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If this type of material is illegal in your area of the world, please kindly exit. This story has adult themes between a man or men and a boy or boys.

This is fiction of course and is ment as a fantasy

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A Fuck Like No Other

I hate going to the Dentist. I hate everything about it. My wife had made this appointment to have my teeth cleaned and possibly some work done, and I dont want to go. Fuck her, she isnt my mom, she is my wife, but I decide if or when I go to the Dentist. So I had to call in to work for a day and out the door I went.

It was about 1:30pm, and I was driving to this dreaded appointment when I passed Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton, CO. I decided to swing into the mall and pick up a magazine from the bookstore to flip through as I wait in the Dentist waiting room. Say what you want, but “Highlights Magazine's” photohunt does sound tempting, I decided to grab something more adult oriented on this wasted day off from work. I pull up to the mall, and I notice that there aren't many cars in the parking lot. “How odd?!?”, I thought, “This place use to be packed all the time, and during the summer, the kids roamed the halls in groups flirting and intermingling between clicks”. As I entered, I noticed that many of the shops had closed. The Mall was pretty barren, I guess its the sign of the times, so I took a sharp left and into the Barnes and Noble booksellers I went.

I headed straight to the magazine section and started to flip through magazines. I had no idea what I wanted, other than to miss my dentist appointment, so I let the procrastination take over, and consumed myself in my own world of media bliss.

I was flipping through a Mens fitness magazine, when I hear, “Good god, look at the cock on that one!” It kind of stunned me so I looked up to see this guy standing behind me looking over my shoulder at the half naked man that took up two pages. I said, “ excuse me?”. I giggled a little still kind of shocked and looked back, and the man said, “Look at the monster on him, I bet he zips that snake up in his zipper left and right. Good god, its huge.”

I didn't know what to say. In my 35 years, I had never outwardly heard another man comment on another man's cock. I mean I have a nice cock which is neatly shaven and a full 8 inches cut which goes nicely with my dilf type body. I have a full set of hair which is still brown and very little hair on my body. I tan well in the summers and I find my masculinity to be a bit on the butch side, but wow, women comment on other woman, and there in this store, that man said something about another mans cock.

“The names Tim,” He said as he stuck out his rather large hand to shake my hand, “I didnt mean to scare or startle ya, but that's a hung horse your looking at there” he taunted while laughing. I didnt know what to say but, “uhh.. ah... I really didn't notice?!” came out of my mouth clumsily. I blushed a little bit as I looked around to see who all heard this brash comment. “Uhh, umm, my name is William, William Henry, nice to meet you, Tim”.

Tim laughed as he slapped my back, and said, “Sorry to interrupt your googly eyes, as you look at that mans body. Ill let you be”. I snapped back, “I wasn't looking at him like that, I was reading the article. Honestly”.

Tim said, “what every floats your boat dude, hey by any chance do you smoke cigarettes, I need a smoke, want to join me outside, its a beautiful day?” I was kind of drawn into this odd man for some reason, He stood about 6'1, with sandy blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He looked like he may enjoy the occasional joint or two, but attractive and fit. He is probably about my age, but there was this air about him, like he had no problems. He was riding cloud nine to where ever it rode, a true free spirit.

I said, “I actually stopped smoking years ago, and my wife would kill me if she knew I had one, even though everynow and then I sill crave a puff.” He looked at me, his smile dropped to a frown and rolled his eyes as he put his arm around my shoulder grabbing my magazine and placing it back on the shelf while turning my body in the direction of the door and said, “well thats all the better, I bet you had to stop smoking about the same time she stopped smoking your rod, if you catch my drift.”

I kind of laughed at his statement was more than true. I let him guide me through the store and we walked out front and found a bench and sat down as he lit his smoke. I said, “ Fuck it, Can I have one?”.

“I thought you'd never ask, rebal” He said passing me a cigarette while winking at me. I thanked him and took his lighter and lit up. WOW, this felt nice. A random but interesting dude, nicotine, and a beautiful day. I did feel like a rebel. To hell with the dentist.

“So, what ya got planned for the day? Wanna come to my place and get your dick sucked?” He said to me with a pretty serious face. I sat their acting like I didnt hear him totally, and said, “Say what about a dick?”.

He leaned over and said louder, “DO YOU WANT TO COME TO MY PLACE AND GET YOUR DICK SUCKED?”.

