A N.I.C.E. Boy, by Ganymede

WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between men and MINOR boys. It is not true! The story is not intended to promote illegal acts against minors. I do not condone child abuse, however the love of boys is a different matter. Despite the prevalent attitudes of western society, men have loved boys throughout recorded history. It is my goal to help readers appreciate that love can exist between men and boys. If the subject of man/boy love offends you, if this material is illegal in your place of residence, or if you are under the legal age for such material, do not read further!

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A N.I.C.E. Boy, Part 10

NISH Agency Investigates Nazi Research to Find a New Treatment for Pedophiles

Washington Mail. April 25th, 2005

The three directors of the National Institute of Sexual health, Martin Eckleston, Janet Frieland, and Dr. Jarvis Wright, released details of an expanded range of treatment options for pedophilia. In keeping with the Institute's focus, the four options are intended to give parents and young boys carrying the da Vinci gene a greater range of choice in how to achieve permanent emasculation. Prior to today's announcement, only two methods were approved and recommended for use for pre-pubertal boys. These included the traditional surgical removal of the testes, generally referred to as castration. The operation can usually be performed using out-patient facilities and local anesthetic. Until today's announcement, lactic acid injections have been the most popular means to achieve sterility. With this method, lactic acid is injected into both testis, causing the organs to slowly dissolve and be reabsorbed in the body. Lactic acid occurs naturally in the body and for that reason has no significant after effects. If the injections are properly performed, the technique is 100 per cent effective. It is also painless, accounting for its current high rate of use. Doctor Wright indicated that the method is being used to treat about 90 per cent of boys who have tested positive for the da Vinci gene. These boys are referred to as latent pedophiles, since many of them are too young to be sexually active, but their pedophilia will be discernible as they mature.

The Natural Intervention to Curb Evil Act requires a post-treatment condition that is "permanent, complete and verifiable". Both surgical castration and injections fulfil the requirements by completely removing the testicles, although the latter method occurs over an extended period that can last as long as one year. The two new options meet the NICE requirements while leaving the testis in the scrotum, although substantially destroyed. Although reproduction is no longer possible, and hormone levels will not increase to enable sexual maturation to occur, all is not lost for the boy. According to Dr. Wright, these new techniques have the added advantage of retaining partial sensitivity for the sexual organs, thereby assisting the erectile function that is so important to a male. "They are also non-invasive," he said. "This is an important consideration for parents who realize the necessity of having their son treated for pedophilia, but who are reluctant to take the steps required to do it."

The two options involve exposure to radiation and ultrasound. The radiation method was discovered by Germany's Nazis in 1937. Dr. Heinz Boehmer, a doctor working at the infamous Buchenwald Concentration Camp undertook sterilization experiments on men and boys of Jewish and Gypsy ancestry. One of the more promising methods of mass sterilization was discovered as a by product of early efforts to use recently discovered radiation therapy to treat certain diseases, although the purpose of the Nazi research was to find a way to eliminate inferior races. All together some five hundred boys were sterilized using radiation, but the technique was not brought into widespread use because of the difficulty of implementation and the possibility of side effects that included cancer. According to the few survivors the treatments were exceedingly painful, involving a massive, often lethal dose of radiation.

Using Boehmer's research records, doctors at the National Institute of Sexual Health (NISH) discovered that if the testicles are kept in constant close contact with low-grade radioactive material for several days testicular function is terminated. Radiation breaks down the DNA strands within the cells. This prevents new cells from forming. Until recently, the problem had been to develop an effective method of placing the testicles in close proximity to the radiation source. "This is a painless, 100 percent effective way of achieving the NICE goals," Dr. Wright said. "I expect it will become very popular as parents learn more about it. Our CUP, which stands for Controlled Unmanning Procedure, will snap right on. It installs very easily and it does not come off until the treatment is complete. This is the method that I would choose if a son of mine had the da Vinci gene." It is expected to rapidly become the treatment of choice for over 50 per cent of boys with the pedophilia gene.

