> a Man loves a Boy - book 1 <
- written by a Dutch psychotherapist -

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- Last time, my ongoing 'Gypsy Series' story ended with:

Normally, I always took a quick shower and then just jumped under my blankets. However, now that I had a small child living in my house, I had to change my usual habits drastically! Of course, his wardens or his school had already told him to always look out for any signs of 'improper behavior' from so-called 'danger strangers'. Therefore, I decided to keep my briefs on from now on, just for prudence reasons. One could never know.

Still muttering under my breath, I took a fresh pair of briefs and quickly put them on. Then, I again left my bedroom and tiptoed towards little Harry's room, just to have another look at my little tenant. My boy was already sound asleep, softly snoring, with a satisfied smile on his so badly burnt little face. Feeling happy and full of tender loving care, I returned to my own bedroom, crawled under my blankets, hugged my pillow, closed my eyes, and tried to get some sleep.

Immediately, the disturbing view of my boy's terribly devastated little body returned into my mind, making me shudder with horror! Would his doctors ever be able to give him a more presentable look, maybe by using some newly discovered 'cultivated skin transplant' that I once read about? How many more operations would my boy need in the future, to loosen his too tight skin or to give him artificial lips and a somewhat better looking nose? Would he ever be able to have children of his own, because of his so badly damaged little pecker? I wasn't rich, but I would happily spend all my money on my so terribly burnt little soul mate, to help him feel a little bit happier! If only I knew how to help him.

At last, sleep took over, and I disappeared into dreamland. Soon, I started to dream, about going to an expensive 'skin transplant clinic' where my little soul mate got a brand new face and nice looking new skin on his completely rejuvenated body...


- CHAPTER 11. Remembrances; and an 'intellagent' octopus.

Halfway through the night, I woke up because my full bladder demanded my attention. Still feeling sleepy, I fumbled around until I found my night light and clicked it on. Slowly, my conscious mind returned, while my old and a bit rusty brain needed some more time to realize where I was. Here I was, lying in a strangely wobbling bed, in some foreign looking room with brand new curtains that I didn't recognize. Then, my memories returned, and I was able to recall everything that had happened. Since two days, I was living in my newly bought house in this small village. Within a few hours, I had met five young neighborhood children who unexpectedly tumbled into my driveway. Two young boys, John and his so badly burnt little Gypsy brother, had already become very good friends. One of them, my eight-year-old little soul mate, was now living in my house. He was peacefully sleeping in his own room, in one of my folding beds from the attic. How would he be doing? After I returned from the bathroom, I would have another quick peek at him.

Unexpectedly, I heard a faint snoring sound that came from my left side. This was extremely strange! Was my divorced spouse again sleeping next to me? Cautiously, I turned around, to take a look at whom that faint snoring sound belonged to. Then, I started to chuckle when reality dawned upon me. Was I sure that my little soul mate was peacefully sleeping in his own room? Then, what was that heat radiating small body next to me? It had glued itself to my left side; holding on to me with all its small limbs as some affectionate octopus. My little soul mate had stretched out at full length, with his entire body pressed against my left side. Obviously, he had woken up sometime during the night and silently crawled into my bed. Perhaps he had felt alone, or he had had a bad dream and looked for protection. Now, he tried to have as much bodily contact with me as he could muster, with his small arms and legs draped all over me, holding onto me with all of his might. He really reminded me of some small octopus, although a real octopus should have eight limbs.

Careful not to wake my softly snoring little octopus, I turned around to have a better look at my boy without waking him up. Although he was still deep asleep, he showed me a beautiful smile full of pure bliss and sheer happiness on his beaming little face. For a long time, I stared at my softly snoring little friend next to me, while I remembered what John had told me about his little brother crawling into his bed and sleeping next to him every night, because he used to sleep next to Jack and felt alone without his Big Friend next to him. Only, Jack had been his rescuer, after their caravan burnt down and only he survived. Jack had supported him during his hospitalization, and taught him the new language and our habits. Because of what Jack had done, he had almost been my boy's second father!

On the other hand, officially, I was nothing more to this boy than only a friendly neighbor who wanted to help him and had given him his old room back. I was sure that, to everybody around me, I was only a 'stranger' who was 'unrelated' to this little boy. Our so mistrustful society certainly would NOT reckon with our 'past lives', 'spirit helpers', or being 'soul mates'. Everybody would only see an 'old grandpa', allowing a young child to sleep next to him in his bed. Surely, they would consider this as being 'unnatural behavior', and they would act accordingly. Hadn't our over-prudish 'society' ever heard of Eskimo parents and their children, peacefully sleeping together in one huge bed? Did 'they' seriously believe that those Eskimo kids would be damaged for the remainder of their lives by seeing their parents naked, or by frequently seeing their naked parents petting to make their next little brother or sister? How ignorant.

