A N.I.C.E. Boy, by Ganymede

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A N.I.C.E. Boy, Part 12

U.S. Acts to Stem the Tide of Child Pornography.

L.A. Daily News May 8th, 2005

In a single day, both the House and the Senate of the U.S. Congress have passed identical legislation to eliminate the flood of child pornography that has overtaken the Internet in recent years. The new legislation, known as the `Make America Decent' Act was signed into law by President Holly Denton at a White House ceremony attended by over 500 young boys and girls from the Christian American Children Against Child Abuse. The legislative action by Congress is almost unprecedented, the last time being in November, 2004 when both the House and the Senate unanimously enacted broad-sweeping legislation to prevent foreigners who have the da Vinci gene from entering the U.S., and which made it easier to deport non-residents for offenses against the nation's children.

"Today's legislation strikes at the heart of pedophilia," said Senator Jose Morales, of Arizona, who drafted the Senate version of the act. "Until now, child pornography has been loosely defined primarily as images, either digital or real, of children whose bodies are exposed in a sexual manner or who are engaged in sexual activity. It did not include writings or E-mail, or the obscene communications that abound in chat-rooms. The old definition of pornography enabled pedophiles to continue to use the Internet as a place to continue, and even expand their depraved activities, and to escape prosecution."

The new Act sets a much higher standard and does not require the exposure of genitalia and buttocks for boys, or breasts for girls. Under the new act any body parts that can be construed to be sexually arousing qualify as pornography. "Basically, if a pedophile can derive sexual arousal from it, then it's pornography. The fact is it's a big step forward for morality," said Morales. "The Internet abounds with what appears to be innocent pictures of good-looking boys and girls, but in reality constitute pornographic material. In fact, the prior definition both established and encouraged what has been termed the `Speedo standard'."

According to that standard, exposing any part of a child's body that would normally be covered by a Speedo swimming costume constituted child pornography.

Morales went on to say that "While this standard might seem to be entirely valid to most people, the fact is there are many so-called `Boys in Speedos' sites on the Internet. Pedophiles are using these images for sexual stimulation when they cannot obtain nude photographs. I only deal in facts, and the fact is, fantasizing about a boy in a skimpy Speedo is no different to abusing him in person."

Given the prevalence of child pornography, the Make America Decent Act establishes procedures to streamline enforcement. Under the new legislation any form of media that displays a child's genitalia, and buttocks in the case of boys, is considered prima facie evidence of pornography. In such cases, possession automatically renders the pedophile guilty per se, a legal term that prevents the accused from entering a not-guilty plea. Trials will be required only for those forms of pornography that do not exhibit a child's genitals, with the emphasis of the court proceeding on determining whether the media involved would be sufficient to cause sexual arousal of the accused.

Under `Make America Decent', child pornography no longer applies just to visual images, but extends to all forms of media that can provide sensory stimulation leading to sexual arousal. According to the report of the Congressional Committee Against Child Pornography, there are even sites where pedophiles have collected the sounds of children. While some of the sounds are clearly sexual, like a boy groaning while he is being sodomized, a lot of them are less explicit, but no doubt equally arousing to a pedophile. "For example, a pedophile was arrested recently after he was discovered in the possession of a recording of a boy giggling and saying `yes' in a certain way," said Morales. In his unsuccessful defense, the pedophile argued that he enjoyed the sound of happy children and that he liked to tickle them. He had over a thousand images of young boys' feet, which the prosecution used as evidence of a foot fetish for the conviction for possession of child pornography. He is currently being held in Las Gracias Prison pending appeal of his life sentence.

"Fortunately for the children of this country, the new standard of child pornography goes far beyond the Speedo standard. From today on, if a reasonable person believes that some form of media could be sexually stimulating in some way to a pedophile, then it will be classed as child pornography," said Congresswoman Lisa Simpleton, of Iowa. "It does not have to show bare flesh. A face, or even part of a face is enough to qualify as pornography. The Committee obtained evidence that many pedophiles masturbate while looking at photographs of children's faces and fantasizing about the rest of their bodies. This is really no different to them looking at nude pictures of the child. It is equally disgusting."

To a decent person, such images may be merely visual reminders of the child's facial appearance, but it is clearly not so for pedophile who will go to extreme lengths to satisfy their perverted desires. "Everything about a child is sexually stimulating to a pedophile. If they can get aroused by looking at pictures from the Sears catalog one can only imagine what happens when they feast on some of the sexually explicit material that has been available on the Internet. That's why we need this legislation," Simpleton said. "' Make America Decent' protects our children's innocence and the rights of all of us. An innocent image such as might be found in a fashion magazine will continue to be innocent until a pedophile gets his hands on it. If a reasonable person who reflects the high moral standards of this country believes that certain media is stimulating to a pedophile, it then becomes child pornography."

In addition to redefining what constitutes child pornography, the new legislation also provides increased powers to federal, state and local authorities to investigate. "We have to stop pedophiles from trafficking in child pornography," Morales said. "The fact is it's a far bigger problem than most people realize. We even had reports of pedophiles exchanging "Boy's Life" magazines, a publication of the Boy Scouts that features boys in various activities. Sending or receiving such material is now classed as a felony if it is used for sexual arousal, and pedophiles will receive one count of illegal possession against them for each piece of material that changes hands. Hopefully, with this new legislation we can put all of them behind bars where they belong."

Speaking on behalf of the National Institute for Sexual Health which is responsible for carrying out the NICE Act, renowned predator hunter, Martin Eckleston said that the new legislation will undoubtedly play a key role in inducing more pedophiles to come forward and be registered. "The penalties are not Draconian as some people have said," said Eckleston. "They are entirely appropriate to the crime. We have to take aggressive action when the future of our children is at stake." When asked about whether the new legislation infringes on constitutionally guaranteed rights, such as Freedom of Speech, Eckleston said, "Freedom of Speech does not give some people the right to infringe on the rights of other people. All American citizens, but particularly our children, need protection from being sexually abused by a handful of others. Our research has proven conclusively that the vast majority of pedophiles are unable to control their urges. They will rape children if the opportunity arises. Our treatment programs are going a long way in stopping that, but we still need to nip the problem in the bud, so to speak. I think Congress has shown once again that they deserve our greatest praise and respect for taking up such important if difficult issues."

