A Hospital Story (rewrite) by ovdoc 2012

Jonah was fourteen. Not by much. Nontheless, he would let you know that he was fourteen now even though he didn’t look it. He was also gorgeous as boys go. With dark brown hair about shoulder length. Thick and wavy. He had deep brown eyes that seemed to look right through you, yet were warm and friendly. Add to that a light complexion, a body that is a little small for his age, and the face of an angel. He had a turned up nose. A smile that could melt an iceberg. A soft voice that squeaked at times causing him to blush. Last, but not least, was his quick wit. He was always ready to start a conversation, or to join one. Definitely smarter than the average boy. That was probably why he seemed so confident and mature at this age.

I first met him when they brought him into the West Wing at Children’s Hospital. He had been losing weight fast, tired easily, and was constantly running a low grade temperature. He had been told that it might be an allergy. Or that he might be anaemic. All Jonah knew was that he didn’t feel right anymore. He knew something was really wrong when they put him in the hospital, although they told him “it was just for some lab tests”. He wasn’t buying that. Something was wrong. And it was getting worse. He had been ill for several weeks. Even had blackouts.

He would have been even more upset if he knew why I had been called in to meet him. They told him I was a medical technician that specialized in anaemic problems. That was true enough. I was part of a hospital research team that was working on juvenile blood diseases. The most common, of course, was leukemia. There were doctors, nurses, and other technicians on the team. All very qualified. All very professional. Taught to be very friendly, concerned, dedicated. Not to get emotional or attached to any patient. For any reason. Some would not make it. We didn’t say they might die. They just might not “make it”.

I explained to Jonah that my job was to start a series of lab tests. They would include blood, sputum, urine, feces, and gastric samples. I told him the tests would help the doctors come up with a diagnosis. We would see a lot of each other.

Within days, Jonah became a problem. The tests confirmed that it was leukemia. No big surprise there. But it was very advanced. We had all agreed on that. His chances of getting well were pretty far-fetched. A conference was called with the parents. We would not tell Jonah what the problem was. His father was a preacher. He was not handling this very well. He insisted Jonah should not be told. He also insisted God would not let Jonah die. This was just a test of his dedication. His faith was being tested. I had been through this before. With other parents. It was hard on all of us. We needed to be sympathetic to the parents without getting involved. We explained there were “new” drugs and treatments. None of them had worked well with this type of leukemia. That wasn’t mentioned, but we knew it.

“Here come da vampire.” Jonah greeted me smiling impishly as I came into his room with my tray of needles and test tubes. “Let me have that bottle. I gotta pee something fierce. “ He had an outgoing but warm personality. And he loved to tease. Thanks mostly to him, everybody on that wing now knew me as “Vampire”. He watched curiously as I prepared to take some blood samples. I tried not to stare as he sat up on the side of his bed to pee into the bottle. Slipping down his boxers, he pulled a sheet over his waist to cover up. Still, I had a pretty good view of his chest and his stomach. My protests about being called a vampire were pretty weak, but gave me a chance to tease Jonah back. “Your blood tastes pretty good today.” I would tease pretending to taste it. “You must be getting better..”

Handing me his urine sample, , he quipped “How does this taste?” When I turned away and pretended to stick a straw in the sample, he blurted “I was just kidding! Tell me you didn’t taste that stuff.” When I held up a glass of water, he burst out laughing and tapped me on the shoulder. “Your pee doesn’t have much taste to it.” I kept up the teasing. “We’ll have to change that.” His smile was winning me over. Without realizing it, I was becoming much too friendly with this young man. I soon found myself going by his room just to chat. Or to play a game of chess.

My visits did not go unnoticed. The team leader was a doctor friend named Boyd. He walked in on us during a visit. After chatting with Jonah, he asked me to step out with him. “You know what I’m going to say. You’re seeing Jonah a lot more than you should. He thinks the “Vampire” is really kewl. And he likes you a lot. Right now, he needs you. I want you to be there for him. But the other team members are more concerned about you than him. They think your concern for Jonah is going to hurt you in the end. I have to warn you. Try not to hurt Jonah, though. If you choose to keep seeing him, his parents think you are really great with him. He even looks forward to the vampire coming for blood. What kid in hs right mind doesn’t mind blood tests?”

