A N.I.C.E. Boy, by Ganymede

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A N.I.C.E. Boy, Part 18

More Adult Pedophiles Undergo Sterilization

Washington Star, June 6th, 2005

Today, a spokesperson for the National Institute for Sexual Health announced that over 1,000 adult men per month are undergoing voluntary sterilization as part of the N.I.C.E. program, established more than a year ago. The N.I.C.E. legislation of 2004 provided for the emasculation of pedophiles in order to eliminate the da Vinci gene. It is the da Vinci gene which causes the type of pedophilia that attracts men to boys. The tribunal, set up to implement and administer the requirements of the N.I.C.E. legislation has developed a far-reaching strategic agenda and introduced such programs as NICE Boys to sterilize prepubescent boys. During the year since its formation, NICE Boys has achieved outstanding success, both with the boys who are afflicted and by getting their parents to appreciate the need for treatment. Until effective gene therapy can be developed to correct the problem during the fetal stage, the eradication of the gene as required by law, necessitates complete and permanent elimination of testicular function. Dr. Harold Bates, speaking on behalf of Dr. Jarvis Wright, said that over a thousand boys aged between seven and eleven years old have received NICE treatment this quarter alone, up 33 percent from the previous quarter. The percentage increase for adult men is only slightly lower although fewer men are involved at this stage simply because the adult program has been in operation for only nine months.

The success of the NICE Boys program, and the recently introduced NICE Men program, have placed such a severe strain on the Institute's medical facilities that surgical sterilizations have been put on hold for all but extreme cases. For example, when castration is the only option available or to remedy problems resulting from another method. Dr. Wright, one of the members of the Tribunal is currently visiting Iraq to assess the effectiveness of that country's mass sterilization program that is currently being used for mentally unfit and criminally insane males.

For men wishing to undergo voluntary sterilization, the only Institute-approved option that is presently available for treatment is an injection to dissolve the testis. However, an extensive research effort is underway in testing other methods, including the expensive ultra- sound technique which has been demonstrated to be highly effective for pre-pubertal boys as well as preserving the physical appearance of the genitals. Currently, over 100 men in six states have been studied in a pilot program with limited success. The success rate when the method is used for boys is close to 99 percent, while in the pilot program it is only 60 percent. Researchers at the Institute attribute the difference to the much larger testicular volume of the adult male, causing incomplete disintegration of the cell structure. If those cases where there is partial emasculation, castration is performed.

Despite the problems, Dr. Bates anticipates that men will continue to take advantage of the opportunity to do the socially and morally responsible thing. "Certainly, men are coming forward to register and be treated for pedophilia because of the so-called two strikes law which requires lifetime imprisonment for pedophiles for their second offence. And next year, the tax credits that will available to them are even more generous." The tax credits are formulated on the donation value of the testicles and include a one year amount of up to $60,000, based on the taxable income of the three preceding years. Other factors are also considered, including the age of the donor and marital status. An annual tax credit of $10,000 is also allowed if a man does not participate in the testosterone replacement program.

Mrs. Marjorie Kincaid, Special Programs Director of NICE SON, the support organization for NICE Boys and their families, agreed that men are coming forward in greater numbers to be registered and receive treatment. She encourages them to become mentors to NICE Boys. "Mentoring is a crucial part of ensuring our boys' happiness," Mrs. Kincaid said. "After being identified as carrying the da Vinci gene and being subjected to treatment, there is not much of a future for most of our boys. Placing a neuter with an appropriate male role model is the single most important thing that we are able to do to assist the boy to have a productive life."

Chapter 18. NISH Region Six ETC Camp, New Harmony, Indiana, June 6th, 2005.

Daniele awoke in a sweat. His dream, almost a nightmare, fled into his subconscious, to a place where it would be forgotten until the next time he slept. This time it had been Nicky, even more beautiful than in life. They were in a garden, Arcadia, just the two of them. They were naked and free to do whatever they wanted. Nicky's enticing smile, innocent yet brooding with juvenile lust had seduced Daniele, or had it been the other way around. Had he seduced Nicky, like before, with a game that had started by exchanging glances in the ice-cream parlor? Did it make any difference? Not when he was aroused, not when he needed to satisfy his craving. Not when his penis was far enough inside Nicky's tiny bottom that he could feel the intense heat, and a pressure that threatened to overwhelm him. It felt like his `dick was being strangled'. That was how Dustin had once described it, being inside a young boy's rectum. Then suddenly, half-awake, half-asleep, his thoughts became centered on Dustin again. His forehead was beaded with perspiration, his hair disheveled, his breathing restless. He grumbled sleepily, slowly coming awake. It was unlike him to wake up irritable. It took a few seconds before he was fully aware of his surroundings, before reality returned. It was a peaceful all-too- short interlude. A few seconds passed much too quickly. Suddenly he became aware of the thing that was still inside him. Without thinking, he fought against it and tried to force it out of his body, but without success. It was immovable beyond a point. His downward pressure only served to make it worse. The harness tightened, then forced it back where it had come from as soon as his efforts faded. It filled him, pressing against the immature gland buried within his slender abdomen, doing nothing to alleviate the shame he felt. He was consumed with disgust as he remembered the night before. It seemed so long ago.

