A HAND IN MY BRIEFS by 'whitebriefs'


This story depicts boys engaging in sexual activity. If this offends you in any way then stop reading NOW and go to another site! Equally; if the act of downloading or viewing this kind of material contravenes any State, Local or National laws then STOP reading now. I do not condone the harming of other people of any age by forcing them to indulge in acts against their will. These incidents all relate to events that happened between innocent males and none of us were hurt in any way as a result. In fact I will suggest that we grew up with healthier minds, as a result of enjoying our natural sexual instincts, instead of repressing them.

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A HAND IN MY BRIEFS 1 - A walk in the park

One of my first full experiences was when I was 12, playing at the recreation ground, and let someone wank me through my briefs.

I was playing a game of football with some other boys. Eventually the game finished, we split up, and I was walking home alone. As I passed by a park bench in a secluded part of the park, I suffered from a sudden cramp in my left thigh. Giving a sudden cry I clutched my leg and nearly collapsed onto the grass in pain. A few yards away was the bench, and sitting on it was a man of about 30. Reacting to my cry, he got up and came over to me, asking what the matter was. I explained, "I'll be all right in a moment, it's just cramp in my thigh. It happens from time to time and I don't know why."

He said, "come to the bench over there, I know something which will help you." He took my arm and led me over to the bench, sitting down on it with me standing in front of him. He then suggested that I raised my left leg so that the foot rested on the bench beside him. This meant that I was standing with my right foot on the ground, and my left leg raised at a 90 angle. He told me he knew a technique which would relax my leg muscles, and stop the cramp, then proceeded to massage my thigh, gradually unknotting the muscles and easing the pain away.

At first I just found it relaxing, and the cramp soon went away, but he kept stroking my inner thigh, getting nearer and nearer to the bottom of my shorts before working back down to my knee again. Soon his fingertips were brushing the leg of my shorts, and I began to experience strange feelings.

Each time his hand came so close to that secret place between my legs, I began to wish it would go a little further. At first I tried to suppress the thought, but as the pain from the cramped faded completely away, it was slowly replaced by a pleasurable feeling which was so bad that at first I tried to block it.

Within a couple of minutes I found myself filled with an urgent longing, a growing desire to feel his soft warm hand slide right up my shorts, and touch me intimately! Every time his fingers danced across my inner thigh, gliding across the pink skin until they reached that barrier formed by the hem on the leg of my shorts, I prayed that they would sneak underneath, and explore my young body.

With a shock, I realised that I was becoming quite turned on by what he was doing, and even felt my penis start to stir inside my pants. Not wanting to be embarrassed, I tried desperately to stop it growing, but it was if a wire had been connected between my leg and my cock, and before long a small but noticeable lump was visible between my legs. I hoped he wouldn't notice, but he did, saying, "looks like you are enjoying it!"

Embarrassed, I said "I'm sorry, I can't help it, it feels so nice."

He replied "it's OK, how long has it been since you last had a wank?"

Shyly, I answered "I can't tell you that, it's dirty!" then gave a muted gasp as his hand "accidentally" brushed across the crotch of my shorts. I knew I should have walked away at that point, but that simple touch ignited something within me, causing my heart to beat more rapidly, and in fact I began to part my legs even wider, knowing that this would cause my silky sports shorts to gape open at the leg and give him a nice view of the brightly coloured underpants I was wearing underneath!

It didn't take him long to take advantage of my position, and I felt his eyes locking on to that tantalising gap between my smooth thigh and shiny black shorts where the gusset of my red and purple briefs was highly visible. He said quietly "nice pants," then a thrill went through me as his fingers finally probed inside my shorts. First it was just the fingertips, lightly caressing my testicles through my underpants.

I stood completely still, hardly daring to breathe as he inserted his hand even deeper, fingers worming their way into the gusset of my briefs until he was actually holding my testicles, gently rolling them in their little hairless sac.

I instantly became aroused, my penis fully hard inside my pants, creating a long tubular bulge running diagonally across the front of my shorts.

He pointed to it, " does your willy always go stiff so easily?"

My face went an even deeper shade of pink, "only when someone touches it. Perhaps I should go?"

But his hand crept up to rest on the front my shorts, squeezing my hard bulge and making my legs feel suddenly weak. I couldn't help moaning, as his fingers crept tantalisingly along my shorts, expertly caressing my stiff boy-cock, and causing little jolts of electricity to run up my spine, and he looked up at me, as if to gauge my response.

When I didn't push his hand away, it returned, this time lingering on the soft mound between my legs.

In my aroused state, I found myself pushing my hips forward, hoping to feel his hand slide up inside my shorts again. I sighed with pleasure as his fingers finally crept back inside my black silky shorts, exploring my private place and making my cock grow even harder. He quickly found the gusset of my briefs, and fondled my testicles, gently, pulling on them, and rolling them around in their little sac, then sliding his fingers up and down between my balls and my anus, making me so excited I knew I would do anything for him.

I felt a brief burst of disappointment as he pulled his hand out of my shorts, and cried " please don't stop. You can touch me anywhere, even inside my pants. " Then I relaxed as his hand moved up to the front, and he firmly squeezed my throbbing erection through the thin nylon, " How about taking your shorts down so I can see you properly?."

Even though we were in the middle of the park, I was too aroused to care about exposing myself.

" Do you want me to show you my underpants then?" Luckily, no one was watching as I moved my left foot back down to the ground, then seized the top of my silky shorts, dragging them rapidly down to my ankles. I now found myself displaying my brightly coloured red and purple patterned underwear to him, thrilled that my rigid 12-year-old boys penis was showing through the stretchy nylon material.

I told him, "do you like them? They are my favourite pair, but when my willy goes stiff like this I think it shows too much when people are looking."

He said "you look very sexy, standing there in your little patterned briefs" and his hand closed over the outline of my cock, gripping it firmly and wanking me. I was so aroused, that without warning my body shook, and a wet patch appeared between my legs as I climaxed, filling my little nylon underpants with watery teen boy-cum.

"Look, you've just made me spunk into my pants," I told him rather unnecessarily, feeling the warm sticky fluid soak through my briefs and begin to run down my legs in several glistening streams.

He pulled out a handkerchief, and began to wipe up my semen, starting with a wet patch between my legs. As he worked further down to my knees, I became aware that I was standing there with my shorts down, in open view of anyone who came along, and I hurriedly pulled them up to conceal my soiled underwear, before turning away and leaving. As I walked home, I was conscious of my wet underpants clinging to my body, and found the sensation quite erotic! As a result I enjoyed several further incidents like this, and you can read them on this site : )

I never saw him again, but it remains a very pleasant experience, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!