Another method has been under development and testing at NISH for nearly a year. It involves exposing the testicles to ultrasound over a period of several weeks. The high-frequency waves induce vibration of the cells, causing a permanent loss of reproductive function. Hormone levels increase very slightly as a boy grows, but not enough to cause problems. "It's like vibrating something until it turns to jello," said Martin Eckleston. "I've seen some of the boys who were treated with ultrasound. They really don't have testicles afterwards so there is nothing left to be tested. We're talking mush. It might sound cruel, but you need to keep in mind the depravity of pedophilia. These boys aren't going to be able to sexually abuse other children after this has been done to them." It is likely that ultrasound treatment will be preferred by those parents who wish their sons to appear physically unchanged. However, the additional cost of the treatment will not be provided for free. It is considered non-essential treatment under the Healthy Nation Act because the radiation-based CUP and injection treatments are cheaper.

Chapter 10. Lane's Bookstop, Liberty Street, Champain, May 2nd, 2005

It was a week later, eight days since Daniele's shameful confession. He had visited the bookstore only twice during that time. His excuse was ostensibly the increased time he spent at swim practice as the state championships approached, but both of them knew the real reason was because of his embarrassment. Lane had used the time to finish the avatar. It was a masterpiece. Cal Brewster said that he was impressed even though he found sexual attraction to such a young boy objectionable. Lane was uncertain of where he stood. It had been his decision to modify the data so that Lachlan Troy appeared to be six years old instead of eight. He had done it to make Daniele happy. And Daniele was definitely pleased, even if he had become more reluctant to express his true feelings.

The avatar was far technically more sophisticated than Tybee, having the advantages of better software and the benefit of Lane's experience with its predecessor. Yet, its spectacular appearance was due to more than that for Lane had also used superior textures to create the surfaces of the model. Unlike Tybee, whose skin textures had been cropped from digital two-dimensional photographs of boys, Lane had scanned Daniele's skin directly and used that as the basis. Over a hundred different scans had been used, from the smooth skin of his cheek, to the glabrous skin of his arms and legs. It even incorporated the almost translucent skin of Daniele's scrotum where it was appropriate.

Lane heard the door close and sat back, admiring the finished image on the screen. It was easy for him to be objective. Even a real naked six-year-old boy held almost no interest for him. Still, he appreciated both the innocent beauty and the diminutive maleness of a young boy, but only insofar as it heralded the boy who would exist in a few more years. It was an entirely different matter for Daniele. Whenever he visited, he stopped and stared at the avatar, constantly excited by what he saw, always sexually aroused although he kept it well hidden. It was almost amusing to watch, and it would have been funny had it not been for the effect that the avatar had on Daniele. He saw no option but to accept Daniele's growing infatuation with young boys as part of who he was, realizing that in creating the young avatar, he was also `feeding the beast' within Daniele.

"He's finished."

Unsure for the moment whether Daniele's intonation implied a question or surprise, Lane nodded over his shoulder and waited until the boy had approached close enough to see the image on the monitor.

"Ohhhh wowwww."

He smiled at the sound of unrehearsed awe. Daniele slowly came up beside him, holding his breath, trembling with excitement.

"He's so beautiful."

"How was practice?"

"Okay," Daniele answered absently, his thoughts clearly elsewhere.

"Did the coach make you swim the 1,000 at the end again?"

Daniele nodded slightly, his eyes transfixed, trying to take in the image before him. It was very different to looking at a two-dimensional photograph of a boy, even a boy who had been photographed professionally. It was almost as if he could move his head and see a different view.

"You're tired, aren't you champ?"

Again, the same vague nod. Lane watched Daniele with the admiration of a man who loved boys. He loved everything about Daniele, but this lethargic, almost numbed tiredness had a special effect on him. It was as if he had been drained of everything except the essential qualities that defined him as a person. He was exposed and fragile, and so easily hurt. There was no brash boyishness, no seemingly limitless energy to protect him.

One thousand yards was forty laps of the indoor pool, and that was after the boy had swum nonstop for an hour and a half. It was no surprise that he was exhausted, but as the coach never tired of telling the team, fatigue made faster swimmers. Daniele was slender but he had muscles to be proud of.

"He's all yours," Lane commented.

Daniele glanced back at him. He smiled sheepishly. "You think I'm weird, don't you?"

Lane endeavored to shrug nonchalantly. "As far as boys are concerned?"


"We both are."

