A N.I.C.E. Boy, by Ganymede


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A N.I.C.E. Boy, Part 20

Genetic Doom. Are we making a mistake?

American Scientist. June 18th, 2005

Speaking at the plenary session of the 200x convention of the National Association of Genetic Scientists, Professor Calvin Brewster, Ph.D. warned against the genetic consequences of intervening in the natural order. His comments were targeted to address the federal government legislation known as NICE, the acronym for Natural Intervention to Curb Evil. This legislation, which was passed three years ago, has as its primary goal the elimination of a particular gene carried on the male's 23rd chromosome. The gene, termed the da Vinci gene, is responsible for a particular type of superior intellect. It also causes male-oriented pedophilia, and has been targeted for intervention for this reason. Currently, there are two programs underway. NICE Boys, which focuses on prepubescent boys and NICE Men, which begins with adolescence. In all programs, tax credits and other measures are employed as inducements for voluntary sterilization and psychological treatment for pedophilia.

In his address, Professor Brewster reviewed the startling success of these programs since their introduction and used statistics to extrapolate the results over intervals of 25, 50, 100, and 1,000 years. He summarized his findings as a "disaster for mankind in the making". "Deliberate intervention of this type, eliminating what is under circumstances a recessive gene, produces a genetic half-life of a single generation. Within 25 years we will have eliminated 50 percent of the gene's combinatorial power. That's one half of the brilliant minds that we currently have. In two generations, 75 percent of the genetic material that creates human genius will be lost forever. While the decay is asymptotic, it does not bode well for the future of our species. In a thousand years we will be lucky to have a single creative genius of the likes of Leonardo da Vinci in an entire generation. We are systematically weakening the human race in order to eliminate something that we consider socially undesirable. And I stress that undesirability is only at the present time, because there is ample evidence that in some societies pedophilia has not only been socially acceptable, but promoted as being desirable. If we do not take drastic action, the da Vinci gene will be lost forever."

Speaking on behalf of the National Institute for Sexual Health, which is charged with implementing the NICE legislation, Dr. Jarvis Wright countered the statistical approach with reasoned arguments about the societal value of intervening in the natural order. "Pedophilia is the worst form of depravity. It is an evil that is destroying our culture. Everywhere we look, pedophiles are abusing our children. These children are as much our future as the genes they carry. The loss of the da Vinci gene is a small price to pay for their safety. Perhaps we won't have any more Leonardo da Vinci's in the future, but so what. There were lots of other very good artists and scientists at the time he was around who weren't pedophiles. So, we have one less artist, or one less scientist. Is that such a great price to pay when our children will be safe? Besides, we all know that statistics can be used to prove whatever one wants to prove."

Dr. Wright then made reference to the results of a recent phone-in survey that proved that 99.9 percent of Americans supported the introduction of the Institute's programs to control pedophilia. "While no one likes the idea of sterilizing young boys, until alternative approaches can be found, it is the only viable option. Even then, 75 percent of our respondents support the NICE Boys program. The percentage is much higher for the NICE Men program. It was just over 90 percent, and we have reason to believe that number is actually low. If we look at the survey and extrapolate the results, the fact is that 99.9 percent of people are supportive of NISH. They are fully in favor of sterilization if it is the only means of curbing evil. The American people really don't care about the few da Vincis who may be lost in the process because in the long term, society obtains greater benefit by getting rid of pedophiles."

Chapter 20. Champain-Urbana Illinois. June 20th, 2005

They looked at each other like strangers. Half-a-dozen paces separated them, but the distance between them was far greater. Two weeks apart, two weeks that seemed like a lifetime. A lot had happened in two weeks. Dustin tried to signal with his eyes, not meeting Daniele's nervous gaze. Daniele wavered, looked away, swallowed and tried to soothe his parched throat. Again, he swallowed, feeling the dryness like something lodged inside him. Absently, he rubbed his neck and wondered why Dustin was alone. Where was his mother? She was supposed to meet him. Why hadn't she come? One thought dominated. Did Dustin still want him?

