a rather tiring way as well. Therefore, I now wanted to try out something more practical that also felt more natural.

After again rolling onto my stomach, I first folded both arms and legs under my body. As it came to me naturally, I planted both my hands and my knees onto the floor and pushed myself up. Suddenly, I sat on all fours, looking up at my still watching Mom! My body only wobbled a little bit; but I succeeded in keeping my balance.

Because my arms were much longer than my thighs were, I sat almost upright and could look around with ease. Again, I had discovered something new and usable that turned out to be lots of fun. And, again, I had done it all by myself! Now, I only had to find out how I would be able to move around properly... Because it also came to me naturally, I suddenly started to shift both my arms and my legs back and forth, hoping to move forward.

Unfortunately, I lost my balance and tumbled onto my back. What could I have done wrong? Feeling a little bit frustrated, I tried to think it out. Only, even after some very heavy thinking, I still didn't understand what I had been doing wrong. Therefore, I decided to go on with exactly the same experiment, at least for now.

Again, I rolled onto my stomach, folded my arms and legs under my body, and pushed myself up on all fours. However, this time, I carefully placed only one arm forward while trying to keep my balance. Next, I placed my other arm forward; and it felt natural to let one knee follow, and then the other one... YES! Very much to my happiness, this time, my body had moved forward at least a couple of inches, and with surprising ease! Plus, I was still on all fours and keeping my balance! Now, I only had to train myself in moving my arms and legs faster and rhythmically.

Less than half an hour later, I was racing around our living room at an astonishing speed. This was the real work! This time, I was really crawling around on our carpeted floor, and again I had discovered everything all by myself! Again, I had achieved what I had been trying to do all the time, but up to now didn't know how to do it. Feeling more and more enthusiastic, I started to crawl faster and faster, at the same time moving my arms and legs even more rhythmically. Only, because I was too over-enthusiastic, I again forgot to look out where I went, although I now could look forward easily...

Soon, the inevitable happened. Unexpectedly, I bumped my still painful head against one of the surrounding walls and stopped in sudden surprise. OUCH, that hurt terribly! The same painful lump on my head that I still had, now hurt even more! Feeling a bit silly, I slumped down on the floor and tumbled onto my back.

Again, I had forgotten the most important rule of playing it safe and be careful with any new things, always and everywhere. Safety first! Again, I just gritted my teeth and paid the painful price for this important lesson. From now on, I HAD to look out where I was crawling, all the time and everywhere! Quickly, I looked up at my wary Mom, while forcing myself to show her a broad smile.

Fortunately, my Mom immediately smiled back at me, obviously feeling reassured by my again beaming face. She also seemed to be very proud of her so extremely fast developing 'little baby boy' who was discovering how to crawl around all on his own!

Suddenly, my Shaman inside felt an already very well-known powerful aura that stretched out into our caravan! Did I really sense my Dad's joyful energy, planning to come home? Immediately, I sat on all fours and ready to greet him, while I exclaimed:

"Mommy? Daddy home!"

Ten seconds later, my Dad entered our caravan and shucked his shoes in our hallway. Of course, I was already sitting ready for takeoff, impatiently waiting to show off my newly gained ability! The moment my Dad entered our living room, I crawled towards him at lightning speed. I bumped into his legs, and looked up at him with a proudly beaming face and sparkling bright blue eyes.

Looking absolutely stunned, my Dad scooped me off the floor and took me into his arms, while he uttered:

"My precious son; again, you surprise me! Are you really crawling around, all on your own and without any help from anybody else? And this is while you are not even four months old! My dear 'Harry', again you are a real super boy; and, again, I am very proud of your extremely fast development! Could you please demonstrate your crawling again while I am looking at you?"

My proud looking Dad first laid me back onto our floor. Then, he sat down on our couch, to enjoy looking at me and at my recently discovered astonishing achievements. Of course, I first rolled around and pushed my arms up, so that I sat on all fours. Then, I demonstrated my newest ability, by adeptly rounding all the corners of our living room, on my way avoiding all those grownup legs-in-my-way.

Then, I saw one of my unruly pillows that had fallen off our couch and onto the floor, and crawled towards it. Spontaneously, I decided to help my Mom with tidying. Therefore, I grabbed the pillow with one hand, and towed it towards my Dad on only one arm and two knees. Reaching the pillow towards my Dad, I asked him:

"Pwease Daddy, pillow up cous?"

Of course, my Dad immediately understood what I wanted him to do. With a broad smile, he took the unruly pillow out of my hand and ceremoniously placed it onto our couch where it belonged. Good Daddy! I am already sure you will be perfectly trainable.

My still surprised looking Dad stared at me for quite some time, until he finally uttered:

"My dear son; I still don't know what to think of your extraordinary achievements, at such an extremely young age. Up to now, I always thought that babies started to crawl around for the first time after they were at least seven months old. And, I was sure that youngsters couldn't talk properly before they were at least a year old. Now, I am looking in marvel at my own little son; who, according to our calendar, is only three months and three weeks old. Yet, much to my surprise, my little son already crawls around our living room at lightning speed, and he even speaks a couple of words! My dear son, who are you in reality? Our Wise Woman told me our Ancestors are with you, and that you have an important task to fulfill on our earth. Is that why you are so precocious and extremely clever? Has it to do with your amazing 'Shaman abilities'? Then, I feel very blessed to have you as my son! I only hope I will be able to educate you properly, without making too many mistakes..."