 I shrugged. Kids have a natural fear of needles. “Jonah needs someone. He is lonely, and scared.”

Doctor Boyd agreed. Turning to leave, he added. “Jonah is not the one who’s going to be hurting a few weeks from now.” I knew only too well what he meant.

I went back to finish my chess game. Jonah knew that something was wrong. He sensed that I had been told something that had upset me. I tried hard to hide it, but thats not easy when you have tears in your eyes. I couldn’t look at him. The chess board was blurry. “You just made me the most popular guy in the hospital.” I tried to talk without showing I was upset. Doctor Boyd says everyone is talking about the “Vampire”. Kids are actually requesting me to do their blood tests. There’s no way I can see all of them. I had to tell him that all the kids want is for the lab techs to be more friendly. We get along good because we are friends. You have done a big favor for all the kids. I’m really proud of you for that. Damn it. Don’t know why I should get all choked up about it.”

Jonah let me jabber on almost incoherently. He wasn’t buying it. I could read it in his eyes. When I had finished, he reached out to put his hands on mine. “We don’t have to finish the game. I just like having you here. I tease you to get you to come back. I know I am weaker. I can’t do things without help any more. And I like the way you look at me. You’re like the best friend I ever had. You know I’m scared, but you never mention it. But I don’t want you to get in trouble. I couldn’t stand that. Do you have to stop staying with me?” And without thinking, I reached forward and gave him affectionate hug. “No way!!!” was all I could choke out.

Realizing suddenly that I had gone a little further than I should have with a patient, I backed off just as Jonah gave out a gasp of surprise.

“Wow!!” he blurted out. “I did all that.”

It was obvious he was caught off guard, and was maybe a little embarrassed by my show of affection. He was also pleased that I was making such a big deal out of his comment.

“Sorry” I whispered trying to play down my outburst. “I’m not supposed to be hugging the patients.”

We both burst out laughing. The tension was over. But we were now closer than ever. Neither of us said it, but we felt it. I started tucking him in telling him it was time for me to leave. “Buddy” he whispered. “Could you call me “Jon”? Jonah is a Bible name my dad pinned on me. I like Jon better.”

I nodded, then added “O K - Jon.”

When I came in the next day, Jon was excited. Doctor Boyd had told him he and I had talked. All the lab techs on the floor had agreed to be called “vampires”. It would make their job easier if the kids played the game. I added that the doctors and nurses had agreed to be more cheerful. It would help the kids feel better. Jon beamed with pride. He had done something really special. I had never seen him look so cheerful.

“And Dr. Boyd gave me a hug, he whispered.

“I bet you’re not supposed to tell me that.” I came back teasing again.

We laughed. Then I noticed some medical books laying on his bed. Jon had convinced Dr. Boyd to bring them. He wanted to read up on anaemia. He also asked some questions about the lab tests and the chemotherapy he was getting. I tried to keep the answers short and to the point, but honest. Dr. Boyd and I were in trouble. I could feel it. Jon had insisted on the books. He suspected we weren’t telling him everything. Jon was too intelligent to buy some story about allergies . His questions would become more complicated as we talked. Trying to give him simple direct answers became more difficult. I had trouble looking him in the eye when he asked something I didn’t want to answer.

A conference with the team two days later revealed that Jon was worse. His parents were there for this one. It had been agreed they should be included. Still, we had more than a little trouble trying to keep a straight face as we warned them that Jonah would not be going home any time soon. He was slowly growing weaker. We wanted to believe it was due to the chemotherapy, but only his dad believed that. Dad still believed that Jonah was going to get better. And he praised me for being his son’s best friend.