Dustin took the first step. Although he did not know how uncomfortable it was for Daniele to walk after he had been sitting in the bus for five hours, it seemed only appropriate that he make the first move. In turn, Daniele moved forward. The plug shifted position. It was huge, so large that the knob on the outer end forced his buttocks wide apart when it was all the way inside him. At the widest point it was exactly 160 millimeters in circumference. Well over two inches in thickness, because the extra-large sizes weren't circular. They were oval- shaped, like a man's penis. Thick, blunt stakes that were intended to permanently displace a boy's intestines. Daniele's harness was tight around his loins, keeping the plug all the way inside. The tip was lodged against his numbed prostate, the pressure enough to drain the will from even the most recalcitrant boy. In two weeks, obstinate, defiant Daniele had become the most obedient, submissive boy of the entire ETC camp. He was lucky that his bowels had not been ruptured by it.

They gazed at each other, several feet closer, still distant. The boy's sad expression dismayed Dustin. Had that much happened to him that they would never be close again? Dustin sought Daniele's eyes, hoping to find the same lively spark that entranced him and made him feel like a boy again. He was still too far away to see more than misery. He smiled what he hoped was a loving smile and held out his hands. Daniele grinned immediately. He started forward, dropping his bag. He ignored the stabbing pressure lodged beneath his spine, that once-taut muscle stretch so wide that he could no longer control his bowels if the plug was removed. Yet, in that sudden rush, running, leaping up to meet Dustin's outstretched arms, nothing mattered other than being with the man he loved. He was swept away, off his feet and into the air in an explosion of affection. Up high, lifted like a ballerina, his arms bending back in a graceful swan-dive, safely held in Dustin's strong hands. Dustin wanted him, loved him, needed him, as much as ever. He felt himself coming back down, the powerful arms still embracing him, never letting go, hugging him. His feet touched the ground but he continued to feel that he was floating. He stood on the tips of his toes, reaching up as high as he could, but his head was still several inches below Dustin's shoulders and a long way from his mouth. He wanted to kiss Dustin so badly that it hurt.

And then Dustin's lips brushed his forehead and his hand cupped his bottom for an instant before it moved higher up his back. He worried for a few seconds that Dustin had felt the bulbous end of the plug clamped between his buttocks, yet the man so no sign of feeling it. Even to Daniele it was no longer foreign. It was as if it had always been there, an essential part of him. Dustin nodded understandingly. Everything was all right. Dustin loved him the way that he was supposed to. Nothing else mattered. Daniele's mouth tilted back, lips pursed eagerly, eyes wide and wondering and full of happiness.

"I missed you so much."

"Why?" Daniele trembled in his arms. He needed to hear more.
"Well, you are my favorite book-worm," Dustin growled.

"That's all?"

"Hm,... How about,..." Dustin mouthed the words `I love you'.

Daniele's eyes widened in mock disbelief. His melancholy vanished.

"Say it aloud."

"I love you," Dustin said softly.


"I love you."

"Not loud enough." Daniele was oblivious, insistent.

"Hm,... this isn't exactly the place I had in mind," Dustin said, looking around nervously. "Do you want the whole world to know?"


"Then, I LOVE YOU."

Someone laughed. His lips came close to Daniele's right ear, close enough to nibble on the tiny lobe. "God, but you are so incredibly good-looking, Dani. Did I ever tell you how beautiful, oops how handsome, you are?"

Daniele grinned. "It's okay to say it now."

"Then you're beautiful, my darling wonderful sweet boy."

Daniele buried his face against Dustin's chest and absorbed the qualities of a man. Watching videos or looking at pictures could never give him that. For long hours at a time he had been subjected to stimulation designed to change his sexual orientation, but the videos were distant, impersonal, disturbing in their powerful sexual message. Dustin was real, not remote. He was alive, not a fantasy that had to be reinforced with electric shocks. And above all, Dustin loved him. Daniele's arms tightened around Dustin's waist. He relinquished whatever remained of his maleness to the man's warmth and strength. Dustin held him securely. The sensations filled his mind. This was the way it was supposed to be.

"I love you," Daniele murmured.

"I'm glad. Did you get my last E-mail, Dani?"

"About going to see my parents?"

Dustin nodded.

"Okay, so what happened?"

Despite his apparent buoyancy, Daniele was more nervous than he had ever been. He avoided looking up at Dustin. Instead, he inhaled the man's scent and wondered why he had never smelled it before. He liked the smell.

"Well, your brother called me a pedophile," Dustin began calmly.

"NO! God! I hate him." Daniele shuddered in anger.

"It was okay. He was right. That's what I am."

"What did you say?"

"I told him I preferred to be called a boy-lover. Because I loved you."

Daniele glanced up shyly. "You told him that?"

