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A N.I.C.E. Boy, Part 2

President's Healthy Nation Act Derailed.

Washington Herald, March 2, 2004

In a surprise maneuver worthy of the Italian genius of subterfuge and political cunning, Machiavelli, Congressman Dustin Lane of Illinois managed to derail President Holly Denton's comprehensive Health Nation Act. The legislative package was to set up a system of health delivery for all people that provided equitable and free treatment for all essential health services regardless of income or nationality. This would have had the effect of eliminating the access that wealthy Americans enjoy for superior health care. It would also provide free health care for all visitors and others who have come the U.S. Non-essential health services would be priced according to the tax status of the individual receiving treatment.

While the Act was finally passed shortly before 10.00 p.m., it was only after key parts were deleted or changed. These included modifying the migration status limitation. "At first glance it is easy to believe the Healthy Nation Act is highly desirable. The media's images of the little Navajo boy in Arizona, the baby in Missouri, and the elderly couple in Florida, have created a great deal of sympathy to the issues of health problems going untreated. However, this is without a doubt one of the most outrageous, misguided pieces of legislation that has ever been brought before Congress. If we don't eliminate some of its provisions we will be providing health services to the rest of the world," Congressman Lane said. "Any illegal alien, any visitor, will be able to demand the best health treatment that the country has to offer, and at no cost to themselves."

It was only with the greatest guile and political shrewdness that Lane was able to remove the highly popular genetic testing and database provisions. The supporters of HNA argued that this was crucial to providing centralized support of the newly created health management system and to achieving the breakthroughs in treatment that justified setting up the system in the first place. Mario Gondesonas, the 55-year-old Congressman from Southern California, and Chairman of the House Committee on Health Reform was not prepared for the opposition from both sides of the floor that Lane managed to create. "In this day and age, we must talk about universal health management, not merely providing subsidized medical services to those who cannot afford their own. Without using the latest in scientific research, we are unable to detect the health patterns that affect our entire country," Gondesonas said. "America is crying out for legislation that guarantees equitable health for every man, woman and child, regardless of age, income, and immigration status. I cannot abide the un-American mean-spirited attitude that prevails among the independent and junior members of Congress," he said referring to the supporters of Congressman Lane.

Gondesonas said he was shocked at the amount of opposition to genetic testing. "The solution to all of our health problems is technology. This would have enabled doctors to see problems before they become widespread. Instead of treating the disease, we could treat people's susceptibility to the disease. The best offense always starts with a good defense. I fail to see how genetic testing could adversely affect our civil liberties. It is goes against common sense." It had been expected that this part of the bill would cause few problems. Instead, House Democrats had anticipated some Republican opposition to the income provisions and had prepared themselves for a vicious fight. The opposition began as the familiar Republican filibuster that quickly became an extraordinary use of privilege when the control of the floor was handed to independent Congressman Lane. In a ten- minute speech, he referred to the health plan as a ill-advised attempt to institute mediocre medical treatment. "Government has no business legislating the standard of health care when it does little more than pay lip-service to the power of competition in improving quality. The fact is there are not enough doctors and nurses, and a genetic database won't change that. The authors of this act have used genetic testing as a panacea, as if it will solve the inherent problems at forty years of mismanagement by our health insurance companies. What this country needs is better access not greater control. The genetic database provision reeks of Orwell's 1984. Putting this sort of information into a readily accessible computer is tantamount to putting government and the insurance companies in charge of our daily lives. The best way to improve our health system is by reducing the role of the insurance companies in determining what treatments are available, by training more doctors who are better rewarded, and by building a system of health clinics to reach people who are ill-served by the emergency room at their local hospital."

Chapter 2. West Wing, White House. March 9th, 2004

"'s simple, real simple," James Hackman said as he strutted across the floor, peacock-style. Although his dull grey suit was hardly flamboyant, his manner was.