Chapter 12. Lane's Bookstop, Liberty Street, Champain, May 8th, 2005

As soon as he saw Daniele, Lane knew that something was very wrong. There was no cheerful `hiya' as soon as the boy closed the front door behind him. Instead, Daniele stopped, his back to the door, breathing hard. It was much later than the usual time he came to visit. Lane waited for a minute, then another, busying himself by sorting some recently arrived books. One of the acquisitions was a book that he imagined Daniele would enjoy looking at. Indeed, he was looking forward to seeing his face when he saw the front cover and the title, `Boys Will Be Boys'. It was in less than pristine condition, but that was only to be expected. It had endured a hard life and numerous owners. It was also a felony to have a copy in his possession.

He turned to see Daniele standing a dozen feet away. He was red-eyed and blinking.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" Daniele replied with bitterness. "Nothing's wrong! Nothing, okay!"

Lane pushed the book to the side and out of sight. This was hardly the right time for them to look at pictures of clothed and naked boys. Some of the black and white photographs were timeless classics, nude boys in innocent poses, although under the new laws the entire book would be classed as child pornography.

Lane stood up and took a few steps towards Daniele. The boy seemed to shrink back, his arms hung limply by his sides. His face was pale. He glanced at Lane nervously, then pressed his lips tightly together. He blinked again, closed his eyes and then squinted through the tears that were forming. Another pace took Lane to within arm's reach. He extended a hand in friendship, wondering, worrying what was wrong.

"I hate,... I hate,... myself,..." Daniele bemoaned.

`Hate is a strong word," Lane said quietly.

"I wish I was dead,.... I do you know,... I thought about it all today. I wanted to. Coming here there was a bus,... I almost rode my bike in front of it. I want to die. I came so close. That's all I can think about."

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" Lane asked gently.

He had been expecting this. He wanted to hug Daniele and tell him that what was happening was terribly wrong, but his life had to go on no matter what. He had heard about other boys, boys who could not bear the heavy load that society had thrust upon them. Only a week earlier his friend, Cal Brewster, told him that a fellow researcher at Northwestern University had accumulated evidence that although the suicide rate among a very select group of pre-teen boys had barely changed, their mortality rate had increased significantly in statistical terms. However, despite his findings, no one seemed interested in the increasing number of fatal accidents involving da Vinci boys over the last year.

Daniele shrugged listlessly. "I,.... I,..." he shook his head abruptly.

"I know how much you despise platitudes, Dani, but you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. It's just that some problems are better shared, especially with a friend."

"Yeah, right," Daniele grumbled. "So I tell you my life is fucked up. What's that going to do to help? You can't change it any more than I can."

"I probably can't," Lane agreed, as he wondered what he was agreeing to.

"I have it," Daniele said simply.

"What do you have?"

"The,... the,... the gene."

"The da Vinci gene?" Lane asked uneasily.

"The test results came yesterday afternoon. I guess while I was here with you. It seems I'm a d-V-d." Daniele smiled weakly, twitching at the corners of his mouth. He was frightened, He hadn't decided to be nonchalant about it. It simply came out that way. "Only it doesn't mean DVD." He trembled as the next words came out. "It means da Vinci dominant."

Lane nodded slowly. Knowing Daniele as he did, he had expected as much. There were far many signs for it to be otherwise. Although he hoped the boy would be spared that final awful indignity, it was highly improbably at best. Nature simply did not work that way. The best would be a recessive result, but it was obvious that the boy was far too intelligent for the gene to be a recessive variant. The gene had done performed its role perfectly in Daniele, triggering a host of qualities that made him truly unique.

"I see," Lane said simply.

"My dad is pretty pissed."

"I can imagine. How is your mom taking it?"

Daniele shrugged absently. "She said she was sorry. Like it was her fault or something."

"I'm sorry, Dani."

"Yeah, me too." Daniele shook his head in disbelief. "I guess I should have known."

"What should you have known?" Lane asked when Daniele did not elaborate.

"I knew it was likely and all, but there was still a chance,... I knew I had it,... you know because, well,... I like boys so much,... but I kind of convinced myself I didn't have it because,.... Because,..." he groaned and shook his head again. He breathed out. "Because I hadn't done anything with a boy, well not since that dumb thing I did with Nicky, and before with Grey, but that was as much his idea as mine. Until yesterday that is,...." He stopped.

"What happened yesterday?"

Daniele ignored him. "I have to go to see a doctor next week. They gave us a choice of appointment times and Mom called yesterday. I'm going on Tuesday after school. That way I won't miss swim practice."

Lane nodded reassuringly.

"Why did it have to happen to me?" Daniele implored suddenly. "Why me? I hate being like this. My dad,... he hates me,... Mr. Lane,... He called me a,.... a,..." The words died in this throat with a strangled cry. "And my,... And my brother and I,... we were supposed to go to scouts tonight, but he said that he didn't want to be seen with me any more,... because I was a boy-fucker. Because the other scouts wouldn't be safe around me. It's like I'm disgusting or something. I wish I'd never been born. Why? Why did it have to happen to me, Mr. Lane?"

"There are some things that we have don't have answers for yet, Dani." Lane sighed. "I know you think having the gene is the worst thing in the world, and other people act like it's terrible, but you're still the same person you were yesterday."

"That's not true!" Daniele retorted. "Now I know I'm a pedophile. I'm going to spend my life sexually abusing little boys if I don't get treated. I don't want the treatment but I have to have it anyway," he said angrily. "My dad said I have to get it done as soon as possible, but I don't want it, not ever. I hate myself for being this way."