"Actually, I told your mom and dad that as well."

"He's not my real father!" Daniele rejected quickly. He made the words sound unpleasant.

"He still loves you."

"Well, he has a funny way of showing it," Daniele returned. "Never once did he write to me."

Dustin sighed and shook his head. "Well, I talked to him about you. He showed me your garden. I think I'll have to start calling you Mr. Green-thumb and expand the store's gardening section."

With Dustin's arm around his shoulders, everything was,... He tried to find the word as they walked slowly back to where he had dropped his bag. Only one word conveyed what he wanted to say. He didn't say it. Instead, his face radiated happiness. Daniele grinned. The bus pulled away. He was vaguely aware of boys waving from behind the silver-tinted windows. They were going home to their families, most of whom had rejected their sons and had gratefully accepted the offers of mentorship on their behalf. He waved to Aaron with a slight gesture that seemed to say farewell. He was standing with his parents, his father stroking his son's hair affectionately, his mother looking on. He wanted to say something, but he was not sure what. At that moment, the last thing he wanted was for Aaron to meet Dustin. They had been through a lot together. Aaron had taken his virginity, although it didn't seem important any longer, not after the days of torment that had been forced to endure. As he continued to walk with Dustin, he convinced himself that it wasn't really good-bye. Even if they did not return to school he would find a way to see Aaron again.

"Why isn't my mom here?" he muttered self-consciously.

"She thought it was better this way," Dustin answered. "I think she appreciates how much I want to be with you."

Daniele turned and caught Dustin's eyes. "Huh?"

"I'm going to be your mentor, Dani. That is, if you want me?"

"They agreed?" Daniele asked hopefully.

"Uh huh?"

Daniele's face expressed shock. "Say it's true. You're not making it up, are you?"

"Yes, it's true." Dustin tightened his grip on Daniele's shoulder and hugged him. "I'm your mentor, that is, if you want me, Dani. Your mom and dad signed the papers, but you still have to agree."

"Of course I agree," Daniele said jubilantly.

His eyes sparkled as he looked up. His bag swung close to the ground. It was a lot heavier than when he'd departed.

"I never thought he'd say yes." Daniele sighed with relief. "I mean, I knew they were going to let me have a mentor, because my mom told me about the other man."

"The undertaker?"

"Yeah, him. Gross, huh?"

Dustin shrugged. "He's probably a very nice man, Dani. He's rich too, at least I think he is from what your mom said."

"Do I have to sigh something to make it official?"

"No. In fact, legally, you don't even have to agree. A boy's parents can do it on his behalf."

"A kid has no rights at all," Daniele said moodily. "They can even do things to his balls so they stop working and pretend it's in his best interest."

"Unfortunately, when it comes to people like us, that's true," Dustin agreed bitterly.

"At least I've got you."

"That's right. And I've got you." Dustin said warmly.

As Daniele stepped off the curb he observed him suddenly wince but straighten up quickly. He had noticed the boy's awkwardness, of course, as soon as he had seen him getting off the bus.

"Are you okay?" he asked. "Is something wrong?"

Daniele grimaced. "It hurts a bit when I move suddenly, that's all."

"What hurts?" Lane asked fearfully.

"My plug."


"It was his farewell present. I had to put it on before I got on the bus."

"I'm sorry. I don't understand."

Daniele felt it move inside him again, sliding deeper until it was pressing directly against his prostate gland. He shuddered. "I have,..."

He tightened his sphincter muscle, pulling it deeper still. He needed to feel it moving back and forth. It almost felt loose despite its size. Walking with it harnessed in place was almost enjoyable. It felt so big, filling his insides, an huge mass within his rectum that was sending shivers along his spine.

"... a butt plug," he finally managed to say.

"A what?" Lane stared at the top of Daniele's head.

"Can't you tell from the way I'm walking? It's not just because I've been neutered you know," Daniele joked grimly.

"God! Daniele! You aren't joking!"

"Of course not. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt any more. It's just so big that it's hard to get used to. I have a one-six-zero. It's extra-large so it's like having a baseball bat stuffed up my butt. They do it to get us ready. So we can have sex without getting hurt."

"No!" Lane shook his head in disbelief although he had heard stories about what was done to the boys while they were at camp.

"Mostly we just wear them at night," Daniele explained. "The worst part are the ticklers, even though they're a lot smaller. We have to wear them the rest of the time."


