By: Max the Cat


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Part 2: Visiting a Pleasure facility!

Jared began going to Alain's every day, sex was like a drug for him. He would ring the bell and be let in, he immediately stripped and would make a pirouette to display his preteen body. “Anyone here for me Alain?” he would ask and there was always a man to service. He would use the bathroom and red bag, then shower and use the spray, usually strawberry his favorite, then slowly enter the bedroom to find a new naked man ready for him.

Hi I'm Jared, I here you have been waiting for me, I hope I didn't make you wait too long, can I start by sucking your dick?” The Patron's couldn't believe how the boy wanted to pleasure them and would lie back and let the blond, blue eyed boy take over and always begin at their ball sac and lick and suck the wrinkled sac, the ease down to their asshole and lick the taunt flesh.

After spending time digging and slicking he'd slowly work his way up the underside and scrap the sensitive flesh with the top of his tongue until he reached the throbbing cap. He'd lick it clean of precum then they'd watch as their penis would slowly disappear into his mouth and soon his red lips would be entangled in their pubic hair, their cock deep in his throat, he loved cock more than anything else!

Finally he'd finish off the Patron's young boi experience by straddling the anticipating man, grasping the well sucked cock in his right hand and pointing it at the entrance of bis lubed boi-pussy and slowly slide down on it nestling in the man;s center. Up and down he'd bounce on the throbbing spike moaning lowly”fuck,fuck,fuck, fuck me, you can fuck me harder with that beautiful cock of yours, cum in me, or do you want to cum in my mouth, I just love the taste?”

Now the Patron was humping up to meet the boi's bounce, trying to make up his mind. Most of the time they'd erupt into the boi and flood Jared sucking colon, but once in awhile he'd hear the Patron ask for him to end it in his mouth. Jared would hop off quickly and swallow the cock just in time for the creamy flood. He'd swallow and then smack his lips “damn it all you taste like vanilla ice cream with a tang!”

The Patron would leave and Jared would again shower and make himself fresh for yet another. This time Alain came in and said “I have to talk to you Jared!” The naked boi looked at the Frenchman love n-lay “yes?” Alain sat him down. “Jared we are going to take a trip to Boi Atlantis next week and we won't be back for six months.”

Jared's heart sank. Alain continued “I was wondering if you'd like to go with us, I could talk to your aunt and maybe she'd let you go with us?” he paused “Do you thin she'd agree?” Jared shrugged, he loved this and didn't want it to end. “Gee Alain I don't know, I know she wants to go on a cruse with her friends, but I just don't know, I want to go with you, I'll let any one or anything fuck me for you if I can go?”

Alain smiled. “I can be very persuasive when I have to be, I have a plan?” He ruffled Jared's blond hair go into room five there is two men waiting for you, make them very happy!” Jared hurried to room five and walked in “Hi, I'm Jared and you're both in for a treat!” He had the two lie next to each other and on his knees he positioned himself between them and took a hard throbbing cock in each hand.

His blond head bent to the left and licked the cock head in a circle, the to the right he did the same. He looked up “would you like to take me in a bubble bath?” The two looked at each other, nodded and the three went into the big bath tub. Jared ran the hot water and added Bubble Gum scented bubble bath and watched the bubble take over. The three slipped into the hot water and Jared took bubbles in each hand and coated each cock giggling.

The men stood and Jared took the nozzle and washed the soap from the crotch areas , and sucked on one and the the other. Back and forth his head bobbed as he licked and sucked the the taunt hot flesh. One man sat down and picked up the preteen and set him on his cock, Jared slid down on the cock as he was impaled. He looked over his shoulder and found the other man behind him.

Jared felt the man's cock slide up and down as it bounced off the embedded penis. “Jared you ever take two cocks at once?” Jared shook his head. “Gee, I don't think it will fit, I'm small back there?” The man smiled “come on lets try?” The boi shook his head “no!” The man tried and pushed the cock head over the other man's already deep inside penis, but Jared was just too tight.