"Oh Dani, having the da Vinci gene doesn't mean that you'll abuse other boys. Maybe you're predisposed to being sexually aroused by young males, but that's all. It isn't a fait accompli. There's no equation that says da Vinci gene equals pedophile."

"Yes there is," Daniele fired back. "Because I already have."

"You already have?" Lane asked nervously. "What have you done?" he asked, fearing the worst. Was it possible? Had Daniele found another little boy to take advantage of?

Daniele was about to say something but he stopped when his words came back to him. He shook his head, denying their truth.

"I did it,... okay,... yesterday,... after I left here."

"You went to see your friend from the swim team, um,... Carter Browning, to give him some help with his math, and,..." Lane speculated aloud.

"We had sex."

Lane could not help but smile. It was not difficult to imagine what had happened. Two boys who had been close friends throughout the rigors of being on a very competitive swim team, spending time together, studying math, finding a few minutes to relax, playing, slowly becoming sexually aroused.

"We got it all done and,... and,... so we started wrestling on his bed, and we fell onto the floor, and he was,... he was under me and I was lying on top of him. Mr. Lane,... I felt so strange, like I was giddy. He was grinning and he kept pushing up at me, and I kept my weight on him so he couldn't get up." Daniele fell silent, his memories of all-consuming pleasure becoming guilty recollections.

"What happened?"

"We were just playing a game, pretending to be wrestling like on TV, and,... well,... I got hard. So did he," Daniele said softly. He smiled timidly. Within seconds of physical contact, he had realized that Carter was deliberately pushing up against his crotch. He had tried to stop himself, thinking of everything else except the boy underneath him, but his penis still had gotten very hard.

"If that's all, it sounds pretty much like two normal boys to me," Lane joked.

"It's not all.... More happened, okay? Then, I guess Cart sort of slid out from under me and we changed positions so I was on the bottom.We both still had on our soccer stuff from school practice and I could feel him jabbing into my belly. It was like we didn't have any clothes on at all." He shook his head agitatedly. "I didn't mean to do anything, but I couldn't help myself."

"What did you do?" Lane prompted.

He imagined the thin nylon of their soccer shirts and shorts. If that was all that separated two warm energetic boys, it would feel very much like being naked, perhaps even more so. The situation would have quickly gotten out of hand. He visualized their lean smooth bodies embracing, finding solace and satisfaction, sex organs finally discovering their true function.

"I kind of hugged him, I guess. He felt so good," Daniele mused.

"I can imagine. Then what?"

"I put my hands on his butt," Daniele admitted shyly.

"Ah, the boy-bubble-butt. I bet that felt nice?"

"Yeah. It was nice, really nice. I was happy, you know, just lying there under him and he was rocking and moving around on top of me. I kept feeling his thing rubbing against me. It felt so good."

"Perhaps the nicest feeling in the world," Lane agreed.

It was one of his best memories of Jeff. The boy had shamelessly rubbed himself against the man, getting more and more agitated until they shed their clothes and their bare bodies sought greater pleasures. It all seemed so natural, so right.

"Then,... well I guess I started it.... I suggested it would be more fun if,...if we took our shorts off. I really didn't expect him to agree. He didn't, not at first. But then he kind of giggled and said why not, but we'd have to leave our shirts on in case his mom came upstairs to see what we were doing."

Daniele exhaled listlessly. His eyes met Lane's then quickly, shamefully looked away as he remembered the powerful urge, the desire that should have been shameful and wicked, but instead had overwhelmed him. Everything seemed to happen in a rush. One moment they were lying face to face, their private parts still shielded by soccer shorts, and the next, both of them were sitting, half naked, stroking their own erect penises and staring at the other boy's penis and making the usual comparisons that all boys do given the opportunity. It did not matter to Daniele that he was holding the smaller penis of the two in his hand. However, mutual need quickly overcome their inhibitions. He gazed at the erect circumcised penis of the boy he idolized. Shyly, he dragged his eyes away and glanced at Carter. He was met with an equally shy look, a faint uncertain smile.

"You wanna hold mine?" Carter offered in a gravelly whisper that told volumes about what excited him.

Daniele nodded. This was far more than he had ever dreamed would happen between him and Carter. He had not touched another boy's body since the all-too-brief episode with Nicky. Nicky had been a terrible mistake, but then there was Grey. Grey, who had inspired him, who had changed him forever! He almost sighed, thinking of Grey's perfect little body, so hot that the silky skin burned his fingers. That hard miniature sex, jutting out like a tiny sausage. It had not been hard but that had not bothered him. All that mattered was that his penis was hard for Grey. He could remember every detail of what had happened for he constantly fed his desire upon the memory. He smiled and forgot about `look but don't touch' warnings. All he could think of was what it would be like to touch Carter's penis, putting aside the fact that he was pretending it belonged to a much younger boy instead. Carter's face was Nicky's face, or Grey's face, or any one of the many little boys who he had gazed at longingly over the years.


"Yeah," Daniele purred.

"Go on. Do it, Webster. Then, I'll do yours."

With that first intimate touch of another boy's penis Daniele became embroiled in that strange turmoil of emotions that bordered on love. Over the last few months, his affection for Carter Browning had progressed beyond infatuation. He was entranced, yet the most fascinating thing was how nicely Carter's penis fit in his hand. It seemed to belong there. For a while, Daniele was prepared to ignore the fact that Carter was close to his own age.

"Jerk me for a while, will ya?" Carter breathed. His body seemed to hum with excitement.


"Jerk me, you know like in jack me off, pull my meat,... play with it, rub my dick, whatever you call it. Just do it slowly, okay?"

Unlike Daniele, Carter had the advantage of an older brother who treated him like a human being. Carter was used to having sex with boys. Still, Daniele giggled with happiness. He repositioned himself and reached across again. He was not sure at all of what was expected of him, so he did what he did to himself. It felt strange, if only because Carter's penis was so much thicker than his. He could feel his heart pounding the same way that it did when he raced. The worst was the 200 meter individual medley, because he gave it everything he had. It was always his best event. He was close to getting a national time. Excitement raced through his body making him tremble and gasp the same way he did when he had reached the finish line and he was a couple of lengths ahead of the second place winner.