What should I do now? Should I carry my sleeping little soul mate back to his own bed? After some more pondering and listening to my 'own heart', as my 'spirit guide', Jack, had told me to always do, I decided not to send my little soul mate back to his folding bed. My own heart told me, loud and clear, that little Harry needed our close contact to feel even safer and more loved in his new environment. He had chosen to crawl into my double waterbed all by himself, voluntarily, and on his own account, knowing I would accept him and that he would be absolutely safe with me. Therefore, I was NOT going to deny my vulnerable little Gypsy boy what he seemed to need so badly, despite what any meddlesome society might think of this 'ancient grandpa' loving a small boy.

Now that I had made up my mind, I only hoped my boy would be wise enough not to blabber about our sleeping habits to anybody else, maybe except for John. At this early stage, I didn't want to take any unnecessary risk, because I was already planning to try to adopt him as my own son. Soon, I would contact Children's Protection Services, anonymously, or I would try to find a reliable lawyer and ask him for advice. Secretly, I even hoped that my fame as a well-known psychotherapist would help me to obtain what my boy needed and what my own heart wanted.

Carefully, I tried to unglue my little limpet from my left side without waking him. However, I had to lift him up and push him towards the other side of our wobbling waterbed, to be able to free myself from my still clamping little octopus. For a second, I heard him mumble something unintelligible, but he didn't wake up and just slept on. Silently, I left my warm and cozy bed. Shivering from the sudden cold, I trotted downstairs to empty my bladder.

When I returned, my boy seemed to have missed me, because he had crawled all over our bed. He was now laying spread out diagonally and effectively blocking my space! I had to lift him out of the way to be able to enter my side of the bed. Again, he only mumbled some but didn't wake up. Smilingly, I closed my eyes again, planning to resume my sleep, until my boy suddenly shifted towards me and forcefully pressed his surprisingly warm body against my left side! He felt around where my arms were, and adeptly wormed himself into their embrace. With a happy sigh, he mumbled something unintelligible and immediately fell asleep again.

No words on earth will ever be able to describe adequately how wonderful I now felt! My cuddly little friend was stirring so many parental feelings in my heart that I nearly started to cry from happiness. My entire body started to tingle with love, while my heart danced around in my chest from pure joy. For the first time after my own horrible youth, my inside started to feel totally and completely alive. Even my young friend John had not been able to have such a profound impact on my mental happiness!

Again, faint memories showed up in my mind, of my little son and I living together in our wooden log cabin. We were trappers, living from catching wild deer and selling their pelts. During the day, my boy always helped me with everything. At night, we always slept in each other's arms, to keep each other warm and to feel safe and cozy during the dark and mostly cold nights.

Feeling wonderful and full of love for my softly snoring little son, I woke up from my 'memories' and felt very strange, as if coming out of a trance. Still wondering about my 'remembrances' from our 'past lives', I pulled my sleeping little soul mate even closer to my side; feeling full of love but careful not to wake him up. Immediately, my boy shifted towards me even more, as if he tried to melt into my broad chest. I even thought I heard him purr in his sleep like some happy little kitten. Gently, I put my nose in his unruly hair and inhaled the scent of my boy. He had a very nice aroma of light musk and a little bit sweaty, and another nice scent I only could describe as Pure Boy! Again getting tears in my eyes, I almost choked up from the intense tender loving care I now felt. Again, I decided I would do everything I could to help my little friend who so trustfully and totally committed himself to me. All my qualms had disappeared, and I now wanted to keep my boy for a very long time!

Still having my softly snoring little friend in my arms, I fell asleep. Immediately, I tumbled into a strange dream. My little son and I were living together in our small log cabin, as lone trappers in a huge forest, making a living from setting traps, hunting deer, and selling pelts. My wife had died in childbirth, so I had to raise her baby all on my own. Sometimes, our closest neighbor helped me, by babysitting my boy while I was away. He was a bachelor, our dearest friend, and both my son and I were very fond of him. Our friend had John's deep brown eyes and dark hair with little curls around the edges.

From a very young age, my little son wanted to help me, eagerly asking me to teach him everything that I knew. Soon, I taught him how to sneak noiselessly, recognize the faintest animal tracks, and set up nearly invisible traps. He also helped me cleaning our caught animals and smoking their meat over our fire. He even had his own knife, which he kept in excellent condition by sharpening it against a flat rock. Much to my delight, he also had an infallible sense for which herbs he should add to our roasting meat, to improve the taste. He knew exactly which herbs could be dangerous or poisonous, by 'talking' to them in his mind or by 'sensing' their energy field.