The problem then as now, was that it felt good. There was no getting past it, no matter how much he wanted to hate what had been done to him. It had hurt terribly at first, but even then his revulsion came not from what was happening, but his inability to resist his body's response. It was so good that despite how much he wanted to hate it, he wanted it inside him. It had taken the counselor the best part of an hour to install the ten plugs. By then, Daniele was exhausted. His body had been racked by orgasm, not one or two of them like the other boys, but by seemingly endless climaxes. As soon as one had passed, he had waited for the next one, wanting to reach the peak again with a desperate longing.

Even enduring his own agony, Daniele still had a vague memory of seeing the last slim plug being inserted. He would never forget the sneering look on the counselor's face. The last boy, Connor, had been fitted with a `nine-zero', the smallest one in the `large' pack. Everyone in the cabin, perhaps the entire camp, knew that Connor wasn't a virgin. The word had gotten around quickly. He hadn't been a virgin for more than a year, not since he started having sex with his older brother. His anus was well-used, even abused by some standards, but Hart had done it almost lovingly, stroking the boy's bare back as he slowly, carefully slid it in. He made sure that Daniele was watching.

With all ten boys penetrated, plugged and strapped for the night, Hart had inserted a DVD into the player and turned on the large flat-screen television. Then, with their transmitters buzzing at the low range, he had left them and gone into his own room. The video was obscene and depicted two homosexual men having intercourse. For one hour and twenty minutes there was no plot to speak of, just sex. Hart had seen it before and he had no interest in seeing it again. He even closed the door so that the boys' moans would disturb him.

Daniele shifted to a more comfortable position and winced as the plug was forced still deeper. Like that, it levered directly against his prostate, forcing him to move once again. He tried to push it out without luck. The harness prevented anything beyond the slightest movement. It only served to tighten his anus around the shaft. Ten hours earlier he would have cried. This time there was only an uncomfortable ache, but there was still no relief. He dared not remove the harness without the counselor's permission. He closed his eyes and tried not to think about it. The bulbed end seemed to force his opening even wider with every breath, with even the slightest movement. He tried to relax that part of his body, tried not to feel it, still dwelling on the video he had watched. His mind was filled with contradictions. No matter that he only wanted to go back to sleep. Boys. Beautiful boys. Little boys like Nicky and Grey, boys who made his heart quicken, then race. Then Carter Browning. Sweet Aaron, who was sleeping in the bed next to him, who always smiled at him. Blond-headed Connor who looked like the warrior boy in his favorite movie. And more boys, dozens of boys who had been his friends over the years or who he had admired from afar. There were men too, although men had never entered his mind before, not like this. His thoughts were increasingly of men having sex. He thought about Dustin and another boy, not him, having sex. And always that feeling inside him, deep inside, like an endless pressure that wanted to get out.

In the dim light of early morning, still an hour before the sunrise, Daniele watched a shadow cross the room. Dark, small, moving silently, coming closer, then skirting his bed. Then, passing Aaron's bed, creeping down the line of beds, stopping at the last bed. He heard the rustle of sheets being lifted back, a muffled whisper, the creak of the bed frame as the weight doubled. The last bed was Tyler's bed. Tyler was frail and pale, his skin almost white, as if the sun had never touched his body. Daniele liked him less because his visitor had to be Connor. There was no one else it could be, not from that side of the room. Tyler and Connor were always hanging out together, and although Daniele was prepared to forgive Tyler for that because he knew what it was like to be lonely, he could not accept that they might be friends. The bed creaked again. He heard a soft sign, then a giggle. His ears pricked, listening for the slightest sound.

"Take it out, Con."

"I'm trying. Jesus, it's like it's glued in. There."

"Shhhh.... Now, put yours in."

"Where's your lube?"

"I forget. I think it's on the floor somewhere."

"I can use spit?"

"Nah. It's slippery as hell. Just do it. It's plenty big enough for what you've got."

More giggles. "Okay."

"Yeah. You got it first go. Slow. I want to feel it going in. Oh, yeah,... that's good."


"Sure. As far as you can. Oh yeah. Keep pushing slowly."

"It's loose."

"What'd you expect? Yeah, slow like that."

"You got it all, Ty."

"Feels so nice.... Let me get my breath, Con. Okay,... let's do it. Fuck me slow. I want it, deep and real slow."

Like the video the boys had watched the night before, Daniele heard the sounds of sex, muted, slippery sounds, not the loud straining groans of two men locked in passion, but two boys doing what came naturally to them. The pace was slow, the motion little varied but calculated to give pleasure to both of them; deep, forceful thrusts that forged unforgettable bonds between two boys. Daniele was envious. He wondered what it felt like, for Connor as much as Tyler. He had longed to do that to a little boy, Nicky or Grey, or some other boy who wanted to be loved like that. That it would never happen filled him with sadness.