What he felt inside, that rush of awesome excitement as he felt Carter's penis flexing and jumping under his hand, when he saw the other's boy's testicles tighten up beneath his rigid sausage-shaped shaft, was more than enough to commit him for the rest of his life. There could be no other pleasure for Daniele Webster.


"I masturbated him," Daniele admitted to Lane, using the polite expression in order to sanitize what he had done.

"Did you? I hope he reciprocated?" Lane said lightheartedly. "I think boys were born to do that. Some of my best memories are of mutual jerk-offs with my friends."

Daniele grinned. He enjoyed it when Mr. Lane reminisced about his own experiences with a boy. Because Carter was circumcised, there was no skin to be pulled back and forth over the head so he had to develop another method. At first he used the same up and down motion that he had practiced on himself using both his left and right hands so often that an observer might have thought that he was ambidextrous. Gradually, he worked his way along the throbbing fat shaft until his fingers were focused on the bulbous end, cherry-shaped and almost the color of a cherry. The tightly stretched skin glistened and slowly became moist. Daniele saw the excretion coming from the hole in the tip. Seconds later he was aware of the added slipperiness under his fingers, and he wondered why his penis was different. Nothing came out of his penis except urine, and it was anything but slippery. He noticed the funny smile on Carter's face, his eyes half-closed as he twitched and lifted his middle section up to Daniele's fluttering hand. The skill was in rubbing so lightly that his fingers barely touched, yet the skin was still pulled up and down.

He could feel the inside of the other boy's organ, remarkably like a bone within, and veins and arteries so bloated that they felt more like little tendons. The skin outside was like silk, just slightly sticky until he reached the slippery end.

"I already have hair," Carter said out of the blue.

Daniele's hand stopped mid-length. He was aware of Carter's penis pulsing, waves flowing through the other boy's body that made it stiffen even further. There was no hair around the base where it was supposed to be when it finally started to grow, certainly none that he could see, not even fuzz. Carter Browning's groin was as bald as his own.

"Yeah right," he mumbled. "Invisible hair like mine."

"My bro makes me shave it off," Carter admitted. "I can cum too. That's why my balls are way bigger than yours."

"Yeah, in your dreams," Daniele said arrogantly.

But he had noticed the difference in their testicles, the way that his own testicles clung under his penis and were so small that they were barely discernible, and Carter's, which were like robin's eggs and hung loosely in his pink scrotum.

"Stop for a bit," Carter instructed through clenched teeth.

Daniele stopped moving his hand, yet he did not take it away. It was heartening just holding another boy's penis.

"You want to do something really cool?" Carter asked slowly.

Daniele nodded eagerly although he was usually very cautious when he had no idea what he was agreeing to. Carter smiled and nodded as if deciding something.

"Yeah, I was pretty sure you would. Especially given the way you look at me in the shower all the time."


"Don't pretend. Everyone knows you're a pedo, Webster," Carter teased. "This is your chance to prove it."

"Huh? Prove it how?"

"Suck my dick," Carter demanded without hesitation.


"Suck...my....dick," Carter instructed, emphasizing each word. "That's what pedos do, you know. They suck boys' dicks."

"You want me to?" Daniele asked hesitantly.

His heart lurched, beating even faster than he thought possible. Sucking was very different to licking, and he had only licked Nicky's penis. He wanted to suck a boy's penis, preferably a little boy, but Carter would have to suffice. There was ample discussion of various oral techniques in Mr. Lane's book for him to understand not only what was involved, but what he needed to do to give the optimum pleasure. He had to use his lips to go up and down and avoid using his teeth. Although it was called `cock sucking' it was really about taking a penis as far into his mouth as it could go. Of course, knowing the theory and applying the knowledge in practice, particularly when practice involved actually taking another boy's penis into his mouth, was an entirely different matter. Yet, distasteful as the idea was of putting the part of Carter's penis that he urinated through into his mouth, the idea was also incredibly thrilling.

"You want me to do that? To you?" Daniele asked nervously.

"Sure," Carter said.

His arms moved back. He was not as lithe as Daniele, although his body surely reflected two hours per day of swim practice. The skin of his chest and belly stretched taut, elongating his nipples and navel, dipping noticeably on either side of his abdominal muscles. It had the effect of making his penis stand straight up. He waited, a hint of a smile on his face, as relaxed as any boy could be under the circumstances. He was clearly no stranger to oral sex.

"Um,..." Daniele delayed, mired in inhibition.

"Go on. What's keeping you? You're a pedo. You're supposed to like sucking boys' dicks."

"I-I-I'm n-n-n-ot," Daniele spluttered.

In reply, Carter smirked. "Liar. Everyone knows about you, Webster. It's pretty obvious that you like boys more than girls. So suck me off."

Daniele shook his head and seethed. Was it possible that his innermost secret was known by someone other than Mr. Lane? He had realized he was taking a risk every time he allowed his eyes to roam. Those furtive glances at the other swim-team boys in the shower had nourished the hunger inside him until he could no longer control it. Perhaps he had looked at the other boys for too long so that he was staring instead of glancing disinterestedly.


Carter laughed, flexing his penis invitingly before Daniele's eyes. He glanced up, meeting the other boy's eyes.

"Okay, so you're not a pedo. Have it your way. If you're not into sucking boy-dick, then we might as well get dressed," Carter taunted. He made a feeble effort to reach for the soccer shorts that he had taken off several minutes earlier.

"No," Daniele muttered. "Don't Carter, please," he implored. He swallowed fearfully. "I'll do it, okay. If you want me to," he added awkwardly.

Carter smirked again. "So suck it."

"Promise you won't tell anyone?"

Carter Browning shrugged. "Get real, Webster. Who am I going to tell that a boy sucked my cock? It would be different if you were a girl."

