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Not all the people I met were necessarily trying to get into my pants; for some of them the attraction was just getting me to show them. Such as the time I was roaming through the local woods, one Sunday morning, and ended up stripping for a man with a camera!

It was a fine spring morning, with only a few fluffy clouds in an otherwise perfect blue sky, and I was dressed in my favourite summer outfit of white shorts and a light green shirt. As readers of my previous experiences will know; as a boy I always tried to wear shorts as much as possible. Partly because they were comfortable, but mostly because I enjoyed the feeling of sitting in a convenient spot such as a park bench with my legs apart, and spotting who was trying to get a peek up them to see my underpants!

( Something I know that some of you will understand, given the e-mails that you've been sending me. lol )

There was a sports ground in one part of these woods, and as I passed it I saw someone with a camera taking photographs of some boys playing football. I asked him what he was doing, and he told me that he was looking for interesting people to photograph, then asked if I was in a hurry to go anywhere? When I told him I wasn't, he asked if I would pose for him?


Being kind and innocent (well, kind anyway!) I answered, "if you want me to; but I don't know how to stand, so you'll have to tell me what to do." This may make me sound rather bold, but the truth was I was simply bored, and open to any diversion.


He assured me "you look like an ideal subject, and have a very nice body. Just follow my directions and you'll do fine."
This sounded fine to me, and as he looked okay - around 25 and nicely dressed, I agreed to go with him.


He took me off the main footpath, and onto one of the little tracks which led through the bushes. To start with he just took a few simple shots of me doing things like walking down the path, turning round to look at him and smiling, attempting a handstand, all that kind of thing.


Being the centre of attention like this, made me feel good, and I unhesitatingly followed his instructions concerning where to put my feet and arms, and how to stand. Then he told me we needed a change of background, and led me deeper into the woods, away from the path. We finally stopped at an open area surrounded by a ring of trees, and carpeted by lush green grass.

Near the centre of this clearing was the stump of a tree which had fallen over some time ago. After taking a few photos of me leaning against one of the trees, he got me to sit on the stump.


"Just sit on there, facing me, with your feet on the ground. Open your legs wider, that's good, a bit more. Now bring one knee up to your chest, rest your foot on the stump and keep your thighs apart. Don't forget to keep smiling."


As I sat there, I was completely unaware that he was focusing between my legs, at the gap between my loose fitting shorts and slender thighs. But I did feel something, a peculiar pleasure that someone was interested in my athletic 14-year-old body. After that, we moved over to the trees, where I was told, "see if you can jump up and hold on to that branch above your head. Have another go. That's it, now just look at me and hold on."

As I swung from the branch, I was conscious that my shirt had pulled out of my trousers, and there was now a 4 inch gap between the two. But he told me not to mind, and walked around behind me to take a few photos.

I found that I was enjoying doing this, both being the centre of attention and being ordered into new and interesting positions, though at this point, I didn't consider them to be sexual.


However, for the last couple of shots, he got me to bend over the stump, with my bum thrust out.

I didn't get it quite right at first, but he told me he would help, walking over to me then moving my legs into the right position. Up to now, he hadn't touched me, but suddenly I felt his hand on my bum, moving it backwards. I noticed that his hand lingered for a few seconds afterwards, his fingers gliding over my shorts, tracing my underwear through the slippery white satin.


It felt quite sexy, so much so that I felt my penis begin to lengthen inside my shorts, and I didn't even mind when he got me to turn round, "that is really nice, you have a cute bum. Now turn over to face me, and pull your shorts up really tight over your waist."

I obeyed, gripping the waistband of my white shorts and pulling them up until I could feel the gusset pressing against my anus and testicles, the unexpected pressure, causing my penis to swell even more, creating a vertical ridge along the front of my shorts, where the smooth satin material stretched over my swollen penis.


Feeling a little embarrassed, because I wondered if it would be visible in the photos, I knew I had to go off somewhere to relieve myself, and told him, "I had better be going home now, I'm feeling a bit funny. Is that OK?"

He thanked me for posing, and said I was free to go. But as I walked off he called out, " you are a natural at this. If you want to see what you look like, meet me here next Sunday and I'll bring some photos to show you."


At first I wasn't that bothered, but as the weekend drew nearer I became more and more curious to see what I looked like in his photos. So on Sunday I quickly dressed in a T-shirt and pair of navy blue cotton shorts with a pair of clean white briefs underneath, and wandered over to the woods again.