Daniele smirked. "You know what I mean. About me liking little boys. Doesn't that bother you?"

"Hm,... Well, for one thing, we both know this isn't real." He hoped that he had avoided the issue.


"You can't help who you are any more than I can, Dani. According to 99.99 percent of people I'm weird because I'm attracted to boys your age," he joked feebly.

"He's six,... and he turns me on like you don't believe," Daniele muttered.

"Where did you hear that?" Lane laughed. "He turns you on indeed."

Daniele smiled shyly. "It's in a song I like by Kevin Kirkland, only he's singing about a girl." His voice lowered. "I can't help it, you know."

"That's one of my favorite songs too. He has a superb voice."

"My brother says he sounds like a girl. He's probably gay too, but at least he doesn't go after little boys like I do."

"Well, if he is gay, I'm glad for him," Lane said. "He's so good looking that he'd be totally wasted on a woman. I know you can't help being the way you are, Dani," he added consolingly. "Hey, I have an idea. What say we walk down to get some ice-cream before you go home, Swim- boy?" he suggested.

"What about Arcadia?"

Lane nodded. "Well, I was thinking we should do that later tonight, like after you've finished your homework. You already know how to log onto the server. I'll download the files now into the account I had Cal Brewster set up for you. Then, before you go to bed tonight, we can have Tybee meet Lachlan for the first time."

"At the Virgin's Tears?" Daniele asked pointedly, knowing that boys went there to have sex together.

"Of course." Lane grinned. "I'm not sure you want Lachlan to lose his virtual virginity on his first date."

Daniele giggled playfully. "Does Tybee like little boys?"

"Hm, well, I'm not sure. Usually he prefers ten-year-olds, but when he sees Lachlan he might change his mind," Lane joked.

He switched to the Internet download program, selected the address for the university supercomputer and entered the account name, `Tikiboy', followed by Daniele's middle name as the password. He initiated the file transfer and stood up. Even with his 100 megabyte connection, it would take longer than he was prepared to wait.

Together they walked downstairs, heading towards the university. The Dairy Farm was an old-fashioned ice-cream store complete with wrought iron tables and chairs, and battered pewter dishes with silver spoons. Servings of the handmade high-butter-fat ice-cream were generous, but far too high in calories for more than once per week visits for anyone over thirty years old. Lane's favorite was mocha-chip, with pieces of fudge-like chocolate that were sometimes as large as cookies.

Daniele's favorite, at least based on the few times that they had gone for ice-cream, was raspberry chip. Lane liked how it gave him pink lips afterwards, taking perverse satisfaction ion in seeing lips that belonged on a girl rather than a boy. They ambled to a table close to one of the large windows that looked out into the street.

There was nothing quite as enjoyable as watching a beautiful boy eat ice-cream, Lane mused as he watched Daniele carefully spooning the crimson-colored hill before him. Daniele's fingers were long and thin, reminding him of a pianist's fingers. His fingernails were chewed to the cuticle. It was strange how Lane had never noticed him doing that before. He wondered whether Daniele was nervous or stressed, and then as the boy grinned and displayed his perfect teeth, he put the thought aside. He observed the way that Daniele's little finger stuck out at an angle as he held the long-stemmed spoon. He dug deeply into the ice-cream excavating for the chocolate chips because as everyone knew, while the ice-cream was superb, the chips were even better.

Lane fantasized as he often did when he was alone with Daniele. He enjoyed creating a life together for them. Often, he pretended that Daniele was his son. Sometimes, Daniele was his nephew. At other times, the son of a close friend who had come to him for help with an insurmountable problem. The fantasy that day featured Daniele as his young lover. He gazed at Daniele, imagining what it would be like to sleep in the same bed at night. He smiled fondly, pretending that Daniele was attracted to men instead of boys, that he responded to Lane's loving embraces with hugs and kisses of his own.

Suddenly, he became aware that Daniele had stopped eating his ice-cream. His mouth was wide open, revealing pure white teeth amid crimson cream. Not thinking, Lane's head turned to see what demanded the boy's attention to the point of being stunned.