"You awake, Web?"

Daniele jumped at the sound of Aaron's voice, a soft whisper that reached out the few feet between them. They had become friends. Not like Connor and Tyler were friends, because their friendship was far more than merely passing the time together or a matter of convenience. Their lives had become entwined.

"Uh huh," he answered in a breathy secretive way that was destined only for Aaron's ears. He had not intended for his whisper to sound eager.

"Me too."

There was an awkward pause. "They're doing it."

Daniele hesitated to acknowledge the obvious. He knew some of the boys were having sex during the night, despite, or perhaps in spite of the strict rules about boys having sex at camp. Only the night before, a few minutes after the lights were turned out and Hart had gone, two of the boys had left the cabin and gone outside into the darkness. He had been asleep when they returned.

"Yeah. It sure sounds like it," he murmured sleepily.

"Does it hurt bad?" Aaron asked guiltily.

It was the first time he had mentioned what had been done to Daniele. There had been no opportunity to talk during the night. His voice trembled.

"Yeah, it's sore I guess. Mostly it just feels awfully big back there."

"I'm sorry. I don't know why Hart doesn't like you."

Daniele sighed. "Me either. He can be a real ass-hole if he puts his mind to it."

The bed holding two boys creaked.

"Connor's doing it to Ty," Aaron whispered urgently.

"Uh huh. It sure sounds like it's in his butt."

"No shit," Aaron answered. "The next time he farts it'll sound like this," he added with a quiet whistle.

Tyler's gas problems were of little concern, not like some boys who were always farting, but it was funny at the time. Daniele smiled although he had little to smile about. He was worried about whether he'd be able to defecate normally again. From across the room, one of the boys groaned, but it was impossible to tell who it was.

"That sure was fast," Aaron observed breathily.

Daniele lifted his head up. In the darkness, he could just make out the white sheet on Aaron's bed. It was vibrating where Aaron's left arm was. Aaron was left-handed like he was. He wanted to say something, but he wasn't at all certain what it was that he wanted to say. He left Aaron alone to finish what he had started.

"Web?" The fluttering stopped as Aaron twisted over to look back at Daniele.


"You still hurt bad there?" For some reason, Aaron sounded even more anxious than he usually did.

"No. It's okay," Daniele answered humbly.

He wondered why Aaron sounded the way that he did,.... His voice seemed to change, almost to waver nervously. It sounded as if he was excited. Excited? Aaron? He was always so reserved.

"What do you think it feels like?"

"Sex?" Daniele asked uncertainly.


"Nice,... I suppose."

"You ever done it?"

He discounted what he had done with Grey as two children playing an innocent game, if only because he was too young to know what he was doing. However, it had been sex with Nicky and Carter. He was old enough then. The thrill of being with another boy, of seeing the other boy become sexually aroused, of knowing that he, Daniele Webster had caused that arousal; the sense of triumph that he had achieved his desires. The only problem was that both of those times had become unpleasant memories. He took a deep breath. He wondered about what had happened with Dustin when he put the cup on, or the other times. Was that sex? It was, he decided, but it was not something he would ever tell another person. Mostly, Dustin had been teaching him about his body or trying to make him feel good.

"No, not really," he answered. "Have you?"

"Um,... Kind of,..." Aaron sounded like he was holding something back. "I've done some stuff,...I play around with my little brother,... you know. So we,... um,... do stuff, but not everything," Aaron added hastily. He sounded guilty, not as if he was ashamed or lying, but still holding back.

Even though he had always thought that there weren't supposed to be secrets between best friends, Daniele wanted to ask what Aaron had done with his little brother. However, he was wise enough to appreciate that some things were private, and sex was one of them. He wished that he was close enough to Aaron that they could share their problems, exchanging their secrets as he did with Dustin. Perhaps it was because Dustin was more than his best friend. As far as he knew, they had no secrets from each other.

Aaron suddenly turned onto his back, lifting his arms back behind his head. His erection stood straight up, unwavering in its squat youthful hardness. Daniele had seen Aaron's aroused penis before, but only from a distance, the distance between their beds. He had seen enough to realize that it was quite a bit larger than his when it was stiff.

"Do you want to do stuff?"

Daniele panicked. "Huh? You mean do sex?" he blurted out.

"Sh! Duh! What do you think?" Aaron giggled strangely.

"I,... I,... don't know,... Um,..."

He breathed out. Ever since he had gotten onto the bus for the ride to camp he had wanted so badly to be held and comforted by someone, the way that Dustin comforted him. It was as if the man always knew what Daniele wanted. Dustin always knew what to say or do to make him feel better. Not once had he ever been lonely when he was with Dustin. The two E-mails he received so far were funny and interesting, but not enough. His pillow, even though he hugged it tightly throughout the long hours of night, offered no solace. He was still lonely for human warmth. He had been miserable ever since he had watched Dustin waving goodbye when the bus departed.