She finished reading the document he had handed to her when he had entered the room. She looked up as the Vice President dropped into the seat and stretched out his legs, making himself comfortable without an invitation. She observed little to respect. He was coarse and undignified, despite the way he acted. Indeed, her critics had scorned their political partnership. Some referred to it as 'a marriage of exigency'. Perhaps they were right she thought as she wondered whether he realized she loathed him.

"Simple? Hardly, James. Don't you realize that you're suggesting? It's,... It's ridiculous, " she scoffed at him, her tone dismissive.

"Of course I realize what a'm a suggestin', Holly. You ass me to look into tha' problem. So I done that. We work 'n it fer six months now. And you know good 's me wha's at stake. Ah've given this a great deal `a effort. This is far tha' best approach `at committee's come up wid. `n fact is, I cain't say I dis'gree with `eir `clusion."

He stopped then, proudly surveying the document on the low coffee table before him. He could tell that the table was old and very expensive just by looking at it. The dark lacquer, the intricate inlaid woods, the precious stones around the sculpted edge. It was a gift from the Chinese Association of Textile Manufacturers from when they had stayed at the White House a few months earlier. Supposedly, it dated from the Ming Dynasty.

"For Christ's sake. It'll never get through Congress," she said abruptly.

"I think it will."

He had never addressed her as Madam President, although that was the appropriate etiquette. James Hackman had a problem with smart white women, and unfortunately for him, the President was smarter than most of them.

"It depends how we sell it. I got tha' numbers studied `n they ain't even close to stoppin' us. Fact is, no one likes a goddamn sex deviate. People wants these perverts gone fer good. Tha's a fact."

"Well, that's true enough," the President agreed. "I was watching Oprah today. She didn't have good word to say for them."

"We cud jail `em all `nstead, but it cost a darn sight more."

"It's not impossible," President Denton said with a hint of a smile. "With the two strikes law, we'd be rid of them for a long, long time."

"Time we crack'd down. Some a' 'em is even gettin' out from tha' big Can'yman porn sweep in '02 `cause some judges is goin' easy. They ought to be goin' down fer life and some's doin' a coupla years a' most. `sa disgrace."

"I agree we need to do something, James, and this is as good a time as any to do it. We got elected because we promised a Just and Fair America! We have to do something about crime, however, I don't think singling out one group like this is all that we have to do. Even if they are pedophiles!"

"Hell, they's evil. They's worse than bein' gay! They get they's rocks off by fuckin' kids. Sorry, 'olly."

"Apology accepted. Just don't forget that the gay community helped to get us in here," she reminded him. "The fact that you don't like them is neither here nor there. They're expecting us to pass a same-sex marriage law and add them as a protected class to the Civil Rights Act. Damn it, this goes directly against that."

"Do it?' The Vice-President laughed. "Most gays dis'sociate from pedophiles. Talk `bout tha' pot callin' tha' kettle black."

"Be that as it may, we still owe them something. They carried California for us."

"So they get wha' they wan'. We get wha' we wan'. If we do everythin' what they wan', they'll be right behin' us on 'is."

"I expect you're right about that, James. I just can't help feeling that this proposal is too radical."

"Ah'm not sayin' we git the knives out right away `n start slicin' off nuts. Hell no! `n we certainly cain't require it by law or the fuckin' civil liberty peoples gonna be all over us. We gotta finesse this show and do it right, even if we go slow fer a while."

"If they ever manage to tie up with the gay contingent,..." she thought aloud.

"See, tha's why we gotta git rid of `em before they git up `n going `gain."

"There's still way too many gays for my taste, even after the AIDS thing got a lot of them," the President agreed with a smirk. There was a story to be told there. "They've still got the power to control this country and they don't even know it."

"More `n likely the fags'll shut up, like I say, `specially if we pass tha' same-sex leg'slation."

"I agree. Mostly, I'm worried that the press will have a field day. "First Woman President Orders Castration of Boys. It sounds terrible!"

The Vice-President laughed. "They ain't gonna do that. Look at them numbers, Holly. We trade maybe some bad press for the Christian Fundamentalists. We pick up ten southern states and a big chunk a' the Midwest, and worse come to worse, maybe we lose California."