There was a woman standing in front of the counter. She was carrying an androgynous toddler on her hip, having left a brightly colored high-fashion stroller adjacent to the door where it was out of the way. Beside her was a flaxen-haired girl who was reaching up trying to get her mother's attention, and next to her was a boy. A blond-headed boy. A boy with long silver straight hair, hair that glistened in the late afternoon sun. The boy was smiling, his face startlingly beautiful. He could not have been more than five or six, but he had the presence of an older boy. He was dressed in a white tee-shirt and white jeans that had been bleached to brilliant white. He was angelic, or rather he had the appearance of an angel. Daniele was transfixed.

Lane inclined his head and lowered his voice to a whisper. "You're staring, Tikiboy."


Lane smiled. "So is he a ten?"

"Yeah, he's a ten." Daniele's voice was wistful. He paused. "Don't you think he's beautiful?" he asked nervously.

"Hm,... Yes. He's definitely movie star material."

"He looks,..."

"Like an angel," Lane finished quietly.

"Yeah," Daniele smiled fondly.

The similarity to Grey was impossible to overlook, although the boy standing at the counter was even better looking. He was even prettier than his sister. Daniele realized his heart was beating faster. He found it impossible to believe that anyone could be so beautiful. He felt tense, breathing quickly, increasingly agitated as adrenaline surged into an exhausted body. He could not help licking his lips even though he had just used his napkin to wipe away a smear of ice-cream. Suddenly, he was nervous. Would they leave, taking their ice-cream with them, or would they sit down and allow him to feast his eyes for a few minutes longer? Would Mr. Lane want to leave before they sat down? The boy was so beautiful, so very beautiful that he could think of nothing else. His ice-cream was melting in front of him and he did not care.

"You're still staring," Lane teased.

"So! You stare at me all the time," Daniele rebuked. He glared angrily at Lane. He lowered his voice so that he could not be overheard. "So? So I can't help looking at him. He's so good looking, okay?"

"Neither can I," Lane tried to joke.

"Then stop telling me I'm staring," Daniele reproached. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. "He's getting a raz-chip too."

"He has good taste," Lane teased. "And so do you."

Daniele lowered his eyes, smirking roguishly. "He's sexy, don't you think Mr. Lane?"

Lane winked. Their heads were less than a foot apart. "He's not as sexy as someone I know, but yes, he's hot."

He did not add `for a little boy', although he was increasingly apprehensive about Daniele's attraction to boys who were a lot younger than he was. A boy who was that young could never return the love that Daniele would give him.

"Dani,... he's very young,..." Lane counseled. It was far less than he wanted to say.

"So? I'm just looking at him, okay? It's not like I'm going to do anything with him," Daniele countered defensively. "They're coming this way, Mr. Lane."

It was true. The woman, struggling to carry a tray and the toddler and clearly too young to be the children's mother, guided her two oldest charges across the room towards where she had left the stroller. Their table, hurriedly selected because a large group of people suddenly decided at that moment to come into the store, was adjacent to the table where Lane and Daniele were sitting. Having dragged a high-chair halfway across the room, the boy bounced into the seat in front of the window and gleefully took his bowl of ice-cream from the tray. Like Daniele, he immediately began the search for over-sized chocolate chips.

"Nicky, will you get some napkins please."

The boy's name reverberated in Daniele's ears. He watched surreptitiously as the little cherub got up and went back to the counter. Nicky returned with a handful of napkins, smiling warmly at Daniele as he slid into his seat.

"His name is Nicky," Daniele whispered to Lane. "Don't you love Nicky for a boy's name?"

Lane smiled patiently. The sound of infatuation was impossible to miss, and even if Daniele had not spoken a single word, the lovesick look in his eyes was enough to convey his feelings. From where he sat, lane could observe both boys at once. At ten years old, Daniele was twice Nicky's age, and a likely candidate for worship. Nicky made eye-contact almost continuously. Again and again he glanced at Daniele, making their spontaneous exchanges something of a game.

Lane knew that boys could be like that. They seemed to communicate on another plane, forming friendships well before any words passed between them. The game went on and on, both boys barely concentrating on their ice-cream, frequently sharing faint almost-reluctant smiles that were more than enough to indicate that there was something happening between them.

