By: Max the Cat


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Part 3: Next, Orlando Facility and training!

Andre and Christy returned to the Solarium. A Patron took hold of Andre's hand and led him past the pool. Christy walked up to a group of three, smiling broadly and smelling sexier than all get out asked “hello, I bet I can do all three of you and leave you all wanting much more, but unable to do more?” The preteen blond knelt between them, his red mouth sucked in the middle Patron;s cock, his dainty fingers surrounding the other two, a thumb rolling around each vermillion crown.

Christy the consummate cocksucker, bounced from one to the other and back around making sure each penis got the proper attention. One of the men slid under the sucking boi and positioned his cock from under and rubber the head of his cock on the lubed boi-pussy. Christy giggled as he sucked and sat down hard, the cock slid into his body, Christy was bouncing up and down quickly, he was having fun.

The third Patron knelt behind the boi holding his cock at the already filled orifice. Christy's eyes widened when the Patron slid his cock over the one already in Christy, the man's thick stalk pushed against the filled hole. Christ took the cock from his mouth “I don't think it'll fit, really I don't?” The Patron said nothing, he pushed harder, sweat on his brow, the head of his cock disappeared into the stretched boi-pussy hole.

The Patron reached for the bottle of lube, he dropped a large dollop on the fleshy tube. Christy was glistening with sweat, as were the two Patrons. Huffing and puffing. The Patron pushed harder, his lubed cock slid in to the root, his dark pubic hair covered the other cock and the boi very stretched boi-hole. “Oooohhhh my god I'm so full of cock, so very full!” Christy was crying out in a high shrill voice.

The group of three were using the Pleasure boi's tight nubile body, Christy was getting use to his body being ravaged by the three men. The cock in his mouth was now down his throat. Black hair covered his red lips as the man fucked like a mad man. The head of his cock could be seen along the side of Christy's neck, he was very full of hot Patron cock, he was holding on for dear life, yet he wouldn't have it any other way, he was in his element!

Jared was in Game room #2. The “Musical Boi's “ game would be starting in twenty minutes. Each Pleasure boi had been fitted with a number painted on his right shoulder. Jared had the #5 and found the #5 stool and sat naked waiting for the game to start. Next to him sat the boi named Barry, he had stared in the video titled “The Picnic” which was the #1 seller on the B.T.W. Video listing on channel 6969. He saw Micheal walk in and take a seat on his back, Jared waved a forefinger, Micheal returned the forefinger wave!

Christy felt the two cocks that were ravaging his insides begin to swell, he knew they were about to frost his insides with their hot sperm. The cock he was sucking swelled also. He sucked harder, and scraped the top of his tongue on the cock's underside, the man shivered, then jammed his cock down Christy's throat, his cock swelled and then pulled back a bit filling the boi's mouth.

Christy grabbed hold of the spewing penis and sucked it dry. He held it in front of his lips and smacked then, then licked off the cummy bubble that appeared. The two he was impaled on were flooding his ravaged insides. There was so much sperm that a flood was exiting his body and matting the pubes of the Patron he was set on.

The thirty Pleasure boi's watched as thirty Patron's received their instructions on the game rules. Martin Beam the facility assistant told them when he said go, they were to find a waiting mouth and fill it with their cock. The Pleasure Boi would begin to suck them and if they came it would cost them another $500.00 to stay in the Musical Boi's game. Grand Prize was a all expenses paid week at B.T.W.'s newest facility in the Seychelles, Boi Lemura!

Martin then said, “Ready, Set, Go!” Thirty naked Patrons scrambled quickly and found a warm, wet Pleasure Boi's mouth and immediately filed it with their cock. The Pleasure Boi's quickly began to suck, lick and nibble the hot penis in their mouth. Jared noticed that Captain “F”'s cock was in his mouth “well Laddie you suck a mean one, aye!” Jared ran the top of his tongue up the underside of the navy man's uncut penis and felt the man shiver with the tingling feeling of the rough part of Jared's tongue!