Because my Shaman inside sensed my Dad's doubts, I first pulled myself up by his trousers, to ask for a warm cuddle. Immediately, my Dad lifted me onto his lap and folded his strong arms around my small frame. Gently, he pulled me against his broad chest, this time trying not to crush my tiny ribs too much.

Feeling perfectly happy; I immediately 'octopushed' my tiny body against my Dad's broad stomach, while trying to melt away in his enveloping warm aura. First, I looked up at him and offered him my most beautiful smile. Then, I told him, while trying to articulate my spoken words as correctly as possible:

"You aw a vewwy good Daddy, and I luvv you deawly!"

At that same moment, I also projected my thoughts directly into my Dad's brain while I spoke to his inside:

"Please, Dad, stop doubting so much. You already ARE a good Daddy, and I am sure I will never find a Dad who is a better parent than you are. I love your dearly; but, please, stop worrying. All our Ancestors and Spirit Friends are with us, and they will never allow you to make any serious mistakes. You only have to listen to your own heart. And, please, let me experiment whenever I feel the urge to develop myself or my upcoming Shaman abilities..."

Clearly, my Dad had picked up everything that I projected into his mind, because he smiled back at me respectfully. He really was a good Daddy, and I had meant every single word of what I had said!

For quite some time, we only stared into each other's eyes, while feeling our powerful mutual love radiating between us and warming our souls. That is, until my wet diaper started to feel too itchy; and I asked my Mom while using my normal baritone voice:

"Pwease Mommy, Harry clean diaver?"

Working together, my parents removed my soiled diaper, cleaned my smelly bottom, powdered my sensitive parts without making me sneeze, and my Dad put a fresh diaper on me. After many kisses and cuddles, my Mom laid me in between my pile of pillows; where I fell asleep almost immediately. Vaguely, I heard my parents talk about my extremely fast mental development, my grown-up sounding deep baritone voice, and my already astonishing knowledge of all those difficult words for such a young child...

Several hours later, after I woke up and got another fresh diaper, my Dad and I sat across from each other on our floor, having lots of fun rolling a plastic ball to and fro. Every time our ball escaped behind me, I crawled after it and kicked it back to my patiently waiting Dad. Every time our ball escaped to another place, I pointed at it. Then, I told my chuckling Dad:

"Pwease Daddy, ged ball and give to Harry?"

Much to my delight, my Dad started to behave more and more as a well-trained parent. Obediently, he crawled after our ball, went back to his own place, and again rolled our ball towards me. Most of the time, I caught the ball between my legs, took it in both hands, and threw it back to my patiently waiting Dad. The few times when the naughty ball escaped from my legs, both my Dad and I had lots of fun crawling after it, because we also tried to be there first while bumping into each other on purpose.

At last, after quite some time of playing ball and having lots of fun, my little body started to feel too tired. Therefore, I suddenly left our ball, crawled towards my Dad, and clambered onto his safe lap. My Dad took me to our couch, where he slumped backwards with his head resting on my pillows. Immediately, I draped myself all over his broad chest and put my little nose into his left armpit. This always was my most favorite place, from our first day on!

Now smiling from ear to ear, my chuckling Dad told me:

"You really are my little octopus! Harry, my dear son, I am very proud of you, and I love you with all my heart!"

My Dad started to stroke my bare back, and I loved the feeling very much. Happily, I basked in the nice sensation of being close to each other and loving each other dearly. That is, until I became too drowsy and closed my eyes... Within a minute, both my Dad and I were sound asleep on our couch, happily snoring together.

After I woke up again, I crawled down from my Dad's stomach, slid off our coach towards our floor without any help, and happily started to crawl around again. However, now that I was able to move around, nothing in our caravan was safe for me any more! Soon, I disappeared into our interesting kitchen, where I tried to have a closer look and a possible feel at every colorful or blinking thing that caught my attention. Fortunately, my Mom saw me just in time, and swiftly took me back to our much safer living room.

For quite some time, my parents were busy preparing our caravan for my too early moving around. Working together, they placed everything out of my reach that could be opened, put into my mouth, or would be too sharp to handle. Fortunately, much to my happiness, both my Mom and my Dad still loved me dearly, and they never complained about their too adventurous little son.

Now and then, my Dad took me to our front windows, where he sat down on our couch and lifted me on his knee to let me take a look outside. I always loved sitting on my Dad's knee while looking at our glowing campfire and our huge circle of wooden benches around it. Sometimes, a couple of people sat on their benches, softly talking to each other while drinking coffee. Several suntanned children were playing around our campfire or chasing after each other, now and then shouting at each other but always having lots of fun.

Of course, I desperately wanted to join the happily playing kids, to partake in their games. However, my Dad had already explained that I had to wait first until I would be able to walk around properly, before I was allowed to play outside and perhaps join the other kids. I only had to be a little bit more patient... Yeah well, up to now, patience hadn't exactly been my most developed capability. I always wanted to have my want NOW! When would I finally be big enough to walk around and join our happily playing kids outside?

Then, a couple of playing children saw me looking at them from behind our windows. They left their games and enthusiastically waved at me! Suddenly feeling extremely happy, I immediately raised my own hand and waved back at them. The playing kids had recognized me, and they clearly wanted to be my friends. Now, I wanted to join them outside even more!

Unfortunately, I was still too young and too small to be allowed to do that. Therefore, I again started to think... Couldn't I skip a couple of years, so that I would be old enough to play outside immediately? I so longed to join my playing friends who were again chasing after each other and having lots of fun around our glowing campfire...

# # #

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