Lane had finished his ice-cream when the little boy leaned over and whispered in the woman's ear. She nodded and quickly glanced around the ice-cream parlor. Since she had entered, at least a dozen other people had come into the store, most of them raucous college students. After a moment, she half-rose from her seat. It was at that instant that the toddler decided that it wanted more ice-cream, more than was already smeared across its face. Instead of getting up, she turned to Lane and Daniele.

"Look, I'm really sorry, but would it be too much to ask if your son could take Nicky to the bathroom. I sort of have my hands full here,... and well,...he's too young to go in by himself. You hear so much about pedophiles being everywhere. It just isn't safe for a boy to go in there alone."

Lane nodded understandingly, even though the inference dismayed him.

"He's probably safe enough. You can see the door from here."

"That's okay, I'm happy to do it," Daniele offered quickly as he began to stand. He glowered at Lane, willing him to keep quiet.

"Thank you so much. Your son's such a nice boy," the woman gushed. "You must be very proud of him."

Before Lane could respond, Daniele had pushed his seat away.

"Come on, Nicky right?" he said, gesturing towards the back of the store. "I have to go anyway."

Lane watched as Daniele and Nicky made their way among the tables and chairs. He felt a fleeting sense of trepidation, not to the point of being anxious that something bad would happen because he did not think Daniele was old enough to be capable of doing something he should not, but he was simply uneasy with the situation for it had happened so quickly. He wondered whether he would have tried to intervene if there had been a little longer time to consider what might happen. What might happen? Casually, he glanced at his watch and tried to estimate how long it would take for two boys to use the bathroom. He made the logical assumption that there was a single urinal, that they would both want to urinate, and that being boys it would take them a little longer than it would take him. He decided on three minutes as the appropriate amount of time, perhaps longer if they both washed their hands, which was decidedly unlikely.

And so Lane waited, his feeling of unease gradually becoming more foreboding as the seconds ticked past and became minutes. Three minutes passed and then four. He glanced somewhat too anxiously at the woman at the table next to his.

"I wonder what's keeping them?" he asked as calmly as he could.

For a few seconds she appeared to ignore him, the toddler apparently having decided at that moment to regurgitate as much as possible of its vanilla ice-cream.

"Their ice-cream is melting," Lane added as if to explain why he felt the need to draw her attention to their absence.

"Oh, you know boys," she answered with sagely vagueness as she wiped away another white drool. "It hasn't been that long."

However, it had been that `that long', nearly five minutes by Lane's watch. He tried to tell himself that he was being ridiculous, that the boys were probably engaged in some silly juvenile game. The logical and well-intentioned part of his brain argued that there was no need for worry because there were times when even Daniele with his Mensa-IQ sometimes reverted to being a normal ten-year-old boy, at least in so far as normal was possible for him.

"I'd better go check on them," he muttered, getting up from his seat.

The woman obviously had her hands full with the toddler, who had by then decided to cease drooling and demand a constant delivery speed of spoons of ice-cream. She paid no attention at all to Lane as he walked to the rear of the parlor. He endeavored to appear composed, and even considered knocking on the bathroom door, yet by the time he paused in front of the door marked with a smiling bull as opposed to the equally happy cow painted on the opposite door, he had become irrational. He turned the door handle, fully expecting it to be locked, but it wasn't.

Fortunately, the door was hinged so that it opened outward, thereby concealing what was inside from the rest of the parlor. He gaped in mute disbelief. Daniele was kneeling on the floor, both arms reaching up to steady the little boy who was standing before him. His hands were on Nicky's bare hips, his fingers extended and lifting the tee-shirt up. Lane almost gasped when he realized that the little boy jeans and animal-patterned underpants were pulled down to the youngster's knees. He was smiling angelically, just as he had been smiling out in the parlor. Yet, in those first few moments that Lane's eyes took in the scene before him, he realized that the little boy was no longer as angelic as he had been before Daniele escorted him to the toilet. His finger-sized penis complete with ruby-colored tip was undeniably hard. It was also wet. It glistened from tip to base.

"Dani!" Lane almost shouted before he had to good sense to step through the doorway and block the view.

Hurriedly, he closed the door behind him, taking the unprecedented step of pushing the button in the handle to secure it from further intrusion.

