Hand In My Briefs Pt 3 - The Naked Schoolboy


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THE NAKED SCHOOLBOY - part 1 =========================================================

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This story continues the diary of my exploits as a teenager, and is in 2 parts because it was just too long to do in one. The second part ( with all the hot stuff in !! ) has nearly been finished, so if you would like to read it, all you have to do is ask!

Perhaps it was inevitable that I would end up allowing total strangers to enjoy my naked teenage body! At any rate, I enjoyed sex so much that I began to look for new opportunities to experience it.

Such as the time Tony and I were walking to school one morning, and ended up showing our underwear to a man who said he liked looking at schoolboys undressing. Well, wouldn't you? LOL


It all began when Tony told me that the previous afternoon he had been stopped by someone lurking in the woods which lay to one side of the trail running through the park. They had asked him if he wanted to make some money, and when he asked how, the man told him all he had to do was undo his trousers and show the man what he was wearing underneath.

Excited, I asked him " wow, you mean he wanted you to show your underpants? Did you do it? "

Tony said, "I thought about it, but wasn't quite sure, so I said no. Only now I wish I'd said yes, it would have been fun. Do you fancy going that way this morning, just in case he is still there? "

It sounded interesting, so I said "yes," hoping that the man would still be there.

We made our way off the road, and onto the trail which led through the woods. When we had gone about half a mile, Tony said "that looks like him over there," and pointed to a man standing by a tree, looking at us.

He called out to us, "Hey boys, you look rather nice, do you fancy making some pocket money?"

Tony looked at me and smiled, before answering, "sure, what do we have to do?"

The man beckoned us over, and we all stood underneath the shape of a big oak tree. "Well you are fine healthy boys, and you look good in those tight black trousers, I just want to see what you are wearing underneath them."

Since this was a public area, and other people sometimes used this trail, there was a chance that we might get caught, so I coyly told him " you mean you want us to take our trousers down? I can't do that, all I'm wearing underneath them is a small pair of yellow briefs. What if someone comes along and sees them?! "

Looking interested, the man said "I'd rather like to see them. Tell you what, here's some cash if you give me a little flash" and he brandished a couple of silver coins.

We were both horny and short of cash, so I asked, "you mean you will really give us that money just for taking our trousers down, and showing you our underwear?"

He promised that he would, so I looked at Tony, intending to ask what he thought. To my surprise, he was already unbuckling his belt, and reaching for the waistband of his school uniform trousers.

I gasped, " are you really going to do it?" And he nodded.

As I watched, he undid the fastener on his trousers and pulled them open, displaying an attractive pair of white cotton briefs! This immediately made me feel sexy, and so, not to be outdone, I promptly unzipped my black school trousers, pulling them part way down my thighs, to show my lemon yellow Y-front briefs to the watching man.

We giggled as we flashed each other, and the stranger, and even after we had pulled our trousers back up again, I found myself in a state of excitement. I had loved the experience, and wanted to see Tony undressed again, but how could I do it without it seeming too obvious?

We parted when we reached the school, and I didn't see him again until the end of the day, but by then I had a plan. We both caught the bus home, and as we rode I asked him, "did you enjoy flashing that man this morning?"

He grinned and answered, "yes, I've been feeling horny all day, thinking about it. Would you do it again?"

Without thinking I answered, "yes, in fact it would be even more fun to do it again, and perhaps show a little more. I'd like to take my trousers right off, but it's too risky, some of the other boys walk along that trail and might see us. "

With a saucy twinkle in his eye, Tony replied, " why don't we go down there again tomorrow, but this time why don't we wear shorts, they are much quicker to pull up again if someone comes along? We can always change into our school uniform at school. "

Leaping to take the bait, I responded, "alright I will, but only if you wear your silky shorts as well."

He agreed, and we arranged to meet at his house the next morning, wearing our sports kit, of silky nylon running shorts, and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

We set off early, walking along the road which led to the park, then turning off it onto the trail which led through the woods. As we approached the spot where we had performed the previous day, Tony turned to me with a naughty smile and said, " Don, you said you wanted to go a little further? How far would you be brave enough to go?"

" I don't know, how about dropping my shorts all way down to my ankles instead of my knees?"

Then he laughed, "if you do that, I'll drop my shorts too, and wear those green underpants. They are a bit tight, and he will be able to see the shape of my willy through them, because they are so thin."

Determined not to lose out to him, I bluffed " I reckon I'll go as far as you will, maybe even show a bit more!"

Knowing that he had won, Tony called my bluff, " OK then, how about actually taking your shorts off instead of just pulling them down?"

Knowing that would be dangerous, made it even more enticing, "I will; but I dare you to do it too."

Raising the stakes even more, Tony said "OK, I'll do it but I dare you to do a striptease, taking all your clothes right off in front of the stranger, and anyone else who is looking!"

I couldn't refuse without losing face, so even though the thought of doing it made my legs feel shaky, I accepted, telling him, "if I do it, what do I win; and if I don't what do you win? "

He replied, " the winner is the one who goes the furthest, and the loser has to do the winner's homework for a week!"

That sounded fair to me, so the pact was made, and we turned off onto the trail, little guessing that I would soon be drawn into a shameless sexual frenzy, which would leave me in a wooded glade, with the sun warming my naked and breathless body...


To be continued...

I hope you are feeling nice and horny now?         I was : )   Feels good, doesn't it!

To find out what happened next, you will need to read part 2, which will be posted in a few days.