A Hand In My Briefs - Pt 4  
Naked Schoolboy 2


This story depicts boys engaging in sexual activity. If this offends you in any way then stop reading NOW and go to another site! I'm sorry but this is real life, and yes, boys DO enjoy sex!   Why not?

These incidents all relate to events that happened between innocent males and none of us were hurt in any way as a result. In fact I will suggest that we grew up with healthier minds, as a result of not being forced to repress our natural sexual instincts.

This series of stories are merely recollections of happy times from my schooldays and I share them with you now, as a result of several conversations with others who enjoy sexy briefs and shorts.     If they excite you, ( and I hope they do !)  feel free to email me at the above address and share your own experiences.

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This story continues the diary of my exploits as a teenager, and is in 2 parts because it was too long to do in one.
I have included the final part of chapter 1, just to set the scene.   Read part 1 first, if you haven't done so.


Cont. From chapter 1

...knowing that he had won, Tony called my bluff, " OK then, how about actually taking your shorts off instead of just pulling them down?"

Knowing that would be dangerous, made it even more enticing, "I will; but I dare you to do it too."

Raising the stakes even more, Tony said "OK, I'll do it but I dare you to do a striptease, taking all your clothes right off in front of the stranger, and anyone else who is looking!"

I couldn't refuse without losing face, so even though the thought of doing it made my legs feel shaky, I accepted, telling him, "if I do it, what do I win; and if I don't what do you win? "

He replied, " the winner is the one who goes the furthest, and the loser has to do the winner's homework for a week!"

That sounded fair to me, so the pact was made, and we turned off onto the trail, little guessing that I would soon be drawn into a shameless sexual frenzy, which would leave me in a wooded glade, with the sun warming my naked and breathless body...


When we reached the spot, I saw the same man sitting there on the grass under a tree. He recognized us, and called us over. "Hi boys, those are great little shorts you have on. Did you enjoy what we did yesterday?"

Tony took the lead, "well yes, rather. Obviously we don't normally go around showing our underwear to strangers  but we are short of pocket money this week, and it came in handy. Do you like to watch schoolboys undressing then?"

As he spoke, the stranger led us off the path again, back to the big old oak tree we had sheltered under yesterday. "I suppose I do, looking at you two yesterday reminded me of what I used to get up to at your age. I think you both looked rather cute in your tight briefs," then he turned to me, "especially you with those yellow ones. Do you often put on such bright coloured underwear? "

A bit nervous, because we were still close to the trail, where anyone might catch us, I looked at him with a boyish smile.

" We are supposed to wear white ones, but I like being naughty. Do you want to see them again? Perhaps you could help settle an argument for us. On the way down here, we were trying to decide who was wearing the nicest underpants today. Would you like to be the judge?"

The man laughed, " sounds like a good idea, why don't you show me what you're both wearing?"

My mouth went dry as we both stood facing the man, knowing that he wasn't aware of our bet. I really didn't want to go further than dropping my shorts, but that hope died when I heard Tony say slyly,

" of course, we are wearing sports kit today, rather than school uniform, so we can't just unzip our trousers and show you. Do you want to peek inside our shorts instead, or shall we just pull them down so you can see more of our bodies?"

In a voice tinged with emotion, the stranger said "perhaps you should pull them down for me."

This was it, the dare was on; the question was, how far would I go before my courage failed!

Tony eased his royal blue shiny shorts down to his knees, revealing a sexy pair of apple green A-line underpants which made my cock tingle straightaway. He had deliberately pulled them up tightly to emphasise the soft bulge concealing his young cock and balls.

I responded by pulling my silky black sports shorts right down to my ankles, showing off both my legs and the psychedelic patterned red and purple nylon briefs I wore underneath. The cool wind which blew through the trees stimulated the bare skin of my slender thighs, making me shiver with anticipation.

Not to be outdone, Tony whispered, "that's not fair, you can see more of his briefs than mine" and he proceeded to drop his blue shorts to his feet, stepping out of them and kicking them away.

I now had no choice but to follow suit. The shy part of me wanted to run away, but my feet were frozen to the ground by a combination of fear of being discovered, and the thrill of wantonly undressing and exposing my youthful body like this.

Turning to the man I asked, " shall I strip down to just my pants too, so you can see them better?"

Without waiting for an answer I slipped my black shorts right off, hanging them from a branch of the tree, where they swung slowly in the wind. Then I took hold of the bottom of my T-shirt, lifting it upwards over my head and throwing it up into the same tree so that I now stood there wearing just my red and purple schoolboy underpants and a smile.

I heard the stranger gasp as Tony copied me, pulling off his T-shirt to reveal nearly all of his slim teenage body to us, a few golden hairs just starting to decorate his small chest.

Shaking with nerves and excitement, we stood there as the man's gaze ravished our taut young bodies, our brief schoolboy underwear doing little to conceal the signs of two growing erections.

I couldn't help it, looking at Tony wearing nothing but those little green underpants drove me crazy with desire. I could even see he that had tucked his penis downwards into his underpants, pointing between his legs, so that as it began to grow it generated a nice curved bulge.

I tried desperately to think of cold showers and anything else which might distract me from his sexy body, otherwise I feared that my own penis (which was pointing upwards inside my tight nylon briefs) would soon surge to full erection, and become visible through the thin material!

Turning to the stranger, I asked, "do you like them?" pointing to my vivid red and purple briefs. "Which one of us looks more sexy then?"

There was a sheen of perspiration on his face as he looked carefully both of us, one hand rubbing the front of his trousers, "I guess it's kind of hard to say, you both look so hot standing there with nothing but your underpants on, I can see almost all of your bodies."