"I've looked, James. But they supported me. I just can't.... What do the votes look like?" she asked in an effort to get back on task.

"We can get just `bout every woman from both side to s'pport us just `cause of yo' positi'n. It's `bout woman issues `n all. It's about keepin' families safe. We get most if not all of tha' non-whities `causa me. We'll get a lotta s'port too, just cause most people hates fags, and they don't give a damn `bout `em, even as kids. Tha' senior vote `ll come in too fer much tha' same reason. Add to that we got tha' white male vote from the unions, and the religious vote like I just said. Put `em all `gether `n I believe it'll pass with least a thirty `cent `jority in tha' `ouse. It's like to be a mite higher in the Senate."

"That high?" she asked incredulously.

"Of course, there's gonna be some `sistance from tha' west coast `cause they's so many goddamn intellectuals out there. Might even cost us New York, I `magine. They don't see th' difference `tween doin' it with a man or boy, I guess. We'll stop of lot of tha' gay vote from goin' west with tha' same-sex law. Pity, `cause they voted fer us' but it's not much to lose when we gain three more terms."

"You're probably right," the President agreed. There was truth in what he said. It was a hot issue and people wanted action.

"Course I am."

"Hm,... And you really think the American people will sit still and let this happen? To systematically sterilize 3,000 boys a year who carry the da Vinci gene in order to eliminate pedophilia? Even if they aren't going to be criminals themselves?"

He poured himself more tea and slowly stirred in cream and sugar. Tea tasted like `piss', but she drank it, so he had to as well. A Gallup Poll had been conducted using questions about sex crimes mixed in with injustice and inequality for different social groups. 95 percent of those surveyed supported unidentified measures that could achieve the elimination of alternative undesirable sexualities on a permanent basis. However, unidentified measures were very different to the drastic action called for in the proposal. He shrugged.

"I got it figured. Ta' win we gotta give some `way, right? Make it look better on tha' face. It's gotta look right. People knows it's worse `n homosexuals, but they're gonna say cuttin' off some kid's balls ain't the way to stop it. Pedophilia's an abomination `gains' `manity. `gainst the very principles our forefathers stood fer. It's `gains' nature," he said as eloquently as possible, deliberating leaving out God for the moment.

"What do you have in mind?"

He smirked. "The act don't have'ta say shit about castratin' `em, right? We set up an independen' agency. We give `em the goal of gettin' rid of deviant behavior and let `em go."

"And we load the Agency with people who appreciate what has to happen," the President finished with a knowing smile. "I think you've got it, James."

"Damn right! I know just the person, too. He got hisself a reputation huntin' down pedophiles a coupla years back. He took down some boy-fuckin' Judge in California. Some other perverts too. One boy-fucker even su'cided after they found `im in'cent. He's the man to clean out tha' swamp."

The President smiled and nodded. She had all but given up any chance of getting elected, that was until James Hackman approached her. He knew how to win. The people had a short memory for some things and a long memory for others. The trick was knowing how to play the game. She was in his debt and both of them knew it.

"Personally, I loathe them as much as you do, James! If I had a chance, I'd castrate most men. It wouldn't matter whether they were pedophiles or not. I certainly wouldn't mind doing my ex-husband's miserable balls, even though he's not into boys as far as I know!"

The Vice President laughed weakly. There had been a rumor, but nothing more than that. Her husband had been present at Jack Seidelman's house in Cincinnati when he died of a suppsoed heart attack. By itself it did not mean much, but there was a report that had come into his hands by illicit means suggesting that a young boy, blond, blue-eyed and very good looking, had been present at the time. Plus, the CIA had been involved. He put the thought aside and placed his dark-skinned hand on the sheaf of papers that represented the new act. It was time.

"This's God's will, Holly. We got a chance `ere to fix thin's. There ain't no better time to do this. We can finish what AIDS missed. Tha' country'll thank us. Maybe a few people gonna gripe about kids losing their balls, but there won't be no pedophiles left in a coupla generations."