Jared looked over his shoulder “you can fuck me after he fuck's me, two cocks are just too much!: The man stood and rinsed the soap from his body and presented his cock to Jared's willing mouth, the willing boi-slut opened wide and sucked the length to the back of his throat. Breathing through his nose he swallowed the entire length, that made the man very happy. Holding Jared's head he fucked the boi's mouth and throat to his hearts content.

Jared finished off the two men and cleaned up. Naked he went out to the backyard where Alain lay naked in the afternoon sun. Jared knelt between Alain legs and took the man's cock in his grasp. He stared at the hardening flesh and ran his tongue tip around and around the cock head, a precum bead appeared and he quickly licked it clean and gave Alain a loving smile. Jared opened his mouth and sunk it over the cock and began to suck the throbbing flesh.

On Jared vous sucer avec tant d'affection, tu me fais senrir si mervilleux!” Jared looked up with a quizzed look on his face? Alain realized he had spoke in his native tongue. “Oh Jared you suck with such affection, you make me feel so wonderful!” Jared smiled “it sounds better in French. He went back to sucking the cock, he slid back the foreskin and exposed the crimson head, he sucked in over half, his tongue scrapped the underside as it disappeared into his mouth.

Saliva flowed freely and matted Alain's pubic hair. Jared remembered that Alain loved his balls sucked, so he moved to the wrinkled sac and sucked each testicle gently. His tongue made circles as he sucked the taunt flesh. The he moved to the neither area between Alain's ball sac and asshole, the skin was sensitive. Finally the preteen found Alain's pucker and ran his tongue around and into the hole itself. His tongue tip dug in, Alain jumped up.

Slowly he worked back up the throbbing cock until he found the “v” below the head and dug his tongue tip in sending another electric shock into the man's insides. “sicer, sucer!” Alain seemed to be begging to be sucked and could only say it in French. Jared smiled, opened his mouth wise enough to cover the flared cock head and sunk his lips over the cock and slid to the pubic hair, his throat tightly full of Alain's throbbing cock.

The pubic hair tickled his nose, but his tongue top scraped and made the cum begin to rumble deep inside Alain's body, he was squirming, he know he was going to erupt and flood the boi's stomach with his creamy sperm. He place a hand behind the boi's blond head holding Jared in place to take the gooey blast.

Jared felt the head swell, he readied himself to be fed Alain's sperm, he couldn't wait, to please Alain was his hearts desire. He tightened his lips around the cock's base and felt the first of four cummy blasts. He pulled up until his clps clamped tightly around the back of Alain's spewing cock, his rosy cheeks puffed out like that of a chipmunk storing nuts, be he swallowed four times until he had drained Alain dry!

His red tongue lapped up the dribbling excess. Still holding the fleshy spike he looked over it and asked “can we ask my aunt now, I want to be with you Alain, I'll just anything to go with you to boi Atlantis, please?” Alain propped up in his elbows “yes, I want you too, you suck cock better than anyone I know, how can I deny other men your talents, you will love being there, the blue water, white sands and miles of man-cock! Jared blushed.

The dressed, Alain thought it good to take Micheal with them. They pulled up in front of Jared Aunt's home and Jared brought them in. Alain took the aunts hand and kissed the back. “it is such a pleasure to meet you, Jared has told us so much about you and your sacrificing your “Golden Years” for his welfare, he an Micheal are such good friends, it will be sad to break them up when we leave for St. Thomas!”

The aunt said “oh I'm so sorry you'll be leaving us, Jared will be crushed!” Alain nodded, yes Micheal keep begging me to take his best friend with us, and I have told him that would be out of the question, but he has begged me to ask?” The aunt asked if he'd like tea and he said “please.” She returned and served the tea. “I have been told you wanted to travel, is that true?”

Jared's aunt nodded “in fact I just told my friends from bingo I couldn't go on the Alaska cruise, I so wanted to go.” Alain got a smile, “you know you could go and Jared could accompany us to St. Thomas, in fact my company has vouchers for cruises, maybe I could get you one and young Micheal would be so happy, he has had such bad luck making good friends, finally he has one, it would be such a shame if he had to be parted from another?”