"We're not supposed to, Aaron," he said guiltily. "It's against the rules."

Specifically, rule two, spelled out in no uncertain terms in the camp handbook that they had all been required to study during the first orientation session. Daniele had read the book one time and could repeat the rules word for word.

"No one will know. Fart's snoring so he has to be asleep."

Grinning, Daniele glanced at Aaron. He was sitting up now, looking directly at Daniele. All he needed was a nod and he would cross the few feet that separated their beds. The nod was slow in coming, but it came nonetheless. He needed Aaron's warm body against his. Cautiously, Aaron lifted the covers back. Like Daniele, he was still naked from the night before, and like Daniele, he still wore the nylon harness. Daniele could just make out the thin dark straps as Aaron came closer. Following instinct, he lifted back the sheet. Aaron paused, looking down at him. His slender body was so dark against the white sheets that he could have been mistaken for a different race.

Aaron came down, positioning himself so that he straddled Daniele's nude body. He knelt there above him, momentarily surveying the boy beneath him as if waiting for approval to close the distance between them. Again, Daniele obeyed his natural inclinations and smiled up at Aaron. He nodded his willingness to couple.

Mostly, Aaron was smooth and soft and deliciously warm as he lowered himself, but part of him was hot and hard and jabbed against Daniele's crotch. He felt a sigh ripple through the other boy. He felt Aaron's body merging with his own slim form, pressing down until the fronts of their bodies were in full contact.

"You feel so good," Aaron said dreamily.

His penis burned against Daniele's groin, his breath moist and strangely refreshing even though it had the staleness of morning.

"You too."

Having Aaron pressed against him felt very strange. In a way, it was wonderful, far better than anything that words could describe, to have another naked warm body lying over him, but Daniele had been cheated of what he really wanted. All his life, he had longed to feel a little boy's body pressed against him. Except for a single incident with Grey, throughout his entire life that single vital need had been unfulfilled. He accepted the impossibility. Aaron was an tolerable alternative, but even as his dreams and desires should have been satisfied, he shrank back. There was no heart-pounding thrill from the first contact of their juvenile sex organs, the sharing of their warmth. Certainly, the pressure of Aaron's body was vaguely reassuring, but nothing more than that.

Not understanding, Daniele lay very still. He was barely aware of Aaron's movement, of the exploratory roaming of the other boy's hands along his flanks, the undulating rocking of a bony pelvis against his hips.

"You feel soft like my little brother," Aaron whispered. "But he's not hard like you. You have muscles everywhere. You're so hot."

Daniele detected the sound of infatuation, yet there was no such obsession on his part. Sometime during the night his desire had been stolen from him. He felt nothing, not then, not ever again. He tried to move his arms to embrace Aaron. There was a sudden awful gnawing in his belly, the rising taste of bile, mental anguish of knowing the consequences that drained his desire. He waited for the horrible pain to explode through him. He knew what would ensue if they stayed in bed together. He knew that Aaron wanted to have sex, that his friend would try his best to make him feel nice, but he would not feel the way he was supposed to feel. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Inside, revulsion tinged his memories. He lay quietly, acquiescing. He forced himself to stop thinking about what was happening, yet there was still the unmistakable feeling that he would lose control of his bladder if he so much as touched the other boy. He felt exactly the same after the counselor used the transmitter. He had been at camp long to make a difference. Fortunately for Aaron he had been spared the worst of Hart's torment. It would take a few more days before he was incapable of getting an erection with Daniele, or any other boy for that matter.

"I do this with Jakie all the time," Aaron confided without confidence. "Rubbing off I mean."

His motions were anything but awkward. His rigid penis poked against Daniele's limpness with oblivious freedom. Daniele tasted bile again and closed his eyes, fighting the conditioned reaction. Despite his continuing discomfort, he did not want to spoil it for his friend. Aaron sounded hungry and happy at the same time, his voice trembling with excitement. For one boy delectable sensations, engaging another body that was so warm and soft, sliding belly to belly, sweaty groin to groin. For the other, there were only detestable feelings, submitting because it was expected of him. He envied Aaron's simple pleasure.

Aaron giggled, now shamelessly aroused, telling more than prudence dictated, even to a close friend.

"I think I must be a pervert, Web."


"Well,... see Jakie's only seven, and he loves rubbing together like this...." Aaron giggled softly.

They shared the same bedroom. It took a few times to get the little boy used to it. Then, his brother hankered after more. Their father turned a blind eye to the boys' antics. Most brothers had sex at one time or another, or many times for that matter, but he drew the line at incest between fathers and sons. He was content to listen to what his sons did together.



"You want to know a secret?" Aaron said furtively.

"Uh huh."

He considered telling Daniele about his father. He bit his upper lip. "Um,... Jakie's like me I guess,... Ah, so we do other stuff as well. See,... Jakie sucks my dick too."