Daniele, whose back had been towards the door, jerked away. Blood poured into his face. He tried to say something about it being innocent, but his words were garbled and afterwards either Lane or Daniele could remember what he said. It was hardly a time for explanations for what had been happening was all-too-painfully obvious. Even Daniele's lips wet with saliva.

"Dani!" Lane repeated. "Oh, Dani. How could you?"

Daniele Webster trembled uncontrollably, tears welling up in his eyes as the full weight of what he had been doing finally same into him. He had been having oral sex with a five-year-old boy. Noting more, nothing less. He could still taste the other boy's penis. It reminded him of something very sweet, although he could not identify what it was. He had not really sucked it because his lips had barely touched it, but here was no point in saying that. He had licked it, certainly, but it had been part of their game, pretending it was ice-cream.

Finally, as red-faced as a boy could ever be who had been caught in the act of sucking another boy's penis, Daniele tried to deny what was painfully obvious and needed no explanation.

"I wasn't,... Nothing happened,... I promise."

"Dani, please,... Don't make it worse. Don't lie about it."

"I-I-I didn't," Daniele stammered almost incoherently.

His body quivered. The little boy was wide-eyed. He was still smiling, no longer innocent, pushing his pelvis out toward Daniele.

"Eat more i-keem," he lisped amid an infectious giggle that told Lane that whatever Daniele had done to him was entirely enjoyable.

Daniele shook his head shamefully. "I was playing a game, okay? It was just a game."

Lane sighed. `Just a game'. However, it was not a game and Daniele knew it as well as he did. Despite that, he decided to act as if it was a game.

"It's fun to play ice-cream games but you guys have go out so you can eat real ice-cream now," he said carefully.

Daniele nodded, sullenly, yet relieved. It had happened so quickly. When he had closed the door behind them he had hoped for nothing more than a quick glimpse of the other boy's private parts. However, instead of opening his zipper and urinating through the gap, Nicky had done what a lot of little boys did. He had opened the button of his jeans as well and pushed both his jeans and underpants down. Daniele had been treated to a sight that he had not expected. He stared at Nicky's tiny white bottom, marveling at the glorious globes and the darker line of his crack. He could not remember ever seeing anything so beautiful. Excitement came from deep inside him, bursting through him as if limitless energy had been unleashed. His heart pounded. He had to see more. He had to touch. There was nothing he could do to stop himself. Not even Grey's body had affected him like that.

And so, trembling with the thrill of what he was doing, he invented the ice-cream game, discovering in the process that the perfect little boy was not perfect because he spoke with a lisp. For the rest of his life, Daniele would always think of ice-cream as i-keem. For two precious minutes it was all he could do to restrain himself from changing from ice-cream that had to be licked to an all-day-sucker that had to be sucked. He licked Nicky's penis and the little boy giggled and twitched and carried on in a way that confirmed he was happy with attention that was being lavished on his penis.

Nicky's penis became erect almost instantly, matching the older boy for sheer hardness if not in size. Daniele allowed his tongue to go where it wanted, so instinctive did the intimate act seem to him. At first he cautiously explored the perky shaft, savoring the taste before using his tongue to coat the boy's penis with saliva. Like the vast majority of American males, Nicky had been circumcised. His glans was flared and shaped like a fireman's helmet, or to Daniele's lust- filled mind, like the top of an ice-cream cone. However, it was so soft and smooth and deliciously hot that any similarity was entirely make-believe. Within moments, it became wet and slippery, sliding from side to side and back and forth under Daniele's tongue. His part of the game was not made any easy by the fact that Nicky insisted on jerking his hips back and forth. It was for that reason that Daniele had finally placed his hands on Nicky's hips to restrain him. That was how Lane had found them, as if the next stage was going to involve more than merely licking.

"Nicky, I think you should pull your pants up," Lane suggested.

Daniele finally managed to take a deep breath. He was still shaking when he stood up. He glanced at Lane, then quickly looked away resentfully. Although he had not intended to, his eyes stopped on Nicky. His penis, unlike Daniele's which upon discovery had immediately shriveled to a lifeless morsel, remained stiff even as he pulled up his underpants to cover it.

"That's better," Lane said nervously.