Daniele recoiled slightly. He had agreed to the one thing that among all boys, whether they were in the fifth grade or struggling to survive as a ten-year-old in the seventh grade, was the last thing they ever did if there was a chance of anyone else finding out. Being known as a `cock-sucker' defined their sexual identity forever. He looked at Carter, still uncertain, no longer trusting the one boy who he considered as someone he could always trust. The problem was that trust was irrelevant now that the idea had blossomed within his very fertile mind. He was unable to say no. It wasn't even a matter of liking or disliking Carter. He needed to have another boy's penis in his mouth more than he could stand.

Awkwardly, he shifted in the appropriate position, kneeing over Carter's legs, resting his weight on his elbows on either side of the other boy's slim pale thighs. Like that, crouched low, Carter's penis was only a few very short inches from his lips. Hesitantly, Daniele looked up and saw Carter's urgent nod.

"Go on, do it Webster. Suck me off."

"Carter,... please don't tell anyone," Daniele pleaded.

Carter merely smiled slightly.


"I sucked his dick too," Daniele murmured. He exhaled deeply, as if a heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders.

Lane had difficulty not laughing. He had not laughed when he discovered Daniele kneeling before Nicky, but it was a different matter then the boys were nearly the same age.

"Oh? Really?" He tried to sound matter-of-fact, as if boys having oral sex was an every day occurrence and it was nothing to be ashamed of. He wanted Daniele to be uninhibited about his sexuality.

"Yes, really," Daniele admitted.

"Did you like it?"

"Um,...It was okay." Daniele smiled fondly.

It was all the answer than Lane could expect but still he wanted to know more.

"So are you going to tell me what happened?"

"There isn't a lot to tell. He lay on his back and I crouched over him."

"What did it taste like?'

Daniel thought for a moment. There really wasn't a taste, at least not a food-like taste. Nicky's penis had tasted much the same way. It was a taste that he would never be able to get enough of.

"It tasted,..." Absently, he licked his lips. "Soft, I guess." He smiled again. "Soft? Duh. How does something taste soft? I guess it was,... I don't know, sweet."

"That describes it pretty well," Lane remarked, thinking of the taste of Jeff's penis.

It had tasted sweet, not sugary but fresh and alive, and deeply satisfying. It was a taste he could enjoy all day long and not get tired of it. He imagined that all boys' penises tasted much the same way if they were reasonably clean.

"I liked it mostly," Daniele acknowledged. "I wasn't sure about it at first."

"I think it's an acquired taste," Lane joked. "But do it once and you're hooked for life."

"Yeah, probably," Daniele replied morosely.


Despite the opportunity of satisfying his most fervent desire, of doing what he had been unable to do with Nicky, Daniele had still been reluctant. After all, it was where Carter urinated from. So, with his eyes closed and holding his breath in case it smelled bad, he had cautiously extended his tongue. He barely touched it, but the heat seared his tongue. He was changed for life. The memory of what he had done with Nicky came rushing back. He didn't know where his tongue actually touched but Carter trembled and raised his hips higher. The blunt head of his penis pushed past Daniele's tongue, pressed into his lips. Instinctively, Daniele opened his mouth and lowered his head. He had not been able to do that with Nicky because he had pretended to be playing a game, an ice-cream game that involved licking with his tongue. Carter's penis pushed deeper, gliding on saliva until it was buried in Daniele's mouth and the tip was lodged at the start of his throat. Startled, Daniele backed off and opened his eyes, but not for long. He was overcome by his senses. Taste, smell, touch, sight, even sound, convinced him that he had discovered nirvana. Ultimate pleasure was sucking another boy's penis. It was much better than licking Nicky's dick. He giggled and replayed the thought, trying to think of a `c' word that went with `Carter's cock' and meant `sucking'. A moment later, his mouth returned, opened wide so that his teeth were out of the way, taking Carter Browning's penis all the way inside his mouth, and sucking hard, because `sucking cock' surely meant that you were supposed to suck even if the book said you didn't have to actually suck.

"Watch the teeth, Webster," Carter warned. "Just use your lips. Move your head up and down. Like you're nodding yes."

Daniele remembered reading in the book about using the fingers to stimulate the testicles. With his first finger he pressed against Carter's much-larger orbs. They moved around easily, dangling low in the loose pouch. His thumb came to assist, rubbing one testicle and then the other until Carter groaned. He kept sucking, kept moving his head up and down, kept paying homage to another boy's rapidly maturing manhood. It was difficult, coordinating everything that needed to be done. Breathing through his nose, swallowing the saliva that seemed to gush into his mouth, swirling and tasting with his tongue. The sweet taste had faded only to be replaced by something that was salty, slimy. He had skimmed through the chapter that talked about men's bodies. Still, he retained enough to make the connection between Cowper's Glands and pre-seminal fluid, which wasn't semen but had a unique taste.

"Yeah, like that," Carter huffed when Daniele began to get the motion down.

He found his own rhythm, wrapped his lips tightly around the now throbbing stalk, rocked his head as he slobbered over the other boy's penis. He was vaguely aware that Carter was beginning to tremble and writhe under him. He became increasingly aware of Carter's boy-smell before hormones changed it forever. He was filled with joy, absorbing the lingering pleasant scent, a mixture of juvenile sweat of a hard day at play, even the slightly fecal odor of something unpleasant but nonetheless `boy'

"Suck faster."

Daniele tried. His neck was becoming stiff, his ability to maintain an even undulation, increasingly limited. Was it possible that Carter's penis was actually becoming larger? Daniele sucked harder, pulling his cheeks in, using his tongue to swirl back and forth over the blood- engorged organ. It was huge compared to Nicky's tender morsel of flesh, a slender silk-sheathed bone that never actually went inside his mouth. And it was hotter, if such a thing were possible, for Daniele could not get over thinking that Nicky's penis engorged with blood was somehow much hotter than 98.6 degrees. What he would always remember with Carter Browning was that it filled his mouth, going all the way to the back so that it squeezed against his tonsils, or at least that's was how it felt to him. Without further guidance, he moved faster, bouncing his head up and down, hearing his cheek slap against Carter's flat, muscled belly, fascinated that his lips were hitting a shaven pubis that was every bit as soft and smooth as Nicky's or his own. As he did so, he had a vague awareness that the thing inside his mouth was growing even harder, becoming even larger, and that Carter's body was stiffening, his back and thighs lifting up. Had Carter been only a few months younger Daniele would have been spared that final ignominy. Ideally, and in Daniele's sacred fantasy, he was six years younger, in which case he would have always remembered those few short minutes with fondness.