Only a few days earlier, Daniele would have been elated, overjoyed even to think about having oral sex with a boy that young. Ever since the incident with Nicky, he had dreamed about doing that for as long as he could remember. Licking the outside of a penis was definitely not the same as sucking it. However, the very idea of taking a little boy's penis into his mouth sickened him. Even thinking about the electric shocks surging down his spine were far too awful to bear. He would never need to contemplate the legal consequences of the act for the memory of Hart's cruel punishment was sufficient to modify his behavior for the rest of his life. He tensed in angry frustration. It was a need that would forever remain unsatisfied.

Aaron eased from lying over him to lying beside him. His hands wandered over Daniele's reluctant body on a voyage of discovery. Daniele was aware of the tickling sensation, of Aaron's fingertips finding sensitive places, his nipples, his navel, the firm muscles of his lower belly, moving ever closer to his private place. His body was hot, yet within Daniele his penis felt like it was chilled with fear. He wanted to tell Aaron to stop. The other boy's fingers advanced cautiously yet courageously onto his genitals.

"Where did your cup go?" Aaron whispered.


Nervously, Daniele groped between his legs. Over the last two and a half weeks he had become accustomed to the little ball being there whenever he showered or urinated. It had become as much a part of his body as his penis or scrotum. Now, he felt,... nothing. The hard shell was gone. His fingers touched withered flattened skin. It was not the soft delicate skin of a young boy's scrotum, skin that should have been loose and relaxed from the heat of lying in bed, or even the wrinkled, tight knot that might have been there had Daniele been sexually aroused.

"It's gone," he muttered in disbelief.

Of course, everyone said it was supposed to fall off after it had done its job, and there were even a few boys in the cabin who had suddenly become very self-conscious when undressing because their cups were gone, but after two and a half weeks Daniele still expected it not to happen to him.

"It must have fallen off during the night," Aaron whispered.

"I guess," Daniele agreed reluctantly. "It was pretty loose yesterday."

"You feel really funny there. It's almost all gone."


It was difficult for him not to be angry. Despite what he had been told would happen he had always retained hope that the cup would not work on him. That whatever was inside the little cup was still there, safe inside the little red plastic sphere, but it wasn't. It was gone. It felt like there was nothing left of his scrotum. The remaining vestige of his maleness was his limp unresponsive penis. Aaron gently pushed Daniele's hand away and continued to fondle the scrap of skin that remained.

"I can barely feel your balls," he observed with fascination. "They're so small, like tiny little beans."

"I guess so. That's how they're supposed to end up," Daniele replied without interest.

"You'll have to go to the nurse after breakfast," Aaron continued.

Daniele shrugged indifferently. At least it was over, finished, done with. There was no getting away from it. He wasn't a boy any more, not a real boy. He was,.... He choked on the thought,.... He was a `nuck. A eunuch. A neuter. A NICE Boy.

"Do you want to feel mine?" Aaron offered guiltily.

Daniele shrugged uncomfortably. However, the offer had been made and it would be discourteous to reject the offer. Awkwardly, he extended his hand. Aaron's upper thigh lifted up. Daniele's fingers brushed against the other boy's erection. It was so stiff that it quivered expectantly. Daniele jerked his hand away. He took a deep breath and tried to tell himself that the counselor was still asleep, that he would not be punished if he just touched Aaron's body for a second or two. Again he tried, this time bringing his hand up from underneath so that he wouldn't touch that short hard spike of boy-flesh. His fingers grazed Aaron's hairless thigh. It was as soft and smooth as his own but it lacked the powerful kicking muscles of Daniele's thighs. Daniele trembled, expecting the agony to commence. His hand shook mercilessly.

Then, Aaron's hand closed over his and pulled upward. He placed Daniele's hand directly onto the supple ample bag of his scrotum, firmly pressing Daniele's fingers into the skin. For a moment, Daniele was shocked. He had seen, but not touched, and from a distance, Aaron's scrotum looked perfectly normal. He felt Aaron's testicles beneath his fingers. They were large enough to be easily felt, yet each egg was spongy soft. They were distinctly malleable, like Jello surrounded by bundled cords. Quickly, Daniele drew his hand back.

"They're big."

"Yeah, for mush," Aaron brooded.

"At least you've still got your nuts," Daniele said resentfully.

Aaron sighed wistfully "So have you, Web. Okay, so they're tiny, but it'd be worse if they cut them off all together."

"Or used injections," Daniele added bitterly. "That was the other choice. My folks didn't care one way or the other so it was my choice. Some choice huh? I wish mine were like yours."

It all came down to money, he realized. Money brought power and privilege. And special treatment for young boys like Aaron. He had read somewhere, although he could not remember where, that the cost of fitting a boy with a cup, or giving him injections, was less than a hundred dollars. Less than a hundred dollars to take away his manhood, to eliminate a boy's future.

"You're lucky," he added miserably.

"Maybe, but only because I'm with you," Aaron whispered. "When I saw you at school, you were always hanging out with other kids. I wanted to be close to you so much it hurt inside. I wanted you to be my friend so much, and now you are."