Mr “Y” was in the game and was being sucked by Micheal, he stood in front of the boi, arms folded in front of his chest and rocking back and forth almost defying the youngster to make him cum! Micheal had been well trained and quickly swallowed the entire appendage, his tongue began to tickle the man's tightening ball sac. Still the harder Micheal worked, the harder Mr “Y” tried not to cum!

Jared took Captain “F” by his ass cheeks and began the scrap the underside of the Englishman's uncut cock, Jared's dirty blond head moved slowly forward until the whole penis slid down his tight throat. His tongue tip snaked across the man's balls, saliva coating them as much as possible. The Captain was grinding his teeth, the preteen was having the desired effect on the Navy man, cum was boiling inside of his body. The man moaned “oooohhhh fuck there goes another five hundred, I just know it!”

Jared felt the cock swell, he pulled his head back and clamped his lips on the back of the crown as the cock went off like a machine gun, his rosy cheeks filling quickly with the mans creamy seed. Jared raised his right hand to let the Proctor know he had a mouth full of semen. The proctor was racing around the circle, there were ten boi's with raised hands.

The proctor came to Jared. “Open your mouth!” Jared did, the creamy substance floated over his red tongue. “OK swallow #10!” he yelled out to the main table “#10 has a load!” he turned to the Captain “do you wish to continue, sir?” Captain “F” nodded
bill my card.” he added. “OK #10 start sucking again, get him hard?” Jared sucked the cock back in his mouth, it hardened quickly. “The music started.

A John Phillips Sousa march blared over the loudspeaker and the men started to march in a circle. In the monitor a ball had been sucked up and the #20 appeared. A slight boi of maybe 10 picked up his stool and headed to the wall. It was Timmy, he had a sour look on his face, as he walked slowly with the stool in both hands and mumbled “I'm never gonna win this game, since I was 8 I've been playing this damn game and it seems I get nailed at the start all the fucking time.” He put the stool down against the wall and sat.

Abruptly the music stopped, there was a mad scramble to find an warm, wet and open mouth. A portly man stood out, all boi's were again sucking for all they were worth. The man was escorted to Timmy. Timmy took the man's hand “you get me for the night, sir!” The Patron smiled, he and Timmy headed for the second floor, he would spend the night in Timmy's room, Timmy aimed to make it a memorable night!

Mr. “Y” had breathed a sigh of relief when the music had started, he pulled out of the boi's mouth and marched with the others. Now he felt a new mouth the quickly sucked in his throbbing penis, the boi slowly scraped his tongue under the man's uncut cock, the feeling was almost unbearable, he squeezed his butt cheeks together trying to hold off the inevitable. His teeth tightened. The mixed race pleasure boi now knew he had the man.

Mr. “Y' relaxed and let it happen. His cock erupted in the boi's mouth filling it quickly with hot, creamy sperm. The boi named Marvin raised his hand in the air. The Proctor came up and said “open!” Marvin opened wide, the creamy cum floated over the boi's tongue, cling-ed to the pallet. “Swallow, #13, #13 has a load, sir do you wish to continue?” Mr “Y” nodded, he wanted the trip, although he was going to Sorococo Island after a stop at the new Boi Atlantis, so if he could add Boi Lemura he could fuck new bois all over the world, “hell it's only money!”

Jared had made it through 8 more rounds and had swallowed his fifth load of sperm with the last Patron. He was in his own world, his tongue rolled in his mouth savoring the salty taste that lingered. His reverie was awoken with the biggest black man he had ever seen standing in front of him. His blue eyes widened at the size of the man's cock. Jared swallowed hard.

His mouth slowly opened and the coal black appendage slid into his warm, wet mouth. Jared began to bathe it in his warm wet saliva. It was just too damn big to swallow, to took in as much as he could. The tongue twirled mover the hard black tube, saliva made his chin glossy, the cock rocked in back and forth, black men did excite him, his own cock was very erect, the head tingled.