I sat there for a minute, confused, feeling akward, and oddly enough turned on a little I said, “Oh, I … I am not um... gay, sorry Tim, I didnt mean to give you that impression. I have nothing against it, but I tend to lean towards women.”

“Who said anything about being gay?” He looked at me with this mischievous smile and said, “I am a married man with a step son.” I immediately turned bright red, and felt the blood rush to my face. I laughed awkwardly then more cynically as I began to laugh hysterically at the complete misjudgement of the situation. I felt like such an ass. “Ill watch a baseball game with ya, any day, but I will leave what little dick sucking I get to my wife”.

Tim slapped him on the back laughing and said, “I can see how you took that the wrong way, I am a wierdo William, you see, I say random things to make myself feel entertained. But there is always a possibility of a dick suckin at my house. Its about 2:15, that should give me about enough time to … (inaudible mumbling) and then, yeah, you want to come by and have a beer or two and watch some baseball. The old ball and chain wont be home until 6:30, but I need to get back to the house soon.”

Maybe it was the slight high I got from the nicotine I said, “why the hell not?!” We stood up and I noticed he was wearing these bright blue um-bro type shorts, and it looked like to me, he wasn't wearing underwear. Whatever his undergarment preferences are is not my business, so I followed him through the parking lot, and then told him I would follow in my car.

We pull up to his house, go inside, he throws me a beer while making small chit chat, and then we head into the sunken family room and he flips on the tv. He sat in his desk chair which is in my line of view towards the television, he fires up his computer and turns the Rockies game on. Its quiet for a second and then I said, “ Hey man, thanks for the beer, I totally appreciate it, you are helping me skip a dentist appointment my wife made for me, your right, I am feeling like a rebal.”

He smiled at me and said, “Anytime my friend” as he “air cheers” his beer bottle towards me and I reciepercated. All of a sudden out of nowhere I let out, “well since I am being a rebal today, and its all about new adventures, that cock sucking sure sounds nice. You know what they say, dont knock it until you try it, right?” Holy shit! I cant believe I said that.

Tim had some porn started on a website, I couldnt tell wheather it was male on male of female or bi, but I figured what the hell. Tim giggled as he turned in his desk chair, “I wasnt lying about me being straight. I am married and while I don't suck cock, that doesn't mean you wont get the blow of your life right here on my family room couch!”

OMG, what the hell was I thinking, I felt beyond embarrassed. “Tim” I said as I swallowed my pride, “I am beyond embarrassed, maybe I should”. Tim stopped me in mid sentence, “ I'm honoured William, that you'd let me suck your cock, but just stick around here and see what happens.”

At that very moment, I heard a key in the door giggling around trying to get in the house, “holy fuck, who is that?”, I thought, 'fuck its his wife, I am busted'. Tim laughed a little and said, “That's little Sean Li, he just got home from school, hence why I needed to rush back to the house.” He said turning and raising his arm to wave at the boy entering the house dressed in a white button down shirt and navy pants. “Hi Sean, how was school!?” He said as from behind me I heard, “It fucking blew.” The voice sounded somewhat young, maybe pre puberty, so I turned around and looked over the couch to see this little hot boy about 4 feet tall, maybe 90 lbs soaking wet, with Asian and cacasian features, the best of each lineage actually. He said, “I am going to go change, Ryan will be here in a few minutes. But that's more for.....” as his voice trailed off as his went up the stairs and down the hall.

“Well, I guess I should be going.” I said, as I started to stand up and look for a place to stash my beer bottle. “Why?” Tim looked confused, “why would you leave now?” He said like I offended him by trying to flee this hella akward moment.

“Well, I just umm... the dick sucking thing, your family is coming home, and ummm.. your...” I said looking down at the floor, my dick actually feeling a little chubby and wanting to be held and stroked so bad.

“Trust me William, you have not offended me at all, stay, they are family, there are here all the time.” He laughed which seemed to ease my edge. I slowly sat back down when all of a sudden the front door flung open, and I looked back towards the entrance of the foyer and this short boy about 8 or 9 came hoping around the corner in some tight umbros and a tank top on. He flung his back pack on the table as he passed hopping through the room, and jumped up and landed right on Tims lap, hugging him as Tim pulled him in his arms. And then the boy looked at the porn we both had forgotten that was playing on Tim's computer. I cant believe we forgot to turn off the porn, holy shit.