Aaron pressed against Daniele, holding his still-hard penis so that it pointed into the other boy's groin. He worked the head against Daniele's lifeless penis, prodding and nudging hopefully.

"Your dick is as hard as steel," Daniele mumbled. "Unlike my stupid looking thing."

It was impossible not to be envious, not when his own penis, always so quick to become erect in the past, had become unresponsive. It had been two days since his last voluntary erection. It was both a relief and unsettling. Perhaps the cup had worked after all. The brochure that came with it mentioned that boys would experience a diminished capacity for erections. Perhaps it was a side effect of the electric shocks, except that he had always become erect when the counselor used the button to control him. He wondered absently whether he would always need the training band to become sexually aroused. The possibility depressed him even more than the insidious effects of the plastic cup. But the cup was gone and all that was left was a scrap of withered dark skin to show where it had been.

"I bet I can get yours stiff," Aaron said teasingly.

"It's okay," Daniele answered abruptly. "I don't mind. I guess I'm finding out what it's like to be a neuter. It's not very nice."

There was a long silence that lasted until the first light of dawn. Aaron continued to rub his penis back and forth across Daniele's compact groin, trying to arouse him but without success. The pleasure was anything but mutual. Strangely, even though Daniele could detect little difference in the feeling in his scrotum, he did not undergo the same urgent thrill that he had experienced with other boys. It felt much as he remembered it, a warm glow, a comforting tickle. He had a vague thought that it might be different if only Dustin was doing it instead.

"Do you want to do it?" Aaron asked in a sudden anxious rush.

"Do what?" Daniele said sleepily. He had been dozing, content to let his friend do whatever he wanted in order to pleasure himself.

"You know...."

It was obvious what Aaron was talking about. It was what Connor and Tyler had been doing. They had stopped moving, leaving the impression that they had gone back to sleep. Yet, intuition or some ingrained instinct, said that sleep would not come easily after what they had been doing.

"What the men were doing in the video?" Daniele returned awkwardly.

At that very moment, he had been thinking about doing that, but not with Aaron. Would Dustin do that with him? The idea of having Dustin's penis inside his body was enticing. It was supposed to be that way, at least according to what the counselor said. Doing it was all that neuters were good for.

"Yeah." Suddenly, Aaron sounded unusually confident. "You want to do it?"

"In general,.... Or with you?"

Daniele couldn't help smiling. Dustin said that there was always a funny side to even the worst situations. You just had to look to find it.

"Um, with me, I suppose.... Well,... do you?" Aaron asked seriously.

"Do you want to?" Daniele asked uncertainly.

His amusement was gone again. He should have been excited. Just the thought of touching Aaron's pale body should have been enough to make his heart begin to beat faster. Now, he was unsure of what he wanted. He was afraid.

"Do it with you, you mean?" Aaron giggled nervously as he realized just how close he was to fulfilling his nearly two-year-long desire.

"I guess so. Unless you plan on doing it with Hart," Daniele joked feebly. "He'd probably be able to get his up your ass by now, but I don't think he likes boys."

"Duh,... The only person he likes is himself." Aaron paused. "I haven't before,... you know."

"Me either."

"I always wanted to,.... not with Jakie though. I know it'll be fun," Aaron said hopefully. "I'd really like to," he added in a rush.


"We could if we wanted. Everyone's still asleep," Aaron replied boldly.

There was still a good chance that at least two other boys were very much awake, even if they were not making a sound, but Daniele could see no point in reminding Aaron of that.

"I,... You really want to do it?... With me?" Daniele whispered, increasingly hesitant.

"Uh huh. Don't you?"

"Do you think it hurts?" His voice always went up a full octave when he was nervous. Now, it seemed to be even higher pitched, ending with a squeak.

"I'm not THAT big." Aaron giggled as he emphasized `that'. It sounded so funny that Daniele had to smile. "Anyway, after what Hart did to you...." he added seriously.

"Yeah, I guess it's pretty big inside me now," Daniele said with a sigh.

He could feel it, thick and powerful like a man, pressing upward into his bowels. The worst part was at the end. It was like a huge unyielding ball, stretching his sphincter. Strangely, he could not object to it being there, only to the manner of how it got there. It almost felt natural, as if it was supposed to be there. He wondered whether that was what Dustin meant when he said that was how it was supposed to be when you loved someone. You wanted to be joined to them, and for two males, it was the only way to achieve union.

"Mine feels kind of nice, but the one he put in you was way bigger," Aaron said. "I didn't think it was going to fit."

"It didn't," Daniele said ruefully. "It hurt something awful at first, Aaron, but it doesn't even feel tight any more. You could probably stick a baseball bat up me and I wouldn't notice it."

"You don't have to, Web, not if you don't want to," Aaron offered unwillingly.

Daniele sighed sadly. Only a few days earlier he would have felt differently. He liked Aaron. Now, he did not want to have sex, at least not with another boy. However, it was very apparent that Aaron did. Perhaps it was different with the ultrasound treatment? And of course, Aaron had received a different skin-patch, blue instead of pale-pink. At least one of them could be happy.