As heard as Jared tried, he couldn't get the big black cock to spurt, finally the music started and the men marched around the boys. In the monitor the number 13 appeared. Jared grabbed his stool and made his way to the wall and sat down to watch the scramble. Finally the music stopped and the men made a mad dash to find a warm sucking mouth. Jared's jaw dropped the man who couldn't find an open mouth was the big black man, Jared swallowed hard, it was going to be a long night!

The black man smiled at Jared as he claimed the boi for the night. He and Jared walked slowly to the elevator and up to the third floor and into Jared's room. “Ah a bear rug, “I will have you on that rug first!” The man named Oliver Jones said with a toothy grin. Jared couldn't take his eyes off the cock, it was big and coal black, Jared thought “fuck it's big, it's gonna be a tight fit!”

A big black hand took Jared's and led him to the bathroom. He was led to the marble tub. Jared was puzzled. “Maybe he wants to take a bath with me, or a shower?” With Jared lying back Oliver stood over the preteen stroking his massive penis and began to urinate on the boi's body. Jared was surprised and closed his mouth and eyes tightly. “What the fuck?” he thought

Standing over Jared the yellow stream coated the boi's body. “Hahahahahaha!” Bellowed the big black man. Urine flowed over the boi for what seemed a lifetime, this had never happened to the boi before and he didn't know what to make of this, but he just laid there until the stream became a trickle and finally stopped. He was pulled up and the shower started. Oliver scrubbed Jared with liquid soap, the rinsed him clean.

In his booming voice he said “your turn, piss on me, I love it, come on do it, then I will shower and I want you to massage me with your tongue, all over you will lick me!” he stood there as Jared urinated on the big black man. He emptied his bladder all over the black man's massive body. He finished, still puzzled on just why? The man was smiling all the time Jared whizzed on him and thought to himself “what ever floats you're boat!”

He soaped up his Patron paying extra special attention to his cock. Jared filled his mouth with water then sprayed the coal black penis once, twice and a third time, making the stalk clean of soap. The his lips slid over the head and took in all he could, some five inches and began to bob his head up and down, his rough tongue top scraping the more sensitive underside. As he sucked the black cock he wondered how his aunt was enjoying her new found freedom, “I bet she doesn't miss me at all?”

He sucked the cock as Oliver dried them both off, he was enjoying the special attention he was getting from the young cocksucker, he knew he had picked a good one, he didn't even complain when he pissed all over him, the wondered if Jared would eat his ass, he loved it when a boi licked and sucked his ass, he especially loved to feel the boi's tongue dig in, it made him incredibility horny!

He picked the boi up, his head upside down and his cock still being sucked, took Jared to the big animal rug. And laid the boi down on his back, he came down gently until he was positioned over the lad's hard penis. Oliver Jones big lips sucked in Jared's cock in one big slurp, his ball sac was quickly gobbled up too! Jared loved being sucked as he sucked and pulled in to push in, as much as he could, the head tingled.

They were in the 69 position. Jared held the black wand in his hand and ran his tongue up and down the black length, settling on the kinky haired ball sac. His mouth sucked in one and bathed it in his warm, wet saliva. He switched to the other then back again. He moved to the neither area between the balls and asshole, he felt Jones shiver violently, Jared had to giggle, he felt impish and nibbled his way to the black man's open anus.

Jones concentrated on the boi's balls, cock and asshole, he began to insert a finger into Jared. The boi pushed back to get more finger into him. His red tongue tip circled the black hole, round and round until he jabbed his tongue in and wiggled it. Jones jammed two fingers into the boi as deep as he could! This caused Jared to jam his tongue in even farther. The two went about their own actions for another ten or so minutes, before Jones decided he wanted to fuck Jared and broke away and turned the boi over on his back.

Jones knelt between the preteens splayed legs “you ready for the fucking of you're young life, Jared?” Jared looked down at the big black Python that hung from Jones body “yes sir?” he said meekly, which excited the black man even more. He dropped a large dollop of lube on the head of his cock, the head kissed Jared's ready boi-pussy hole.