When the parents left, it wasn’t praise I was getting. Although Dr. Boyd stood up for me, the others warned me again that we may lose the fight with Jonah. “The handbook says not to get personally attached to patients.” They almost pleaded. I knew and understood what they were saying. They spoke as friends. They knew from personal experience that I could be hurt if Jonah died. I also knew I was much too close to him. Still, I pleaded with Dr. Boyd not to take me off the team. “It will hurt Jonah too much. I have to put him first now. He has to want to get well.”

“Just don’t do anything to force my hand.” Dr. Boyd warned. “We both know the rules.”

Although Jonah had a beautiful teenage body, I was convinced there was nothing sexual between us. We were just friends. I had a reputation of dating some pretty good looking nurses at the hospital. I was in my mid twenties. Not a knockout. But not that bad looking according to my friends. I was probably better known as a fairly intelligent and ambitious hospital intern. I was still studying medical research. The fact that I had had sex at some wild parties with students and nurses was not surprising. In fact, it was the norm. A few suspected I had been involved with other males at some of these parties. No problem. Other staff members were known to be bisexual. Most figured it was just the drugs and/or the booze.

After some two weeks in the hospital, Jonah was reading me pretty well. Too well. One morning, he asked if I had the time to help him take a shower. He explained that Dr. Boyd had said it would be all right if he showered as long as someone helped him. He was to weak to try it alone. That posed a problem. He did not want a nurse to bathe him. And the orderlies made him feel uncomfortable. But I had seen him nude while doing some of the tests and helping him to the bath room. His parents and Dr. Boyd had agreed I could help him, but he would have to ask. It was not part of my job and I might not want to do that. I would need to be in the shower with him. Jonah was embarrassed to ask, and quickly added “If you say “no”, I will understand.”

I paused realizing I wanted this, but interns don’t take showers with teen patients. I couldn’t believe my own words as I softly answered “ You know I can’t say no to you. Of course I’ll help.”

None of the nurses objected. In fact, they were impressed that I was willing to go out of my way to help this teen. A nurse helped us lay out every thing we would need. Then she watched as Jonah wrapped one arm around my neck to help support him as we moved slowly toward the shower for his room. Then she left, latching the door.

Jonah wore only a hospital gown. You know. One of those short ones that tie off in the back. And I placed one arm around his waist to steady him. Once we were in the shower room, I closed off the bath room door. Then I removed his gown and set him down on a chair placed there to help us out. Jonah had given me some urine samples recently while I watched him, so he had seen me looking at his privates. But I guess this was different. He seemed to be blushing a little. He didn’t say anything, but maybe it was because he was a late bloomer. I had already observed that. There was a light spread of brown pubes over a penis about four inches long. It was semi-erect lifting slightly off an average sized ball sac. I didn’t try to pretend I wasn’t looking at it. He Was also circumsized. His shaft was slender and cute. Neither of us said anything. I could tell he was trying to keep his jewel flacid. No such luck.

Leaving Jonah to wait, I stepped back to undress. There was plenty of room, but I was still undressing in front of him. And I was already showing an interest. I wasn’t stiff yet, but I knew I was on the way. There was just no way I was going to hide my interest in him. Besides, I wasn’t used to undressing in front of some one else.

Jonah wasn’t about to pass up a chance to tease me.

“Now you know how us patients feel when we have to undress for somone to give us a bed bath.” He smirked.

I looked up at him and smiled: “What makes you think we haven’t been there/done that?”

Looking more than a little surprised, he came back quickly: “you have?”

Nodding yes, I turned to adjust the water temp asking if it was comfortable. He approved. “First shower I’ve had in two weeks.” he told me. “Feels really great. You don’t think I’m gay because I asked you to do this, do you?” Jonah added.

“They didn’t tell you?” I answered, now looking him over up close and personal.

“Tell me what?” he asked backing away, and looking surprised.

“That I’m gay!” I replied as I boldly started rubbing a bar of soap over his chest.