"Yeah, oh god, God! Suck harder! Oh man. Here it comes,... oh,... oh shit, Holy fuck,... I'm gonna cum big time."

If ever there was a baptism by fire that first experience of Daniele's with a sexually mature boy was surely one. Carter's penis, untouched since he had woken up that morning, was sufficiently recharged to release what had to be a teaspoon of watery semen. However, what it lacked in quantity and consistency it made up for in other ways. It was hot and it spurted into Daniele's mouth with surprising force. And, it was completely unexpected by the almost innocent boy for whom theory and practice were still widely separated.

Daniele did the only thing he could. He gulped, swallowing the half-dozen squirts of milky fluid before he realized what was going down his throat. He felt Carter's penis pulsing, jerking erratically with the final spasms of his orgasm. He tasted it, finally, realizing that each of the white-hot spurts that splattered over his tongue had been the same thing. It was not at all like the strange slimy stuff that had leaked out at the beginning. Instead, it reminded Daniele of pool water, pungent with chlorine. He savored the taste, silently marveling that he had Carter's semen in his mouth, and because he had swallowed most of it, Carter's sperm were sliding down his throat and into his stomach. In his ignorance, he kept moving his head until Carter pushed him away, yanking his still engorged penis away from Daniele's ruby-red lips. His expression was agitated, almost angry.

"Jesus, don't you know when to stop, Webster. Enough sucking, okay. It's starting to hurt." He gasped again, pushing Daniele even further away. "Oh, shit. I can't believe you fucking swallowed it all," he gasped incredulously as he inspected his shiny wet penis. He took a deep breath and held it until his excitement faded. "Man, I don't even do that to Addison."


"I can't believe you fuckin' swallowed my load," Carter taunted. "That proves you're a pedo, Webster."

"So?" Daniele lifted his head and glared. "You are too. You wanted me to."

"Ha! But I'm not the cocksucker, am I? You are! So there, pedo!" Carter sneered as he picked up one of the briefs that had been hastily discarded to wipe Daniele's excess saliva from his slowly softening organ.

"But,..." Daniele began grumpily.

It did not seem fair for Carter to call him a pedophile even if he was one, not when all he had done was only what the other boy had asked him to do. Calling someone a `pedo' was the worst possible insult except when it was used among friends and intended in humor.

"Are you going to,..." Daniele stopped.

He had been going to ask Carter to reciprocate, but he could not ask that, not to `suck his cock'. What if Carter said `no'?

"Tell? Fuck no! And don't you tell anyone either?"

"I won't," Daniele responded guiltily. "I wasn't going to say that." He hesitated to make the request even though he very much wanted to know what it felt like to have his penis inside someone's mouth. He took a deep breath.

"Are you going to?...With me?...."

"Fuck! Get real," Carter snorted. "I'm no cock-sucker."

"But,... I,... I thought,... If I did you, then,..."

"Ha! Just like Addison does me. In your dreams. There's no way I'm doing that to you," Carter jeered. "No way, Jose."

He pushed Daniele's shoulder, shoving him to side, and sat up to find that the briefs in his hand did not belong to him. He tossed them at Daniele and retrieved his own from the floor. Daniele sat silently. In the sudden vacuum of sensuality, his penis had deflated to a pitiful worm. He could still taste Carter's ejaculation. He did not like the taste, not after the brusque dismissal he had received. He deserved better treatment. After all, he had tried so that his neck ached. Absently, he licked his lips, still thinking of his lips closed around Carter's penis, sliding in and out of his mouth, pushing his tongue out of the way.

"Better get dressed, pedo. Unless you plan on showing my mom your tiny little dick," Carter mocked.


"I think she's on the stairs," Carter said as he stood up to finish putting his shorts back on.

Daniele jumped, causing Carter to break into laughter.

"You ought to see the look on your face, Webster," he tormented.

Daniele calmed and began to put his clothes back on. "You aren't going to tell anyone, are you?" he asked uncomfortably.

Carter shrugged dismissively. "I told you I wouldn't."

Daniele sniffed and swallowed. There were tears forming in his eyes and he hurriedly smeared them with the back of his hand.

Carter relented slightly. "You sucked good, even for a pedo. It was your first time, wasn't it?"

Daniele nodded awkwardly.

"You liked it a lot too, didn't you?"

Again Daniele nodded, even though he was fully aware that it was the wrong thing to do. Carter smirked knowingly, planning his final torment.

"I won't tell on one condition," he said slyly.

"Okay," Daniele agreed hastily.

"You have to repeat what I say? Exactly what I say?" He waited until Daniele gave a reluctant nod. "I, Daniele Webster, am a disgusting cock-sucking pedophile."

Carter paused and Daniele struggled through the words. He choked on the last few words but finally managed to say them to the other boy's satisfaction.

"Okay, now you have to say, `I want my balls cut off at the first opportunity'."

For a moment, Daniele hesitated. He thought about shaking his head. They were only words, but they were words that went to his heart, to the very core of his being. However, the look on Carter's face convinced him to repeat it word for word. The alternative was for Carter to spread the word that he, Daniele Webster, was a `disgusting cock-sucking pedophile'.


"So, did you like it?" Lane asked with a cheerful smile.

He was happy that Daniele had found someone, another boy, even though it meant that Daniele was denied to him. It was better if boys discovered sex with other boys, boys who were close to being the same age. The incident with Nicky had scared him terribly. That Daniele could be so easily tempted, that he could so easily seduce another boy, portended an unpleasant future. Daniele took a long time before he responded.