I found the man waiting at the same place, with his camera hung round his neck again, said hello, and asked him if he had any of the photos. He told me that he did, and showed me the ones where I was walking down the path in my white shorts, and trying to do a handstand. They were pretty good quality, showing my lean teenage body off to good advantage, and I was just starting to lose the anxiety I had felt during the last week, when he pulled out some more.


These showed me posing on the tree stump, with my legs apart, and I couldn't help noticing that he had focused on the area between my legs, where my blue underpants were clearly showing in the gap between my slender thighs, contrasting against the white colour of my shorts. And the ones taken when I was swinging from the tree branch with my shirt pulled up, clearly showed the bright blue waistband of my underwear peeking above my white shorts.


Worse was to come, when I looked at the next few. These were all close-ups, where he had zoomed in on my crotch, and they clearly showed the gusset of my sky blue underpants. You could even see the silver thread on the leg elastic, and the beginnings of a rounded bulge where they covered my young testicles.


I felt a slight sick feeling in my stomach as I realised that these views were what he had been looking for all along. But this was coupled with a strange sense of excitement at seeing myself exposed like this. I looked at the remaining ones; two showed me bending over the tree stump, with my blue knickers showing very clearly through the thin white shorts stretched over my rounded bum.
The last one brought both my heart up into my mouth, and also the blood rushing into my penis, as I looked at myself with my shorts pulled up so tightly that the outline of my partly erect penis could be seen pointing upwards, in that attractive inverted `T' shape so often demonstrated by excited teenage boys!


" You should have told me that my pants were showing, you can even see the shape of my willy in the last one." I breathed, not sure why the photos were turning me on so much, " why were you peeking up my shorts so much?"


He looked at me " I think you looked really cute when I saw you bending over like that, then sitting there with your cute blue briefs peeking out of your shorts. I couldn't resist it, I think schoolboys look great in their underwear." Pointing to what looked like a small tent pole bursting out of my shorts, he continued "and I'd guess that you find them a turn on too.


A little embarrassed, I admitted "a bit, because I've never seen myself like that before. But it is dirty to show myself like that and I really shouldn't have done it. " However, I was betrayed by the way my hand moved down between my legs, pressing against my hardness as I spoke.


He responded " Why not? I bet deep inside, you would be even more turned on if some of those photos had you showing a little more of those sexy blue underpants, wouldn't you? Have you ever felt your willy go stiff when he looked at another boy taking his trousers down? "


I had to agree, "sometimes it happens at school, when I watch my friend undressing. But I cover myself up because I don't want him to see my willy sticking out."


He answered, " has it never occurred to you that other boys might get a stiff cock from looking at you undressing and showing your cute little blue underpants?"


The idea turned me on more than I wanted to admit. " you mean they would really get a hard-on just from watching me show my knickers? That does make me feel kind of nice," and I absentmindedly brushed my hand across the lump in my shorts again.


He told me " Well I also like looking at schoolboys in their pants, so how about doing some more shots for me?"


I was in conflict, the part of me between my ears feeling that this was wrong, and I should run away; but the other part, between my legs, becoming aroused at the thought of exhibiting myself like this again, and possibly even going further.


" I'm not sure; if I do it again are you going want me to go any further, like unzipping my shorts? "   I said hesitantly.


"Obviously I'd like you to go further, since I think you would look really hot with your shorts off, but I'm not here to force you. You can go as far as you please, and if you only want to unbutton your shorts and show just a little bit, that's fine with me. How does that sound?"


I was still apprehensive, but the attraction was too strong, and he managed to persuade me to take my shoes and socks off and run barefoot through the clearing.


Then he photographed me against the trees again, before telling me.

"OK now sit down on the grass, and open your legs again, give me a little flash of your underpants. I pulled my shorts to one side, giving him a nice view. "Mmm, I see you're wearing white ones today, just like a virgin" and he came in for a close-up, "do you often wear white ones? What is your favourite colour?"


I told him "the school makes us wear white underwear, but I also have some bright red bikini briefs which I like."


After a couple of minutes of this, I was becoming quite turned on, and quite happy to bend over like before, showing off my bum. Since I was wearing blue shorts, I knew that he wouldn't be able to see through them, so wasn't surprised when he said "these aren't as good as your white shorts, I can't see through them, so how about doing something different, so I can see you properly?"

Although I could guess what he meant, I pretended to be innocent "what do you mean?"


Now; hands up all those who want to see what happens to me next?    Did he get me to take my shorts off, and how far did I go??  

Well you will have to read Part 2, which will be coming to a movie theatre near you, very soon !!