A HAND IN MY BRIEFS PT 2 - cumming at the bus stop


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It was a glorious August day, and I had made the most of it. Now, after saying goodbye to my friends, I was waiting at a bus stop, outside the park, to catch a bus home. To be honest, I knew this particular stop had a bad reputation, for it was situated just opposite a public toilet, which was surrounded by an area of dense bushes, and I had been told by some of the boys at school, but they had been approached there by men looking for sex.

However, at 13, I was more curious then frightened, and after my recent experience in the park (see previous story) I suppose I wanted to find out if the rumours were true, in case it was as exciting!

Being early evening, I was dressed in a red T-shirt and indigo denim jeans. But the jeans had suffered an unfortunate accident during a game of cricket, earlier on that day, and the result was a broken zipper. This meant that the big brass zip wouldn't pull right up to the top of my trousers, leaving a little hole; it also had a tendency to come apart completely if I applied more than slight tension to the front of my jeans. This made the front of my trousers gape open if I was sitting down, and expose my bright white underpants to anyone who was near me.

Naturally this was rather embarrassing, but it also proved to be a blessing in disguise when someone wanted to take advantage of me at the bus stop!

Initially, I sat with my legs tightly pressed together, in an attempt to stop my jeans breaking.  But after a few minutes of sitting alone at the bus stop, I gave up caring, and let my zipper split apart again, since there was no one there to see it.

Then I saw someone walking towards the bus stop, and a man sat down beside me. I guess he must have been about 25, and dressed in some dark trousers, with a shirt and tie. It wasn't long before he began to engage me in conversation, and at first I wondered why he never seemed to look at me, then I realised that his eyes were firmly fixed on the little flash of white which was visible through the gap in the front of my damaged jeans.

Turning to me he said, "do you know your trousers are undone?"

I responded shyly, "I know, my zipper is broken, and I can't fix it. Can you see much?"

There was a strained tone to his voice as he answered, "well, I can see you are wearing white underpants underneath your jeans."

A little embarrassed, I asked him "what should I do? I have tried to fix it but it keeps bursting apart again."

After a short pause he said softly, "I could try and fix it for you?" and he rested his hand on my knee.

Remembering what had happened last time I let someone touch my leg, sent a happy feeling through me, and I told him, "I'd like that, I don't want to get on the bus with my pants showing like this."

It must have been like a gift for him, as he turned to face me, placing both hands on the front of my jeans so that he could fiddle with my zipper. All I know is I felt this great rush of energy, as his hands pressed against my body, so close to my private place. It was soon obvious that he was enjoying the view, and he even used the excuse "I really need to see the whole length of zipper" to pull my trousers completely open, breaking what remained of my poor zip.

Luckily the weather screen shielded what we were doing from passing cars and walkers, but I still felt rather exposed, sitting there by the park with my trousers pulled open and giving this man a rather close-up and detailed view of my silky white underpants. They were made of a sheer nylon material, which barely concealed my teenage jewels, and featured mesh side panels (a bit like fishnet) on either side of the front, through which my awakening 13-year-old body could be seen.

On the pretext pretence of adjusting my little silver zipper, he told me "I'll need to slip my hand inside, to move it up and down."

Feeling a growing sense of arousal, I just nodded, "OK" and squeezed my legs together as his big warm hand crept inside my jeans to rest on my underpants. Taking hold of my silver zipper, he slowly slid it all the way up and down from my waist to my balls, and as he did so the back of his hand gently rubbed against my boy-cock, causing it to swell as the blood flowed into it.

Although he must have been aware that I was becoming sexually excited by his actions, he gave no sign, continuing to move his hand up and down inside my trousers until my young penis was fully grown inside my underwear! There was a brief moment when I considered what might happen next, and whether I should push his hand away and leave.

But the waves of pleasure spreading out from my groin soon overruled rational thought, and I just sat there with my head thrown back and my eyes closed, as he turned his hand over, and openly fondled my penis, making it grow so hard it felt like a small steel bar inside my underpants.

We were disturbed by the sight of the bus approaching from the bottom of the road, and clearly the man must have thought it was the end of our fun. But I had enjoyed being fondled so much that I whispered, "I think I will wait for the next one, I can't get on like this" pointing to way the bulge in my white briefs protruded through the opening in my jeans.

With a smile, he said "I think I will too," withdrawing his hand from inside my jeans as the bus drew near. We both sat there until it had departed, and we were left alone again, then his hand returned, this time a little lower, so that his fingers rested on the curved mound of my little testicles, hidden under my jeans.

Squeezing them gently, he murmured " we might be better off going somewhere where we won't be disturbed."

I merely nodded, wanting to feel his hand inside my jeans again.

He told me "why don't we take a short walk?" pointing to the much used track leading into the bushes near the toilets.

I didn't need much persuasion, and happily let him take my hand as we walked 50 feet or so into the bushes, until we reached a little clearing between four trees.

I stood there in the clearing with my heart beating furiously as I wondered what was going to happen next. Up to a few minutes ago this had been innocent and I could tell myself that he had been simply trying to mend my broken zip.

But now I had let him feel me up, and he knew that I had enjoyed it because his fingers had touched my stiff boy cock.