What happened next blew my mind. Tim went to grab the mouse, which I assumed was to turn the porn off and exit out of the page, when all of a sudden he hit the button and the porn was now full screen. What a mistake he made at such the wrong moment. The boys hand slid inbetween his legs and kept going down to tims loose legged umbros and up his shorts and I see his arm stroking back and forth like he is pulling on Tim's cock. My dick was instantly hard. He leaned back into Tims chest and Tim came in from above and behind, and their mouths locked into the most passionate kiss. My cock was so hard, my mouth was open, and then all of a sudden the boy looked over and saw me. He froze.

Alex said, “who... who is that? I.... I didn't see him, and I thought we were going to .. you know, fuck.. in this chair today, you promised before your wife gets home.” Tim guided Alex's hand back down to his cock which was now exposed by the bottom of his shorts that had been pulled back to allow some stroking action. He was cut and a little bit shorter than my cock, but a little wider. The boy sat there looking at me stroking Tims cock as he whispered something to Tim I could not hear.

Tim smiled at me and whispered, but where I could hear back to Alex, “You being shy today?, you like to be watched, you love riding my cock while someone watches” he smiled devilishly and started stroking his cock even harder. They started making out harder and the boy got out the chair and pulled Tims cock out of his shorts, leaving tims shirt and shorts on, just his cock was pulled out, and he immediately went down and started licking his balls and dick. I was so turned on I didn't even know what to do. Alex at the same time was shedding his clothes revealing the perfect young body, He had slight definition, a completely white ass that bubbled perfectly and seemed to know how to work a dick. He licked it up and down and slobbered all over it. He stopped looked at Tim, then jumped up in his lap facing Tim. Tim looked over at me, smiled, grabbed his dick and started sliding it up and down Alex's ass crack as he slowly started to finger Alex with his other hand. Alex was moaning lightly as they kissed and helped stroke Tims cock as it teased his ass hole.

Tim stopped kissing Alex, and said, “say it”. He looked over at me and winked, then repeated, “say it for me little boy, say it”. Alex then, in a child like voice with innocence said, “Will you fuck me?” He moaned kind of loudly, and started thrusting his ass up and down Tims cock, “Come on daddy, please, stick it in me, fuck me, I need you to fuck me” and they started kissing so hard, I almost came with my dick in my pants. I started feeling my cock through my jeans as Alex opened his hole and let Tim slowly slide in. He rested for a minute, the he slowly started rising up and down on tims cock , moaning and panting hard, while still softly whispering, “fuck me daddy” and he would moan, “ oh yeah fuck me daddy, I am your little slut boy, oh yeah, fuck”. Alex panted and moaned as his hips swirled around in a seductive circle with Tims cock all the way in. “You like that” Alex said as he kissed Tim passionately, then continued “you like that don't you, when I swirl my ass around on your big daddy cock... you like that, dont you daddy?” I wanted to pull my dick out so bad and fucking wack it or join, when all of a sudden Tim stood up with Alex and stood there tossing him up and pushing him back down on his dick fucking him like a rag doll as he started walking out of the room while fucking this hot young boy. I couldn't help it, I unbuckled my pants, spit on my hand, and started rubbing my cock furiously.

Out of the corner of my eye I see, Sean Li, standing to my side watching me jack my cock fast and hard. I started to stop, but he came over to the arm of the couch and slid back into the couch and said, “Finally, as his small hand slid down my cock and he pulled himself up to my face with his other arm, stroking me at the same furious rate I had started. He put his soft lips up to mine and then opened his mouth and began sucking as I slid my tounge into his mouth as he softly moaned as he jacked me off and kissed me. I pulled his shirt off and slid his slick shorts off of his ass as he moaned and then asked me if I wanna fuck him, then he kissed me again, then finished with, “hard, you wanna fuck me hard?”. I moaned “uh huh” as my finger slid up his asshole while both of his hands played with my cock and balls. “I wanna ride your cock, its so big, I love big cock” he said then went straight back to my mouth. I put my hand behind his head and my finger up his ass and pulled him forcelfully into me. My muscles were tense and flexed as the heat really began. I said, “ you want ey to fuck your little tight hole boy?” he whimpered, “uh huh, daddy, I want it bad, let me sit on your cock” his mouth opened sucking on my tounge siliva running back and forth in our mouths making a sloppy sound as his hand kept his fast rythem on my cock.