Jonah laughed a little nervously. “Don’t matter. You like me too much to do anything to hurt me. I know that. And I don’t believe you. You don’t even have a stiff.”

“Hospital rules forbid me to get hard in front of a patient.” I continued teasing well aware that my dick was betraying me as it quickly began swelling.

“Yeah, right!” was Jonah’s reaction. “I always seem to have a hardon. Can’t help it. Just about everything makes it stiff.”

I handed him the soap so he could wash his privates. His long thin shaft was now about five inches long, and was almost flat up against his tummy. He starred at it as if he was afraid I would think he was playing with it. He was now blushing and afraid to touch his shaft.

“Jon” I whispered. “Would you like for me to step out long enough for you to soap up? It won’t bother me if you want to jerk off. I did that several times a day at your age. It’s natural for men to jerk off. Nothing to be ashamed of. What’s not natural is to ignore your dick when it needs some personal attention.”

For the first time, Jonah openly looked at his dick, then at mine. His was pointing almost straight up. Mine was a lot heavier, and was pointing out in front of me, as well as being several inches longer. He suddenly got that impish look on his face, and started smiling. In almost a very soft whisper, he spoke nervously: “I guess it would be really gay if we jerked off together, wouldn’t it?”

Without answering him, I reached for the soap and started boldly rubbing it over his shaft and around his balls and pubes. “Tell me when you think I have gone to far.” was all I said. Then stepping around behind him, I grasped his shaft and began to massage his dick and his balls. I turned off the water. Then I proceeded slowly to show him how to enjoy being pleasured by another man. I knew this was new territory for Jonah, and was aware he might not want to go there. I wasn’t out to take advantage of him; just to let him experience mutual sex for the first time.

He let out a few soft moans as the feeling of being jerked off by another person began to overtake him. He loved it. As I worked over his little dick and his balls, he leaned back against me, using my body as support. He trusted that this was going to feel good, and that I knew what I was doing. He also was well aware that my dick was nestled warmly between his butt cheeks, but he was slipping off into his own world.

I knew he would tire soon so I sped up my assault on his rod. I knew teen boys loved to play with their growing dicklet and jerked off often. They also were able to climax quickly. Jonah later admitted that he jerked off several times a day if he could. It didn’t take long before I could feel his dick pulsing as fast as his heartbeat. And then I could feel him pumping rapidly into my hand. He had past the point of no return. His dick jerked, then grew harder as he shot off his watery load. He shot several streams onto the shower floor before he finished. He let out a satisfied moan, then began to slide down my body as his legs gave out on him.

I sat him down on the chair so he could rest up. There was a brief period of silence as he returned to earth from outer space. Then that impish look came back. He stood up facing me and placed a quick kiss on my lips. Sitting back down, he blushed, still not sure about kissing another guy.

“So what if I’m a little gay.” He blurted out. “That has to be the greatest jerk off I ever had. It was great! How many showers can I have every day?”

I had to laugh. “You mention this to any one and I’ll be history here. Know what I’m saying, Jon? I shouldn’t have done that.”

I turned the water on to rinse us off, but Jonah wasn’t done. He turned it off. Still sitting in the chair, he moved me around in front of him and grabbed hold of my seven inch shaft to really work it over. He knew what he was doing. He wanted to return the favor. Within a few minutes, my shaft exploded all over his chest. He just laughed and watched it. He had never seen another guy shoot off, and was fascinated. I’m sure he knew that I really enjoyed getting my load off too.

“Not a bad load for an old guy” he teased. “I guess we better both keep our mouth shut about this.”

He also gave me a hug as we stepped under the water to rinse off. And I gave him a quick kiss to seal our secret. The shower was over. I dried him off, pausing just long enough to kneel in front of him and plant a wet kiss on his cute little shaft. That brought a giggle from him. It may have been gay, but we now understood we had crossed the line. And we knew we would do it again given the chance. Gay or no gay.