All it would have taken was for someone else to enter, for them to see what was happening, and make a fuss. The police would be called, and at the very least Daniele would taken to the police station. There was a very good chance that he would be charged with one or more variants of sexual misconduct appropriate to the act, although at that moment Lane could not remember the specific terms. Was it `gross sexual imposition of a minor upon a minor of lesser years'? It was likely that all-encompassing phrase would be one of the charges, but there would probably be another charge that dealt directly with oral sex between minor boys. Together, the charges would be sufficient for Daniele to spend the remainder of his childhood in a home for sexual deviates. He shook his head sadly, not realizing that he was doing so. He had even talked with Daniele about the recent case in Mississippi that had gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. He had forgotten the boy's name, but he had not forgotten the outcome. That boy had been castrated within minutes of the Court's decision. Lane struggled within, realizing that what Daniele had been doing would be portrayed as an appalling deed even by many boy-lovers. There was, at least amongst his contacts, an accepted age limit of ten years old for sexual contact, and even then it was very limited in acceptability. Most of the men only acknowledged a sexual interest in boys who had reached puberty. Younger boys were avoided at all costs.

"You had better pull your jeans up too, okay Nicky?" he suggested evenly.

He managed to sound calm despite a growing feeling of horror that he was becoming an accomplice. Given what had happened with Jeff, he would receive a mandatory life sentence. Fortunately, Nicky obeyed. As he did so, he kept looking from Lane to Daniele and back again as he tried to understand what was happening. He had a feeling that something was wrong and he shifted from foot to foot, anxiously. Daniele, even more nervously, stared silently at his feet as Lane searched for the right words.

"Um,... Nicky,... He shouldn't have done that," he began awkwardly.

"Why noth? It wath justh a game."

Nicky's delicate lisping voice struck home, guileless and completely innocent of Daniele's underlying motive. He smiled sweetly at Lane, vaguely aware that his newly made friend was in trouble.

"Well,... You see, Nicky,... it, err,... um,..."

Lane was about to say that it was not a nice game, that letting another boy suck his penis was not a game that he should be playing, and certainly not in an unlocked bathroom in an ice- cream parlor. Then from the corner of his eye, he noticed the tears streaming down Daniele's reddened face. There was no doubt that the boy felt bad enough about what he had done without Lane making it worse. For a moment he dared to analyze his reaction. He was angry, partly because Daniele had been so reckless, but like himself, Lane also knew that Daniele could be impulsive at times. His anger existed simply because Daniele had been unable to control himself. He had long known that something might happen. It was impossible to be a boy-lover and not be constantly subjected to powerful urges. However, worse than his anger was fear. He was so frightened of losing Daniele that he would do whatever it took to secure his safety.

"Nicky, what he did,... well it has to be a secret, okay?"

Nicky nodded slightly, then tilting his head, glanced at Daniele. "Whyth he crying?"

"He's frightened you'll tell someone," Lane said slyly. "You don't want him to get into trouble, do you?"

Nicky quickly shook his head from side to side. "We wath only playing a game."

"It's a very nice game too," Lane agreed. "But it's a secret game that boys play together. Grown-ups can't know about it otherwise the boys will get into trouble."

It registered in Lane's mind that Daniele was cowering as the realization of what he had done finally sank in.

"It isn't a bad game," he added cautiously. "It's just that grown-ups think you're too young to play it," he said guardedly.

"I'm noth," Nicky countered immediately. He stood up as tall as he could, still more than a few inches shorter than Daniele who was twice his age. "I'm a big boy."

"Yes, you are," Lane smiled. "And big boys are good at keeping big secrets." Nicky nodded earnestly. "Now, remember,..."

"It'sth a secreth," Nicky confided with a hushed voice that served to emphasize his childish lisp.

Lane nodded and reached behind him to release the door lock. He waited until both boys had exited the small cubicle before he left. His heart was beating quickly. Only one time could he remember being so distraught and that was when he was forced to confront the consequences of being a boy-lover. Jeff was always in the background, waiting and watching for him to make the same mistake again. He followed Daniele across the parlor, keeping very close to him because he appreciated the boy's pressing need for security, and that he, Dustin Lane, was the only refuge.

"Sorry it took so long," he explained to the woman as he regained his seat.

Again she seemed to ignore him, having returned to wiping the last of the ice-cream from the toddler's clothes and face.

