A Coach's Life

By: Peter Plus

The following story is just fiction; my imagination having a party. So please, do not think this is real, at all. If you read something and it has any resemblance to people living or deceased is just a coincidence. This story is about sexual acts between a male adult and minor boys. If reading this sort of story violates any of the laws in your country or if you are under 18 years old, we strongly suggest for you to leave immediately. For the rest of people, enjoy.
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What a view!

After my good day and part of the evening with Ken, I had plenty of ideas on how to continue having fun with my boys. This was the beginning of a road of pleasure, not only for my boys but for me too. I knew I had to be careful but I was so excited on this idea that came to my mind I didn't care about the rest. I had told my soccer team that I needed them to be stronger and to run faster so I arranged to have a "different" training and this was going to be in a pool. Water stomach level for my boys and this was going to help their legs get stronger by trying to run as fast as possible. I told my boys to bring speedos so their legs could move more freely while trying to run in the pool.

I saw my boys only with their speedos on and well let me help you imagine the view. 16 boys from 11 to 13 years old standing there in cold water. Hard nipple everywhere and some of them trying to cover a popping boner inside their speedos. Ken looked amazing and it was the first time I saw him like this. His bulge looked so tasty and I would've love to freeze time and go there to have my way sucking at it and the rest of them too. I told them to relax and be comfortable, if they had a boner it would be ok because we were all boys and we knew how difficult was to keep it down in cold water. They all nodded and the ones who were trying to cover their boners, relaxed and let me see their hard dick pointing at me.

The practice was as I expected and I could see so many good and potential dicks to be in my mouth any time soon. I just needed to wait. My goal was Ken by now and I had eyes for no one else than him. The practice finished and I told them to take a shower because of the chlorine and they were to go home. As the previous practice, Ken stayed with me and we went again to my office. He didn't want to take a shower but instead he went to my office and told me he would wait there for me. As I stayed there for a while I went to the showers to see if everything as going fine. Nobody was using showers anymore and I could listen some of my boys from afar as they went out of the shower room. I was almost going back when I heard some giggling. I tried as hard as possible not to be loud and I got closer to where the giggles were coming.

"Shhh the coach might come and hear" one of the boys said. I recognized that voice, it was Richard one of my 13yo boys. The perfect latin boy, so macho looking. He was one of the boys who I could see that had a nice and long dick.

"Sorry Richie, but it tickles!" the other boy said, this boy I knew too. It was Jack, an 11 year old boy. He was the perfect blond boy, blue eyes, shaggy hair and slim body.

I came closer and they were inside "taking a shower" together. I could spy on them and it was so easy to do it, I just had to put a chair or something so I could see from above. I was as quite as possible, I wanted to have a nice view of what was happening.

As I could I was now watching the boys from above being careful not to get caught. Then I realized that in any case, they were getting caught, not me. I was the coach. What I could see was that Richard was on his knees sucking at Jack's rock hard cocklet. They looked so cute and I could see Richard jacking his own cock. Richard had a bush of pubes and it looked so hot while Jack at least from where I was had nothing around his. Jack was enjoying this and he still giggled a little bit while Richard had his tongue licking and his mouth going at it like if it was a lollipop. This scene made me hard but then I remembered Ken was waiting for me so I stopped watching my boys' romance and went to my office.

When I was arriving I could see by one of the windows that Ken was sitting on my chair and as I could see one of his hands was down on his crotch while the other surf the net. He was looking at porn. I didn't know what to do, surprise him or make some noise so he could adjust himself. I didn't want him to be sad or something so I decided to make some noise and he could put everything in order. I pretended I was calling someone and like that he could have time to be "doing nothing".

As I opened the door he was still on my chair but just grinning and he greeted me with a Hi from there. He didn't stand so I guessed he still had a boner.

"Hey buddy! You do look like a coach too" I said while I walked towards him, I wanted to have a better look. As I reached there I started giving him a massage on his shoulders, he seemed to like it that much that he just leaned back and that's when I could see the boner he had. He was covering it but as soon as the massage started he stopped covering and I think he didn't notice, I could see his boner and I liked that.