The aunt smiled broadly “I just couldn't, what would Jared say?” Alain moved in “why don't you ask him?” the aunt called him into the living room “Jared Alain has asked if you'd like to go to St. Thomas while I am on an Alaskan cruise?” Jared got the biggest smile “you bet, can I go auntie, please, can I go?” In his mind he was already bouncing on Alain's cock, he'd be in heaven now!

Alain then said “you now I would need some kind of custody papers in case he got sick or hurt, maybe I should have my lawyers draw up some kind agreement, I couldn't have him treated you know?” The aunt could only think of being with her friends and away from responsibility. “Yes, that is right, I can give you temporary custody, have them make them up, she had her phone already in her hands, she was thinking “freedom at last!”

Within thirty-six hours two B.T.W. Lawyers were in the aunt's house with the papers and presented her with a voucher for another cruise when she returned from her Alaskan jaunt. She never read a word of the papers, just signed them and went back to packing, humming a jolly tune. Jared had already packed his tooth brush and comb, he figured he didn't need any clothes, the bois on Boi Atlantis never wore any, that's what Micheal had told him, Patron's loved them that way!

B.T.W. Had a Passport for Jared in less than 24 hours, a few greased palms and he was signed, sealed and delivered to Boi Toi's Worldwide, a new Pleasure boi. He was told he was now one and he grinned, he was something other then just Jared and he was with Alain, that was all he cared about anyway.

The aunt left two days before Jared and he moved to Alain's. Mr. Cheese arrived and requested a new boy and Alain asked Jared to do the honors. “He's a bit on the kinky side Jared, but he will do everything, only you”ll be bound when it is done, can you do that for me?” Jared smiled broadly “anything for you Alain, anything.”

Jared laid on the bed naked when the strange little man cam in with a little case. He didn't speak, but using duct tape he bound Jared's hands to his ankles, stood back and admired his work, then he took a piece of duct tape and taped Jared's mouth, sat back and admired his handy work. He then pushed Jared onto his face, his ass it the air and fingered the boi's tight hole, then tasted the finger “ahhh Cherry, good just what I ordered!”

Mr. Cheese then took form the case a jar of Cheese Wiz and began to smear it on Jared's boi-cock, boi-balls and then coated his anus. Mr. Cheese then put on a red checkered bib and starting with the boi-cock began to lick and suck his smeared cheese form Jared's skin. Jared got erect and Mr. Cheese sat back, his hand holding onto his on erection “goodie, goodie the little boi-bitch likes it!” Then he licked the ball sac clean of the creamy cheese and ended by licking Jared's asshole clean to the jar cheese.

Still wanking he dabbed more on Jared's nipples, drizzled some into his “innie” belly button and again coated Jared's boi cock with more Cheese Wiz. For the next twenty minutes he feasted on the boi's taunt body, wanking away as he went. Finally he continued to suck Jared off until the boi began to squirt his boi honey into Mr. Cheese's mouth. “Good, very good Jared you taste so creamy!”

Mr. Cheese ended the little luncheon by removing the tape from Jared's mouth, turning him onto his back, still taped wrist to ankle, straddled the boi's face and began to jack off into his mouth. “Oooooohhhhh here it cums you little slut, take it, t-a-k-e-e- i-t-t!” His short fat penis erupted and filled the boi's open mouth with hot creamy sperm. Jared had to swallow and quickly, the cock was thrust into his mouth, his red cream coated lips sucking for all he was worth.

Mr. Cheese quickly got off Jared, dressed and packed up his case and left say “wonderful lunch, just a wonderful lunch today, cheerie be Jared!” He walked out waving to Alain “such a wonderful slut, you have wonderful sluts here, I can't wait until I come back, but I will need a new boi, yes I will Alain, bye!”

Alain went into the bedroom to find Jared still bound. He snipped the bindings “damn him, he pays good, but leaves the bois like this all the time. Jared showered. “That was something to experience Jared, many men like many things and you have to be prepared to fulfill their desires, Mr. Cheese isn't his real name, that is one we have given him, you understand why?” Jared just nodded, shrugged and found Micheal and they played the Play-station!