The next day, Jonah was ready to shower again, but I explained we couldn’t do that every day. Too obvious. He was a little disappointed, but he understood. We compromised. I agreed to give him a massage: then he could take a bed bath. It would also give us a chance to talk. He liked that. During the massage, we talked about his sex life thus far, which wasn’t all that much. Thats when he told me about jerking off several times a day. He was always alone when he did that. He explained it was a sin to his father. Jonah didn’t trust even his closest friends to keep his secret. I was the first person ever to touch him there. When I asked if that bothered him, he responded by grabbing my hand and placing it on his crotch. I admit I didn’t mind, and I gave his jewels a gentle squeeze as I pulled the privacy curtain closed. I turned him over onto his back, and let him watch as I jerked him off again. Jonah cooed like a dove as he blew another load. As he came back to earth, we exchanged another hug and a kiss. Jonah knew I was falling for him, and I’m sure it was mutual.

His parents came into the room a short time after we had finished. Jonah was once again beating me at chess. He proudly announced to them that he could always win, but sometimes he let me win because it’s funner. His dad corrected his English. Jonah gave me a wink to let me know he knew his dad would do that.

Just a few days later, Jonah had a reaction to a blood transfusion. His parents and I stayed close by his side. We played down the symptoms, but Jonah had been doing his reading. He told his dad he was getting serum, platelets, and plasma. He knew it was not just an allergy. Something was seriously wrong. He suspected he was going to need long term care. His parents tried to ignore his concerns, and cheer him up. He shook his head, but then smiled at them. Then he looked at me. He knew he wasn’t doing well. He asked his parents to leave so he ould rest. His parents left, but went to the conference room where they broke into tears. I was there for Jonah when they had gone. He leaned forward to hug me to him, then cried.

“I couldn’t tell you I knew.” he sobbed. “I was afraid you wouldn’t still be my friend.”

I assured him that I wasn’t angry with him. He could still recover. “But You’re right. It’s not just an allergy problem. “

Jonah recovered quickly from the transfusion reaction, and even got stronger. A few days later, I was allowed to help him shower again. I had another surprise for him. Before we soaped down, I knelt in front of him and gave his privates a tongue bath. He just stared at first. He had heard of a blow job, but he never expected to get one. He had no objections though. As soon as I had slurped his dick into my mouth, he started making strange sounds of pleasure. He was immediately sold on blow jobs. After I had him moaning, I went to work on that cute little shaft with the bullet shaped head. He instinctively knew to start humping, but I had to slow him down more than once. It was difficult to get him into a steady rhythm, but he finally gave in to my hands guiding him. I worked over head, then bobbed up and down on the shaft. When he attempted to speed up, I would break the rhythm to slow him down and to build him up to a strong orgasm. That drove him crazy.

When he started pleading for relief, I let him speed up his rhythm until I felt his balls start pulling up into his shaft. His shaft began to jerk and he grabbed the back of my head to hold it tight as his load shot off.

“Oh Man!!” Jonah screeched out loudly.

The first of several shots of cum blasted against the back of my throat. Finally he leaned back against the shower wall. I held him up when his knees began to buckle. His breathing slowly returned to normal as he returned to earth once again. I backed off knowing he had just experienced another new adventure.

“I never knew sex could feel so great.” Jonah sighed. “I think I’ll keep you.

The blood transfusions became more frequent in the days ahead, and so did the sex. Both of us ignored the signs. We were much to busy discovering each other. How we got away with it, I don’t know. I just know we both wanted this.

 And the tests were not good. Jonah wasn’t eating well either. He started losing weight. Nothing we did seemed to help. I was slowly losing him. I spent most of my spare time with him. He knew things didn’t look good. And I knew better than to try to lie to him. He could see right through me. He still loved the massages. He was having trouble making it to the bathroom by himself. He hated the bed pan so he would ask me to carry him to the toilet. He would tease me that what he needed was more showers. I think he knew we wouldn’t be doing that anymore. He would laugh about it. I had a hard time refusing to cry in front of him.