Tickler was the name that the boys gave to the sphincter control tops. They were the common denominator. From youngest to oldest, from smallest to largest, all the boys used the same size. In shape, it resembled an odd-looking hour-glass with spheres on the ends and a pronounced bulge in the center. It was inserted while the anus was dilated, pushed through until the sphincter was bracketed between the two ball-shaped ends and the bulge was lodged midway in the sphincter. For some reason, it tickled. It tickled non-stop, but never enough to enable a boy to achieve sexual climax. Instead, he spent his waking hours unable to stop from using his anal muscles to move it back and forth.

"They make a boy's butt-hole close up afterwards," Daniele continued on. "But mostly they exercise the sphincter muscles inside us so they get stronger and we learn how to control them properly."

Lane shook his head again. Daniele's detachment depressed him. Was he that indifferent to what had been done to him, or was the experience so traumatic that his spirit had been broken?

"Oh, and it helps to make us gay," Daniele added.

"How on earth?..."

"Because after a while you need something there," Daniele replied vaguely.


They had reached Dustin's car. Dustin rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he searched for his keys with the other hand. How he had longed for this moment. He remembered the overpowering thrill he had experienced when Jeff got into his car. It seemed so long ago. A lifetime ago.

"Do I have to go home?" Daniele asked hesitantly.

"Where do you want to go?"

Daniele didn't answer. He wasn't sure of anything except that he wanted to be with Dustin. If he went home, Dustin wouldn't be there. He shook his head slowly. Several of the education sessions had been about what life would like for a `nuck, and throughout them, the director had been very specific about the physical and mental changes. A boy would begin to notice the changes induced by the pale pink skin patch within a few days. The changes would be very slight at first, a feeling of "insecurity and increased anxiety. You'll even a bit jittery at times. That's quite normal. Sometimes you'll be frightened when there's no need to be frightened." Although the skin patch had been on his upper arm for most of the time he had been at camp, Daniele had not felt like that before, but that was how he felt as he stood next to Dustin's car. It would take weeks before the full effects would be realized. Sometimes it almost seemed as if he could feel the changes occurring inside him.

"I just don't want to go home," Daniele said awkwardly.

Dustin smiled reassuringly. "Neither do I."

Suddenly, they both became aware that they were alone in the parking lot. They gazed at each other in a way that only lovers do, long and hard, as if seeing the person within the body.

"One of the boys at camp,..." Daniele began uncertainly.

He glanced down. Dustin was so close that he could reach out and touch him. There, where under any other circumstances, it was illegal for a man and boy to touch each other. Before he had gone to camp, he had not been interested in touching Dustin there. Now, it seemed to beckon him, to demand his attention. After two weeks, it was all that he could do to resist his impulsive need. He talked, using the words as levers to keep his mind off the enticing bulge. He remembered someone saying that it would be normal for him to feel this way, but it still took some getting used to.

"He's going to live with his mentor. At his house,... instead of with his parents."

For most of two weeks he had dreamed about doing the same thing even though he knew that the chances of that happening were between nought and zero.

"He's lucky," Dustin smiled.

"I wish,..."


"Nothing. Can we go to the store?"

"If you want. Aren't you hungry?"

Daniele frowned. "At least like this I don't get hungry as much as I used to."

He pointed to his upper arm. On that smooth thin arm Dustin could just make out the small flesh-toned patch, pink contrasted against his almond-brown skin.

"It's so I don't grow like I'm supposed to," he explained morosely.

"I'm sorry, Dani," Lane said abjectly.

"Me too. So much for swimming in the state championships again." He sighed. He was tired, less from the long bus trip than the combined effects of the last two weeks.

"You can have hormone replacement," Dustin suggested. "I'm sure it's covered in that Healthy Nation thing. I've heard it is for men."

"Ha! Like it's covered for boys. It's way too expensive for us to get it. Aaron told me how much his patches are costing. He's lucky his dad is rich."

"It doesn't matter. I'll find a way to pay for it. Whatever it costs, it doesn't matter. I don't want you to stop swimming."

Daniele shook his head. "It won't be so bad, Dustin. It's just a matter of getting used to it. Maybe I'll join a choir instead."

"It doesn't have to be this way."

"Look, I know you can't afford it. We both know the store isn't doing very well. No one reads books any more. And my parents certainly can't afford it, even if they wanted to."

"Dani, I can sell the store if I have to. I want you to have a chance to grow up normally," Dustin said in a muted voice.