At night, my boy and I always slept together on our makeshift leaves-and-pelts bed, under our nicely warming deer furs, feeling cozy and safe, with our arms folded around each other to be protected from the nightly cold. Of course, in bed, we didn't have any clothes on and were clad in only our birthday suits, because we only had our heavy fur coats to dress in, and nobody ever told us that sleeping naked together could be seen as 'improper behavior' or 'seducing a minor'. In addition, no frustrated stranger ever told us to be ashamed of certain 'private' parts of our unclad bodies. Therefore, from when my boy was only a baby, he grew up in total freedom, feeling absolutely happy and enjoying every wonderful moment in his young life! Until a grizzly bear killed first us and then our dearest friend. In Heaven, we met our Beloved Ancestors and Cosmic Guides, who asked us to reincarnate and work closely together, to help our so terribly confused Planet Earth...

Feeling very strange, I woke up from my vivid dream, still having my snoring little son in my arms. First, I needed a couple of seconds to realize where I was now. Where was our cozy log cabin, and what had happened to the usual forest sounds around us? Then, I realized I only had a realistic dream, as if I again remembered my 'past life' as a trapper. Surprisingly, my Own Heart immediately accepted that my dream had been genuine! I really had relived one of our 'past lives', having little Harry as my own son and John as our dearest friend. A grizzly bear killed us, and we returned to our timeless Eternal Realm, where we met our Ancestors and Spirit Friends. Now, after being reborn and having grown up some, our Spirit Guide had brought us together again, to recognize each other, again be very close friends, and finally start working together.

Slowly, the atmosphere in my bedroom started to change. A very bright unearthly light started to shine around us, seemingly coming from everywhere, while everything else around my boy and me felt peaceful and full of Love. For a second, I was afraid I could have died and entered Heaven. Then, I saw Jack, my boy's former 'Big Friend' who was now our 'Spirit Guide', looking at my softly snoring little soul mate and at me with a warm and approving smile on his face, as if he felt very happy to see us lying together like this. With very much respect in his warm and soulful voice, Jack told me:

"My dear brother; fortunately, you are doing all the right things without making any serious mistakes. Therefore, please stop doubting, only listen to your Own Heart instead of to your analytical brain, and you will always know what to do. From now on, you are your son's guardian and he is your responsibility. Spend everything you have on him, and you will be royally rewarded!"

Lifting both hands in a blessing gesture, Jack engulfed my boy and me with a huge amount of Cosmic Power and Pure Love, making me feel drowsy and all mushy inside. Basking in Jack's powerful healing energy from our 'timeless Eternal Realm', my inside was suddenly sure I had been able to use exactly that same Healing Energy, as a Healing Shaman and Cosmic Mage! Faint memories showed up from when I was our Supreme High Priest and keeper of the Ark of the Covenant in our Temple of Isis of around five-thousand-years ago. Seven carefully elected Cosmic Priests were devoted to me, and I would meet all of them in this lifetime, to work together and transfer our so confused Planet Earth into a much better place to live on!

Slowly, Jack's bright light disappeared; while I woke up as if coming out of a deep trance, still feeling confused. Was this for real? Had I really remembered my past life as a trapper, seen Jack next to my bed and heard his warm voice, and remembered being a Cosmic High Priest who was the Supreme Leader of seven devoted Cosmic Priests? After forcing myself to wake up and open my eyes, I started to laugh at my own weird thoughts. Of course, this had only been a very strange dream, and everybody knows that dreams are never true. Yet, a teasing little voice in my inside told me: 'Wait and see'...

Now that I was awake, I started to recall my strange dream. What could have happened to me? My inside was sure this had not been a normal dream! Had I really remembered my past life as a trapper; having Harry as my own little son and John as our best trapper friend? Had I really seen the spirit of 'Jack', who was the deceased owner of my house, little Harry's former Big Friend, and our so-called 'Spirit Guide'? Besides, what had Jack meant with 'Spend everything you have on him, and you will be royally rewarded'? Although I wasn't rich, I did have some money to spend. Jack had also told me, 'listen to your Own Heart instead of to your analytical brain'; but my own heart only told me 'bump-bump, bump-bump'. Jack also promised, 'You will always know what to do', but I hadn't the faintest idea of what to do. Still doubting and pondering, I drifted into a deep sleep, with my snoring boy in my arms and feeling warm and cozy and all mushy. Again, I felt like lying in our log cabin under our cozy fur pelts, having my snoring little son in my arms and feeling happy.