During the uneasy silence, Lane thought about what he would lose if Daniele and the other boy became lovers. There was no getting past the fact that he deeply loved Daniele. It did not matter how much he wanted that love to be returned, it would never happen. He had often commiserated about that with Cal Brewster, drinking long into the night and sharing thoughts that would not be expressed if they were sober. For a boy-lover, love was precious, lasting only a few years at best and seldom reciprocated. In Daniele's case it was worse simply because he was a boy-lover himself. It did not matter how much Lane loved him or longed to take him into his bed. If Daniele went to bed with him, or any man for that matter, there was a good chance that it was not mutual.

"It was nice,... I mean doing stuff with him was nice," Daniele replied. He wanted to say that it would have been even nicer if Carter had been younger, because it was true. He smiled slightly, then remembered the other boy's reaction. "But I think I picked the wrong person," he added awkwardly.


"Yeah," Daniele murmured. "Carter,... you know, Mr. Lane. I thought he was my friend,... but he made fun of me."

"There's a lot of pressure on boys nowadays to avoid sexual contact with other boys. A lot more than when I was a boy," Lane explained. "It might be that he was suffering from a bad case of guilt,..."

"Maybe," Daniele granted. "He doesn't have it. The gene I mean. He's had his test results back for weeks now. I guess they do them alphabetically or something."

"Actually, I'm not surprised," Lane said absently. He looked down at Daniele.


"da Vinci boys are very special," he expounded. "I'm sure that Carter's a pleasant enough boy, but he's not the person that you are."

"But he gets to keep his balls and I lose mine because,..., because I'm the one who might be a pedophile,... because I might fuck some boy when I'm older. Damn it!"

Lane grimaced. The situation was difficult enough to deal with without Daniele being angry. The boy was ready to explode with resentment and frustration.

"Dani, a long time ago the people of India wanted to get rid of their British masters. However, they knew that if they revolted like we did to get our independence, any violence would be met with even more violence. So the Indian leader came up with the idea of passive resistance. The Indians organized themselves and went on strike. They generally misbehaved, but never violently, like blocking a street so that no one could get by. And by the time everyone in the country did it, everything stopped."

"So?" Daniele sounded petulant although his attentive eyes revealed that he was clearly interested.

Lane heard the raw note of cynicism and nodded understandingly. The boy had been endowed with a brilliant mind, not just above average intelligence. There was no doubt that the gene was fully dominant, that the tiny segment of DNA on his 23rd chromosome had triggered truly remarkable abilities to be realized. He was both literally and figuratively, one in a million. It was a wonderful gift to have the da Vinci, not a mistake of nature that needed to eradicated. He should have been destined for greatness, to achieve the kind of breakthrough advancements that could not only improve but redirect society, if it paid attention. Instead, he would be despised, impotent, unable to reach his full potential.

Only the day before he had commiserated with Cal Brewster about the situation. Both men and boys were being systematically sterilized for the purpose of eradicating pedophilia, and it was wrong. There was, of course, beyond the immediate question of morality, the greater concern of logic that concerned them. It was easy to blame the politicians for their shortsightedness and their constant misguided compromising that brought the country ever closer to mediocrity. It had happened often enough before and no doubt it would happen again. They agreed, perhaps conveniently, but certainly logically, that the core of the matter was not pedophilia but that a few people could possess in great abundance the one attribute that defined superior humanity. At the same time as society struggled to maintain equality, the da Vinci gene negated the entire proposition that `all men are born equal'. The new world order simply could not tolerate extremes of that kind. He shuddered at the thought of what would happen to Daniele. And he had a week, actually less than a week, to prepare Daniele.

"Do you remember what I said about how the da Vinci gene triggers others genes?" he asked.

Daniele glared at him. "Duh. So what if I'm a smart fucking pedophile?" he replied brusquely.

Lane smarted. He had no reservations that it was going to be difficult.

"Okay. Why do think nature combined the two?"

"The two?"

"Your special kind of intelligence and a love for boys," Lane clarified. "And a number of other attributes in varying degree as well."

Daniele shrugged despondently, not particularly interested in anything. Yet, he continued to ponder the issue as Lane sorted through a stack of books, arranging them in Dewey-order.

"There's no reason," he said with finality. He hesitated. "Except,..."


"Nature is always concerned with balancing things."

Lane prompted him to continue with a slight nod.

"And,..." Daniele's brow furrowed. "Most boy-lovers don't get married and have children do they?"

"Not very often."

Daniele pursed his lips, then picking up Mr. Lane's pen he began doodling what would have appeared to be endless patterns to an observer. As he drew, he slowly chewed on his bottom lip. He often did that while ruminating, using a pencil to transcend the limited reality of the vast majority of people.

"So, if nature wanted to limit the number of people who had the gene,..." he thought aloud. "Then,... I guess it would be combined with other things that would limit how often if could occur. So, why aren't we born sterile or something? Or just plain gay? Why did we have to be pedophiles?"

"Ah, that's a good question," Lane agreed. "Why don't you give it some thought?"

"I already have."

"Yes, I expect you have. Any thoughts?"

Daniele shrugged. "Nope. Well, I have one idea, but it's pretty weird."

"Which is?"

"Well, it's what you said about da Vinci, and the other men like him in history who probably had the gene because they were also boy-lovers," he began self-consciously. He realized that he had Lane's full attention. "Well, I was thinking,... they were all artists or musicians, or philosophers, like Plato."

He paused again, meeting Lane's eyes, wondering why he had never noticed the man's expression of appreciation before. It went far beyond approval or pleasure in his company. It was like Mr. Lane was absorbing him, as if he was filled with awe every time he looked at the boy.

"Because they're artists it's logical that they would like beautiful things," Daniele said in wonder at the sheer simplicity of the conclusion.

"And there are some boys who are indisputably beautiful," Lane finished.