"No! Look, if I want, I can take up diving or something. I was in a summer program last year so I'm already pretty good at it. I don't have to swim you know." He inhaled deeply. "It isn't the end of the world. Missing puberty isn't all bad. At least I won't get pimples."

Dustin smiled weakly at the sad attempt at humor. Whenever he was with Daniele, he spoke from the heart, yet the words he heard himself speak were still empty. He could never put back what had been taken from the boy. He had been wronged and there was nothing he could to change that.

"You were born at the wrong moment in history, Dani," he said wryly. "In ancient Greece you would have been revered along with Plato and Pythagoras."

"Was Pythagoras a pedophile too?"

They both laughed. It sounded strange. Silence returned quickly.

"Dani, I'm so sorry this happened to you. You didn't do anything to deserve it. I intend to spend the rest of my life trying to make it better. I know I can't make you whole again, but I'm still going to try. I guess I've already made a start."

There was nothing in the tone of Dustin's voice, yet Daniele still looked up. For some reason known only to himself, he saw wretchedness that was equal to his own grief. Even then, it took a few seconds before the light dawned. He shook his head, denying what he had realized.

"You,.... No,..." He hesitated, still unsure, but retreating from the possibility. Inside, deep inside, he felt an awful but familiar emptiness. When he spoke it was barely more than a whisper. "Dustin,... No! NO!"

"Yes, Dani." Dustin nodded slowly. Sooner or later Daniele had to find out the price that had been paid. It was not the sort of secret that a man and boy could keep from each other. Daniele would be able to see for himself as soon as Lane was naked.

"But, but why?" Daniele's voice faltered.

"Because I want to be your mentor, Dani. Mostly because there was no other way for me to be with you."

"I didn't think,... you had to as well,... even if you carry the gene,... except when you get registered,... that's why you did it, right?"

Dustin nodded slightly. "I had it done while you were away."

"NO!" Daniele's face had become very pale.

"Dani, please don't make it worse than it already is. I wanted to. Okay?"

"No, you didn't. Nobody wants that! I didn't! Only I didn't have a choice. If I hadn't agreed there would have been another Nicky before long."

"Neither did I. The alternative was life in prison if I as much as touched you."

"But you did!" Daniele reminded him. "Lots of times."

"A few times," Lane corrected. "I was very lucky I wasn't caught."

"I'd never tell."

"I know you wouldn't.... Dani,... Honey?"

"Yes?" He was utterly miserable.

"I did it because I love you."

"You have a funny way of showing it," Daniele grumbled. "Now what?"

"Now we can always be together," Dustin suggested optimistically.

"Big deal! You got yourself fucking cupped. So now we're both `nucks. Damn!"

Dustin winced. "I'm an adult, um,... so I got different treatment, Dani."

"You were cut?" Daniele made it sound innocuous to hide his fear.

"No, not that."

"I know they don't use injections once your balls get big. What then?"

"Hell! I had a choice between the ultrasound and some kind of electromagnetic treatment where they stick electrodes into your balls. It doesn't make any difference how it was done. It's done and that's all that matters. I'd rather not talk about it," Dustin protested.

"Okay! What shall we talk about then? The book of the month?" Daniele asked sarcastically. "I wanted you to be,... Fuck it!"

"It's not the end of the world."

"The hell it's not. The guy I'm in love with got himself neutered so he could be with me. Damn!"

Unable to say anything because he felt much the same way, Dustin made his way to his side of the car, opened the door and got in. He gripped the steering wheel of his aging Ford Escort. It was so old that it didn't even have airbags. He missed driving the Cadillac, but it had provided a large part of his book inventory. It took a long while before Daniele sat down next to him, his small pack pushed down below his legs.

Dustin groaned. "Dani, please try to understand."

"I know what you're going to say so don't bother to say it," Daniele rebuked. He did not intend to sound angry. "I know you did it for us,... So we can be lovers. But I wanted you to be a man, Dustin. A real man. I wanted you to be my man. Not a goddamn Nice Man, but a proper man. I want you to fuck me so bad. I,... I can't help it,... They said it would be like this,.... That's why I don't want to go back home." He shivered fitfully. "That's the worst part,... I need you to be a man,.... I need you to,..."

"I know, Dani," Dustin said consolingly.