"But no more da Vinci's either." She could not help sounding regretful, not after her recent trip to Italy and the Vatican. "Give it to me." She held out her hand, opened the document to the second page and read aloud.


Whereas this great nation is founded on the principle of equality, and that recognition of the inherent equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

"Whereas disregard and contempt for the rights of others has resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of this country,..."

She looked up and smiled. "Oh, I like that. A nice touch referring to that serial murderer down south."

"Ah thought of tha' myself. He killed them ten boys. People don't ferget thin's like tha'."

"Excellent-Ah, where was I up to? .... and to create a world in which all human beings shall have the right to fulfill their dreams, to enjoy freedom of belief and freedom from fear of discrimination and physical threat,

"Whereas the children of this country represent its greatest asset, and are its future, and whereas sexual crimes against children constitute the most egregious and hideous crimes and can no longer be tolerated.

"Whereas it is essential, if man is to have recourse against evil and depraved actions that harm the children of our great nation, and as a last resort, to stop the continued oppression of children through wicked acts by those who possess by virtue of biological inheritance, certain genetic flaws that predispose him to deviant and dangerous behavior,

"Whereas the peoples of the United States of America have reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the all people regardless of sexual orientation and in the equal rights of all men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life,

Now, Therefore we proclaim this the Act, our Nation's NATURAL INTERVENTION TO CONQUER EVIL....."

She stopped, thinking. Capitals always drew attention. A person had to be very careful using capital letters when sending something to the Congress.

"Yeah? What is it?" He sounded petulant. This was the best part. He had written most of that paragraph himself.

"Conquer?" she repeated. "It won't do. It reeks of my predecessor. Hm.... But I do like the acronym, NICE. A `C' word? Control? To control evil. Still doesn't sound right. Controlling isn't enough. We want to do more than just control it. We want to get rid of it once and for all."

"How 'bout um,... cure?" James offered graciously. His vocabulary was limited.

"Cure? But we aren't curing anything, are we, not in a medical sense at least. It would be misleading. Hm,... Curb? To curb evil? Much better!" she exclaimed.

After a moment, she glanced down again. N.I.C.E. It had a nice ring to it. It sounded innocuous. Nice, not evil. Natural intervention to curb evil.

"To achieve the universal goals of life, liberty, and happiness, every organ of our society, keeping this Act constantly in mind, shall strive by its actions to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, to secure the same rights for all regardless of their sexual orientation, notwithstanding that those few individuals deemed by our society to possess genetic defects that render them dangerous to society at birth, shall be provided with the opportunity to effect a permanent remedy and to make a positive contribution to society."

The President ceased reading and looked up. She beamed. "It might just work. We give with one hand and take away with the other. It's a very small price to pay."

"Tha's wha' I figured. Go on, it gets better."

"Article 1. Except as excluded under Article 3, all people are entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Act, without distinction of any kind, including sexual orientation,

"Article 2. All people are born free and equal and have the same right to a life of happiness regardless of sexual orientation. They are endowed with reason and moral conscience, and subject to their own religious beliefs, should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Such consensual relationships as may be formed as partnerships under this Act shall be recognized by all government bodies and have the full force of law."

That legitimized gay marriage. She smiled ambiguously. The gay population would be ecstatic. Of course, with the full force of the law behind them, they would be allowed to adopt. That might be problematic. Some people. the righteous right, would complain vociferously.

"Article 3. Those people who are identified as having genetic defects that cause them to endanger others through depraved acts, in particular acts against children, shall be provided with the opportunity of redressing their deficiencies in the most efficacious manner, with the understanding that such treatments are voluntary, but which in order to attain the rights and privileges of society, must effect a comprehensive and permanent remedy that can be verified by examination. In the case of minors, the child's legal guardians shall have sole responsibility for whatever action is deemed desirable. In the case of adults, registration and treatment is discretionary, but for convicted sex offenders, they shall be subject such action as may be mandated by the tribunal herein described."