Oliver Jones pushed the head against Jared's tight pucker, the smaller hole at first held, the two fingers hadn't spread him open enough. He pushed even harder, the tight anal ring held for a bit, but soon folded open and sucked in the big black cock, Jones pushed in harder and the entire black length slid in until his balls slapped Jared's smaller orbs. Jones was fucking the boi mercilessly, Jared was so tight the fuck was the most exciting one he had in such a long time!

Jared hooked his legs into the black man's legs, making their bodies tight against each other, Jones drove in and Jared pushed back to even get more of the black spike into his young, nubile body. Jared moaned 'fuck,fuck, fuck meeeeeeeeeee!” Jones humped hard and deep, he could feel his climax moving from deep inside of his body to his cock and it would finally end up deep inside of Jared's tight colon, faster than anyone could tell!

Oliver was huffing and puffing, sweat flowed off his body and he rammed his cock into the groaning young boi. Jared was wanking himself, he was bound and determined that he'd cum too! “Oooohhhh fuck Jared I'm gonna cum, get ready, her it cums!” Jared was also almost there and didn't pay any attention to Oliver, he was breathing just as hard, his fist was jerking at light sped.

Jared's penis began shooting boi-honey in hard creamy bolts, meanwhile Oliver's cock swelled inside of the preteen's body like a machine gun he shot hot bullets of sperm deep into the boy's insides. A creamy ring appeared around the base of the black stalk. Like a target the cock drove in and out depositing more and more semen into Jared. Jared was exhausted, his head lay on the bear's head for support

Jones plunging cock began to expel cum which ran down the inside of Jared's thin white legs. Jones collapsed in exhaustion, still his black cock was imbedded deep withing the young white boi, dribbles of the last of ejaculate was added to the big blasts of sperm. “Damn Jared you are one hell of a great fuck.” He pulled out and rolled over on his back. Jared moved and with his red mouth he sucked in the cock and cleaned off the excess sperm. “Oooohhhh my lord Jared don't you get enough, please no more, no more, please!” Jared giggled, happy with how he took care of his black Patron!

Still in the game room the activities were still going on. Now there were three men and two bois. Mr “Y” and Captain “F” had their cock's in a wet, warm mouth. The third man walked away and claimed the boi waiting for him. The two boi's continued to suck the two cocks until the music started once again. The number 29 appeared and a dark haired boy named Bobby grabbed his stool and walked off.

The last boi, a toe head named Tyler sat awaiting the last cock to suck. The two adults marched around and around him. The music stopped and Mr. “Y” was right in front of Tyler, he pushed his hard penis forward and into Tyler's mouth, he had won the game and the all expense paid trip to the new facility, Boi Lemura, on one of the Seychelles islands purchased by B.T.W.

The next day Andre ran into Christy. Christy was dressed in B.T.W. Travel apparel. “I take it you're leaving Christy?” The curly headed blond Pleasure boi beamed “You bet sweetie, hey come here for a minute and try on one of these thongs?” Andre followed the older preteen to his room and took one of the silver thongs with a Malibu blue tassel on the front. It fit snugly. Andre slowly moved in a circle and Christy slid his hand inside and too hold.

Andre gave out a low moan and pushed forward, Christy's soft hand had hold of his cock, the thumb scraping the head of his uncut penis. Christy giggled “you are such a hottie Andre.” Christy was quickly on his knees, his full lips sucking on Andre's boi-cock and Andre's fingers snaking and pulling on Christy's golden locks. Christy sucked, licked and pulled until Andre came in hot gooey bolts.

Christy got up, straightened himself up and smiling said “something for you to remember me by , see you at Sorococo Island, sweetie!” Andre was rocky and sweaty. He went back down stairs to the roster, the place he was going to, when he met Christy. He looked at it, his name was on the 2 pm. In game room one. Next to his was Brian who asked 'what goes on in this room Andre?” Andre shrugged, a boi named Travis who was also on the 7 boi list, nodded and said “it's King of the Round Table day for us, see!