Early in the morning, the sun peeked through a crack in my new curtains and tickled my eyelids, until I woke up. First, I yawned and stretched out lazily, before I opened my eyes. Much to my surprise, I stared straight into a pair of beautiful bright blue eyes that looked like two bottomless orbs that immediately pierced deeply into mine, while radiating an enormous amount of intelligence, a lot of pride, very much fun, and lots of Pure Love, all in one. Obviously, my little soul mate had woken up and crawled onto my chest, now staring at me with a broad smile from ear to ear on his beaming face.

When he saw that I opened my eyes and looked back at him, he first offered me a big morning kiss by pressing his small lips against mine. Then, his deep and sonorous baritone voice teased me:

"Morning, sleepy head! I thought you would never wake up..."

"Morning to you too. But, why would you think such a thing?"

"Of course, I am only TEASING you; silly."

"Well, calling me 'silly' earns you a morning tickle-torture!"

Chuckling at seeing my boy's surprised face, I started to tickle his little frame, while I was very careful not to hurt or irritate any of his colored burns or reddish scars. Again, happy memories showed up in my mind, of doing the same things with my own daughters when they woke me up in the morning by suddenly jumping onto my sleeping chest. Now, after sixty-five-years without any grandchildren, I was tickling my own SON. Soon, I found out that my boy was not very ticklish, unlike my own daughters had been. He only squirmed a little bit, chuckled at my futile efforts to attack his ribs, and ferociously started to tickle me back. Within a second, I had a lot of difficulty in defending myself against his cleverly aimed attacks.

He knew exactly what to do, and effortlessly found my sensitive spots. Probably, he had done this many times before, with his parents, with Jack, or with John. He also was surprisingly strong for such a small boy! While looking at his beaming face, my heart melted again with pure love and joy; and I felt elated to see my boy enjoying our close intimacy so much. My little friend seemed to crave it! When my old ribs could no longer stand his ferocious tickling, I grabbed his tiny hips and lifted him high into the air. Trying to surprise him, I suddenly tossed him towards the other side of our waterbed. Immediately, he crawled back while trying to look mock angry. He launched himself at me and again started to tickle my ribs, looking at me with two sparkling bright blue eyes in a beaming face. Still trying to look mock angry, his deep baritone voice told me:

"Every time you throw me away, I will tickle you again!"

Chuckling at the thought of 'throwing him away', I responded:

"Oh yeah? What makes you think I will let you win that easily?"

"Because I am too intellagent for an old man like you!"

Smiling at hearing my boy's linguistic error, I teased him:

"My 'old' brain thinks the correct word is 'intelligent' with an 'i'."

Immediately, my boy retorted, still with brightly sparkling eyes:

"You and Jack really could be brothers, because you are just as critical as Jack was! For us Gypsies, your language is very difficult to learn, and I have only spoken it for two years. But, Jack also called me his 'linguistic miracle', so I'm sure I cannot be that bad. Now, beware, because this intelligent linguistic miracle is going to WIN!"

Again, my boy dived for my ribs, obviously trying to force me to give up. Again, he knew exactly what to do to make this 'old man' squirm around on our wobbling waterbed. Trying to fend him off in vain, although both he and I still had lots of fun, I decided to let him win. Therefore, I opened my arms wide and just slumped down in surrender. With triumph in his brightly sparkling eyes, he jumped onto my chest and quickly pinned my arms to our bed. Looking proud, his deep baritone voice told me:

"Gotcha! What are you going to do now?"

"Okay, I give up! You've won my body, my heart, and my soul."

"Huh? I've won your body... your heart... and your soul? You really are a silly old man, but I love you anyway! Now, wait for me and don't move, because I have to pee first."

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- A few excerpts from your wonderful 'fanmail' emails:

> I discovered your story three days ago and now I'm ready with the last chapter, and I want to give you my deep thanks for this wonderful story. Your story is exceptionally well plotted and shows a deep understanding of real love! In my experience there are lots of good and VERY important friendships between men and boys.

> Well... u did it AGAIN! Got me to sniffling... The Chapters are wonderfully written, even if English isn't your natural tongue. The story is totally being written from the heart and it is fantastic! Keep it coming:-)

> I love this story and I can't wait to read more of it. You have shown us love that has no limits and understanding that can't be understood by everyone. Please keep up the great story. Thanks.

> Thanks so much. What I really love is the kids being able to trust the "adult" figure. Lately, many of the stories on the net focus on kids and teens not trusting the adults in their lives and instead go into this "brain screw" mode that more often than not leads to worse consequences. It is truly refreshing to see a story where kids trust that adult figure to do the right thing and not hurt them. As always, I'm really looking forward to more.


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