Now he had brought me to this secluded place and I guessed he wanted to explore my young body further. How far should I let him go? I knew I wanted to feel his hand inside my underpants, playing with my teenage cock, but what if he tried to pull them down, should I let him?

Then I felt his hand move back between my legs, touching me all round the gaping entrance to my jeans, but not yet plunging inside, and I decided I would do anything he wanted, I would even let him get into my pants and masturbate me. He seemed gentle not aggressive, and the thought of letting him see me shoot my teenage sperm made me feel really horny!

I whispered " are you going to put your hand inside my jeans again? I don't mind. You made my willy go rather stiff last time and it felt nice "

He responded, "actually I think we could manage more easily if you took your jeans right off. I'd love to get a better look at those cute little white underpants."

Nervously I said," what right here? Will anybody else see if I take my trousers down? I will only be wearing my T-shirt and knickers."

He reassured me, "we are perfectly safe here, nobody enters the bushes unless they want to see pretty teenage boys showing their pants! And he laughed."

I giggled, "well I suppose it will be alright; after all you already know what colour underpants I'm wearing, so you might as well see them properly. "

I looked all around just to make sure that no one was watching, even though we were well screened by the bushes. I saw that we were alone, so I unlaced and kicked off my shoes, then reached down to the waistband of my jeans, but my hands were shaking so much I had trouble undoing my belt, so I looked shyly up at him. " I can't get this undone, I'm not used to taking my trousers off in front of other people like this. Can you help me?"

Without saying a word, he brushed my hands away, then quickly unfastened my belt. Instead of stopping there, he then unbuttoned the top of my jeans and pulled them open. It was so exciting to stand there submissively while this man I had met only a few minutes before undressed me, dragging my jeans down to my ankles, and exposing the whole of my brief white underwear. After a short pause while he removed my jeans completely, throwing them to one side so they lay crumpled on the ground, I lifted the bottom of my shirt up over my waist, giving him a good look, enjoying the sensation as his eyes, followed by his hands, roamed over my silky white boy briefs. His hand moved in a circular motion around my testicles, before gripping my stiff rod and giving it a quick wank.

"You look so sexy in those little slip pants," he breathed, "they are so smooth and silky, yet so thin I can feel every detail of your cock and balls through them and I can actually see the head of your cock through those mesh side panels." He proceeded to fondle my stiff young penis through my underpants until I wasn't far short of orgasm. Indeed, I was so close to the brink that a small circular wet patch had appeared in the front of my pants, as my overexcited organ began to leak pre-cum.

I noticed he was rubbing the front of his own trousers, while he stimulated me. Then he suddenly told me, "I want to see you properly, take your shirt off as well, and show me your whole body."

I might have hesitated, but then I saw him unzip his own trousers, pulling out an 8 inch circumcised penis. Looking at his long hard shaft filled me with desire, and I hoisted my T-shirt over my head, before posing for him, wearing nothing but my little white pants, "is this what you want" I breathed, taking his hand and pushing it down the front of my little nylon briefs. His fingers closed round my stiff penis, filling me with a sense of exquisite pleasure, and a burning desire to expose my naked body to him. "ahhhhh, I'll do anything you want, shall I take my pants off as well?"

He pulled his hand out of my underpants, and I watched excitedly as he rubbed his thick shaft, pointing it towards me. Then he said, " not yet, I want to wank off while looking at you in those beautiful white pants."

The thought of him doing it made me feel even more horny, but I wanted to feel some of his hot semen on my body, so I coyly said " if you want, you can cum over me, I'd like to feel you spunking over my knickers!" and I stood in front of him with my legs apart, inviting him to shoot his load over my schoolboy briefs.

He rubbed his big cock faster and faster, then he grunted, and jet after jet of thick white semen squirted from his cock, splashing all over my tiny white briefs. The next load hit my belly, leaving a glistening trail as it ran down to the waistband of my underpants, soaking into the thin nylon and leaving a dark stain.

One or two of my friends had done this to me, but seeing a cock that large, and being sprayed with hot wet cum felt fantastic!

I pulled the waistband of my underpants forward, letting him see inside, and by chance some of his sperm landed on my stiff prick, making it shine wetly.

Without even being prompted, I pulled my wet spunky briefs down to my knees, exposing my thin teenage erection. He took hold of it, rapidly masturbating me until I climaxed, adding my own load to the river of spunk which was flowing down my body, from my testicles to my legs.

After we had finished, he helped clean me up, then I pulled my shirt, jeans and underwear back on before we made our way back to the bus stop. But I'm happy to say that as we rode the bus home, he soon had his hand inside my pants again, playing with my teen boy cock until it rose again.

He kept his jacket over my lap, so that no one could see his hand moving up and down inside my trousers.

It felt so naughty I couldn't help enjoying it, and just before I got off he masturbated me to a second orgasm, telling me "next time I want to take your little white pants off and keep them" as his long sensitive fingers tightened round my shaft, forcing me to shoot a second load of creamy boy-juice right into my already wet and sticky briefs. When I got home, I had to take them off and wash them in order to avoid awkward explanations!


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