I said, “be a good boy and sit on daddy's cock”, his mouth stopped kissing me as it worked its way down to my dick, “are you sure you can take that big cock little boy? I want to fuck that tight ass hard, will you let me fuck it hard” I snarled as he started to deep throat my dick. His little dark haired head bouncing up and down on my dick as I pulled his ass up to my face and pulled his cheeks apart and stuck my tongue in as far as it would go, slobbering all over that hot hairless tight bubble butt ass as he slobbered on my dick making loud slurping sounds while moaning oh yes,. He wiggled around, and locked mouths with me again, and sat down to where I could feel his boy pussy rubbing the tip of my cock, just teasing it to come inside and fuck the hell out of him, he started moaning and saying in-between kisses, “stick it in me daddy, I want it, fuck me, will you fuck me... oh please fuck me.” I grabbed his small waist and he relaxed as my dick slid in, he sat there swirling his ass around on my cock with my balls resting on the bubbles of his butt. He pushed into my lap with his butt as he swirled around and around moaning while kissing me and slowly rocking back and forth with his eyes closed with my tongue in his mouth, pulling his hair but forcing his heads towards me and him moaning, “oh... oh.. uhh,., oh yeah, fuck me”. He slowly started rocking back and forth on my lap and raising up and down on my dick moaning ever so slightly.. “ oh yeah, do me, I want it so bad” I grabbed his waist and started picking him up and slamming him down on my cock, he started smiling and kissing me so hard, I thought I was in pure ecstasy. The rythem became really fast, I was sweating like a pig right there in this mans family room with his step son taking my cock like a pro rocking back and forth wiggling his ass on my dick, I grabbed him by his hair, pulled up and threw him down onto the couch in to doggy style position, he started screaming, “oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me hard... I want it hard, fuck me” I grabbed his head, arched his back, pulled him by his hair, and thrusted my dick in him until I could feel his ass crack on my balls, I was slamming him with my cock, he was moaning loud, so I grabbed him by his neck, arched his back down, and put my hand over his mouth pulling him up into my chest and I just tore that ass apart. He started screaming “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, that's it, right there, oh fuck, oh fuck, do me daddy” I moved my hands from over his mouth so his little tongue could get through and sucked into my mouth muffling his screaming as I fucked his ass, then he could tell I was about to cum, so he pushed his ass and wiggled it on my cock and said, “oh yes, fuck yes, cum in me, cum in, fuck me oh fuck yeah... ah ah.. .fuck me, oh fuck, I feel it” as I started screaming “ahhhahhah fuck yeah little boy, I am going to fuck the hell out of you, your my little slut boy, take daddys cum”. My cock felt harder than it ever has in my entire life, my entire body tensed as I felt my dick began to spasm, “holy fuck yea” I yelled as the first load up my shaft shot out so violently I thought I was having a seizure, “holy fuck, fuck yeah, fuck yeah little boy, take it take that cock” I screamed as the second one exploded out of my dick and into his ass making it even slipperier and the thrusting became faster, I forcefully grabbed him by the shoulders pulling his small body into my minethrusting with every vein sticking out in my body I screamed to the sky, “fuck yea, oh fuck fuck.. oh my fuck”, as the last shots roared into the boys ass as he moaned ad sucked my tounge as the thrusting became slower.

“oh yeah, oh yeah, oh my god, oh my god,” I panted out of breath feeling my dick beginning to go limp sliding out of this most beautiful hairless ass, “holy fuck that was good, oh my god” I said, as a sweaty Tim had been watching from the door way, wacking his cock as I fucked his stepson on their family room sofa. “Fuck yeah”, he looked at me and winked as my body went into full fall out mode as I grab Sean and kiss him lightly with his hand stroking my softing penis while kissing me saying, “oh that was fucking good daddy, you really know how to fuck my ass,oh fuck,,, yeah. I love that big cock, ohhh fuck yeah daddy”.

I think I fell out for about 15 minutes when I felt Tim shaking me. “William, William, get up, my wife is gonna be here soon and I know you need to get.” I thanked him, we exchanged numbers, I picked up Sean, kissed him hard, and then slipped 2 $100 bills into his ass crack as he softly stroked my cock through my pants as I held him in my arms. He said, “that was fucking hot”. I kissed him sat him down, shook Tims hand, and left. I could not get the smile off of my face. HOLY fuck, what a day I thought, as I drove past my dentist office.