"Nicky always takes forever in the bathroom. Thank you for getting him out," she commented unenthusiastically.

"My pleasure," Lane said flippantly. "I guess boys will always be boys. It doesn't matter how young they are they play the same games." He winked furtively at Nicky, making sure that he acknowledged the secret exchange.

Still shame-faced, Daniele puddled his spoon in the bowl of slowly melting ice-cream. His appetite was gone. He swallowed and awkwardly glanced at Lane. He was met with a weak smile. It was not much, but it helped.

"Can we go?" he whispered.

"Of course," Lane answered, getting to his feet.

For the last time, just before leaving the parlor, he turned back and winked meaningfully at Nicky, silently hoping that the boy had already forgotten Daniele's name, that he would not tell his parents, that he would eventually forget what had happened. It was all Lane could do not to grab Daniele's hand and start running. Instead, he breathed a deep sigh of relief. It would have to suffice until no one could here them. They were halfway down the street before he dared to say anything.

"Jesus that was close! Dani, please,... Don't ever do anything like that again."

"I'm sorry, okay!"

"Dani, please don't be mad at me."

"I'm not!" Daniele retorted. He paused, guiltily aware that he was angry, angry at Lane for interrupting him, angry at the world that rejected him. "I'm mad at myself."

"That's okay then. Just so long as you aren't mad at me," Lane joked. "Do you want to talk about it?"



"I know I did a terrible thing."

"Sucking another boy's penis is not a terrible thing," Lane interjected before he realized that he might be overheard. He glanced around quickly. Luckily, there was no one within hearing distance. "It's a beautiful thing."

"Yeah, right. So if it's not terrible then why is it against the law?" Daniele grumped.

Lane sighed again. "Why did you do it in that case?"

"Because,..." Daniele stopped walking. It was an awkward moment. "He,..." His hands clenched into impotent fists. "I,... I couldn't fucking help it."

"That's okay."

"I wanted to so much,.... And,... and it was so easy,... I, I told him his weenie looked like an ice-cream cone." Daniele shook his head. "Then I dared him,... to let me lick it. I didn't expect him to say I could,.... But he did,... and he kept giggling the whole time like he wanted me to,... and I couldn't stop myself,.... I couldn't help it."

Lane nodded, reaching down to take Daniele's hand. He held him by the thumb, pulling him forward. They had to keep walking. He wanted to put as much distance as possible between them and the little boy in the ice-cream parlor.

"Dani, it's so dangerous for people like us. If someone had,..."

"Okay! I know I did a dumb thing. I wasn't thinking,... Why? Why, Mr. Lane?" Daniele sniffed. With his other hand he wiped away tears, then rubbed at his eyes.

Lane was glad that they had left the shopping area that had grown up around the university co-operative store. There was still a distance of a couple of hundred yards before they reached the sanctuary of the bookstore. Already, he could see the sign hanging out over the footpath.

"Dani,..." There was a sound of squealing tires. He looked back over his shoulder, half- expecting to see a police car.

"I couldn't stop myself," Daniele muttered. "All I could think of was how beautiful he was,... When he was peeing I wanted to touch him so much that I couldn't stand it. He stood right next to me and I looked down. I could see the tip of his dick. It was so precious,... So small and pink. He doesn't have skin like I do,.... I knew it was wrong. Please don't hate me, Mr. Lane."

"Dani, you have to be more careful. Especially,... well with young boys. With a boy your own age, well, he knows it has to be a secret,..."

"I told him he couldn't tell anyone," Daniele mumbled. "I really fucked up big time, didn't I Mr. Lane?"

Lane took a deep breath. He felt like he was being pulled along by forces beyond his control. He was frustrated, discouraged by the realization that he was powerless to intervene. He had known ever since Daniele had admitted to being attracted to younger boys that it would come to this, and that having `fed the beast' once, it would only be worse the next time. Much worse. The thought sickened him.

"Yes, you did, Dani," he said sadly, shaking his head. "What you did with Nicky wasn't a very nice thing. You took advantage of him."

"I know," Daniele grumbled. "I wanted him so much,... If you hadn't come in,... Damn! Why am I like this? Why can't I be like other boys. I want to be normal."