"It's okay. I hope you know what you're doing stud, because I sure don't."

Aaron grinned. "I think I can figure it out. How difficult can it be to stick your dick in another guy's butt?"

Daniele shrugged remotely, no longer finding humor. Once he had learned from the book what was possible between two boys, he wanted to do it so badly that at times it was all he could think of. He had dreamed of doing it, of putting his penis inside a little boy's bottom, and keeping it there through the long hours of night.

"I guess I'd better take the plug thing out first," Daniele suggested.

"No shit!"

"There had better not be."

They giggled nervously.

"Do you think it gets dirty?" Aaron asked awkwardly.

Daniele shuddered at the thought. It only stood to reason that might happen. Was there always feces in the rectum, or only when you had to defecate?

"Here, let me do it," Aaron said with a sudden urgency. It was as if he could no longer put off the inevitable act that would bind them as friends.

His hand moved to the Velcro strips that fastened the front and sides of Daniele's nylon harness together. It sounded very loud as he carefully peeled the loops away from the hooks. Daniele was certain they were heard, but Aaron did not seem to care. He felt his friend's hand tugging on the straps. The plug was embedded so deeply that it did not want to come out. It seemed to be stuck, gripped inside the tight confines of Daniele's rectum.

"Push out, Web, while I pull on it," Aaron instructed proficiently. His father had told him that sometimes getting it out could be even more difficult that putting it in.

He held it tightly between his fingers, a difficult task given that it was covered with a slippery film. Daniele took a deep breath and concentrated. He pushed down, excreting with his sphincter, with the powerful muscles of his belly, straining to get it out as Aaron pulled. It was ejected with a noisy wet pop, sliding back between Daniele's buttocks. He should have felt relieved that it was out, that his anus could begin the slow process of regaining more normal dimensions, but instead he regretted its absence. It left a void inside him and he found himself wanting it back more than seemed humanly possible. He felt empty. He reached behind him, finding the thick plug on the sheet where Aaron had left it. His fingers closed around it. It was surprisingly hot, 98.6 degrees, like the inside of his body. He held it, resentful of the thing that had stolen his virginity, yet wanting very much to return it where it belonged. By then, Aaron's fingers had found their way between his buttocks, playing in the messy lubricant and the slime that had been expelled along with the plug.

"Man, your hole is huge, Web," Aaron muttered in disbelief.

"Duh. What did you expect?"

Daniele realized that he sounded bitter. He knew he was hurting the other boy's feelings, but he resented that he had been singled out for Hart's cruel pleasure. The events of the previous night had been an ordeal that he would never forget.

"You sure you want me to do this?"

Daniele shrugged in response. He didn't want Aaron to do anything except leave him alone, but he was not about to say that. He fingered the slippery plug. It had seemed so much bigger when he had first seen it. It was almost as if it had shrunk during the night.

"Just do it, okay."

"Lie on your side,... like last night,...."

Aaron's voice trembled with excitement for good reason. For two years he had worshipped the Eurasian boy from afar, whenever he saw him at school. Although he would never admit it, he was in love with the seemingly unattainable, quixotic Daniele Webster. There were times that he pretended that his younger brother was Daniele, but he was dark-eyed and sensuous, and indescribably beautiful; everything that Jakie was not. He was nervous with anticipation of doing what he had fantasized about ever since he had first set eyes on him, the boy who had only in the last few days become his closest friend.

"You want me to take yours out?" Daniele asked uncertainly.

"No,..." Aaron whispered back. "It's okay. I like how it feels."

He wriggled closer, using one hand to part the other boy's buttocks, the other hand to guide his penis into the narrow crack that was exposed. Daniele lay quietly, submissive, waiting. He could smell his feces in the mucus that coated the upper half of the plug, although there was no sign of anything. It looked clean, only a dull wet sheen in the faint light. He brought it closer to his nose, keeping it away from his pillow. The counselor had said it would become his favorite toy. The hot blunt tip slide of Aaron's penis along Daniele's crevice, searching for the opening. It was easily found. Daniele felt him there, a warm pressure, surging as it burrowed deeper into his gaping anus. The glans pierced him without warning, the circumcised ridge passing swiftly through the opening, beyond his inner sanctum and into the cavity beyond.

"Oh yeah," Aaron sighed longingly. "It feels so fucking good."

Daniele did not answer. It had been easy, far too easy. He had expected it to hurt. Deep inside, he wanted it to hurt, because pedophiles hurt boys when they did that to them. He tensed and tasted bile, and thought about the instant numbing agony whenever the counselor pressed the button on the transmitter. It happened whenever he dared to think or fantasize about other boys. He could feel the thing moving further inside him, slowly pushing into him with little jerks. He relaxed his muscles the way that Hart had wanted him to relax earlier, but he had been unable to do to the counselor's satisfaction. He breathed slowly, trying so hard not to think of it as another boy's penis. Not that, because if he did, the electric shocks would begin again. It seemed as if Aaron's penis was getting bigger, at least that was how it felt. It felt big like the plug he held in his hand, but it was not hurting, not even a twinge, just a gentle pressure and the sensation of something expanding inside him, filling the void back up again.