The next afternoon seven preteen dressed in panties, matching teddies and ruffled socks walked into Game Room 1, each put their right hand into a bucket and pulled out a ping pong ball with a number on it. Brian had #1, Evan #2, Fong (a tiny Chinese boi) #3, Travis (red haired and big Emerald green eyes, and a few red pubic hairs above the base of his three inches of very white boi-cock) #4, Rodney (a half white/half Asian, with blue eyes) #5, Louis (French/Canadian)#6 and Andre had #7.

Each boi stood on a table than turned. In walked thirty-six Patrons who had each paid $500.00 to participate in the game of King of the Round Table. The last Patron standing would be declared the King of the Round Table, winning an all expense trip to Palmyra island, B.T.W.'s ultimate sex facility in the South Pacific.

Alain was in-charge of this game, Uncle Bruce, Otis and Walt were helping out. Andre was not part of the first part of the game and sat on his table and observed. Alain explained the rules to the thirty six Patrons. Six standing around each of the six tables. Each patron, in order, would fuck the Pleasure boi ten fuck strokes and pass the boi to the next man, if at anytime a patron came, he was out. The winner at each table was declared a Prince and would go to table #7.

When all the Princes had been declared, they would take a ten minute break, then the remaining six would resume the game, the last man standing would be declared King of the Round Table. Andre would have the honors of making the declaration, suck off the king, swallow the hot creamy load and the game was over!

A top of each table, the Pleasure boi slowly walked around and slowly, and very sexy began to remove the frilly outfits. Teddy's first were removed, swung over their heads and then let fly. Each boi came up close and let the Patron's slide off their cotton panties, each with a flower above the right leg. Now the bois lying on their backs land in the stirrup's let the patron's skin off their frilly socks, leaving them ready for the game.

Alain held the microphone to his mouth. “Gentlemen are you ready?” The men yelled. “Yes!” Alan nodded “OK, now we will start on my saying “Fuck!” You will fuck the boi then hard strokes, pass him to the next Patron and son on, if you cum in or on the boi, you are out, do you all understand?” Again the Patron's yelled “Yes!” Alain smiled and then said “Ready, Set FUCK!”

#1 Patron at each of the six tables rammed in his hard cock into the boi before him and fucked the boi ten strokes and passed the Pleasure boi to the next Patron. For the first three rounds not a Patron came, most were sweating and very nervous, much was running on their performance, if they came they knew they'd be kidded, at least!

Round 4 the tables began to thin out. Table one lost three, two lost two, three one, four one, five lost four and six three. Round five lost only two and they were on table 4 (Travis began to use his inner muscles and milked cock's, all three Patron's left grumbling about the boi being able to suck and fuck at the same time. Travis giggled. Andre laid on the table watching, smiling at the men as they vied for the big prize.

Round 6 is devastating for the Patron's and their stamina. Brian on table #1 almost lost all his Patrons, only the last Patron made it, there was a bit of a dribble. Table #2 lost two more. Fong on #3 lost four, three cuming on the boi, which had to be mopped up quickly. Travis on #4 lost one. Rodney on #4 still had two left, none came. Finally on table #6 lost two Patrons. With round 7 coming up only Table's #2 and #5 will still active.

The last four Patron's vying to be come a Prince stepped up for Round 7. Captain “F” on table #2 took hold of Evan's hips and slid into the lubed boi-pussy. Each person watching counted from one to ten. The Captain smiled as he fucked the boi ten hard and deep strokes, then slid out his greased cock, still red and hard. “Wa-La the captain said. The next man stepped up and plunged in, the count made it to four and all heard “oh fuck, I can't hold back, like a fire hose he came.

On Table five Mr. “Y” was again trying to win another trip, but it wasn't to be. He made it to the count of seven, then his machine gun cock fired off a series cumy bolts in to Rodney. The next Patron swallowed hard and began fucking Rodney with ten strokes of his own. At the count of ten he gave out with a sigh of relief when he made it, he was the tables last Prince!.