"It feels so good coach, thanks" Ken said and I think he realized that his boner was there and he quickly stood and put his towel around his hips so I couldn't see it.

"Don't worry buddy, boners are normal I told you already" I said and he was shocked, he realized I knew he had one. "Look I'm not ashamed of mine" I said as I moved and let him see the tent under my shorts. He stared and dropped his towel, his boner still there. He looked at me, grinned and said: "I was looking at porn coach, sorry"

"That's ok Ken, you should've waited for me at least!" and he smiled and nodded. "You want to see some more?"

"Sure but wouldn't that be weird?"

"No if you don't want it to be. We're both guys and we're friends, right?"

"Yeah, you're right coach. Ok if you really want to see some more..."

"You can do it if you want, I have to do some paper work. I'll be on the other side of the desk"

As I went to work while still looking at Ken, he was so excited watching porn that he didn't even care to start jacking his cocklet a little. I remembered that I had seen him by the window so I went there and closed it. Then, I turned on the A/C and like he was only on speedos he was cold almost instantly.

"Brrrr too cold for me being like this" Ken said but he didn't want to stop watching porn.

"You want me to be closer to you?" I asked

"Yes please!" he said almost begging.

I went closer to him and he stood up as I looked at him. "Sit coach, I'll be on your lap". Are you kidding me? That's all I thought but well it was what he wanted. I felt his bubble butt exactly on top of my cock and it came hard as soon as I had Ken on top of me. He continued jacking his cock while watching porn and now I was in the perfect place to fool round with him but I just didn't know what to do.

I decided to start by caressing his chest and arms. I played a little bit with his nipples and this made him shiver a little bit and a moan came out of his mouth. I continued to play with his nipples with one hand and with my other one rubbing his thigh. Ken was so smooth, I loved feeling his skin. I continued playing with his body as he leaned back and I could see he put his hands on the back of his head. This is it I thought, this is the signal. He wants me to play with it. Before going to it I continued to play on his chest and I caressed his hairless armpits for a while, I also had his hand in front of my mouth. I leaned and kissed his hand as I told him: "it's still warm"

He just looked up at me and grinned.

"Coach, your hands are cold" he said

"It's true, what can I do?" I asked

"Do what you suggested me coach, you know it works"

"I know but I can't because you're on top of me buddy" and what he said next made my day even better.

"Use mine coach..." he said and gave me the sexiest grin ever! What else did I need? My boy was all mine now, I could play with everything on his body.

I kiss his hands again and for a moment I grabbed one of his fingers and started sucking at it. I was sucking one of the fingers that were jacking at his cocklet a few moments ago. Ken was loving it and feeling my tongue playing with his finger made him moan. It was the first time I heard him moan and my cock was getting harder by the minute. Listening those moans on my boy was so hot that the A/C seemed not to work. I continued to lick his finger while my hands slowly made their way to his crotch. I decided to leave one of them on his chest so I could play with his nipples and my left hand could have all the fun. When I reached his crotch I decided to punish myself a little bit and I started to touch his cocklet from outside. His moaning was music to my ears. Ken was enjoying this as much as he could. No more porn, this was the real deal.

"Coach this feels good" Ken managed to say

"It does feel so good, we can't mention this to no one"

"I know coach, finally I'm having this fun with you..." and that made me think, did he have fun with someone else? "I had just done this with Richard..." he said and by the shock of the news he just gave me I grabbed his cock a little bit harder than before. He was even more excited when I thought it would hurt.

"Richard you say"? I asked being curious.

"Yeah coach, we've fooled around in shower time. He said he liked my cock" he said while still enjoying me playing with him.

"I saw him fooling around with Jack an hour ago" I said and he stood up and looked at me.

"Is this for real? You should've told me and we could have had more fun!" he said

"Sorry buddy, but now I want only you..." I said as I put him closer to me and out of a sudden we were kissing like if there was no tomorrow. He knew how to kiss and I liked this, I didn't have to teach him. We continued kissing and he began slowly humping me.

"I have to call your parents Ken, you must come to my place tonight!" I told him and we continued kissing. He broke it again and said: "if you don't tell them, I will".


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