I was shocked when Tony said, "what if you could see absolutely all of me, would it help? " and he inserted his thumbs into the waistband of his cotton underpants, slowly inching them down...

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, as his little green pants slowly slid downwards, the waistband approaching the point where the soft bulge of his semi-erect penis became exposed. Would he do it? Would he really take his pants off right here, so close to the trail?
My question was answered a few seconds later, when the top of his cock became visible, then as the waistband dropped lower, the whole of his penis flopped out, before he pushed his underpants down to his knees, and let go.

We all watched as the tiny scrap of cotton slid down his smooth legs and dropped to his feet, leaving him fully undressed, his boy-cock hanging between his legs, just asking to be stroked, the head still covered by his long foreskin, and the wrinkly sac containing his small testicles covered with fine hair!

"uh.. I guess that decides it..." the man began, but I had other ideas.

Taking a deep breath, and gathering all my courage, I told the stranger "well I guess you might as well see me take my knickers off too" and I began to pull my vivid underwear down, nervous but also highly excited about stripping naked with people watching! I pulled my multi-coloured nylon briefs off, and threw them up into the tree behind me, where they hung with the rest of my clothes from a branch above my head, like a flag signalling my teenage lust.

"I don't normally show my willy to strangers like this; have you ever seen a naked schoolboy before? " I giggled, swinging it from side to side, and feeling it slowly swelling as I became aroused. The longer it grew, the more excited I became, just knowing that I was standing here naked, within a few yards of the public footpath was enough to send the blood surging into my excited organ, and having my friend's nude body in front of me, with his penis now also growing to erection made me feel even hotter!

I looked at Tony, standing there with his mouth open as he watched me stroke my long pink penis standing up stiffly from between my legs, my cum filled testicles swinging back and forth as I brazenly displayed my sexually aroused body to the man and my friend.

"Do you like looking at my stiff cock sticking out like this?" I asked him, " would you say I have won?"

Both Tony and the stranger nodded. Then Tony whispered " don't stop, I dare you to do it; go all the way..." and his fingers curled round the long shape of his penis as a hint.

The blood rushed to my head, he was daring me to masturbate my penis right here, only yards from the trail, where other boys could catch us at any moment! I had done it in front of Tony before, but this was different, much more dangerous!

I knew I couldn't stop though, I was so excited that nothing else mattered, and deep inside, part of me was even hoping that another boy would come along, and discover me standing here naked with my swollen cock in my hand.

" Tony knows how much I like to play with my prick, would you like to see me touch it as well?"

I watched Tony's cock become rigid as he looked at me, my left hand buried between my legs, playing with my balls while my right caressed my swollen shaft, making it bounce gently up and down.

The stranger's hand was already working away inside his trousers as he croaked "yes, yes, please wank yourself."

Then I looked up, and saw another boy watching me from the trees by the side of the trail. He must have heard the noise, and come to investigate.

His face was flushed, and his trousers were undone, revealing a glimpse of the white underwear he wore underneath. As I looked, I saw him pull his very stiff penis out of his pants, and that was all I needed to drive me.

My head was buzzing as my fingers closed round my erect penis and I whispered, "shall I? Do you want to watch me masturbate; right here while you watch?" My hand was already sliding up and down my prick as they both nodded, and deep inside I knew that I wanted to do it, to go all the way right here, even with the other boy watching. In fact part of me now hoped that more boys would walk past and catch us naked.   I no longer cared.

I wrapped both hands round my stiff prick, jerking them up and down until I reached my climax!  My little balls, at first swinging between my legs in their smooth hairless sac, suddenly pulled close to my body as my climax approached.  Then I saw the first drop of clear liquid glisten, as it oozed from the tip of my rock hard cock.

My body began to tremble as my orgasm began, the hot white boy-juice flowing up my shaft as I headed for that glorious moment of release when it would emerge from the tip, completing my act of self-exposure.

I carried on masturbating, as the thick creamy sperm jetted out of my cock, triggering a second and third eruption. Pointing the head of my penis upwards, I leant backwards so that everybody could see the sperm pour over myself, sending rivers of sticky white spunk running down my belly and legs!

I looked over at Tony, just in time to see him wanking off into the grass, his small body shaking as the boy-cream squirted out of his cock. I'm not sure about the stranger, but when I looked over at the other boy, I saw him with his trousers pulled down to his knees, revealing a pretty pair of smooth white Y-fronts, with his long hard cock sticking out of the opening in the front. Suddenly a stream of teenage sperm sprayed out of his cock as he reached orgasm. It splashed onto the ground in front of him, and was followed by second which arced through the air, glittering in the sunlight before it too descended, making a small pool of semen on the ground between his legs. When he had finished cumming, he quickly pulled his trousers up and rushed off, clearly embarrassed about what he had done.

My legs felt weak and shaky as I picked my brightly coloured underpants out of the tree, using them to clean the slimy sperm off my naked body, before stepping back into them and pulling them up my legs. The spunk soaked nylon clung wetly to my body, the aroma of fresh sperm stimulating my nostrils, as I scrambled back into my shorts and shirt before someone else discovered us.  As the sexual euphoria wore off, I became suddenly aware how exposed and naked I was!

After Tony had finished putting his clothes back on, the stranger thanked us and we left, slowly making our way back onto the trail which led to school, the memory of what we had just done still burning brightly in our minds. We talked about it for weeks afterwards, and it wasn't long before Tony wanted me to repeat the experience.

Did I say yes? You will have to wait and see!


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