The new “Princes” got their five minutes of rest, then surrounded Andre on table 7. The boi stood up. Slowly rocking back and forth he peeled off the blue teddy and twirled it over his blond head, his blue eyes sparkling. He let the blue garment fly and began to peel off his white cotton panties with the help Captain “F”, the Pleasure Boi stepped out of the panties. Captain ”F” brought them to his nose, and took a deep smell “lovely, just lovely, can't wait to fuck you Andre!”

Andre wiggled his butt to everyone, there was a large audience. He laid down on the soft table covering and put his legs in the stirrups. Two Patron's approached and with their teeth pulled off Andre's socks, each then licked the boi's feet and sucked his toes, Andre got very erect, the tip of his uncut boi-cock poked it's head out of the foreskin and tingled,

Alain again announced “Ready, Set, FUCK, him!” Captain “F” was the sixth prince so he had to wait to dip his wick into Andre. The first Patron stuck his fat penis into Andre and jabbed into him ten quick, but deep fuck strokes. “That feels so good>” Andre moaned, and there was a round of applause from the audience. Each Patron following fucked Andre to hot strokes. Round two started and #1 and #2 came all over Andre's rigid boi-cock. The crew cleaned him off and #4 entered him and fucked him ten times.

The fifth Prince was sweating profusely. He swallowed hard, holding his throbbing penis he pushed in the head and came. He looked sheepishly and pushed in all the way, thinking to himself “might as well get my money's worth.” He pulled out and walked away. Captain “F” said and #5 walked away “well make thanks for the slippery chute, shit!” He plunged in, cum squeezing out all around his cock.

He pumped Andre hard, deep and quick ten times. He pulled out saying “who;s next, mates?” He chuckled as Andre was turned back to #1. The man holding his mushroom headed cock plunged in, his butt cheeks humping in and out ten times, sweat making his middle aged body shine. Captain “F” again held his uncut penis in his hand and he again pushed forward. The foreskin peeled back as the red capped cock inched it's way back into Andre. The boi using his inner muscles made the hole even tighter, but he made his ten strokes and quickly pulled back.

#1 now had shaking knees, swallowed harder and began his fuck strokes. The people got to the count of four and exploded inside of Andre, his muscles milking the man dry of creamy hot sperm. Now it was up to Captain “F” to fuck Andre at least to the count of five. He held his throbbing stalk in his hand and into the tight boi-pussy he drove. The audience was counting “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and finally ten!” He had made it, he had won!

Captain “F” stood back, even surprised he had made it. Andre jumped up and off the table, sperm ran down the inside of his thin white legs. He bowed before Captain “F” in a loud, but small voice he said “all hail the new King of the Round Table!” Andre got on his knees, took the uncut penis in his hand and plunged his red lips over the flared red crown and began to give the man a glorious blow job. He licked, sucked and nibbled.

Andre ran his red tongue up and down the hard, tingling length of man flesh. His saliva coated his chin, he slowly swallowed the whole thing, his red lips buried in the brown pubic hair, his red tongue tip rolling left to right over the Captain's tight nut sac. Captain “F” took hold of Andre's blond locks “Oooohhhh fuck I''m cuming, oh fuck!”

Andre pulled his mouth back, his lips clamped down behind the red head, his tongue scraping the throbbing head. Captain “F” tightened his butt cheeks, then his teeth. It didn't help, he couldn't hold back. His cock exploded in the boi's sucking mouth. Andre swallowed as fast as he could. His small Adam's apple bobbed quickly as he swallowed the creamy goo. Finally the cock quit it's spew and Andre licked it clean. Holding it before his red lips he planted a very wet kiss on the flaring mushroom. Andre stood, bowed and backed out of the room, saying “All hail the King of the Round table. The audience applauded!

Next stop, Boi Atlantis!

Thanks to Mr “Y” and Captain “F”. Thanks to Jellofunk and the other artists that give me inspiration, also to “Christy” for letting himself become such a good little Pleasure Boi!