Alain, Henri, Jared and Micheal boarded the Lear jet with the words B.T.W. On the side. Jared and Micheal had never flown before so they were excited. Alain had all the Passports in his breast pocket. The jet was equipped with Wii, LED television and even satellite, so Jared and Micheal were well entertained in the flight which would first stop in Orlando for a bit of Pleasure boi training at the Orlando Pleasure facility , also called the “Hot House!”

They landed in Orlando in the early afternoon. A car was there to take them to the “Hot House,” where the facility director Eddie Driscoll greeted them. “Alain so glad to meet you and Henri.” He shook both hands then turned his attention to Jared and Micheal. “Well what do we have here, lets see who is who?” Micheal grabbed the man's hand “I'm Micheal.” Jared then shook Eddie's hand “I'm Jared, glad to meet you!”

Eddie picked up the intercom “Timmy can you come to my office, please!” Eddie turned to the group “Timmy thinks he runs the place, he's only 9 and we usually have a cut off age of 10, but he and his brother Tyler are a package deal, I'm only here temporarily, their father is the director here, but is recovering from an appendectomy, I actually run the Pacific division and my base of operations is in Hawaii, B.T.W. Seems to be almost everywhere!”

A small toe headed boi ran in “you wanted to see me Mr. Driscoll?” Eddie ruffled the tiny boi's white blond head “yes Timmy this is Jared and this is Micheal, can you show them to guest 1 and 2 on the third floor?” Timmy gave Eddie a crooked look “how come they have clothes on, you know they are suppose to be naked , right?” Eddie gave the imp a small smile “Timmy they just got here, OK, I'll have them strip, right!” He was a little miffed at the boi's attitude.” Jared and Micheal had already began to divest themselves of their clothing. Eddie got out the necklaces and anklets for the two, which read G-1 and G-2, which showed they were there on Guest status.

Timmy took the two now very naked boi's to their respective rooms on the third floor. He took Jared to his room and opened the door. Jared was astonished. The bed was a 4 poster. There was a fire place with a Polar Bear rug in front. One one wall was a 40 inch LED Television. On the opposite wall was a desk with a lap top. He escorted Jared to his own bathroom with a marble sunken tub.

Next to the bed were night stands on each side. Inside the left were an assortment of lubes and toys in the shape of penis's. “Why these, Timmy?” Jared asked. “Sometimes the Patron wants to use one on you or you use one on him. The stand on the right was for his own personal use.

Timmy then told him he's better shower and ready his body, “the Patron's await you!” he chuckled and took Micheal to the next room. Jared walked around for a moment, then took a quick shower after he readied his body for the patron onslaught. Timmy waited for them and then took them downstairs. “I smell Strawberry and Cherry?” Timmy said still chuckling. Jared said I used the strawberry lube, so I guess Micheal used the Cherry?”

Eddie had Tyler escort Alain and Henri to the guest quarters. Timmy brought the two new Pleasure boi's back to Eddie for his approval. Eddie approved and had Timmy take the boi's out into the Solarium where the Patron's sat. Mr. “Y” sat alone and eyed Jared almost immediately. He tapped Timmy on the shoulder and pointed at Jared. “Is he available to service?” Timmy nodded “he's new, just arrived today, you like?” Mr. “Y” downed his glass of wine. “Yes, I do like and I want!”

Timmy brought Jared over to Mr. “Y.” “Jared, this is Mr. “Y” and he want's you, take him to your room and show him how you pleasure our guests.” Jared gulped, this would be his first time as a Pleasure Boi and he wanted to make it right, he wanted Alain to be proud of him. He took Mr. “Y” by the hand and they took the elevator to the third floor, then Jared opened his room door and let Mr. Y” enter first.

Mr. “Y” was already hard as a rock and removed his robe showing Jared the state of excitement he was in. Jared smiled broadly, took hold of the uncircumcised cock and led the man to the Polar Skin rug in front of the fire place. Mr. “Y” had Jared kneel on all fours and placed himself behind the ready boi and holding his cock, he skinned back the foreskin and placed the ready cock at the boi's entrance and pushed in and sighed, the boi was so tight and so warm inside, he had to bite his bottom lip. He felt the cum boiling inside of his body, he wanted it to last, but he was so damn excited he began to fuck Jared quickly with hard and deep thrusts.