"What sort of treatment are we talking about?"

That was the question everyone would ask. There was only one treatment. Castration. It was so barbaric. It was the sort of thing one did to slaves, or to anyone with genetic deficiencies. Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally retarded, anyone who could be considered undesirable, the Nazis were prepared to eliminate all of them. If Adolf Hitler had won the war, it was likely that anyone who wasn't the perfect blond-headed, blue-eyed Aryan would have been sterilized.

Hackman hesitated to answer. He sipped his tea, even though he hated the taste. The sugar helped. At least it wasn't bitter. Finally, he had to answer or appear stupid.

"It don't say," he remarked.

"Well, I know that. That's why I'm asking."

Again, not for the first time, she wondered why she had allowed him to be her running mate. What an idiotic expression? They had jogged together once for the press. That was as far as `running mate' extended. There was some innuendo from the conservative commentators, a few jokes on the late night television shows. It was an understatement to say that his reputation preceded him. The mere thought of getting into bed with him turned her stomach.

"Gotta be perm'net and compa'hensive. Boy's gotta lose `is balls fer it t'be perm'net," he said nonchalantly. "Ain't no other way."

She gave him an irritated expression. "It won't fly. The AMA will scream `Hippocratic Oath.'"

"They's tha' alright, damned hip-crits, all a 'em, even wi'out no oath."

She was exasperated, but she kept it hidden. "Do no harm," she explained patiently. He still did not 'get it'. "They won't participate, James. Not if in means cutting of a boy's testicles."

"Don't have'ta cut `em off," James Hackman smirked. "I `eard they's got other ways. 'njections 'n such. Or we do 'em like cows. They got some kinda farm tool fer 'em."

For a moment, she wanted to wipe the snide smirk off his face. It was too late to change things now. She was stuck with him for the best part of three years. No doubt there were other ways of achieving sterility. She continued reading.

"Article 4. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person with the understanding that the right to reproduce and develop to sexual maturity and to engage in acts of intercourse is not protected by the rule of law when a person has the potential to endanger children,

"Article 5. To achieve the purpose of this Act, an unaffiliated Agency will be established, to be directed by a competent tribunal appointed by the President or designee, and approved by the Congress of the United States of America; and shall have all of the rights, responsibilities, and roles granted by the Constitution or by Federal law.

"Article 6. This Act shall extend to minors and adults who have effected treatment of said genetic deficiencies as covered under Article 3, all of the rights, responsibilities and opportunities for the expression of free will in the pursuit of happiness as accorded to other citizens not so afflicted."

"What does that mean?" she asked pointedly.

Hackman shrugged vaguely. He could not remember how Article 6 was derived or what it was there for. It was not his idea, but he could not remember who had suggested it. The President watched him for a moment and then gave up waiting for a response.

"At first glance it's almost void for vagueness. However, it seems to be saying that they can still lead normal lives after they've had this treatment. It doesn't mean shit in legal terms, but it might not be such a bad idea to leave it in. It looks like we're giving something back. We need to think about it."

"Article 7. Subject to the preceding, such individuals who voluntarily fulfill the conditions of Article 3, shall avoid the penalty of lifetime incarceration that results from multiple criminal offences involving the sexual abuse of minors."

She stopped there, closing her eyes to concentrate. That was the incentive. Submit to treatment that results in complete and permanent emasculation and you will not spend the rest of your life in prison. She nodded. The rest of the document was unimportant. With one hand it gave a little to a lot of people and with the other it took back a lot from a few people. It was exactly the sort of legislation that quickly gained approval. It worked like taxes!

"Even though it's ambiguous, they're still going to say that the measures are much too extreme," she said coldly. "The rest of it is right on the money as far as I can tell. Give me the rationale."

The Vice President smiled. She was looking for final justification. That meant that she had bought into the basic principles. Just as everyone else would. It was impossible not to. Everyone hated pedophiles. He rubbed his hands together.