Daniele smiled more cheerfully. "You really think I'm beautiful?"

"Oh, just a little bit," Lane teased. He leaned forward and casually brushed the hair back from Daniele's forehead. "Just a little bit beautiful," he repeated softly.

"You make me sound like a girl. Would you rather I was a girl?"

"No, of course not. I'm a boy-lover, with emphasis on both the boy and the love parts."

"Meaning my dick," Daniele giggled. "As in the love parts of a boy," he added in response to Lane's raised eyebrows.

"Um, well yes, now you come to mention it. Don't forget that other love part."


"Your butt," Lane chuckled. "By the way, seeing as you brought the subject up, I think you have a gorgeous butt."

"It's not a bubble-butt like Carter's."

"If I wanted a bubble-butt, I'd be talking to Carter, not you," Lane laughed.

Daniele grinned back at him. "So what's it like, being a boy-lover?"

Lane winked. "The best part is being with the boy."

"You mean having sex with him?"

"Ah, yes, that too, but mostly I was thinking of just spending time together. Like we do," Lane added. "I really enjoy talking to you."

"Ditto. It's nice hanging out with you," Daniele agreed. "You're my best friend. If it wasn't for you,..." He stopped, thinking of how close he had come to going under the bus on the way to the store.

"Ditto, Bookworm." Lane scratched his chin. He needed to shave. "Are you worried about going to the doctor next week? Sorry that's a dumb question. Of course you're worried."

"Yeah,... I'm worried. Mostly I'm scared stiff. I know what happens there to kids like me. My dad said he didn't care if I had balls or not. He said I'd be better off if I was castrated."

"I'm sorry, Dani."

"Not as sorry as I'm going to be." Daniele smiled weakly. His sense of humor was greatly diminished but he could still find amusement in the world around him. "That passive resistance thing,... It really worked?"

"It worked for India," Lane said absently. He reached out to stroke Daniele's hair, wishing that he could tell the boy how much he loved him. "I'm afraid for you, Dani."

"Yeah, me too.... What do you think it will be like? Afterwards, I mean."

"Probably at first, not a lot different to now," Lane said vaguely. "It'll a take a few years."

"Because of me not starting puberty until then?"


"I don't want to be castrated like my dad said. That's when they cut them off with a knife."

"You probably won't be," Lane said awkwardly. "As I understand it, there are other methods. You get to chose which one you want. Or at least, your parents choose for you."

"Some choice," Daniele said sarcastically. "They say all that crap at school about it being my body and making the right decisions for it, but it really isn't."

"I'm afraid not, Dani. Not for this decision anyway."

"Will,... um,..." Daniele stared downward. "Mr. Lane, will you still like me?" he asked in a fearful rush. "I mean,... when,... I don't,... have them,... and I can't,...."

"Oh Dani. I'll always like you. We'll always be best friends if I have anything to do with it."

"This passive resistance stuff that Gandhi did in India? Tell me about it please?" Daniele asked quietly.

"You know about Gandhi?"

"Duh. I do read, you know. So tell me what you know."

"Hm,.... Well,..." Lane paused. "First off, before we talk about this, I want no more thinking about killing yourself. You have to promise me that you'll call me whenever you start thinking like that. I don't care if it's two o'clock in the morning."

"Okay," Daniele replied.

"Dani," Lane began. It was the moment he dreaded. "I'm going to be very honest with you. Short of doing that, or running away from home, there isn't a lot that you can do to stop it from happening. The law is very explicit. All they need is your parents' permission."

"I kind of figured that from what my dad said."

"You're a very brave boy."

"So what do I do?"

"You have to let them know in no uncertain terms that it is being done against your will. That they have given you no other choice," Lane explained. "You resist."

Daniele nodded slightly, storing the information away. "But I have to resist passively?"

"Make them tell you exactly why it has to be done. Ask them for proof that the da Vinci gene causes pedophilia," Lane suggested. "Don't antagonize them more than necessary, but make them realize that you know what they are doing is wrong."

"Hm,... I could ask them how God managed to make such a terrible mistake with me when he's supposed to be so great?"

Lane laughed. "That's the idea. I wouldn't let them see me cry, or realize that I'm frightened. I'd like to think that I'd be stoic throughout."

"Stoic?" Daniele asked. "Oh, you mean like enduring?"

Lane nodded and smiled, reflecting on the stoic traditions of Ancient Greece. Daniele would have fit right into that society. Plato would have loved him. He could easily imagine the boy being courted by his suitors.

"Just remember that you're smarter than all of them and that true morality is on your side. What they are doing is a horrific breach of medical ethics," Lane continued.

He did not add that the vast majority of doctors had washed their hands of implementing the NICE requirements, that the National Institute for Sexual Health had been forced to recruit and train technicians to perform much of the work that was needed. According to the media, the Institute staff were struggling to reach their goals, sometimes doing what under other circumstances would be considered gross incompetence in any court of law. Perhaps worst of all were those unfortunate boys who had been sterilized after their DNA test results were improperly assessed. For pedophiles, it seemed that exigency ruled the day.

"There's really nothing we can do to stop them is there?" Daniele asked abruptly. "All I can do is just make it a bit more difficult for them. I'm still going to be castrated."

"Right now, I'm afraid that's true, Dani. You just one boy against the rest of the country, and even if screamed your head off it wouldn't make any difference. What you can do is make them aware that you know what they're doing is very wrong. It's a crime against humanity and God, Dani." Lane ended, barely believing that he, an atheist, had uttered those words.

"Yeah, but so what. So I get to feel righteous, but I'm the one who gets sterilized if my parents agree to have it done."

Lane nodded. For an adult, the NICE Act demanded that he agree to treatment, unless he was incarcerated. Then, an officer of the court could make that decision on his behalf, just as a boy's parents could decide what was best for him. And the US Supreme Court had decided in its infinite judicial wisdom that such actions were not only `effective', but were considered `appropriate' to `correct one of nature's worst mistakes.'