Jared looked back over his shoulder “slow down, fuck me slow or you'll cum to fast.” Mr. “Y” didn't listed, he fucked in and out, the boi's inner muscles tightened and loosened, then re-tightened, it was fucking and being sucked at the same time, he exploded sending rapid shots of his creamy sperm deep into the youngster's colon, he lay over the beautiful boi and held him tight, his cock shooting in four hard splatter's, the cum was a white circle around the base of his expended penis.

Mr. “Y” licked the middle of Jared's back and eyed the bronze color of his tanned body, it made the blond boy look like a miniature Apollo, the golden hair's glowed as the sun came in from the balcony windows and bounced off the boi's skin. M. “Y” slid off on to his back. His sperm ran down the inside of the boi's legs. Jared turned around and sucked in the wilting cock and licked it clean of the man's cumy coating.

Mr. “Y” lay there on the Polar Bear rug trying to catch his breath. He opened his eyes to find a cleaned up Jared with a towel and warm wet wash cloth. Jared didn't say anything, but cleansed the Patron's privates. Jared sat back holding a small purple phallus and a bottle of lube. The imp grinned and lubed the battery powered toy. Mr “Y” thought it was going in him and cringed a bit, but Jared placed the glossy toy at the hole between his butt cheeks.

Oh sweet boi are you going to put on a show for me?” Jared smiled slyly and pushed in the toy slowly until only the balls were showing, then he pulled it out and then back in. “Ooooohhhhh, so good, so hard and so deep, I love cock human or otherwise, Mr. “Y” can you fuck me with this toy, you can make me cum, please?”

Mr. “Y” took hold of the dildo and fucked the boy rapidly. He also bent forward and sucked in the boi's four inches, the boi hunched forward and moaned in appreciation. “Ooohhsuck me, please suck me, I love to be sucked, ooohhh!” Mr. “Y” scraped the underside of the boi-cock, he opened his mouth wider and sucked in the ball sac!

Jared moaned louder and louder. Timmy looked in to make sure the boi was OK. Timmy edged closer to the bed “Jared you need any help?” Jared looked at the ten year old glassy eyed. “You can help and suck his cock, he's fucking me with a purple cock and I love it. Timmy always made his way to suck some cock, he loved to make a man happy and to taste cum.

Crawling in-between Mr. “Y's” spread legs and sucked in the semi-hard cock and began to move his head up and down sucking and licking the man's thickening penis. Mr. “Y” slid out the purple cock and said “why don't you two suck my cock, that would feel so good, OK?” Jared and Timmy rolled to man on his back and got on opposite sides.

Each red mouth began to lick and suck the fattening penis. Timmy worked his way down and Jared his way up. Mr. “Y” groaned happily. Jared left the penis and licked his way to the man's nipples. He sucked on one and the other and back again. Timmy sucked one ball and then the other. They glossed with the younger boi's saliva.

Jared straddled Mr. “Y's” chest and pushed his hard boi-cock in-between the Patron's lips. “Suck me, suck me off?” Mr. “Y” opened just slightly, his four inches sucked in, the man's tongue rolled over and over the red head. Timmy left the balls and licked his way into the neither area and then he found the man's asshole!

Mr. “Y” opened his legs wide, his butt cheeks were split wide with the boi's small hands. Timmy's red tongue tip played with the man's anus, then he dug his tongue tip into the man, Mr. “Y” moaned as he sucked Jared's throbbing boi-cock. Jared reached back and took hold of each rubbery brown nipple and tugged on them.

Now the older man's hips were lurching up and down, Timmy was having a blast, he loved to make patron's squirm and Mr. “Y” was squirming as he sucked Jared off. “Oooohhhh “I'm cuming Mr. “Y” oooohhhh here I cum!” His four inch boi-penis swelled and erupted in the Patron's mouth. Timmy scrambled and his red lips latched on the man's cock just in time to catch the creamy cum making like a geyser and shooting off into the boi's sucking mouth.

Part 3: Next, Boi Atlantis!

Thanks to Jellofunk's drawings! Mr. “Y” hope you enjoyed yourself?