"Firs' all, the Act's `bout fixin' tha' serious problem of pedophiles `n all. Everyone knows pedophiles is on the increase. It don' matter we got tha' two strikes law. An'way, it's not exclusively `bout them, is it? It supports bein' gay, so it don't look like we're out bashin' queers. 'n the gays will support it too, 'cause we had one of 'em on tha' committee. He said it won't matter a damn 'cause most of them pedophiles who likes boys ain't gay."

"I notice that we've been careful to leave the specific details of how the goals are to be achieved. Leaving it up to the discretion of an agency is a stroke of genius."

The Vice President smirked. "I was thinkin' it might be called `Tha' National Ins'tute of Aberrant Sexuality. Tha's SAINT backwards if yer 'clude tha 't' in tha."

The President gave him a strange look. "I really don't care what it's called, James. The most important thing is it's not affiliated with the government. They'll be in charge of testing and implementation. Better yet, the health insurance people really want to set up that DNA database that Lane fucker stopped. We can slip in something in this act to get it started. That way they both can tap into it. There's no point in funding it twice."

"We can fund it wi' grants just like we funded,...."

"That will certainly help," she agreed heartlessly, cutting him off before he had a chance to get started on his usual agenda. "Convince me how we make it work, James!"

Hackman nodded. "Okay. Tha' main point is it's voluntary. Mostly we're talkin' `bout boys under twelve, so 's up to the parents. They don't want some sexual deviate fer a son."

"Why twelve?"

"They tell me yer gotta fix the problem `fore puberty, see, otherwise he jus' gets shirty, Holly. 'sides he's then big 'nough to injure after that. We gotta get `em reoriented too. Turn `em into fags or somethin' instead."


"We was thinkin' of sendin' `em off to a camp. Tha' psychologis' says you get a boy young `nough `n he could be chasin' men after a coupla weeks a' most."

"It sounds like brainwashing," she mused. "Not that I'm against it. Better they're doing it with men instead harming other children, I suppose."

Hackman smiled. `Fer `while there I was thinkin' we needed ta' keep `em outta school. Don't wan' `em pollutin' other kids. Then, I figure why not let `em do sum kinda big brother thing, 'summin' tha' man's been fixed too. Settle `em right into the fag life at tha' outset. We cain't have `em getting' married, least not ta' womens."

The President nodded. "Good point. However, I really can't see a parent agreeing to get little Johnny's balls cut off."

"Like ah said, Holly, one of tha' thin's tha' committee come up with was tha' vast majority of parents don't want some deviate fer a kid. If they got a chance fer straight, they'll take it."

"I agree in principle, but I wish you would answer my questions instead of obfuscate all the time. I think prior to conception, to ensure a normal son, parents would do whatever is needed. Under the right situation it's very likely the parents will do something even after the child is born. My point is that we need to get testing done during pregnancy if we can. Look into that right away. I'm sure it would be rapidly adopted, especially if the Institute paid for the abortion. Now, how about boys who test positive?"

"Tha' committee thinks that fer tha' right incentive most parents er gonna wan' to do it. Either that or see tha' kid in jail. Tha' two-strikes law makes it fer life y'know."W

She nodded. "What sort of incentive?"

"Tha' IRS could offer tax credits," Hackman suggested hopefully.

"Hm,... Not in this lifetime. The budget is tight as it is, especially now that the Healthy Nation is underway. Hm,... but it is a good idea. We just can't do it openly." The President suddenly smiled. "I've got it. The parents take it as a charitable contribution to the Institute," she suggested. "Of course, the treatment would be at no cost. There would have to be a few treatment options to select from so it looks right. It's very likely that most parents will resist the idea at first. We'll need to market it."

She was still unconvinced, but the proposal was beginning to take shape. It was a pity that she had placed Hackman in charge of the project.

"As will tha' little faggots, no doubt. But there ain't nothing they can do, not while they's still children an'way. They don't have no rights in tha' legal sense, and they sure as hell cain't vote. And after tha' reorientation, they won't be no worry."