When I did tear up, he spoke softly “It’s all right. Don’t cry. Tell me about dying. What’s it like? “

Trying hard to smile, I answered “You lucky stiff. You will just go to sleep. You won’t hurt any more. They’ll probably have a huge baseball field where you can play ball all the time and never get tired. Enjoy it cause when I die, I’m going to be looking for you. I’m not so sure I’ll be in Heaven, but I sure hope they have a shower. You owe me one.”

That got a laugh out of him.

“Good thing dad didn’t hear that.” turned out to be his last words to me. Jonah was exhausted. He rolled over on his side, facing away from me and went to sleep.

I left his room in tears. Something told me Jonah had just said “Good-bye now.”

But I wasn’t willing to really believe that.

He appeared to be resting peacefully, so I headed home.

The next morning as I showed up for work, I stopped at the Coffee Shop on the way in. I spotted one of the nurses from Jonah’s wing. We were good friends, so I didn’t undestand it when she pretended not to see me. When I headed toward her to chat, I saw the tears start streaming down her cheeks. She was attempting to look away from me. As she sat down at a table, a cold chill came over me.

I don’t remember if I reached her table or not. I don’t think I cared that the coffee cup and the donuts fell from my hands. I don’t even remember that.

They say I yelled “Jonah!!!” so loud the whole Coffee Shop crowd just froze. Every one seemed to realize there was a crisis. It must have seemed strange that it involved a member of the staff. And that I was handling the crisis so unprofessionally. I wouldn’t know. At the time, I didn’t even care. Time and place had just disappeared. The whole world had just disappeared.

Dr. Boyd must have been close enough to hear my yell. So was Jonah’s dad. Both came from out of nowhere to grab me and pull me to an empty table. They made me sit down. And they made me remain seated. I kept insisting that I needed to be at Jonah’s side. Dr. Boyd managed to get a syringe from his medical bag, and gave me a tranquilizer. It hit me quickly, but I was still disoriented. That was probably a good thing. My career was at risk. I had just committed a horrible mistake. Hospital staff are not permitted to suddenly go insane in front of the public. The shot left me so relaxed I couldn’t stand up. They whisked me off to a hospital room not in use to recover.

Dr. Boyd explained he had been called in during the night. Jonah was being given another blood transfusion when he went into a severe reaction. He slipped into a coma. His body just couldn’t take any more. Dr. Boyd reminded me that he had warned me not to get so involved. The whole team had tried to tell me that Jonah wasn’t going to recover. Both Dr. Boyd and Jonah’s dad were glad I was there for Jonah. His dad told me his son didn’t hurt any more.

I felt betrayed. I wasn’t there for Jonah when he needed me.

“You don’t understand.” Dr. Boyd told me. “You were there when Jonah slipped into the coma. He never woke up again.”

“Thanks for being there.” His dad added. “I know that’s what Jonah would have wanted. He thought you were something special. He told me that.”

At the father’s request, I sat with the family at the funeral. It didn’t surprise me they had donated his organs to help others. Jonah had requested that. I had only known Jonah for six weeks. Yet, I felt like I had always known him.

Not long after that, the family moved. Jonah’s dad had accepted an offer to preach at another church.

I took a leave to recover. When I returned to the hospital, Dr. Boyd met with me. “For what it’s worth, that boy hung in there day after day because of you. It’s not my business why. Sometimes he would say he wanted to recover because he knew you would be hurt if he didn’t. I should have pulled you off the team. I couldn’t. It would have broke your heart - and Jonah’s. Then he stood to leave, pausing to add “Jonah really was a beautiful boy.”

As for me, the hospital review board decided I had learned why I should never get overly attached to a patient. Dr. Boyd and the team members had spoken well of my lab work on cancer.

Knowing I had been an embarrassment to the hospital, and knowing I would always remember Jonah, I saved the review board the trouble of making a final decision. I asked to be placed in a different research lab. They agreed. It was a way out for both of us. I would not crack up again over a patient - and I could pretend to devote my self to a microscope while I hid from a world that would never be the same.

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