"You don't! You don't know what it's like. I might as well be dead. They call us Nice Boys, but I'm not even a boy any more. I'm a fucking neuter. Hell, I'm not even a person any more."

"Yes, you are," Dustin interjected. "Do you think all it takes is a pair of balls?" He touched Daniele's head. "You have a remarkable brain, Bookworm. That's what counts. It's all that counts when you think about it. What are we as a species except for our intellect? Okay, so we can't make babies anymore, but so what? You and I aren't the marrying kind."

"I don't care about that part of it," Daniele replied sullenly.

"If you're worried about the puberty thing, if we can't afford hormones for you then you can use some of my `Test-on' pills. We can figure out the correct dosage,... It's probably based on body size, so if we use a proportion based on our weights."

"It isn't that!" Daniele's raised voice was adamant.

He rubbed his forehead. The hot flashes bothered him more than anything else. Whatever was being expelled from the flesh-colored patch on his arm, it was having an increasingly powerful effect. He swallowed, trying to find moisture. Without thinking, Dustin reached across and placed his hand on Daniele's bare brown leg just above the knob of his knee. His fingers stroked gently, lovingly, reassuringly. Two weeks earlier Daniele would have accepted the touch as a token of friendship, but now he had been conditioned to respond to any stimulus that had even the remotest sexual overtone. He shifted in his seat, bringing his knee closer to Dustin's gently moving hand. With even the slightest movement he could feel it inside him, pressing into the place they called his prostate gland, where it felt better than good. The hot flash quickly became a warm glow, spreading through his slender body until he trembled with desire.

"I need you,..." he murmured.

"I need you too."

"Not that. I need you to,... you know? I need you inside me, Dustin. Can you do that for me?... I mean,..." Daniele looked up. His eyes were red, wet. "You have to be able to,..."

"If you want me to."

"You,... you still,... you mean you can?" he asked hesitantly. "You still get hard even after,..."

Dustin nodded. "For you, my dearest boy, anything is possible."

"But how?"

"Adults get hormone replacement," Dustin reminded him. "It's called Test-on."


"With a daily dose of testosterone the old guy is standing up and ready for action every morning, and every night too. With a bit of help from my left hand I can probably get a hard-on here and now."

Daniele giggled at the thought. "If that's all it takes, what about my left hand?"

Dustin laughed. "With you around I could get an erection without any help. The only problem is that it might not last long enough."

Daniele grinned. "Can we go to the Bookstop?"

"No." Dustin had difficulty not laughing. He was not good at keeping surprises.

"Huh? Why not?"

"Um,... well,..." He groaned. "See, I, um,... I thought it would be nice if we went somewhere different for a few days."


"It would be,... well, sort of like a holiday," Dustin explained awkwardly. "Your parents thought it was a good idea if we spent some time together.... Now that I'm your mentor and all, um,... we'll be together a lot,... and it would be nice to get to know you."

"I know,... but,..." Daniele paused. He felt strange inside. He shivered. There seemed to be no reason for it. No reason except one, and that was so farfetched that he could not believe it. Neither could he discount it. He had never dreamed of that possibility, yet the idea captured his imagination.

"But what, Dani?" Dustin prompted. His heart was beating quickly as he sensed the boy's anticipation.

"Dustin,..." Daniele gnawed on his bottom lip. "Um,... Well,... You mean,... go away,... like a,... honeymoon, don't you?" he asked in a rush.

"Um, well, right now I think of it more as a way to celebrate us being lovers,... but a honeymoon?" Dustin waited for close to a minute before he smiled. "I guess that pretty much says what I have in mind. A honeymoon, but it's an early one because when you sixteen I plan to make it permanent."

"Oh, Dustin! Dustin! DUSTIN!" Daniele shrieked with glee. His body trembled with excitement, his face glowing with happiness.

"Does that mean you want to go?" Dustin teased.

"Yes. Yes! YES! Where? Please!"

"Hm, well I wanted it to be somewhere quiet. It's half Calvin Brewster's place. We bought it when we worked at the same university a few years ago. It was, well it was sort of a dream we had. It was supposed to be a place where we would take boys if we wanted some privacy, only neither of us ever found a boy to take there so we used it for holidays. It's miles from anywhere so it'll be just the two of us,..."

"Yes, just us." Daniele grinned. "So you can fuck me non-stop. Will you? Whenever we want?" he gushed.

Dustin laughed. "I'll try, okay. I may have to take extra pills to do it."

They both laughed.