"Unless I'm mistaken, there is nothing in the Constitution to prevent it," the President mused. "The Declaration of Independence, maybe, with the reference to life, liberty and happiness? But we covered that,..."

"Actually, tha's basis we used fer tha' NICE Act, that and tha' evil argumen'. With the emphasis on equality `n justice and stoppin' crime, `n preservin' tha' society by natural mean, it fit right in."

"I suppose so," she agreed reluctantly. No more da Vinci artists? She sighed.

"We've also got it to be non-`nominational too. Homosexuality is immoral, but pedophilia's `a bomination `gainst God! He's on our side `n this."

"You do tend to exaggerate, James. However, I agree that pedophilia, like any extreme thinking, is inherently destructive to our society. It's extreme, sterilizing 3,000 boys a year, but it'll be worth it in the long run."

"Hell, boys `a been gelded fer a thousan' years, Holly. It ain't nuthin' new. It don' take more'n a few minutes ta' do it. I'm willin' to bet there was even plantation owners who was castratin' brothers. It ain't all that much ta' lose, not fer a kid, not when he's nine or ten. It ain't like he knows what it's fer. They git over it quick."

"The civil liberties people will scream bloody murder."

"It won't make no difference. Tha' rest of tha' country supports us. Time we put 'em in their place."

"I expect you're right. It's really very good legislation. It leaves a lot unspecified. As legal guardians, parents have the right to require medical treatment that is in the child's best interest."

"It's fer tha' chil'en," Hackman said. "They wan' this le'slation."

She resisted the impulse to tell him to shut up. She thought it through aloud.

"All NICE does is legitimize the opportunity to intervene in the natural selection process to ensure that sexual deviants are unable to hurt our children. It's that simple. It's really about achieving equality and justice for all." She laughed. "I'm beginning to appreciate the possibilities. The queers will buy in too seeing as we're supporting alternative sexualites." After a moment, she added. "Begin planning right away, James. We'll need to have the tribunal and Institute set up before it comes reaches me for signature. I don't want any surprises."

"There ain't gonna be no s'prises," Hackman stated unequivocally.

"I do have one more idea for you," she said pointedly. Like that, it was not an idea, It was an order, but not one that came from her.

"You got sumthin' else needs doin'?"

"Yes, and it's related to this." She rubbed her hands together. "Some people might say that we need to pursue the men as well."

"You mean tha' mens whose pedophiles?"

She took a deep breath. Sometimes it was like dealing with a child. "Yes, James, of course that's who I mean. It's going to look bad if we go after the kids and leave the men out there abusing children. We'll direct the Bureau to give it their top priority. We need a national campaign to target pedophiles. A national database for a start. It should be publicly accessible. On the Internet. Anyone who is even remotely linked to sex with kids ought to be on it."

Hackman smirked. "We'll drive `em off tha' streets."

She nodded abruptly, cutting him off before he could say more. "No, James, not off the streets. I want them in jail. We'll prosecute them again and again until we get them where they belong. We'll have the Attorney General develop legislation that gets past the problem of being charged twice for the same crime."

The President finished her tea and stood up, ready to dismiss him. Her favorite television show was on in just a few minutes. She had been known to cut short national security briefings not to miss it.

"There is one more thing," she added guardedly. "I want you to do something about Lane. That bastard tried to fuck my Healthy Nation Act. The genetic testing program that he stopped was an important part of the plan. I would castrate him myself if I had the chance. I want him discredited, James. I want him out of the way for good,... and quietly too. Very quietly," she said with emphasis. "The press likes him for some reason. He's too smart for his own fucking good."

"Ah'll get ta' him right after I finish settin' up tha' tribunal."

Hackman grinned gleefully. The meeting was over. It had taken six months to get there, but the end was in sight. Already, he was thinking of the other members of the tribunal. He would have liked to be on it himself. However, like the President, he could see the rationale for disassociating himself once it had been set up.