"Oh Web, it's so fucking hot."

Aaron almost never cursed or used foul language, not like some of the boys who cussed interminably when adults were not around. Daniele concentrated and thought about Dustin, although any man would have served the purpose of diverting his thoughts away from little boys. Dustin, who said that he had once done the same thing to another boy. Dustin, who would probably do it with Daniele too, if he said he wanted to, because he loved him. Dustin's penis would be huge, like the plug, or even larger. It was definitely much larger than Aaron's penis.

"It's in all the way," he heard Aaron mutter from behind him.

Aaron stayed motionless, basking in the intense satisfaction that came from penetration. It was even more fulfilling because he was with Daniele, actually inside him, contained by that beautiful body that he had longed to touch ever since he had first seen Daniele at school.

"Oh Daniele," he sighed as the loose sphincter quivered around his engorged member. "Oh,.... That feels so nice."

He sighed again and cautiously eased back so that his penis, now throbbing with a life of its own, slowly withdrew through the weakened canal. Daniele was tender there, yet the muscle instinctively grasped, tightening around the other boy's sex organ. It was tight enough that Aaron groaned softly. He took a deep breath and repeated the exercise, savoring the stimulation, the sense of power that came from the manly act.

On the third thrust, he pulled back too far and his erection slipped out of its warm abode, slapping wetly against Daniele's upper buttock as it escaped. He hurried to reinsert it, his hands shaking with excitement. It stabbed back into Daniele, quickly regaining lost territory. The same thing happened on the next inept thrust. Daniele's anus seemed to be loosening with every plunge. With growing frustration, he regained possession.

"Sorry,... can't fucking help it" he muttered. He was almost incoherent with lust.

Daniele barely nodded. He wanted it to be over. The thing inside was hot, as hard and demanding as the plug and been, unbelievably slippery. It felt so much bigger than his finger. He could feel it, swelling and pulsing in erratic waves, stroking deep into his bowels, yet his mind was on other things. The apprehension was more than enough to stifle any pleasure.

Aaron's thrusting was unpredictable. Like any inexperienced lover, he served his own needs first and foremost, oblivious to his partner. He pumped against Daniele's buttocks, no longer caring that the sound of wet sucking flesh could be heard across the room. He was close to achieving climax, the dry pulsing climax of a sexually immature boy. He could feel it building up, the familiar pressure forming in his testicles despite their squishiness. Doctor Sutton had told him that he would still have orgasms, eventually wet ones when the hormone replacements had caused his prostate gland to develop sufficiently. The only change, and one that he would never notice, was the legally required absence of sperm in the fluid he expelled. It was a lot better than the other options that left a boy with nothing at all, or so little that the difference was not worth disputing.

Daniele barely heard a giggle from across the room. With his eyes closed he did not realize that it was now light enough in the cabin for other boys to see what was happening in his bed. Even though the sheet covered their naked bodies, their positions and the movement underneath was more than enough to communicate what was occurring to anyone who happened to be looking in their direction.

Aaron should have stopped when he heard the muffled whispers. He should have extricated his penis from Daniele's slick, oozing rectum. Instead, he continued in his eager prodding, lunging faster as he came ever closer to satisfying his desire. He was so close that he could feel it building, preparing to overwhelm him. Just a few seconds more, a few more thrusts. Faster. Harder. He gasped, ramming his penis so deeply that his pubis was squashed into Daniele's crack. His scrotum knotted so tightly that the misshapen form of his testicles was all but gone from sight. His penis jerked abruptly, and he shuddered as the spasms began. There was another frenzied jerk, and although nothing was ejaculated, it felt exactly as if it had been. Then pulsing, half-a-dozen rapid-fire throbs throughout the short length of the rigid shaft. Aaron whimpered, exhausting his passion inside Daniele for the first and last time. He gasped for breath, suddenly very aware of the silence, a silence that was interrupted only by the pounding of his heart, his urgent gasps. His penis ached as he cautiously removed it, not with the uncomfortable tenderness he experienced when he and Jakie sucked each other's penises and he could take no more of his brother's tantalizing mouth, but from knowing Daniele had been unwilling from the outset. He should have been exhilarated, filled with the sense of success that came from achieving something that he had always desired. Instead, he was unhappy, as unhappy as the boy in front of him. Not that he'd hurt his friend, because he had not. It would have been impossible because overnight the massive dildo had stretched Daniele's anus until it would never be the same. It was more than large enough to accommodate a boy's slim penis, almost large enough for an average-sized man.

Like Daniele, Aaron was unsatisfied. He was left with the depressing realization that even with his mushy testicles, he had finally become a NICE Boy. Both of them had been cheated of the pleasure that Nature intended for them.